LR Develop Module In-Depth


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Creating and Organizing Develop Presets for Faster Workflow

There is a lot of power in the Lightroom Develop Module. Learn how to finish your photographs with Jared Platt in Lightroom Develop Module In-Depth.

Join Jared Platt as he guides you through the Lightroom Develop Module and teaches you how to adjust, enhance, repair and stylize your images without ever leaving Lightroom.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5



  • A very informative course dealing with an important module within Lightroom. Significantly improved my comfort with and capabilities in Lightroom.
  • <p>Thoroughly enjoyed this package. I learned a lot and found everything Jared explained very useful to me. I&#39;m new to using Lightroom. Thank you!</p>
  • I am only half way thru and I love this class! I knew there was more to LIghtroom and what I could accomplish and Jared did that for me! Big thumbs up for me!