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When to use Lightroom vs Photoshop

All right let's talk about photo shop like room shall we? First of all, I have a huge concession to make to y'all y'all know I'm a photo shop girl no photoshopping the missing manual teaches you everything to know about photo shop I have fallen in love with my room I mean one hundred percent completely I have this huge crush on light room e I cannot tell you when the last time I have enjoyed processing my images so much and even managing your images of importing them and raiding them and sorting them in assessing them and all that I'm absolutely in love with this program is just so much fun and that's what you're going to learn here with me this week and you're going to fall in love with light room too but let's talk a little bit about how much it's going to set you back labrum is unique in that it's one of two programs that adobe is offering as a standalone product which means you don't have to have a membership to the creative cloud to purchase it now I remiss part of the full creati...

ve cloud membership as well as adobes but a shot photography program where you get photoshopped and light room so but if you want to have a standalone copy which means you own the software you get a perpetual license teo then it's going to set you back a hundred fifty bucks and you can get that from multiple places. You can get it from adobe dot com you can get it from amazon don't buy it from me because you don't know if it's a legitimate copy or not, and you'll waste money and it may not work. So don't be also has a sale on light room right now one hundred twenty dollars, thirty dollars off through jamie where the eleventh and I've made a tiny uriel for you so you can trot on over there and take advantage of that. You can also download a thirty day free trial of light room, so if you want to do that, see that you can follow along with us. That'd be great, too, but to get that sail, you can go to lisa dot, I am slash get l r now, so get light room now. Like I said, it is included in the full creative cloud membership that's fifty dollars a month. That was great, because then you can download all of adobes programs, and when they get updated, you get a notification and you can choose whether or not to update that program. So the created cloud is a really neat thing and also allows adobe. To push out new features whenever they're ready, instead of having to wait eighteen months before they can release any features they can push him out now, and we're seeing features come out about every quarter for photoshopped light room. Most of the up dates we get a big update about every year, but mostly at bates for light room will be a support for new cameras. Also, it is available in the creative cloudsplitter shot photography program, where you get photoshopped and light room for ten dollars a month. Now that's a special deal that ends february twenty eighth, and that does require that you have some piece of cs three software, so cs three meaning creative suite three back when they used to call him that they don't call him that anymore, but if you have a cs three app, then you can get photoshopped and light room for ten dollars a month. So that's a really nice deal and where do you go to get that? Lisa dot I n slash p s l r for ten so photoshopped light room for ten I try to make it easy. We've got so many things to remember now, let's spend a few moments looking at the kinds of things that were going to be doing with light room, it is important to understand. Why you would use light rain versus photo shopper photoshopped element so we're going to spend a few moments the mystifying that here. So I've got several images to show you of examples of what you might do in light room light room is really a single image processor. We're not gonna be combining images in light room there is no way to do that that's for photo shopper phone shot elements but if you want a process, single images light room is the place to be and it is hands down the best way to import and manage a library and your library is going to get big, big, big, big, big, big if it isn't already. So this is an example. This is a shot that I got recently in hawaii. This is george kahanamoku junior. He is a grammy winning slat key guitar player and it's. So funny, we we've been going to see his concerts for years and we go enough where he started to recognize me and my husband and I get completely star trek start start when I talked to uncle george it's. Outrageous, but as you can see, the photo on the left has ah, severe color casts cause the lighting in their concert arena is yellow. So we can fix that easily in light room also in this photo on the right you can see that there's a little bit of an edge vignette little bit of a dark and edge we can fix that light room and I've also brightened george's teeth just to here we can do that in light room as well, so quite a big difference in that before and after shot here's another example of some of the things that were going to be doing in light room you can see that we have the ability, teo add a little bit of lipstick so we've got a little bit of lip color going on on the right there we've got some skin softening we've got obviously an exposure correction here and also a brightening of the irises in the eyes, a little bit of selective sharpening going on on the right here we sharpen the eyebrows a little bit, sharpen the eyelashes somewhat as well and we've also got a healing brush here in light room so you can see under the eyes I've done a little bit of lightning and there's a few little speckles on the skin here that we have removed as well on all non destructive so we can always undo those edits