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Sharpening Effect in LR

Lesson 9 from: Adobe Lightroom 5 Develop Module In-Depth

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

9. Sharpening Effect in LR

Lesson Info

Sharpening Effect in LR

So now we're going to go to the detail area detail is very important because we got to see if things are sharp now these guys were perfectly sharp so I'm I'm happy with the sharpness of it but let me show you what happens when you sharpened stuff so sharpness is basically contrast so if you want something to be more sharp you add more contrast between the highlight and the shadow on the line and it will become more sharp and so if I take this up you can see that even like the little wrinkles in the skin and also the pixels start to get sharpened so that's amount amount turns how much contrast there is between highlighted shadow the next thing is the radius if I take the radius up notice that they got sharper but they didn't get that weird like texture going on that's because the sharpness tells you how arming the sorry the radios tells you how far do I look outside of this tone to the next tone to decide where the line is and so it starts to sharp and just like the eye lid or the brow ...

or the piece of hair but it doesn't sharpen the individual pixels or the pores in the skin because it's looking further out than one pixel and now it's looking out to three pixels so it starts to you know extend its reach and so if you want to do a sharpening of a face or something like that you want to bring your radius up your detail up is kind of same concept those are things you want to bring up first sharpening is the last thing you move I mean the amount in sharpening so your amount is going to be the latter amount in the sharpening is the last thing you move so twenty five is normal. Twenty five is what comes in like light room puts that on your photo to begin with because twenty five sharpens all digital images to the basic, you know standard and then we go from there so I would start with radius and detail and then I would on ly bring up the mountain when I absolutely need to and the more you bring up that amount of them or people are going to go wow, sharpen that, ok, the next thing that you want to play with is the masking masking works very rarely so masking khun stay at zero for all I'm concerned, but if you are going to do a lot of this kind of, you know heroic sharpening that if you take the mask it will it will see out starting to get rid of on her cheek there's no more sharpening that's because this there wasn't enough contrast already happening in the cheek so it knew that it was flat and so it stopped scharping. But as soon as it gets closer to her eye where there's some kind of ah, a shadow, then it starts to sharpen. And so when it starts to see contrast that's, when it starts to sharpen notice that it doesn't work all that well, her I still has, you know, this weird texture here, but her skin is nice and soft here, so it masking never really works all that much. So try your hardest to stick with radius, then detail, then amount then if you have to, you gotem asking, but it's probably not gonna work. And by the way, if you do have to go to this heroic amount of sharpening and you mask it and all that kind of stuff, the on ly way to be forgiven of that sin is to go down to effects and turn the grain on, and then the grain masks all of your sins. Okay, so all of the photographic sends that you've created on any photograph can be masked by two things, actually black and white and green it's, like those things are like they fix all things, so just be aware of that. Black and white and green are very, very used awful for those types of things, but again, try to avoid these high amounts of sharpening

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Thoroughly enjoyed this package. I learned a lot and found everything Jared explained very useful to me. I'm new to using Lightroom. Thank you!

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