The Magic of Smart Filters

Lesson 6/6 - Using Smart Filters to Show Movement in Photoshop


The Magic of Smart Filters


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Using Smart Filters to Show Movement in Photoshop

The last thing I'm going to do is I'm going to show this image here, which has absolutely no impact right now, right? So this is chicago have taken three d models of jets here, and I've dropped these justin into the chicago image so it's, so easy to add some impact what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to show you just two layers here there's a background, I did a sky replacement, ted the sky out, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to select both of these guys here and get a right click and I'm going to convert to smart object command j duplicate this might object, so I've got to smart objects I'm going to get to two different things to them, by the way, anderson, if you saturation in here and a little bit of changes to get some color, so we'll get a you know, basically to see its saturation colors there and it just makes it look more cinematic and now we're going to make this actually look dynamic, so I'm going to go down here, but the bottom line is selected, I want zooming I ...

want this thing to be moving, I went motion, so we're going to go down and we're gonna play filter we're gonna get filtered the blur and then we're going to do out radio blur and we're going to change this to zoom now he is one of the things. Have you ever worked with this filter? It's really, really hard to get the zoom? Because you don't know that shows me these lines I don't know how much this is assuming and I don't know where the center I can move the center by clicking and dragging. I'm going to guess it's down there and I'm gonna apply it so he is a cool thing that's way too much to do, and now I can go back and I can change it by double clicking on the radio filter and I can say do that zoom is waiting much and the centers to high let's bring it down a little bit and see if we can change this after the fact because we're working to spot filter, right? So that's really nice one thing you might want to dio don't do that is actually increase the size of this just to kind of fill that out we could we could do that later just to fill out the back, but what I'm going to do just for the sake of time because I know we're almost out of time, I'm going to blur the top up here. I need to select this and we're gonna make this sharp and the bottoms we could grab a grady in had the deaky for foreground background we get a supply grady int and here and on that mask there and what it's doing is noticed the top part of sharp and wrong radiant that we go make sure we get a linear grady in this tight it again this way we go so now we're gonna have learned about him and a sharp on top so let's go up here we're gonna do the exact opposite we're gonna get appearing at a blur and um it's going to here do a little gals and blue for some depth of field to make this look a little bit more dynamic click ok, we're going to do the mosque and we going to do the exact opposite with this mosque so we're gonna hide this make sure that we're keeping the bottom sharp and the top blurred that we go and then we apply these two layers together and essentially let me see that I do it the right way I did it the wrong way they get back the other way um what we got here, you know there's a zooming and then we've applied this oh I could do in the whole layer I'm sorry I was doing it on the mask on this particular one I mean on the filter I don't want to do that on the filter. I want to do it on the actual air on the top, so we get this way there we go like that. So essentially now, if we zoom in here, I've got a realism off white. There we go. So what I did is actually I applied that grady int to the filter where I should have applied it to the letter for the top layers. So we've got this in the bottom. We've got the blur, the motion blur applied to the bottom. Only then on the top here, if I hide that, we've just blurred the whole thing with the girls and blur says, hiding everything underneath that then I applied this mosque there, too, only hide the to show the blurring atop another bottoms we see the motion blur in about, um, so essentially you conceive what we've been able to create a whole lot more drama to this. If we look at it here without the blur's very kind of ho hum and we apply these motion and the other blur there, it starts to add a lot more movement and dynamics, schism, whatever it is to the to the image.

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Colin Smith will show you the easy way to make your images pop in The Magic of Smart Filters.

There is so much more to Smart Filters than non-destructive editing. In The Magic of Smart Filters, Colin will demonstrate the full range of their creative potential. You’ll learn about Smart Filters with blending modes, layers masks and more.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2