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Sharing and Collaborating from Lightroom Mobile

You can also see where things have been hard do you see that black and white just right here hopes that one right there see that little heart little heart up there that means that the client or the friend or me or whoever that was looking at it online I said I like that and they flagged as I like that and now it shows to me that that's one of their favorite images so for those of you who don't have a client proofing option at the moment that you really like this can be a client proofing option for you, let me show you how that's done you can do that from your mobile application or you can do it from your computer either way and I'll show you how to do both so what you'll do is you'll come to this specific uh senior portrait you click again on those little lips is down on the bottom right hand corner and now it says web collection sharing so if I click on that see it gives me this says ah view on the web share link and unsure it that's because I've already shared this so if I go to this...

one instead and I want to share I want to share this collection which is the same collection but a different version of it webb collection sharing and then I if I hit cliques if I click share it just made it doesn't have to synchronize anything, which is the beauty of this system is that it's already put the images online. The images are just waiting there online for me to work here and to share back and forth between my computers, right? So the synchronization happened in order to make synchronization possible. But now, since all those images air in the cloud, all have to do is hit, share and it's instantly available to whoever wants to see them. And so then all I have to do is share the link. If I click share lane, it will literally take a small link, one of those dot bit links or whatever it will make one of those little copy it and paste it into an email. I write the email to the client said, hey, here's some images take a look at him, tell me what you think, and when they do that, they will then go and I'll show you let's go to actually we can do it right here let's view these on the web, but I want to view the main collection, so I'm gonna go back here and let's go to our collection here and say, view these on actually let's do it here, this would be better, so I'm going to go to my collection the same collection, so we're uh are we on here? So bring me back to the computer there we go. So we're on the computer here and I've got my various things here's the senior portrait so this is the collection if I right click that I can go to light room mobile links and I can copy to the clipboard aiken view on the web I can unshared the collection so I have all these different options, right? So if I just hit view on the web it's going to pull them up on the web and there they are see that now my client can come in and look at these images on the web and they can click on him like this and they can put ah, heart there oh, I have to sign in in order to put a heart there on bacon also click on this little button here and they could make a comment. Okay, so they they just kind of click here and comment they have sign in to comment, but they could just click on and comment away. And when that happens then that will come back over to here. And so then I can look at their comments and so once they've commented, I'll just simply click on here and I'll scan through and look for any of their comments so if I click on this here, I can see have they commented? Yep see it's is you like your photo etcetera etcetera if I had written something it would just be right there so I can see and the same is true here if I go backto light room I can see the comments here is well so I could scroll down to the very bottom here do you see these comments down that comment section right there will start adding comments to it and the beauty of this is if I go to the grid I can also click on here and I can say last comment time so inside of my sort order I just hit last comment time and now it puts the ones with this one's the latest one to have a comment on it this is s o all of these of the way this ones that had comments and so I can then click on it and see what the comments were see how it says jared platt likes this photo that's because I was the one who was commenting on it yeah uh with the sign in do you is that only four then adobe creative cloud members no, you don't have to be a creative club member you just have to sign in and so what they would do is they would sign in and create an account through adobe but it's free they just have to sign it so it knows who they are perfect and if there are creative cloud member they would just signing off their creative cloud membership but otherwise they would just sign in and say you know I'm selling so and this is whatever and I think they could put a picture in there because my picture shows up when I come in on my own stuff so it probably would show up when I was commenting on yours does it still allow you to do virtual copies so that you can create something that would say these smaller and have a copper right through it to show a client um I'm not sure I understand that question specifically it yes you could make a virtual copy so I can go into any of these images like this one and right click it and create a virtual copy and that virtual copy is now still in the collection and it's currently being synchronized if you look up here says sinking one photo it it knows I just made a virtual copy so it's sending it to my mobile applications so that I can play around with it and I can have the to be different but as for water marking that's not part of the system um but it's not it doesn't allow for them download so I mean they might be ableto screen grab it or whatever there is biggest they make the the browser but I you know I don't concern myself with that all that much if my client is so eager to steal a photo that they're going to get anyway, I don't I don't it's not my client um, I treat my client's differently than that I don't protect them against stealing my images give them the opportunity to take the images in the best way possible, and so they have plenty of systems that allow them to get images in whatever way they want. S o, I'm not too worried about that, so but I mean, I guess you could you could, uh, make a whole series of j pegs with water marks on them and put them into a a collection and then share those you could do that, but it would just be one extra step that would be a little bit knowing to you. So, um, but in most cases, this is an opportunity for people to collaborate together and say, what do you think of this? What do you think of that? You know, that kind of thing, so especially if you didn't if you were just the un retouched images or something, maybe they wouldn't be stealing him. I don't know, um, so but there are there are certainly clients who are thieves, and you just have to, you know, find the right clients or find a way to protect yourself against them, I guess.

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You don’t have to be tied to your computer to make great images. The Adobe Lightroom mobile app gives you the tools to edit images no matter where you are.

Photographer Jared Platt will demonstrate the retouching power of Lightroom on mobile devices and teach you how to take full advantage of it. You’ll learn navigation tips and editing shortcuts that will help you enhance your photos – all while staying organized across every device.

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