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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Crash Course

Lesson 6 of 7

Sharing and Exporting Photos from Lightroom

Jared Platt

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Crash Course

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

6. Sharing and Exporting Photos from Lightroom

Lesson Info

Sharing and Exporting Photos from Lightroom

Now if I like that image I enjoy what I have made now I want to share it with people and there's a lot of ways to share it you can share in the book module you can share in the slideshow module you can share by going to the print module and printing it out to your printer on those air things to play with and enjoy they are subjects for a much more complicated workshop we have a lot of different workshops that I've taught here on creative life that will teach you all of those things in depth but for our purposes we want to teach you what light room is and how to get your images in and work on him and maybe share them out to your friends on facebook or something like that so let's go then from the developed back to the library module and let's look at this one file that we have here that we really liked that we've finished and we want to share that so I I actually don't like my cp atone by the way so I'm actually going to go back and remove that cpu tone so I can do that simply by going ...

to the toning split toning area and just turning it off these little toggles will turn it off and so now that looks much better I like it and I'm going to go and back to my my grid back to the library module and now that I'm looking that image and I like it and I want to share it, I want to share it on facebook light room comes prepackaged with facebook not all of these air pre packed some of these are other published services that I have, but facebook is a already set up inside of light room. All you need do is set it up, so you're gonna cook on the set up button and you're going to go over to your light room air it's gonna open this dialog box and it's going to ask you to authorize yourself now? I'm already authorized as jared platt because that is my name, and I've already authorized myself several times, and so light room already knows who I am, and so I'm going to not worry about that, but you will have to authorize yourself by clicking on authorized it will open up your account, you'll put in a code and are you'll you'll say yes, it's okay for light room to use this, and then I'll let you in. Once you've done that, then you can come up to the description and you can say just a shot of my little actually, I'm going to say he's, almost a pro there ago, he's almost a pro, and then I'm going to share that. And I can see it's got access to all of my albums here, and so I'm going to tell I want all of these to go into, uh and see let's put it on our timeline, so we'll just go on to the timeline and I'm going teo, you could also create a new album on by all this other stuff is very specific. You could rename your file on the way up. You could do a lot of that stuff, but that stuff that you khun, you can learn later to get more complicated because it's facebook had already set up this, you don't need to resize it or change it. It wants a nine sixty pixel image to just leave it on dh. Then, of course, at the very bottom, if you have water marking reasons to watermark something, put your name on it or whatever you can do that here by just clicking on water mark and you can choose a watermark, or you can set up your own watermark and edit it here that's where you would set up your watermark, you could either choose a text or graphic watermark, and then you get to choose where it's going to go and you can see that it's showing up right there, you can increase or decrease the size of it. All of that is available just play with it it's very easy to understand on dh once you've done that in this custom list, you would save one of your save it is pre set down at the bottom save create set save current setting is in pre set and then from then on out it will be available in this dropdown list I'm going to choose one that I already have click on that and now I'm going to any photo a hit save and now any photo that I dragged into this little area right here it's going to save it to that specific uh, it's going to save it to that specific uh, album on your facebook so I'm going to grab this guy let me go to the grid, grab him, drag him in there just like that. You can see that there's only one photo ready to be published and I go up to the top area here and quick published when I click that published button it's going to share this image and it's immediately going to facebook right now, it's publishing it on facebook. We can't show it to you right now because we can't I know what's going to be on facebook but this image has now been shared on facebook and I didn't even have to go to facebook to do it so that's a great way to update your friends and family or to update your clients about the images that you're shooting without ever having to leave light room and that's how you would share images. Now, the last thing I need to teach you how to do is to take an image that you have worked on that you really like he loved the image you want to do something with that image. So let's, go back up to our files here and I want to do something mohr to this it or with this image than just shared on facebook, I want to send it to a printer or I want to email it to a friend if I want to email, all I have to do is go to the file menu and click on email photo if I do that, it will send it to my email system and it will email the photo out I just need to type in who I'm sending it to an a message on aiken sir, send out the photos so that's a very easy way to share the other way to share is to go to, and this is right next to that import button that you had in the first place it's called port exporting is how you get photos out now remember the image that I've been working on if I go. To my hard drive and I look at the image that I have been working on let me cycle through and see if I can find it right coming up soon there do you see nothing's been done to this photo? And yet this is what it looks like inside of my this is what it looks like, but nothing's been done to it that's because it is a book on a shelf and we've been working on what's in the catalog light room will not touch your photos, it just won't do it. It pretends that they are off limits so what happens then is if you ever want your images to be kind of baked in, you need to send them out as an export, so you're going to go in here, you're going to hit export and you're going to send it out toe whatever file type you want to send it out to. So this export dialog box has a lot of different options in it, but they're all fairly simple. The first thing is, where do you want to send the photo? So I'm going to choose a location that location usually would be on your desk top so that you know where to find it? If you are a professional and you're doing stuff professionally, I would save it in the job folder itself so that you know where it is but if you're just printing it personally and you just send it out to your desktop and then take it and put it where you want it to go, burn it to a disk, send it out email to someone do whatever you want to do with it that's the first thing so we're going to choose the desktop hit choose the second thing that you're going to choose and you can put it in a sub folder you could call this sub folder uh to print like I'm going to send this to to print at costco are at walgreens or whatever local place that you know so I'm going to send this out to print and I'm going to need to copy it to a disk and send it to him file naming you khun rename the file on the way out if you'd like if you want videos to go out you can choose what kind of video format to send it in and then you can also send change the size so if you want to say I want this to be sized at the long edge I want the longest edge to be twelve inches at three hundred dp I which would allow me to print twelve on eight by twelve print at three hundred d p I would be the right d p I for a photo printer on dh then I want to sharpen it for matt paper low usually, if you go any higher than that, it looks a little ridiculous on dh. Then aiken choose to send out the meta or metadata or not on dh, then I can water market or not, and then don't worry about this. This is the subject for more complicated work workshop, and I hit export. When I do that it's going tio export that image right here to a folder called print a costco and there's, my image ready to go, and now you can see that this is the original image. This is the final image. This has been a hard baked it's, like you took the recipe, and you do baked the cake. Now, this is the cake it's, all baked, but the original is untouched and that's the way light room works.

