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Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

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Your Customer Service Plan

April Bowles-Olin

Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

April Bowles-Olin

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14. Your Customer Service Plan

Lesson Info

Your Customer Service Plan

your customer service plan kind of leads in the last module kind of leads into this one really nicely. So each and every customer wants to feel valued and cared for. They don't want to feel like one of the many, even though there are some really big businesses and the customers are one of the many, they don't want to feel like that. And there are lots of ways to not make your customers feel like that. And they absolutely want to be heard. People want to be listened. Teoh. They want to be heard. They want to be understood. How do you do this in your business? How do you respond to your customers? How do you make them feel valued? How do you make them feel taking care of like you? You're listening you got at You're going to do something about it. I had a customer email me right as I was leaving to come to the studio saying that she was trying to log into a program. Of course, that was It's about two years old, maybe about and that she was having a technical issue. And so I e mailed her r...

ight away, right before coming over here. Hey, I'm on my way to the studio. I'm teaching, of course, that creative life. But as soon as I can get to this, I will make sure that it happens. And it will happen as quickly as possible just to let her know I'm taking care of you. I can't do it right the second, because I'm hitting Thio something. But I am going to do it as soon as possible. So I heard you. It's gonna happen, I promise. Like we're gonna figure it out Difference? Because I know that when I don't know what's going on, If if you tell me it's gonna be laid or whatever, it's OK. But if you don't say anything, even if you're only a little bit late now a mad yeah, especially if you have a certain expectation. Yeah, absolutely. And how frustrated do you get when a brand doesn't listen to you when they completely ignore you? It's so frustrating. Don't do it. Listen to your customers and listen to them some more and some more and some more and some more, and you're gonna make them feel happy and special, and they're gonna be loyal to you. And I know that this stuff sounds difficult and hard to do on a long term basis, but it's about deciding How much time can I spend on this? Right? If you're a full time business owner, is gonna be a little bit more than if you're a part time business owner and you're going to do the best you can with what you've got. So don't want you to freak out and feel like you have bad customer service if you're not responding to people within 30 minutes or something like that. So what is your customer service plan? You need to have a solid, measurable plan. If you have employees, they have to be trained appropriately. And when you have amazing customer service, you create loyal customers who are so loyal they don't even know what your competitors charge because they haven't looked because they don't care. They were loyal to you. They're always going to buy from you. They don't even care what your competitors charge. They're absolutely brands like that for me. Are their brands like that for you guys that you don't even know what the other people charge? Determine your non negotiable so the things that this is always going to happen so that you have a plan in place knowing first in repeat customers greeting them. A. Such this isn't something you have to do. These are all examples, So whatever feels right for your business and brand, these were just examples having a specific welcome for each customer. So if you have a physical business, welcome. Can I help? You can offer your beverage. Even something like that can make a big difference. Welcoming people to your blawg. I have a plug in, and I believe it's somehow related to Seth, Goaded said. You know the name of it. What, What? What's going and dio Okay, so I have this plug in and it's called What would Seth, Goat and Dio? And when somebody new comes to my site, there's a little welcome box. Be incredibly clear, and this isn't always. This is, I think, should be a non negotiable for everybody. Don't deceive to make a sale, and I say this over and over again. But it's because I really, truly believe it your time frame for answering emails and responding to phone calls, and it's OK if it's not right. That second just set an understanding of what it is going to bay when somebody joins a course of mine. There's often a very clear this is the time frame for things. This is when you're going to receive things. If you ask a question, I respond within this amount of time. I don't respond during these periods of time, but I will get to you as soon as possible, especially if you're having this type of issue as opposed to. If you have a question, all of that kind of stuff, people know what to expect and you know what? What? Your rules are right. It's easier for you when you know this stuff. If you respond to any or all comments or somewhere in between do you spend 15 minutes a day replying to block comments? It could be a timeframe. It can be, I replied. All of them, I don't reply to any of them and people know this. They see it. I mean, I don't really like that. People don't reply to any comments, but it's not really my favorite thing ever. But then I'm not there right person, right? How often you check your social media accounts and respond. Is it once a day? Is it a few times a week? What do you do if someone wants a refund? Knowing this upfront what you dio, it's just gonna help you get that over with as soon as possible. What do you do about shift shipping fees with refunds If you have a physical product, Clear policies. Having clear policies is the best way to go. How can you go above and beyond? And don't punish 98% of your customers for the 2% to aren't so great? No, I mean so if you're thinking about what should I do about refunds for shipping most of your customers? Air going to appreciate If you cover this shipping charge, it's not gonna feel great, but it goes a long way. You have to make the right decision for your business, obviously. But think about the fact that most of your customers are good people, right, and they want you to succeed and they love what you're doing, and they buy your products because they want tohave them. Think about that when you're