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Make Your Website Work For You

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Big Website No-No's Part 2

Devin Duncan

Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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4. Big Website No-No's Part 2

Lesson Info

Big Website No-No's Part 2

Mistake number four ii instead of you you you so this has to do a lot with your messaging especially on your about paige when you're talking about introducing what you're all about how you can help people so this is the about paige and this is really small so I'll read some of it because it's just the first opening paragraphs that are important this is from the melanie duncan dot com about paige and usually about pages are all about me and my story and how great I am and look at me that's great effective about pages especially when you're a coach or a trainer people want to know about you why should I be caring about you I shouldn't be listening to you what's in it for me how am I gonna benefit from listening to you so about pages will be one of the most highly trafficking traffic it'd sites it'll get a lot of traffic ah and so you want to make sure you always include opt in forms in your about paige but the wording of how you talked about that you put on the about paige is very import...

ant benefit headline I can help you work less and make more let me give it to you straight most people are spending their time working on the wrong things very controversial clear statement point you see we all started our own business because we were after something bigger something better whether it was creating more financial stability and abundance for ourselves are choosing to live life on our own terms, but something happened to us during the entrepreneurial journey notices isn't talking about melanie specifically, but it's about us like you, the reader can really put themselves in that situation, it's not just about when I was this age, bob law is all about me and how great I am. We get trapped within our businesses and lose sight of why we came an entrepreneur in the first place is really setting the tone to the right traffic. She wants to get on to her less people that relate to this, we'll really see themselves in this story and give us their contact information. If people don't see themselves, they won't and that's fine. So here's the problem. If you don't learn how to effectively work on your business instead of in your business, you will never be able to strategically grow, and you'll sacrifice the quality of life you deserve. Still talking in a position where the for the viewer can put themselves in their shoes. Of course, you're passionate about what you d'oh, we're actually using the term view now, no, we're not talking I like all about me, it's about you, but I bet you're also passionate about the way you want to live you want you want time with your family and friends if you'd like to travel more, you'd like to spend less time working and mohr time enjoying your success? Well, I'm here to tell you are allowed to have it all and I'm going to show you how sound interesting into your e mail address below and click sign up to get free updates this is the first section on the a bell page and you can see how the tonality it's not like the comment about paige about me and my story we're talking about the benefit of what the user can but the view or what they can get from this yes, a question coming in from kimberly coal in atlanta her question is what do you think about having a rotating gallery of products on the home page? Is that too much? Uh yes from coming from a testing point of view from conversion optimization rotating galleries are not effective they're very pretty and fun uh now this isn't always the case because if you go to luxury monograms dot com because that's more of a luxury site we do use a rotating banner there's there static navigation down the right side but then though there's kind of a feature set for each one of those categories so custom normal when you want when you're out you know like a luxury brand, you really want to showcase beautiful photography and scrolling images don't do it when you're focusing a lot more unjust. I want the user experience, I want this floor really clear, but when you're dealing with luxurious hope, tells or brands or more luxurious experience where you need the beautiful photography and that to shine through, then that's fine, but because that has to do with branding instead of the customer experience, really, but from a conversion optimization standpoint, they are not as effective it's, just static images, but that was pretty that's important sometimes there's another question, also from the owl house, designs any advice for selling digital downloads? They're not tangible goods, and I noticed they're harder to sell. What a page and selling tangible goods or digitals mean also a different kind of experience and approach to customers? Absolutely, and a great example of this, uh, will be especially went to introduce and decide to sell the product because it's very difficult to ever to send traffic directly to a sales page, and you need to be a lot mohr it's, a specific type of sales page and there's, a lot of psychology and different tactics that go into selling digital downloads compared teo, a tangible greek sweatshirt, especially one of the nice things we have in our market, the advantages of the greek businesses that people come to our site. Knowing they want to buy they want a greek sweatshirt we don't have to really convince them we just have to convince them that we will deliver on what they want then we have the options so it's just we have to basically not screw up and let them down with something through either the navigational structure, confusing our return policy, our pricing something else but because of the way the greek market works, people know I need a sweatshirt I'm going to go check on google they have the intent of buying but with digital downloads a lot times that's not the case