anytime we want so anything you wouldn't want to do to a portrait in so far is retouching light room can handle that very nicely here's another example. So what we have here is an exposure correction, but it's an exposure correction without losing detail in the highlight so that's one of the things that one of the many things that light room excels at is that if you're correcting exposure, just really, you know, like lightening your image or brightening it, then you can begin to lose detail on your highlights, and this flower is a good example of that because it's very delicate and it's got so much detail in those pedals. I even caught a couple of little water droplets there, and light room can let you fix the exposure without messing up all the detail in the highlights. So we're going to be recovering detail in the highlights for images like this so that's that wonderful, wonderful thing we can also do interesting color treatments in light room, so what we have here is a combination of I'd call it a duo tone, but some people would probably call it a split tone. So basically we're assigning a color tint to the shadows in the color tint to the highlights in the background of the image over here on the right hand side, and we've also hidden the original color in the background and only let it be revealed on the flowers themselves, so you consider this like a partial color. Treatment. And while you can do it in light room, I think it's a little easier to do it over and father shot. But it, since we are in light room, we're going to be doing that. I want to show you howto make an effect like this because I think it's photographers, you know, diversity is key these days is tough to be a photographer right now. You know, a pro photographer, you know, everybody thinks they can do it. So oftentimes in our business is we need to find additional products to offer to our clients. So if you've got this capability in light room, doing a special effect like this might be another product that you can sell, or maybe it's a way to highlight, you know, a product, draw the viewer's eye. You're doing product photography, so that's a neat thing that we can do. We can also do edge effects in light room, not a whole lot of them, but a few of them you can see here the photo on the right versus the one. On the left, we've got like a rounded edge going on. We're doing that in lightning with the effects panel edge vignette so we can make that has been yet soft or give it a hard edge when you give it a hard edge, it looks like you've added rounded corners to your photos you really haven't. But now the next question will be at this moment is can you save that image on the right out so that it has transparency so that those rounded edges show up? Let's say, if you wanted to post it on a website on the background and the answer is negative, good buddy light room cannot save with transparency that's for files or programs, rather that support layers like photoshopped and elements, but what she could do is is you can control the background color in light room, so if you knew a certain color that you wanted to put that photo on and you could manage it that way. But we've also applied a little bit of a softening to the photo on the right because vintage photos, they're not quite as sharp because if they're vintage, they're taking with older cameras that you know, you can tell the difference, so what we've done here is soften the image a little bit by dropping clarity. And we have added us like color tint to the shadows and a slight color tint to the highlights to give it a vintage feel and then with ej vignette made it look like it had a rounded edges so that's, anything that we can do in light room? Another cool saying is that obviously we can fix bad exposures her color cast here so we could get rid of color cast, and we can also also with the edge vignette. In fact, in light rain, we can do a nice white soft ege are edge vignettes don't always have to be dark, so they could be light as well. So that's an example of that we can also do creative lighting and, like a full on duo tone is, is what we've done here, so we've added another tent to the shadows another ten to the highlights to create an interesting piece of art so you can take what you've shot create copies virtual copies in light room. We're not duplicating the images on her hard drive, but with the virtual copies that light room supports, we can break in teo experiment with different effects to see what we like or see what our clients want, you can also create web galleries. Seriously, you will not believe how easy this is in light room to dio web galleries all right there in one program and not only can you do the web galleries, but we'll take a moment to look at what all we've got on the screen here. So on the left hand side we've got what appears to be the index page of a website so we've got branding is the top we've got a title we've got some supporting text and then we've got little fun nails of all the images and then dammit the bottom left you'll see that there's a contact name link if folks click that that will send you an email or in this case in me an email also down at the bottom right of the first example there you're going to see little numbers one, two, three, four in a previous and next but knows just let you go through the different pages and light room is creating everything you see here all I did was select the photos that I wanted to put up on the web click the web module pick my template done it's amazingly easy you just will not believe this and light room is also handling the enlargement so on the right hand side this is an example of just one template that I use them there's there's a few templates not a whole lot but a few