setting your customer service policies. Don't think about the people who take advantage or who aren't so nice. And I would love for somebody to come up and share your customer service kind of policies. Rachelle, come on. Yeah, E customers. You do love customer service. All the near the perfect person for this. So tell us about your specific customer service policies. Um, my customer service policy is that, um, the workmanship and materials are 100% guaranteed for life on custom bracelets, including shipping. So if they send their bracelet back to me, I'll cover their shipping and also ship it back for free. Um, I've only had to repair two bracelets, and the neither one was because of workmanship. Er, materials. They both like one of them caught it in a tree while they were hiking. And it's not the bracelet. And the other one tried to use a bracelet as an ankle It, But I still even though it's it, I swear. Yeah, I fixed both of them. Even though it wasn't my fault. A broke I fixed both of them and sent them back for free. How much does that increase your trust for buying from Michelle? Yeah, right. I also send specs to people every step of the way. When I print the pictures else, I'll show him. When I mount the tiles, I show him when I resin, um, they'll get another picture and then I usually send a picture of the final product before I send it. Did they ever make like, I want to change things? No, no. It just makes them feel more comfortable about process. It hasn't happened yet, but if somebody did want to change something, I would want to know before it was finished. And I will grab Lee change whatever, right? Yeah, right. This makes you feel like I feel OK about by. Yeah, let's hear from Chris. What do you have to tell us? Let me just chime in for the first time I But I think that that being involved in the process makes you feel a part of this. This artistic and cool process even more so. It's like a trust thing, but also ups the excitement level and you're a part of the whole thing, and it personalizes it even more. Which is the whole thing about your jewelry. It's personalized its images of your family and stuff, and you're a part of it. I love it. I would love to see that if you like. That's my mom getting embrace that. I love it. Yeah, it does increase the excitement. For instance, dissipating the product actually getting there? Yeah. My friend Michelle made this for me. Yeah, I think I like. And there's no surprises, cause, you know, you're trusting me to make something. It's pretty unusual for one. And like, they're not there worth a lot of money. I guess they're not expensive, but they're valuable. Yeah. So you want to make sure that you're not going to get just some shoddy stuff. So I try to keep people involved and let him know that I like it. I like it. Anything else? I mean, that's a lot. You don't have anything out. Let's just say that up front. Well, I also accept returns on the non custom stuff and, you know, refund your shipping or whatever if you don't like it. And I usually do throw extra stuff like I make a lot of times will make two sets of tiles in case something happens. It doesn't delay the process and so make a magnet out of one and send it to you or I don't sell rings. But I make him all the time and I'll throw like a ring in a little something extra makes you feel special. I like all of it caught on rushers. What about people who let's say, What's your policy on Blawg comments and stuff like that? I my comment on everybody who comments. I replied, Everybody who comment on my vlog. Yeah, e e one. Anybody who comments on my instagram photos, Anybody who mentions me on Twitter, anybody who come and tell my log I tried to reach out to them because I like lifting people up. Yeah, yeah, I love it. So she's got great customer service policies. Yeah, The other thing I love, too is that when you're involving people in the steps, you're showing them what is involved. Okay, How many hours go into this? How intricate is it all? I mean, that ups the value right there, too, because it just really shows you. Yeah, it makes you feel it makes you feel like it's more valuable. Even though it's the same product, it increases the value for the person getting it. And then this is a bigger deal than I even thought, right? Who Customer service is free. I mean, it doesn't cost me anything to be nice to people who, but it adds a ton of value. I love it. I truly love excellent customer service. Now, if you're kind of freaking out like this is a lot, start with one thing. What can you put in place today to improve your customer service? So if you've got no customer service plan at all and you're starting from scratch, what can you do? What's one thing you can do today to start improving the customer services? Six time I've been in business for four years, and I still am improving my customer service and still tweaking things and figuring things out. So this doesn't happen overnight. You don't find the sweet spot immediately. It takes a little bit of time of trying it out of trial and error, figuring what works, all that kind of stuff. So don't panic if you're like I have no customer service plan, and now I need to spend the next five weeks figuring this out. Just pick one thing first. Do you guys have one thing in mind anybody who is kind of starting from Yeah. John Leonard brandy ways dot com In brand new ways dot com is brand new, okay? And so I don't even have, like, a freebie for my often. So with absolutely no effort whatsoever, I have a dirty dozen on my email list, like exactly 13 people. So I could send a thank you to those beautiful souls who have signed up with nothing in return. Um, as a start, Yes. OK, that's a wonderful

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Thanks for this awesome course with all these useful tips, a great workbook and an amazing April Bowles Olin. I simply love the way she shares her experiences in a natural, lovely and authentic way. I'm absolutely connecting with heart and mind.

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This week I watched April's course and was riveted by her presentation and the volume of content she provided. She is a true professional in terms of her knowledge and experience and yet her presentation skills are fun and enjoyable to watch. This course is chock full of valuable and much needed information, and it is well worth your time and money to watch and invest. April does an outstanding job in all of the courses she offers, and once you become a fan of hers you will be a fan for life.


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