if ever the case and where you can see a couple good user experiences of efficient sales pages, the usual longform sales pages where there's a lot kind of ah a journey of ev the nation going through of setting up why you need this analysis a solution for you and how people benefited a couple good ones our power of pinning dot com that's melanie's pinterest course beautifully designed branded page there's a great job with the flow all the way through it down to the buying the digital download another one is online edge academy dot com another long form for our uh small business um educational training so they're both digital download based business that sosa good examples and definitely different example then selling a tangible uh item like a greek sweatshirt yeah, it sounds like they should just goto all of your you practice what you preach that's true I think yeah, a lot of examples that aren't mine but just like a my brand because I think they're pretty good uh and I think that's the uh you know, it's you'll get the basic idea but definitely you'll notice a huge difference between how we saw e commerce and the tone we take and totally different selling tactics online. All right, so we talked this I love the opening it's about page all about the person really resonating with them people are gonna be like that is me this girl is gonna get me whoever she gets, we still haven't talked about her accomplishments or why you should be listening to her we get into that notice we're way below the fold it's still it doesn't even start till about here, so we're still going to talking about the benefits remember we had an often already this is basically just scrolling down because I couldn't fit this all in one screenshot we had an opt in banner right here so they already had a chance to share their contact information already but we're going elaborate even maur if they need a little extra push the good news is that there is a better way there does not need to be a trade off between success and lifestyle in fact, there directly related if you're struggling to take your business to the next level of success that you desire because of a lack of training and resource is you were in the right place if you want help learning how to manage your current business mohr effectively so you have more time to do what you love that you are in the right place you see I'm all about results I believe in starting a business that enables you to live the life of your dreams your business should work for you not the other way around very impactful points now we get into who is this chick which is this is normally what about pages start at his usual other pretty lame and why you don't get often even if you had an often form on that about paige and it goes into her story about how amazing she is that's why I married her about paige converted me uh but what's great about she had backing up she has a little she does have a cole paragraphs about how great she is in her accomplishments basically just for positioning sake there's it doesn't have a breaking vibe to it but then it goes back to the reader but want to know a secret my real passion is teaching others how to create a successful how to create the success and freedom that they desire and their lives is well back to them very little just about her I'm all about handing out shortcuts and giving away the goods, for example, I started using pinterest to drive traffic and sales to my e commerce site way before anyone else was paying attention. I honed my strategies, creating a profitable system and in taught thousands of other business owners across the world how to do the same. So thank you, thanks for being here and giving me the opportunity to be a part of making your dreams come true now that's in about paige and another sign up form on a cool picture. We're on about paige topic we had a couple questions come in and you may have just answered it, but just in case I'm gonna go back through it, so we're getting questions like, is there a specific place where you would put personal information about yourself on your website? Now that looks like a great example. Are there any other examples that you would suggest? Um well about pages unless your brand is really around your story or a story, sometimes people put a little bit of an interest o'ryan on a home page when it's, like I said, I can't think of an exact example, but when it's really revolves around a story and that's like the mission of the brand, um, I can't think of any specific examples, but I'm sure some of you might I have seen something like that before kind of understand what I'm talking about. This brand doesn't have to revolve just around any one of those points in there, so and about paige is really the only page I can think of off the top of my head. You guys have any other clear ideas? There's actually a follow up question to that, which is, would it be? And this is traveling doctor, the traveling doctor. Would it be okay? Tohave a drop down menu on your about paige? Like about me? What we believe? Yeah, like that time for that? Absolutely. And one thing, while I'm almost should, you should definitely go to the million duncan dot com site and look at this page because backing up to the top here, her normal branding, and opt in boxes at the top here. I just stopped short and showed you just the example, but there is there is normal often box to the right. Her normal theme is around this. This is just the text part of it. So if you want to see more about how this is done, go to the million duncan dot com millionaire and dot com ford slash about and I'll go right to this, and you can see how this kind of fits, and so you can totally have knave on this I just I didn't I just didn't include it there is some you know the header and an opt in box on the top and the side yet mike so is there a specific framework that you're following on here I was I was looking at this last night were rewriting our about his page and I was trying to figure out what what are you trying to do there what you're saying so it looks to me like