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Adobe Lightroom 5 Develop Module In-Depth

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Noise Reduction in Detail Adjustments

Jared Platt

Adobe Lightroom 5 Develop Module In-Depth

Jared Platt

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10. Noise Reduction in Detail Adjustments

Lesson Info

Noise Reduction in Detail Adjustments

Noise reduction is amazing, especially in light room five they just every single liberation of light room the noise reduction gets better and better and better so if I were to go to, I need to just go here and I'm going to just search so I'm gonna do a meta data search for my highest eso ratings let's just go to ice so speed sixty four hundred ok, so this image has it's pretty high aya so sixty four hundred s o and you can see let's let's go to our develop module and let me go down to the effects I already have grain in there but you can see that there's noise and I turned the grain off we can see that there's noise in there, but you can see like ok, her teeth are pretty sharp, her hair is pretty sharp, so we can you know we can see all the details but it's really grainy and if I want to go into the detail and take the luminant snore introduction up, watch the grain start to disappear but you'll see that I can keep a lot of the sharpness like of the edge of the dress those types of thi...

ngs stay in and if I take the detail up quite a bit I'll start to get that details how the dress details still coming back in but she but but the grain is kind of disappearing now, that's. Not to say that I dislike grain. I like grain. And so, in most cases, I'm not going to try and remove that grain because it's it's perfectly good grain. And then if I add grain to that, if I had green on top of grain, it even looks better. And so I'm really happy with the grain. But the luminous noise reduction is there, so that when you come into a situation where you have, you know, way too much noise somewhere, especially if it's a camera that's, kind of an older camera or it's, a kind of a baby brother type camera, where, you know, one of the, you know, rebels or something like that. Where it's, just not quite a professional camera. Then a lot of times, you'll need that noise reduction. So go go for it. But it is there.

Class Description

There is a lot of power in the Adobe® Lightroom® Develop Module. Learn how to finish your photographs with Jared Platt in Lightroom Develop Module In-Depth.

Join Jared Platt as he guides you through the Lightroom Develop Module and teaches you how to adjust, enhance, repair and stylize your images without ever leaving Lightroom.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


Bill Frye

A very informative course dealing with an important module within Lightroom. Significantly improved my comfort with and capabilities in Lightroom.


Thoroughly enjoyed this package. I learned a lot and found everything Jared explained very useful to me. I'm new to using Lightroom. Thank you!

a Creativelive Student

I am only half way thru and I love this class! I knew there was more to LIghtroom and what I could accomplish and Jared did that for me! Big thumbs up for me!