Class Description

Find out what Adobe® Lightroom® is and does and how it can help you retouch and organize your images. In Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Crash Course, veteran instructor Jared Platt will offer an easy-to-understand introduction to this useful program.

If you’ve been avoiding Adobe Lightroom, this is your opportunity to explore its interface and find out how it works. 

Jared will teach you how to:

 *  Import and organize images and video
 *  Adjust and correct images and video
 * Export and share images and video

Even if you have never used Adobe Lightroom before, Jared will help you develop a deeper understanding of the program and how it can play a role in your creative process.

Adobe Lightroom was designed to make your post-production process easier, not more confusing! Adobe Lightroom for Beginners with Jared Platt will show you how exactly how it can help.

Ready for the next step in learning Lightroom?  Check out Adobe Lightroom Classic CC for Beginners with Jared Platt.

This course is part of the series of Adobe Lightroom tutorials.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015


Jim Mundy

Great course but it really really is just the tip of the iceberg. I feel like I know what I would use Lightroom for in my work. But what is not how. So I liked the course but I'm anxious to go to the next one - which for me will be Lightroom CC for Beginners. I met Jared over on a Canon digital workflow course and loved his teaching style. I'm so glad to see that he has a bunch of content on Creative Live. So, great course but you'll get just about what you'd expect for $29 and one hour of Jared's time and your time.

Michelle Martin

Really useful, quick intro to Lightroom that gave me the confidence to start using it and playing around with it. Well taught and I learned a lot. Worth the price for sure and now I feel like I have a solid foundation to start editing my photos like a pro. Thanks, Jared!

Radioactive Blood

Jared does an excellent walk-through of the absolute basics of LR in this video series. I would recommend watching this (free) rebroadcast over at least twice and invest in his LR 101 course on CL. The 101 course is where the real gist of making full use of LR lies - I did exactly this and am quite happy with my decision. Thanks JP - doing an awesome service you are, Sire :)