that the top here saying um here is the ideal world and then there's the problem then there's the solution and then below that you have about me and then at the bottom it's what are we passion about committed to is there something the flow of this right right uh outside of just obviously making it about the viewer uh that'd be a question for my wife on the panel tonight because she is magnificent copywriter in our family I just make the sights appear on the web todo eso yes there is a flow of like presenting the problem so people can be like that's me I have that issue and then how you can help answer it there is totally strategy to that uh I'm not the right person answer that but write that down ask melanie last session of the day when we have our panel she said she should be here and uh we can elaborate on that okay, so about paged uh oh and then the last part on his testimonials always good to end again but again we've had how many often informs already we've had this is the third or fourth going down it's about page every time we make a big grand statement where people just like whoa there's an opt in form we don't wait all the way to the bottom and the testimonials where people are just goingto if they're not already haven't already after then they're going to love reading those testimonials about how she has helped people and they're going to find a relatable story from one of these testimonials there vary it across different people's experiences or places that they're coming from mistake number five your websites just plain ugly and I never showed this picture before but this is custom greek threads version one but I built overnight and thought was so awesome really is ugly uh who is going to enter their credit card information on a website like this right? I'm told in any id scan this website's never going to fulfill I'm never going to get my order just initial reaction gut reaction is that something's bad is gonna happen with your experience from the very start and that is not a way to be starting off a customer relationship brandy experts I know you're just like you preach it so you gotta have your website look good and uh this just coz I did not pay for a pretty theme on this website it was just some free thing choose from one of these three color options and before I had any money and didn't want to pay for anything and didn't get me very far, you kind of got to do that initial at least get a premium theme at least make it look like someone's I'm going to get their order and it's going to look and they're not going to have problems you guys know the websites of talking our ego tune you're like yeah this is never gonna turn out good so avoid that on that topic um talk to you basically just true toodles question however, do you have any important design aspects that you like to point out that we can maybe reiterating everybody um sure a couple of cool main ones are just just just looks so cheesy I mean, look what's that logo I mean, what are these, uh you know and just and here's what's really funny these actually all eight of them rotate like everyone second like flash differently to show a different all the different sweatshirts in the sweatshirt category. So you look at this and it's like you're having a seizure because all of them are like changing all the time it's just like what what is going on and then I dislike sidebars that aren't often focus so we the million buck in dot com site has a sidebar because it's often focused and the main contents usually a blawg which we're not goingto we don't benefit by giving people free content we benefit begin the free content to get their contact information so that's why it's important that there's header often and sidebar often but on e commerce site here uh these main categories are just duplicated here so why does there need to be this now far vertically why couldn't it be across the top like it now is? And then all these images all these links like why choose us fabric swatches all this unimportant non main categories should be in the footer uh and then just make your images look professional and I mean there's just an overall kind of look of what sites when they're just they look scam me there's kind of just that certain threshold but those were some of the main elements you know, kind of pushing the right direction. All right, would you enter your credit card information on the site that looked as horrible is that not many people did its way to change things up pretty fast mistake number six assuming your site is doing its job now this goes back to what I talked about in my first presentation with because you're the marker thinking this is what my customers wants now you're not always right, you're not the customer, you're the marketer, so we talked about surveys in the first presentation and asking them they know best they know what they want best, and then you wantto monitor their behaviors in their actions on your web site to see what they're actually doing to help you make intelligent choices about redesign changes on your website, I e the navigation breakdown example I showed you earlier, where he went from twelve main categories on the home page to six because we realized over eighty percent of our traffic was going to those main six categories, so we don't need all twelve up there because it's just people way too many options and not giving enough attention to those mean six so let's give her to the other six and put him in a simplistic navigation bar dropped down tool to you is that I mentioned makes its debut google analytics free tool from google god bless them, and it helps you simple on a code that you install on your web page, and it tracks lots of good stuff. If you haven't install google analytics on your website yet, do it because until you install the coda, can't start tracking this, even if you don't know what you want to be paying attention to, yet it'll just be collecting. All the information so it's better even if three months from now you finally go back and start doubling with it there's data in there you can start