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Setting a Target Collection in LR for Mobile Devices

The first thing that we're going to do is we're going to create a collection s o I'm going to go up to the top of the collection area and hit that plus button when I hit that plus button it's going to ask me what I want to create and I'm going to create a regular collection, and when I do that it's going to want me, too, to name it, so I'm just going to name this creative live c l two thousand photo shop week two thousand fifteen uh, test, so we're just going to test this out, show you how to make it so we're making a collection, and we're going to put it inside of a folder so you can make different folders inside of your collections area, and I'm going to put this on inside of this creative live light room segments, and I'm going to not include anything in it, and I'm going to tell it to set this as a target collection, and the target collection allows me to hit the bee key, and that will just add things directly to it. So all I have to do is highlight an image and hit the beaky, and ...

it will go to the target so it's basically putting a target on this collection, and any time I hit the beaky. Or the little circle up in the top and I'll show you how to do that. It'll send it directly there. The other thing that I want to do is I'm going to click on sink with light room mobile if I do that, this collection will from right now synchronized with my mobile devices now I'm not gonna push that right now because I want to also show you how you can do it later but if you were creating one and you knew that this was going to be seeing the light through mobile he would simply click that and then anything you put in it would start sending over to your mobile devices so let's create this and now you can see that inside of here we have a creative live photo shop we two thousand fifteen test see that little plus that plus means that it's a target collection that means that it's going to go now over to the right of it do you see this little square that little square if I hover over it? See how has that little weird lightning bolt looking thing that's the synchronization with light room mobile? If I click on that it is now synchronizing so now it's ready to receive images and when that receives those images it's going to go directly over to my mobile device so now let's go find some images um I'm just going to go up here to, uh, city it's gonna grab they're okay, so we have some images these air senior images from senior portrait and let's just say that I wanted to look through these and choose, you know, say two or three photos that I really liked and I wanted to play with him on the go and so I'm going to go up here and if you see that little dot that little dot says it's going to go to the target collection also, if I click on this and just hit the bee key, it will go to the target collection, so either way is fine, so I'm going to click on an image and just send it to the target collection and then as I kind of move around, I'm going toe click that one and this one um on let's, go and click on that one and say that one ok, so we've added some and if we go over to our target collection now see that there are five in there and I want you to notice something else too. And that is that once we so here's our target collection and those images now are synchronizing up to the cloud, so they're on their way now let's go to our mobile device, so I'm going to just pull up my, uh here we are. So I am in now in light room mobile, and we'll go through more of this in a minute. But if if you are we looking suit that's right there, so it's already there now you saw it said three photos and now it says five, because it was still on its way, but that was pretty quick. Like now I can work on him here. And so if I all I have to do is I click on the so these air all collections. So each one of these represents a collection that's inside of this computer, and I can just scan through him and decide which one I want to look at. So if I click on this one, so I just touch it now I'm inside the collection, inside the collection, I have the ability to look at individual images by touching on him. I can swipe between them, and this is how I would review them now, if you'll notice at the bottom on the bottom, uh, left hand, corner of the screen, there's a flag and there's a star. So if I'm doing flags and stars and I want to start rating these things, so I have selected an entire wedding at a baseball game at one point. So I knew that I was going to be at a baseball game I knew that I was going to be a little bit bored at the baseball game and so I took my ipad with me and I selected an entire wedding now those of you who have followed me on creative life before know that I am very efficient and I know that I use light room and very efficient ways this is not as efficient as using light room itself to select a wedding however, selecting a wedding at a baseball game is much more efficient than watching the baseball game. So for those who you love baseball, I apologize I just I'm just not I just don't get baseball I like to go I like the hot dogs I just anyway so I'm sure people are going to hate me for not loving baseball that um but my son plays baseball and so I'm trying to learn baseball because he loves baseball so I'm going to learn to love baseball, okay, so what I'm going to do now is I'm gonna flick up and flicked down and that's going to give me stars or flags so I have to touch the flag so if I push the flag it see how that lights up the flag so now the flag lights up and that gives me an indication that if I flick up it's going to flag it if I flicked down it's going to reject it fi flick partway up it's going unflagging so I have I can go to reject aiken flag or unflagging and that's all based on an upper down movement if I click on the star, then as I go up it's going to rate it's higher as I go down it's going to rate it lower so I just depending on how far I move my finger that's how far a star rating I'm going to get so if I want to go through and select an entire wedding or a photo shoot or something but I know that I am going to be traveling on the bus or whatever I'm going to be on a plane and I don't want to be carrying around a