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Lightroom Mobile Intro

This morning we are going to learn all about light room mobile in this segment and that is really exciting to me I think I was the one who asked for this class action e so selfishly I'm very excited but so hopefully those of you out there for watching many of you I'm sure have creative cloud on if you've got the creative cloud photo package that the photo shop as well as light room you have light room mobile right? That's right? In fact there's a lot of people that don't know they have white room mobile, but if they're all they have to do is go to there phone or that ipad or whatever they download it and then they've got it and it's amazing tool and nobody knows how to use it so that's what we're going to talk with you now we're going tio so everybody make sure you join us in the chat rooms we have chris jennings, my co host in the chat rooms you can get there by clicking on the chat icon up there will be taking questions throughout this event so get them in there. All right let's kick...

off photoshopped week two thousand fifteen jared so all right already get home well, as way just discussed today were for this segment we're gonna be talking about light room mobile and anybody who has the creative cloud has light ra mobile and uh it's just a question of how you use it right? And most people don't know how to use it and I'm not talking don't know howto like flip through photos and because it's a really intuitive program so we're going to first show you how to use it quote unquote like out of what buttons to push but that's the easy part well, most people don't know is how to use it effectively what what's the point of having light room mobile because you've got all sorts of other programs on your computer, you've got snap seed and you've got, uh you know, instagram and all these type programs that will do photo manipulation. The question is, what do you do with light room mobile and that's what we're going to discuss so let's talk about it first off I have I have lighter mobile on my phone and I also have it on my ipad. So between the two of these devices I have the same program and that is connected to my computer, and so because they're connected to the creative cloud, well I have to do is sign in on both of my devices and sign in on on my computer, and once they're all connected, then the images can kind of transfer back and forth between them and that's that's what the creative cloud is fours for that interconnectivity between your devices so let's, start at the computer level so we're going to first go to our computer and you can see that I have a photo of the room here before you guys came in s o this is this is the lonely, creative live room. Now we're happy to have all you guys here, but if you look at your light room inside of light room and I'm gonna actually there's in light room there's different screen modes, so if I hit shift and death, it will bring up different views, and I just wanted to pull this up so you could see the menu bar and you could see the top here with all of the library and develop modules and stuff, but on the left hand side, where you have your name, if you don't, if you haven't put a name and here it will say light room um, but if you click on that and drop it down, there is a spot up here that says sync with light room mobile. You have to turn that on that's the first thing you have to do other than download light room mobile on your on your devices um, so you sync it with light room mobile, you have to sign into your account so you'll notice that I have my account on their on dh, so I'm ready to synchronize you just have to log into your creative cloud account ok? So I'm ready there have to do the same thing when I start like ra mobile on my devices have to sign in to my creative cloud account keep wanting to say creative live account my creative cloud account so once were signed in then we can start utilizing the tool of light room mobile all right? So let's talk about first thing that we need to do in order to get images now like light mobile has the ability to not only look at light room on your computer but it also has the ability to look at your camera rolls things so if you have if you if you have images on your on your devices, you can use those and import them in but we want to start talking because I don't really use it as a way of like organizing my photos that I took on my on my device it's far more powerful than that so let's start from light room itself so when we're inside of light room in order to get images onto your ipad or your your iphone or whatever device you're using it's done in the collections serena what collections are so the collections is down below the folders area so you can see that there's a folders area here in light room and then as you go down there's a collections area here and the collections area you, khun, create a bunch of collections, and and their virtual they don't actually exist. The folders, the images exist in folders on your desktop somewhere, and then the collection's air. Just, uh, basically, they're references to these photos that exist in all sorts of different places. And the beauty of a collection is that you, you can have the same photo in fifteen different collections, and it doesn't have to repeat itself. It doesn't have to be a new photo, whereas if you were to do that in folders, you would have to have a new photo in each folder. So image number one would have to be duplicated in five different folders with the collection it's virtual. So I can put the same photo in lots of different collections on. Di can have as many collections as I want, and it doesn't take up a lot of space.

Class Description

You don’t have to be tied to your computer to make great images. The Adobe Lightroom mobile app gives you the tools to edit images no matter where you are.

Photographer Jared Platt will demonstrate the retouching power of Lightroom on mobile devices and teach you how to take full advantage of it. You’ll learn navigation tips and editing shortcuts that will help you enhance your photos – all while staying organized across every device.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5