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Adobe Lightroom 5 Develop Module In-Depth

Lesson 14 of 14

Creating and Organizing Develop Presets for Faster Workflow

Jared Platt

Adobe Lightroom 5 Develop Module In-Depth

Jared Platt

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14. Creating and Organizing Develop Presets for Faster Workflow

Lesson Info

Creating and Organizing Develop Presets for Faster Workflow

I want to go through one mohr thing that's really important and we've been talking about this whole thing time is what money no money awesome that is really you're absolutely right money money time is money we're going to talk about money, which is presets presets our money so remember we worked on this image and we did our curves so we did a lot of things to this image we went in and adjusted it we did curves here we did all sorts of stuff, but what we want to do is curb because we really like the curve that we made, so we're going to go over to our preset section here and we're going to push on this plus button I'm going to click on the plus button and I'm going to name it I'm also can put it in a whole bunch of different folders here so I put it and whatever folder I want, so I'm going to put it into say, my outsource pack here on day I'm going to call this a what would you say that's kind of ah blue tone uh thin negative curve something like that and I'll work on the language of th...

at later before I try and sell it to someone or whatever but it's basically what it does and then I'm going to check none and that's the secret to a good prey preset is starting with none checked. And so now let me show you what's going to be checked in this set of presets, so we choose based on what we did to the image. So what did we do to this image that made it what it is? Okay? We did lots of stuff beyond basic never we never checked white balance and we never check basic tone. Why? Because we did that to each individual image, so that's going to ruin whatever we've done, what we want to do is check the tone curve because that's where we did all of our work now we may have done other things to it, like we might have added grain to this image, but I don't want to check it because every time I use the tone curve does not necessarily mean that I want to have grain added to it. However, this tone curve will probably ruined a color image because it's going to add blues and greens and whatever all over the place, right? So rather than ruined my color image, I could just cook, click on black and white treatment and now black and white and the tone curve will be added together, so no matter what I choose is going to do it to both that and that, but nothing else. Why is the process version clicked? The process version is clicked is because we're in light room five were in two thousand twelve process version, so if we wanted to stay in that process version and force people to it, then we want to click that if I don't if I want people in light room three to be able to do this, then I need that but some things are available in light room three, so I'm going to force people to live in the here and now and stop living in the past by hitting process version and that will force them to two thousand twelve ok, then I'm gonna hit create once I hit create now I have this inside of my outsource pack here there's my blue tone thin egg curve and now I can click on anything it doesn't matter what so let's click on these guys here and I don't go to that curve and click on it and boom done all right that's, not the curb I missed it there we go and it's perfect that nothing changed, it didn't ruin the photograph and it's so I can click on this one and let's do that with this one. And by the way, this is even a photoshopped document, so I'm going to click on this and so now I've got my adjustment so any time you are creating a really intense it's adjustment of some kind that's below that basic area. You want to create a preset so that from then on out, if you see an image and you're like, I really want this image to have a certain look. I can simply go in and say, I want this to have, like, a milky, warm phil. And I could click on it done, because I spent the time to do it once. I never have to do it again.

Class Description

There is a lot of power in the Adobe® Lightroom® Develop Module. Learn how to finish your photographs with Jared Platt in Lightroom Develop Module In-Depth.

Join Jared Platt as he guides you through the Lightroom Develop Module and teaches you how to adjust, enhance, repair and stylize your images without ever leaving Lightroom.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


Bill Frye

A very informative course dealing with an important module within Lightroom. Significantly improved my comfort with and capabilities in Lightroom.


Thoroughly enjoyed this package. I learned a lot and found everything Jared explained very useful to me. I'm new to using Lightroom. Thank you!

a Creativelive Student

I am only half way thru and I love this class! I knew there was more to LIghtroom and what I could accomplish and Jared did that for me! Big thumbs up for me!