laptop to do all of that. All I have to do is import my images into my computer, create a collection highlight everything that I want to select and drag it to that collection and then I'm on my way yeah get some clarification questions out and just reminding everybody that you can also vote on people's questions and those are going to be more likely for us to ask them so again you can ask by clicking on the asked button and that is for questions for jared about this class, so just for starters, do you know what platforms have light room mobile so I'm on iowa's great, so that first starters and sort of people's questions, I think somebody mentioned that maybe the android is just for the phone. Other android devices don't know the answer to that because I have none of those devices. I am completely in the apple world, right, right. So certainly there are answers for that online somewhere on and then a couple of questions about the the sizes themselves, so are the file size is the same with regard to what's on your computer versus then once that's a great question so your original files are on your computer. The images that air sent up to the cloud are not the original files they are what we call a small, raw or a basically, you know, aboutthe smart preview. A smart preview in light room is a small, raw version of the original file, and so that's what's going up not the original file, because the original file would take way too long to get out there. So it's making a small, raw version and it's sending it up to the cloud. And then that cloud is what's housing the small raw, then from the clouds, so we're up in the cloud now, with a small raw from that cloud it's sending a preview down to the mobile device. Not the raw, the roz not on that right now, these images that we're looking at here are just previews of that small wrong, so it doesn't actually contain it, which means that if I were to go off line right now, I wouldn't be able to start editing these because it wouldn't have access to the raw file because it's looking at the cloud right now to adjust this, however you can go off line with it and I'll show you how to do that and you'll be able to then turn off, you know you could be on a plane or whatever, and you could do all of your editing, but that means that all of the images will literally be on here, so light room will suck down all of the law, the small raws into your mobile device. Now those those small roz are anybody things, so they don't they don't require a lot of of space, so when you're looking at your and it'll tell you when you go and in fact I'll show you now because it's makes sense to tell you so let's go back to the ipad here and on the ipad itself. In the collections area you can see there are so look in the bottom left hand corner of each one of these collection of photos and you will see that there is a a download looking button and it looks like a little can that there's an arrow pointing into that means that this set of images is able to be downloaded. You can download those for offline viewing, but they're not actually downloaded. If you look at this abc senior portrait one you can see that there's it's similar, but the arrows further into the can and it's closed so it's a square with an arrow in it instead of an open thing. That means that I have downloaded those four offline viewing the way you do that is over on the right hand side, you see those three dots, those ellipses if I click on that turns the thing around and gives me all of these options of what I can do to this collection. First, I can add from the camera ll of this device, I can add images to that specific collection I can also enable for auto import, which we'll talk about a minute. I can also disable the offline editing. If I do that, it'll throw away all of those images, and then I'll start connecting to the cloud again to do it. So if I let's go to a different one, let's go to this one because I haven't downloaded them that button changes to enable offline editing. If I clicked on that it would start sucking those down from the cloud so that it could use them later and that takes a while it takes probably well I mean it depends on how many images you have and how big the images are and all that kind of stuff but it could take an hour it could take a while so you want to be connected to a goods good fast wifi when you do that and it's going to then download them from the wifi from the cloud itself when we first started with light ra mobile it took a lot longer now it's a little bit faster they've streamlined streamline the process but it's still remember you have to pull it down from the clouds so plan ahead you know say ok in an hour I'm going to leave so I'm gonna bring these down from the cloud now um the other things that you can do is you can share it so you khun once you're inside here you could share this collection with people and that way they can see it online and we'll show you how to do that as well you could rename it you can remove it or you can hit the present button which will then from this it'll from this device if I hit present it will just start playing those images in like a slide show let's exit presentation mode it can play those in a slide show for you right off the bat on your on your device. So you said, if you start with it on your computer, and then the small raw goes to the cloud and then to your mobile device, what if you had started editing it on your computer first? Is it still the wrong file that goes to the cloud? No matter what? It's, always that small raw that goes up and then back down to your. And if you've edited it, all of those edits will go with it. And then if you change it over here, all of those edits will go back to, and it talks back and forth.

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You don’t have to be tied to your computer to make great images. The Adobe Lightroom mobile app gives you the tools to edit images no matter where you are.

Photographer Jared Platt will demonstrate the retouching power of Lightroom on mobile devices and teach you how to take full advantage of it. You’ll learn navigation tips and editing shortcuts that will help you enhance your photos – all while staying organized across every device.

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