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Using Lightroom Mobile for Location Scouting

The main way that I use this is that I do a lot of location scouting um I am a rabid locations the outer and so I know every cool place to take photo in my city outside of my city, on random roads in london and on random roads in spain and wherever so I will walk around with my phone and grab locations so I'm going to go to my phone now and I'm going to show you a collection here um and it's called scouting so you can see right down there at the bottom is my location scouting tool inside of that location if you click on the little ellipses again, it allows me to enable, uh, this for auto import. So right now this is disabled auto import because I already have it auto imported, so if I were to go to a different one, so if I were to go this mobile reviews elects, click on it, see how it says enable auto import I don't want to do that because I want auto import to be on my scouting area, so I click on that and I've got disable auto imports, so that means that it is currently auto importin...

g and you can tell that because there's little camera icon at the bottom left hand corner so that camera icon tells me that wherever I am and I take a picture it's going toe auto send that into this collection so now if I go to my camera and I take a picture of all of you smile you are now a location so I take a picture of a location that I like the beauty of this is that okay? First off my camera is recording the gps location of this studio right now when it took that picture. So now if I go to, of course it's in my photos, right it's sitting right there in my camera roll, but because it went to my camera roll, it also goes to white room, so when I click on light room one photo was just successfully imported and if I scroll down and look for there it is there you all are on now you're a location, so now I know how did there was that really cool location that I did in seattle and it had like that cool wall and these awesome people and stuff and they're always here. So if I want to photograph in a location where they're awesome people in a cool wall, I know where to go right? And the beauty of that is then when I come back here to the by the time I get home, all of that information is already synchronized over to here, so now I can come down and look at the scouting area here and aiken scroll down and there you all are inside of my computer all ready to go now what's the advantage here is the advantage just simply that I didn't have to synchronize it I didn't have to come in and download I mean that's a huge advantage the fact that I don't have to come in plug in like my you know, camera and download the stuff and put it into the right folder it's just always there in the scouting locations folder but the advantage is this if I go if I want to choose and say ok, now I want to look at all of my location photos so I'm going to click on my location scouting images so click on here and you can see let's say going toe scroll the way to the end here there you all are so I have a collection it's called an auto are smart collection, so if you double click this smart collection, let me show you how you make a smart collection first you go to make a smart collection, you're going to go to the collections arian hit plus create a smart collection when you create a smart collection you're going to create create a siri's of criteria that it collects the images so what we're going to dio I'm going to show you I'm going to show you the criteria for location scouting the criteria for it is simply gps data yes, it has co ordinances okay, so does have gps data yes file type j peg j peg things with gps things come from right here because I have never shot a j peg with a real camera in my life so I know that I'm not going to get any j pegs from a camera I know I'm going to get them from this phone I could further say you know on ly show me stuff from the iphone whatever but I'm pretty safe to say that if it's a j peg and as gps data is probably one of my location scouting images you could probably come up with the other criteria that would help even solidify that more eso at this point now once I've got that information and it's been brought into my computer now if I go to the map inside of my map there we are right there see that and I can zoom out to the whole world and let's look at all of my look at that there we go there's here some random shots in uh the u k waken drill down here and find ok so so this one's interesting because I'm literally just tooling around driving I just drove for a whole day looking for locations and so when I click here look at this and that's a look at this photo right. That's not fair. Oh, uh, back to the maps. Sorry. We're going to go back out, got to go back to the u k. All right, so when we're here, I click on here so that's the segment see out, found them for me. So those are the images and all I simply did. There we go. I'm literally were driving, and I was like, oh, that's cool location that's it I don't need it to look nice. I just need to know what it kind of looks like and where it is. And now I have the exact gpo gps location for it. I know exactly if I want that shot. It's right here on this highway right here at this bend you know, that's where we go so then the next day when we go to chute, I simply go back to that location, so now I can go and highlight, so I'm in it. Now I know where it is, and I go the library and I say, ok, what? Hold on one second and there we go. So I've got all of my locations, and I'm going to go down a little ways here and, oh, there we are, and this is the location to that same location is that but it was very easy to find it we know exactly where it was and if I ever want to go back and know exactly where it is and if I want them to tag this image I have the gps information from the phone and all I have to do a synchronize it from the phone to this image and then from then on out this becomes my scouting image and I don't need the phone image anymore yeah your map from your iphone or your ipad yeah, I am so I am so hoping that this will include map module at one point um what you can dio is go to your camera ll and see where you've taken pictures before but you're outside the system at that point now you just looking at those photos inside of you know the photos app on your map but I'm so hoping that light room will some tape they include a maps module inside of it because that's such a useful tool but right now if I want to find the location I just need to go my laptop open it up to say where is that location? Unfortunately, because it's involved with google I can then go to that google map and penha location so then I can follow it on my google maps on my app on my phone some any questions about that that's why that is a supremely excellent use for lighter mobile. The fact that aiken simply shoot location images. It's recording the gps information. It's, putting it into my light room on my laptop, are on my mobile device and then it's, sending it over to my desktop so that when I get home, I always have my my location data inside of my, uh, primary workflow catalog. So I can always find locations very easily. That's super important to me.

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You don’t have to be tied to your computer to make great images. The Adobe Lightroom mobile app gives you the tools to edit images no matter where you are.

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