of them and there this is example of this one's enlargement design and light room is hailing all of that light rooms also handling the watermark. So everything you see here light room did on its own it's just incredible. I love this program is going to save you so much time you're going, you're going to get to the point where you actually enjoy importing, managing and processing your images again, I know it feels like you know, a big old chore and it iss that's, not the sexiest part of what we do is photographers, but with light room, you're going to start enjoying it again. We can also create beautiful photo books. We've got some buddies that we're going to look at most likely on wednesday. We're going to get into creating our own books with the book module here, and the book module came along. I believe in lightning, for we didn't always have that that part of light room, but we do now and it's absolutely fabulous. You used to say that I photo on a mac was the best place to create photo books, or you could upload your images to an online lab, such as in picks, dot com and create photo books there and that's a great thing to do it's so darn easy here in light room. So easy so this is an example of one book that we're going to make together. So the first shot here on the left is the front in the back. In that text, we added in light room, colorized the text in light room, I snatched out color from the actual images for the text so that it matches and the down there on the right hand side, you get an idea of what the layout of each page looks like. You've got a bunch of different templates, I mean, like hundreds of templates for pages inside of these books that we're going to be creating a lot of them have room for text, you know, you can imagine client samples that you could could make with these books, and while we're building them in light room like room shows you exactly how much they're going to cost so you can decide whether or not to include those extra five images. All right, well, my book is two hundred dollars, maybe fewer photos, but that's a really neat thing. So light ruins books can be printed by blurb bl u r b dot com and blurb is really neat because once you created a book with it like this, you can blurb gives you the code and the ability to have that book for sale. On your own website so that's anything, they make it really, really easy. Dude, if you want to do that, you do have to decide what kind of markup you want on the books. You can make a little change here and there on your books if you'd like. If you go that route with blurb, you'll have to submit your tax number and you know, a few forms, but is really is a neat thing, so we're going to take a look at that. You can also do slide shows in light room. You could make the slide shows that just run on your computer or you can export them is a movie what se teoh post on your website you could export them is a pdf you want to send them around and you will also notice here at the top left I've got some brandon going on that's coming from light room and you'll notice there's a little caption happening beneath my website there that is coming from lightman notice how it's changing so we can enter captions, and when we do that in the library module, which is where we're going to be doing all of our importing, organizing and sorting, then that information is in the metadata of the photo and it's pulled. It can be pulled in the other modules so let's say the book module if you've entered this metadata as a caption then it's right there available for you in the book module it's right there available for you in the web gallery module and it's right here available for you in the slideshow module so I use this all the time we threw a lot of dinner parties at our house and bolder bolder so darned social always safe boulder gets any more social I'm gonna have to quit my job altogether because there's no time to work so when we get back from a trip how will oftentimes create a collection in light room which is like an album and you know when guests come over I could just click a button and I've got this beautiful slideshow going on of images so think about that in your photography business do you have a waiting room or a lobby or any kind of situation like that you've got light room on your computers you can use it to have a little branded slide show going tio to show maybe clients that walk in the kind of photos that you can produce for them very very useful and of course the ability to say about a slideshow and posted on your website right here in the program that that's the one thing I love it it would be so much I really really do love you adobe but they have so many different pieces of software that it becomes confusing, it can become confusing. Which one do I use for what and having to go to different pieces of software to do the different things that you want to deal with? The same images is very cumbersome. It's not efficient for your time so that's one of the many beauties about light room it's all right, they're most anything you'd want to do. Teo your photos can all be done in one program, so you're not constantly having to switch back and forth another application, learn a different set of keyboard shortcuts or learn a different piece of software it's all right, here, I'm not very excited about it. You can tell now, let's, take a look at some of the things you cannot do with light room. So if you want to be combining images in pros will call that compositing mr fancy shmancy way of saying combining images, whether it's combining multiple exposures, let's, say for hdr high dynamic range imagery where your let's say exposing for the sky and one shot exposing for the foreground and another shot and then combining