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Adobe Lightroom 5 Develop Module In-Depth

Lesson 6 of 14

Black and White Mixing in LR

Jared Platt

Adobe Lightroom 5 Develop Module In-Depth

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

6. Black and White Mixing in LR

Lesson Info

Black and White Mixing in LR

So now let's go down to our black and white now in black and white this is probably let's go to this image again in our black and white if we go to black and white this is where we would determine what that image looks like like if we're putting a filter on our camera when we're shooting black and white back in the old days you'd get black and white and black and white is mme or less it's not seeing the color but what's coming in the lenses color and so if you put like a red filter on than the blue can't get through the red filter, therefore the sky goes black because the blue can't get to film to expose it and so in this case we're just putting filters on our camera after the fact and so I can take my blue down you can take my awkward down a little bit and this is a great place to use our target adjustment because we don't really know what color that sky is so I just roll it down you can see that I brought down aiken you know roll her skin tones up and it starts to look like I am shoo...

ting what infrared see that now all of a sudden I look like I'm shooting an infrared shot because the blues air going dark the lights, the warm tones air going hot on dh I can kind of fake on infrared look, and then if I started softening it up and where do we soften clarity? So if I go in here with this and I take her clarity down like this so that it kind of is soft like that, and then if I go, where do we get our grain way down here in the effects panel? And if I add, you know, some grain to it and really kind of chunk it up a bit now suddenly I look like I've got a infrared film and what do we do after we do, all of that work will make a pre set of it so that we don't have to do it again. I'm serious if you do something for more than three minutes in light room preset that's your gauge. If I took me three minutes to do it, pre set my gauges. If it takes me thirty seconds to do it pre set. Okay, the only thing that I want to be touching inside of light room is this basic area. Everything else is a preset. If I make a pre set of this film right here and we'll come back to it, make pre set of it, then it will apply to anything.

Class Description

There is a lot of power in the Adobe® Lightroom® Develop Module. Learn how to finish your photographs with Jared Platt in Lightroom Develop Module In-Depth.

Join Jared Platt as he guides you through the Lightroom Develop Module and teaches you how to adjust, enhance, repair and stylize your images without ever leaving Lightroom.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


Bill Frye

A very informative course dealing with an important module within Lightroom. Significantly improved my comfort with and capabilities in Lightroom.


Thoroughly enjoyed this package. I learned a lot and found everything Jared explained very useful to me. I'm new to using Lightroom. Thank you!

a Creativelive Student

I am only half way thru and I love this class! I knew there was more to LIghtroom and what I could accomplish and Jared did that for me! Big thumbs up for me!