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Adobe Lightroom 5 Develop Module In-Depth

Lesson 7 of 14

Using Luminance, Saturation and Hue for better color in LR

Jared Platt

Adobe Lightroom 5 Develop Module In-Depth

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

7. Using Luminance, Saturation and Hue for better color in LR

Lesson Info

Using Luminance, Saturation and Hue for better color in LR

Ok, so now let's go to, uh, we've we've played around with our black and white mixing here. Let's, go to you know this this here. If we were looking at the same area so the hs cells now we can look at it as luminant saturation or hugh. And so, in this case, let's, just look at this tie. So in this tie we have orange is a very specific orange. But remember, this is a global adjustment. So if I decide that I want that orange to really pop and I go into the saturation and I click on it and I roll it up, she gets orange too, because her skin is orange. So be careful with that and recognize that it's global it's, not a spot type of thing. If you want to really increase the saturation of his tie that's where you would go back into your, uh, local adjustment brushes and you would you would paint in that tie. Ok, this is for global type things. So in this case where if you double click any of these, by the way, if I if I zoom in here and double click any of this, it'll go back to zero, so that...

's, why reset one slider? S o I'm going to go in and I'm just going to say I want the sky to be a little bit bluer so I'm going to go to the loo eminence and dropped the sky down just a bit take the saturation of the blew up just a little bit and then I'm going to with the hugh I want to take the hue of the sky you know sometimes the sky will look a little too magenta or to look a little too yellowish that's where you start playing with the hue of the sky because the sky itself the blue is off and so what you'll do is you'll find the blue isn't really off its whatthe sky is but according to me god made the sky wrong today and so I have to fix it you know? So that's the that's the audacity of the photographers like that's guy's wrong no it's just the way it is so I'm going to take the blue of that sky and I'm going to make it more blue or let or more green sea I can play around with that so I'm going to just play with that and the talk was just kind of get on they're like that I like that sky so then I'll just play with that sky and usually you don't want to tweak that too much because it just takes too much time and no one actually sees the difference so it's, just you, it's, just you, the artist who is so concerned about whether or not that sky's blue client doesn't know the difference between blue and sayin and, you know, whatever navy, blue or whatever, most clients, ok, so then, that is the huge saturation and luminous is very simple process. Just play with it. Everything in photo shop is completely undoable, so if you have any questions, play with it, and then once you're done, all you have to do is go up to the top right here, to that little saturation and hold the option of the all key down and hit reset, boom, it's, all back to normal. Got it.

Class Description

There is a lot of power in the Adobe® Lightroom® Develop Module. Learn how to finish your photographs with Jared Platt in Lightroom Develop Module In-Depth.

Join Jared Platt as he guides you through the Lightroom Develop Module and teaches you how to adjust, enhance, repair and stylize your images without ever leaving Lightroom.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


Bill Frye

A very informative course dealing with an important module within Lightroom. Significantly improved my comfort with and capabilities in Lightroom.


Thoroughly enjoyed this package. I learned a lot and found everything Jared explained very useful to me. I'm new to using Lightroom. Thank you!

a Creativelive Student

I am only half way thru and I love this class! I knew there was more to LIghtroom and what I could accomplish and Jared did that for me! Big thumbs up for me!