making some educated decisions with about your online business they'll tell you all about obviously traffic and visitors how much time they spend on your page which page they go to you can change the date ranges you conceal sorts of patterns e commerce information will tie in here it'll give you results separated out for your paid traffic and how you're paid traffic it's reacting differently from different sources all sorts of good stuff I mean it's just a wealth of information the best free tool that I have have come across there some paid versions of analytics that really big a commerce stores go too, but I've used this for all of mine even when they're in the you know, break the seven figure mark cool analytics is just the first thing you d'oh soon as you get your website up this book you will alex on it because you just you wanted tracking information it's a fantastic tool has a quick questions going google analytics she wants to know do you have a good place to get some training on rule analytics and how to use it read it etcetera can get pretty confusing to me I find it thiss you know how I learned this and how I first learned the basics of a couple different categories of online marketing google analytics for dummies I did that I did google antics for dummies I did google adwords for dummies and ceo for dummies and that is where I got my first education and all in marketing so the four dummy siri's is perfect uh they update that every year said always be relevant and I would start there will give you best crash course the best key things how to start customizing the reports you can change you can do so much cool stuff with this but yeah it's intimidating when you start you're just like wow way do with this where do I start? What even begin what information's relevant what's not relevant um and even though there's all this information I just have a couple key set of custom reports that I look at that tells me the information that I really need to know and if I need a diving deeper that information is in there and is being tracked but it's not the key dashboard stuff I need to know at a glance so I wouldn't recommend for dummies book would probably the best place to start traffic great okay quick recap of the things that we have covered in this presentation the major mistakes the major no nose having a complicated platform so it is hard to get started or make changes or give her those excuses so that you can actually get a website that you can update that you're proud of gina I love the term used yesterday website shame you don't have website shame it bothered me so much when I'm at a conference and people cup we exchanged business information and they go but don't go to that website on there because I'm still working on it you know don't look at that like it's a great professional first thing to say before even go there you know get rid of that excuse get on a good platform that you can update and be proud of its a key key part even if they're not going to dio even if your website doesn't have doesn't isn't it portal of making you money your products aren't on their people still check you out online have it be a platform that you're proud of the website that you don't have to worry about no one ever goes to this too many messages conflicting people not knowing where to go we talked about the navigation structures some uh narrowing them down so isa lot clear path from visit to purchase making all pages equal is a major mistake that we covered with navigation structures I ii verses you u u but they about paige and how to be talking about how the customer how the visitor can always be the one benefiting from how you can help them not just about how great you are and your websites just plain ugly no one wants to stay on it because they're sure they're getting a virus as we speak uh last one is assuming your site is doing its job use google analytics install that so that you could be making sure people actually coming to your site where they going in your site that's your cheats that's, your that's, your basically only way we's the example earlier of how brick and mortar stores have the advantage of watching their customers go up and down the aisles or browser boutiques see when they get confused or what people are most interested in. People always go start over the dress section. Why is that? Do we need to expand? Our dress section should be carrying more styles you people, they get the kind of education just because they can watch people. This is your chance to go and it's see peoples behaviours and see what categories are popular what's not popular, will pop you and you can make educated decisions from that there's no reason to expand product lines if it's not popular on their site or if you're sure let's say people are google analytics is a really cool view uh, they do like keep mapping and click mapping where it would actually show your website kind of in a haze and show you where everyone clicked or kind of like the heat map of where the scroll on your page you can kind of see where there where its attention grabbing and that can help educate you if you get a lot of customers serious e mails how do I find this on your website you can go and see like what's on my web site where people having a hard time finding it can use he mapping or click mapping in google analytics teo kind of getting education be like do I need to reposition that should I put this on the top row of of categories or you know what I mean like kind of upgrade that make those design changes based on these elements so it helps you make educated decisions for all that all right? So that's the end of this presentation let's get into some more questions all right? So you talked a lot about websites and home pages and stuff one of things you didn't cover on there was a video on the on the first page people go to is that something great? Is that something to avoid? Uh definitely it's definitely something to be tested with conversion testing and it's depending on the website I don't do with custom greek threads because not it would