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Burning and Dodging Demo in LR

Now we're in this photo here I love this photo this is one of my favorite photos to date um I was actually we were shooting this wedding isn't kind of south of london and it's just this little village like reminding me of doubt mavi you know it's like it is fantastic and so I'm in this village and I'm just outside the village inside this like an old farmhouse and it's a bed and breakfast and I was staying there at the bed and breakfast so is the bride and groom and you can see here that the groom is looking out the window there he is and then the dress is over here so this is the bride's room right here and the brides in there getting ready and the groom is over here just kind of hanging out and uh and I was out just kind of wandering taking pictures of sheep as I do and s o I was taking pictures of sheep out in the field and I was, you know, taking pictures of random stuff because I had kind of gotten what I wanted and I had already photographed the dress that's why was hanging in tha...

t window and so I was down just kind of doing my thing and and the groom was looking watching may want I probably wondering what I was doing taking pictures of sheep and, uh and so I turned around and I see him in the window and I immediately looked at the dress and him and I'm like that's perfect is like the perfect moment and so he's looking at me and I and I and I started taking pictures and so then he starts looking at me and trying to pose on it and I was like like look over there something you know, I just kind of don't don't pay attention to me like that and he goes ok, so he just kind of looked off into the distance of the sheep I was shooting or whatever and then I started taking pictures but I had to run towards it so I have old you know, once that I'm further away and then I'm running and then take another picture that run and take another picture until I got this shot so I really really like the shot but I think it needs a little extra help in order to really emphasize the things that I want and so we're going to go into our presets here on dh we're going to choose we're going toe we can actually work from with this phil flash that we made but I double click that temperature to get it back to zero because I don't need for that thing to be warming up so now I'm just going to go in here and I'm going to brightened up the dress I just want the dress to sing a little bit more from that window and then I'm going to go in and zoom into him and I'm gonna brighten him up a little bit too because I want him to you know shine out just a little bit I don't want him to be super obvious but see I'm just working on the edges of like I'm following the light and that's the key to good burning and dodging is to follow what the light is actually doing don't try and brighten up the shadows just brighten up the areas that the light is actually hit it and so you can see that the light is hitting you know this edge of his sure are of his coat it hits right here but it doesn't hit over there I don't need to brighten that up but I need to brighten right here and I'm gonna brighten up his vest just a little bit right now if it's tied just a little bit but then I want to get you know his shirt and I'm I'm skipping I'm only doing this side of his face in this side of space and I'm not worried too much about the nose and things like that so now when I zoom back out you see him better but it's not like he's like glowing out of the thing you just I've just gotten where the light would naturally hit anyway and so that helps to put him out there but he's not unnaturally bright on dh then of course the other things that I would do would be to you know, create a new brush and I would go and do like a a one stop burn and that's where I you know would really get into, you know, burning in the shadows so again I'm gonna naturally follow that you know, the shadows that are created on their own they're just part of the building it's just that's the way it looks so I'm I'm burning in those areas that are already naturally darker and I'm not working on trying to darken the lighter areas because I want them to you know, kind of jump out at us and so when you're burning and dodging, you kind of want to follow the natural lighting patterns and then intensify those occasionally you'll want to click a new brush I'm gonna come up here and just gonna bring that texture of the roof in a little bit more because just a little too bright to give us enough texture, but I don't want it to be so dark that it doesn't look like the sun's hitting it and in that case I can remember you can come in and and fix after the fact, so I'm going to go in here and clarity and I'm an increase the clarity just a little bit on that roof so they get more texture involved and then I'm going to go on finished spraying this part of the roof so I get more texture in there so so that's what I would do to that photograph to adjust it and toe work on it so we have plenty of presets in here that we can choose from but now let's go uh further than instead of using just the brush and just the grady int on day work back and forth remember you go back and forth and using the same tools but rather than just using those let's talk about this uh radio filter the radio filters new delight from five and it is really a fantastic tool it's fantastic for several reasons the first reason is it can make kind of anamorphic shapes so that when you are trying to create a nif effect like for instance let's say you wanted to create a like the sun was coming in on something and it was really brightening up that you see how there's a natural sunlight coming in from like right over oh here somewhere and it's creating like this see how the shadow this roof is hitting here and it's coming across so but here it looks dark I mean it looks lighter so looks like the sun is coming this way but it's not it's coming from over here but there's a cloud behind here so you don't see the sun, so if we wanted to match that, we could then take our radio filter and we could say let's do a light burn so it's just bringing a little bit of a burn and then I'm going to on and this is an importance thing right here this invert mask so if you do it without inverting the mask so it's just normal what you're doing is you're burning outside the circle okay? So you're always burning outside the circle. However, if you invert the mask now you're burning inside the circle now watch what I can do with this circle then and I can you got to know the tools here so the first off you make a circle it just creates a circle then if you grab one side of the circle it then stretches the circle on both sides see how it does that to both sides. If you hit the shift key, it will increase the size of the circle completely all at once so that does that and then if you had the option key it will only increase one side of the circle and leave all the other ones like that and then if you want to rotate the circle, you simply click outside the circle where that little same thing in the crop tool you grab onto it and you rotate it like this, then I can put it into position wherever I want it, and then I could just expand the circle this way you see what I've just done. I've created kind of an anamorphic blend of burn coming this way rather than a straight line because of straight lines sometimes calls too much attention to itself. So this allows us just have a slight blobby burn that happens over here, and that helps the dark in this area. And then I can say, ok, well, I don't want to be that dark suit. We can see that. So I'm gonna untie do the darkness until I get just the right amount of darkness in there and then once hopes once I got the darkness where I want it, then I can always go back into the brush and brighten up little areas that need to be brightened up if they spilled over onto the chimney or something like that, just like we did with the bride. So any time you have something that spills over onto a bride or onto a, you know, important element, you can always then take that element and brush it back out with the brush.

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Jared Platt takes you beyond the basic adjustments, curves, noise reduction, and effects in the Lightroom Develop module into the local adjustment tools panel in Adobe Lightroom.

Learn how to repair and edit your images, burn and dodge, and create stunning effects on your raw images without ever leaving Lightroom. Jared will show you the most efficient and powerful ways to make your photos pop.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5