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Using Lightroom Mobile for Location Scouting

You don’t have to be tied to your computer to make great images. The Adobe Lightroom mobile app gives you the tools to edit images no matter where you are.

Photographer Jared Platt will demonstrate the retouching power of Lightroom on mobile devices and teach you how to take full advantage of it. You’ll learn navigation tips and editing shortcuts that will help you enhance your photos – all while staying organized across every device.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5



  • <p>Outstanding course! I have been using Lightroom since the day it was introduced, and felt very confident comfortable using the app. That said, I was amazed at all the great, new stuff I learned about Lightroom Mobile in this short class. Jared is an excellent instructor who combines great material with his fun sense of humor to entertain and instruct. I sincerely recommend this class and kudos to Jared and CreativeLive for a job well done. </p>
  • Really enjoy Jared's teaching style in other classes, and this class was no exception. Extremely informative and fun class. Highly recommended.
  • <p>Great class full of information! Jared is a great teacher ! </p>