be beneficial for that business at all definitely with coaching business is it can be but always something to test so I know for you you relate to the long form sales pages that I gave out to the audience earlier power pending dot com and on linage academy dot com and that is definitely split test think they're some audiences or some sales pages or some subject matter that they do need to see a video to kind of relate teo and some sales pages we do have videos at the top I think contests that convert dot com contest that convert dotcom does have a video at the top we split test that for some reason the traffic coming into that or the price point of the product or the subject matter of the teaching people want to video they buy more when there's a video kind of explaining what's going on in the sales page below and then other pages for what other reason that's why it's a split testing thing which will cover more on day three but for a long form sales pages video is always a split test thank you yeah absolutely and you wanted a live before we go to the web team million mom wants to know this isn't regards teo the target market is asking I have a product that can be targeted to several markets on the topic of landing pages should I create a landing page for each target market? I would create a different landing page well, good question you can really go down the rabbit hole this I'm not a total expert on lining pages not even an expert on landing pages uh but I would have a different landing page basically for the different if it's a different type of customer coming in or from a different searching for a different key work you want the landing page to be very relevant from where they came from where there'll be a facebook ad talking about a certain thing you want to directly correlate to where they came from if it's an online ad giving a giving a girl um mercedes mbusa dot com ford slash fashion week and you want you'd want that landing page to be representative of the as they're running a fashion week right now sponsoring that they were definitely have more fashion oriented image is involved with it comparatives their normal mercedes benz global blending page sluggers country or in so you want to look at our car models it will have you know they could have their promotions or whatever they're running that they've been mentioning at fashion week s o I would have a different landing page I hope that answers a question for different traffic sources or different promises were different branding of where they're coming from or different keywords great thank you I actually have one more from roz fruit eyes okay okay so what about testimonials where customers on lee give their first and or first and last without a website is this okay sometimes it's all we get but testimonials are pure gold absolutely they're pure gold uh roz just use him if that's all you have but always realize you're getting them with that problem still use him if that's what you have but then change whatever system you're using to capture those testimonials to make sure you're getting full relevant information so lots and so we do when we need testimonials we'll just throw out a shot on our facebook page and be like hey we're working on a new sales page or email customer if it's for people if it's fourth particular product but give me a shout out what what what's your experience been give me testimonials and people will then you listed out we'll contact them and be like hey like yours would look to use it to make it permission to use it can we get uh professional photograph from you and what's your website kind of go from there so if you're not getting all the information you definitely want you definitely want to that's your end goal but if you don't have it yet use whatever and from testimony you have but just change your system so in the future you have a way to be getting full information testimonials, pictures and websites and all that good stuff awesome great ross thank you daryl says my website is not an e commerce I write speak offer products which range from courses to e books any suggestions on how do not send too many messages you gave me a good idea about giving a general description of what all my products accomplish in about me. Right? Right. Good. Good. Glad about me. Section is clear. So you definitely want, um, a simplistic navigation bar below a beautiful header that has a benefit driven headline. You always wanna be capturing op tins. Now you can decide if if you have a blogger at that page, you could be the main the main landing page. Uh, if you want or you could have a navigation structure for if you really need to divide up and make people make a choice at the beginning for the different categories about, uh, her different books or if there's, if you really need people to make a decision for them to benefit, to use that website, uh, otherwise just but let them make the decision through the navigation bar that's clear enough? Yeah, I've certainly great. Well, I think that it's getting about that time, I mean, I'm loving this everybody online, they're just eating it up. We're eating in their way are going to take a break, but I do want to give you some since we're it's talking and food terms juicy quotes from natalie hickson says devon makes things easy to understand, totally loving this and time capsule very organized, great job, devon. I am getting a lot of great info in a short amount of time. That's how I wanted it to be all right. I'm so glad it makes me so happy to hear that. Yeah, so, after lunch, we have one of my very close friends with amy porterfield coming up, and she is going to be talking about the secrets of creating great content to be converting leads into customers from a blawg or podcast. So she is very successful, both the blogger podcast. So she definitely need to be the guest expert on this, because she does it fantastically well. And I love her and she's, a fantastic teacher, and, uh, we'll definitely get the message across very clearly.

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