those exposures t get a perfect exposure that you really can't get in camera, then you need to pass the file off teo photoshopped or photoshopped elements. Photo shop is part of the creative clouds, so if you have a membership to that, then you can download that as well. It is one of the most complicated pieces of software on the planet that's why I can write a thousand page book on it because it's really it's difficult photoshopping element support layers so that's how you get the ability to work with multiple images, whether it's combining exposures or is creating collages like this or you can call this a trip tik so I've taken three different photos that I got in hawaii and I've processed them in light room fixed the exposure and then I have said, hey, light room, why don't you open these up in photo shop? Because we're going to get creative over here and photoshopped you can send images to either photoshopped or elements elements is like photoshopped that you consider it a light version it's for consumers mere mortals, not wizards and sorcerers elements is about eighty dollars. You can also purchase that as a standalone program that's, the other one of two peace and suffer that adobe offers a perpetual license for in light room plus elements would be a fantastic set up in your photography studio, a fantastic set up so with elements about eighty dollars light room about one hundred fifty unless it's on sale that's not too bad, you know once a year, you spend that to stay up to date and that's a great solution half so when you send images over to photo shop where elements from light room and you do some creative image combining like this, if you save the file in the same location, you give it a different name. You can choose file, save as another photo shopper elements, but as long as you don't move that out of the folder in which it lived in over in light room, then when you come backto light rin that psd file stands for photoshopped document this composite right here we'll sit right next to the original images in light room so you can manage your photo shopped documents over in light room as well that the way that that works is that you have to open from the shopper elements from light room because because they can talk to each other. But if you go behind white rooms back and put these images in the photo shop isn't ever going to see him, you could import. You could tell light room about that photo shop document if you go behind its back, but it's best not to do that, so this is some of the stuff we can do, so we've combined three images here I've added a painterly effect. To them and I've also added an interesting edge effect, and I've chosen a different I've also added a new background color like a solid purple here, so that kind of stuff you need to do in photo shop or elements. But unless you're doing this kind of thing, stay the heck and light room stay the heck in light room another thing that photo shop and elements excels at is text, so if you want to do a special effects such as this, pushing a photo through text that cannot be done in liar and that has to be done in photo shopper elements. Likewise, you're not going to be creating and designing business cards in light room. You going to do that in photoshopped elements or in design program that's made for combining text and images? If you're creating ads, if you want to design an ad for your photography business, you're not going to do that in light room, but you can't do that over and photoshopped or elements any questions on before we talk about this lovely infographic? Any questions on the types of things that you can d'oh find a shopper like? We did get a question from dummy who was asking if you will be demonstrating on howto add logo's. Or water marks in like room. Absolutely. We won't cover that today, but we will cover that well, even talk about how to add a logo on every page of a photo book and lack room. We have it, and one thing I think we haven't talked about lisa is versions of light room, like because I know there's a brand new cc, of course, but if somebody's maybe a four or five user, will they be able to take things away from this class as well? Yeah, actually, let room has not gone to assisi moniker just yet. Yeah, we're light room five, and if we can, the cart across something specific, that's noodle, iran, five I will flail ins and about that great thank you, yeah.

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Ready to take control of your photo library and actually enjoy image processing? Join best-selling author and image-editing/stock expert Lesa Snider for a comprehensive three-day immersion into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Lesa will cover everything you need to know about importing, managing, and correcting images using Lightroom's non-destructive workspace. You'll learn how to apply global changes to photos, how to target specific areas for more selective changes, and how to apply changes to multiple photos en masse. You'll also learn how to fix skies, retouch portraits, remove sensor spots and other objects, as well as when and how to switch over to Photoshop (or Elements) for more difficult tasks. Lesa will also show you how to sharpen like a pro (with nods to specific settings for submitting stock imagery), export your photos, apply a wide variety of practical effects, share images via social media networks, add location data, build photo books, create sizzling slideshows, customize print layouts, create gorgeous web galleries, and much more.

By the end of this course, you'll be in love with Photoshop Lightroom and you'll have mastered the art of photo management and non-destructive editing.

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