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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Crash Course

Lesson 2 of 7

Setting Preferences in Lightroom

Jared Platt

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Crash Course

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

2. Setting Preferences in Lightroom

Lesson Info

Setting Preferences in Lightroom

Now, before we bring in any photos, we've gotta talk about some preferences inside of light room so inside of light room, if you go up to the menu and you click on the light room menu itself and go to the preferences you will find some preference is that you need to set up before you start. So the first preference is is in the general area in the preferences menu, and I'm going to show you what you need to do first off, we need to make sure that we don't show light room when a memory card is detected. So I have my camera here and I have a set of photos that I've taken on a memory card when I plugged this memory card into my computer. I don't want it to pop like room up now I know that it makes it very simple for your computer to do everything for you and that's what light room wants to do, but I am going to teach you a much easier way to deal with it, because now you'll know where your photos are. If you allow light room to do it, you can, and if you're an expert at it or you think you...

know how to do it, go ahead and try. But most people who allow light room to detect the card and import the photos light room puts it somewhere, but they don't pay attention to where it goes, and then they lose him because they don't know where they are, and so then when they start playing around, they they weren't the ones that put him there, so they don't know where they are it's kind of like me with my keys. If I give him to my five year old daughter and tell her to go put them away and she puts them away, she may know where they are, but I certainly don't. So if I ever need to go find those keys, I'm in trouble. I have to go talk to her and sometimes she's, not the easiest to get information out of, and so at that point, I've lost my keys, so I'm protecting you against your five year old daughter stealing your keys, and that is what we do with this little check box right here show import dialogue when memory card is detected, we want to turn that off that way, we know where the photos were going, all right, so we're going to choose where are photos air going now, because of that, the other thing that you can check, uh, here in this dialog box and you can read over all these most of these air, very self explanatory, but one of them is treat j pegs next to raw files as separate photos if you don't know what a raw photo is, then disregard what I'm saying right now. But raw photos are specifically higher caliber of images. They record better information than ajay pink, but most little cameras just shoot a j peg, but most digital slr is that looked like this with detachable lenses shoot a raw image if you know what a raw images shoot raw, you will have much better photographs, all right? I want to keep those treated as separate files, and the reason I want to do that is that then if for some reason my camera was shooting a raw and a jpeg image of the same thing, I would be able to see them separately. And that way I could delete the j peg if I didn't want it anymore, or I could do something different to both of them. Otherwise you won't ever be able to see the j peg. You'll only see the raw if you're shooting both at the same time, so that was another one that you might want to take care of just click on it so that it's showing most of the priest the the settings are going to be good the way they are. If you go through the presets area, this gives you some options on how to find presets. We'll talk a little bit about what a preset is in a minute, but I want you to see that this is a button right here that says show light room presets folder that allows you to find where your pre sets are at any time I'm a preset is basically a button that you can push to make things look different on your photo, then you have options for external editors. So if you happen to want to edit something in safe, photoshopped or photoshopped ellie or something like that, you can certainly do that. This is where you set it up there's, a file handling area that will give you options on how to handle your files interface like how the place looks performance. This is what I really want you to know about because it's new toe light from cc and light room six light room six in light room c c are the same program but once just connected cloud that's why it's called cc for creative cloud, but either of them have a option two use the graphics processor to speed up process if you have a good graphics processor meaning a really powerful computer that's been purchased in the last year, too you might want to check this on, and it will make light room faster on dh. Then, of course, if you have light removal, which is the mobile applications associated with creative cloud, you, khun do settings here for that.

Class Description

Find out what Adobe® Lightroom® is and does and how it can help you retouch and organize your images. In Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Crash Course, veteran instructor Jared Platt will offer an easy-to-understand introduction to this useful program.

If you’ve been avoiding Adobe Lightroom, this is your opportunity to explore its interface and find out how it works. 

Jared will teach you how to:

 *  Import and organize images and video
 *  Adjust and correct images and video
 * Export and share images and video

Even if you have never used Adobe Lightroom before, Jared will help you develop a deeper understanding of the program and how it can play a role in your creative process.

Adobe Lightroom was designed to make your post-production process easier, not more confusing! Adobe Lightroom for Beginners with Jared Platt will show you how exactly how it can help.

Ready for the next step in learning Lightroom?  Check out Adobe Lightroom Classic CC for Beginners with Jared Platt.

This course is part of the series of Adobe Lightroom tutorials.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

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Jim Mundy

Great course but it really really is just the tip of the iceberg. I feel like I know what I would use Lightroom for in my work. But what is not how. So I liked the course but I'm anxious to go to the next one - which for me will be Lightroom CC for Beginners. I met Jared over on a Canon digital workflow course and loved his teaching style. I'm so glad to see that he has a bunch of content on Creative Live. So, great course but you'll get just about what you'd expect for $29 and one hour of Jared's time and your time.

Michelle Martin

Really useful, quick intro to Lightroom that gave me the confidence to start using it and playing around with it. Well taught and I learned a lot. Worth the price for sure and now I feel like I have a solid foundation to start editing my photos like a pro. Thanks, Jared!

Radioactive Blood

Jared does an excellent walk-through of the absolute basics of LR in this video series. I would recommend watching this (free) rebroadcast over at least twice and invest in his LR 101 course on CL. The 101 course is where the real gist of making full use of LR lies - I did exactly this and am quite happy with my decision. Thanks JP - doing an awesome service you are, Sire :)