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Make Your Website Work For You

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Content Creation All Star Panel

Devin Duncan

Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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7. Content Creation All Star Panel

Lesson Info

Content Creation All Star Panel

Got some great experts up here we're going to do some quick introductions real fast so that you guys could get familiar with uh where businesses actually come from a little bit about the background and so you can try and find an expert that you identify with most so amy let's start with you and you just presented but just you know what, what your business is and you know kind of a little bit about what you dio with your systems on a daily basis okay, so I'm amy porter phil dot com and I teach facebook marketing to entrepreneurs to help them grow their business online and sometimes I go beyond facebook marketing and teach other social channels lead generation email marketing all that good stuff so everything you need to know to build your business online I have two online programs fb influence in fb adds insider to programs to help you with facebook and I also have a big programme called facebook marketing profit lab where I do more one on one coaching consulting with my members and in ...

addition to that I have a podcast online marketing made easy and really it's all about content creating these experiences and teaching as much as I can about growing your online presence james my name is james one more eyes actually my third creative live workshop that I've been a part of I don't know if that's some kind of record all right, get in the ward. I should get some sort of reward it's his last more that is probably the last one as you'll see today on dh I teach small business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone else who's willing to learn howto how to use video more specifically, online video and youtube actually get results in their business most more specifically traffic generation and to be honestly, I just I just love making goofy videos I have a blast doing it so it's really cool when youto do something fun that makes you money. S o I would encourage everybody on the internet uh, to go to goa subscribe to my channel like most important, thanks. So youtube dot com fort slash james wetmore and you can find some ridiculous videos where you can either make fun of me or laugh. Either way I win. Uh my name is melanie duncan and I kind of feel like I'm on a game show, you know? Does anyone else feel like that us here no whammy, so I'm hoping to win something good. I am actually the wife of mr devane duncan right here I am the co founder with devon of the online edge academy, where I teach online marketing integration strategies and also the creator of the power of pinning I am kind of known as a pinterest expert in the online world david cool s o I'm david statement garland making my creative live debut if you will yeah, thank you I appreciate the excitement s oh my websites the rise that's hop dot com I've been at it since two thousand eight and really, which is what? What about eighty six years in internet term? I guess but really what? What, what, what my sight what I'm all about is I help media preneurs, which is a term that I sort of coined in the shower a couple years ago to kind of describe when I described is really like experts personal brands you don't mean information marketers, internet marketers like pretty much everyone up here everyone there listening to this helping them make more money grow their audience that's what's all about so I create programs that I've created a web show podcast since two thousand eight might might big flagship program is all about teaching people how to take what they already know and create their own online course. You guys check that out, create awesome online courses dot com so that's the extreme cliffs notes if you will yeah, yeah, it was really for all the all the projects you guys are really involved in so live audience and web audience start thinking of questions we're going to start off with a couple great questions about content creation systems, how they come with their ideas for projects and all the way something is simplistic is blood poster podcast ideas on bin diving and also to productivity strategies they already very successful businesses but have incredible lifestyles as well freedom of time and money and that's what you know, we're all really after so really carrie it's about what you guys the systems use on a daily basis, especially tools like give us details mean audience wants specific web site specific software you know where you go if there's if there's tools use or places you go to get content ideas, I know amy the last presentation you talked a little bit about that for blood post will dive deeper into your daily systems, especially running a small team or even personal productivity, so to dive in first let's start with the content creation systems and ideas I mean, I know we'll skip you on this one since you did the last one that we don't have toe heel you're repeating yourself, james, you get your ideas or inspiration for what you feel your audience would really engage with and like and what's your systems for yes, so it is a great question theirs there's two ways I approach this one is from the last reign and one is from the right brain and I start first with the left france very on we'll be talking about this tomorrow in details, I'm just going to give you the cliff notes the big picture now from the left brain approach, which means is very logical rational numbers statistics based we do a lot of research on terms of water people searching for into google into youtube because I do a lot of youtube videos youtube is perceived as a search engine you guys have probably gone to youtube if you just started you're blocking like how to install theme the best answer would be in a in a video when I wanted to learn how to tie a tie, I went to google and I found a video that has, like fourteen million views and ironically, it's like a really attractive woman time the time so I learned at a tie tack. So wait, do we use research tools, which was called the google keyword to announce the keyword planner um and it's fascinating because a keyword khun one letter one word different like how to tie a tie versus tying a tie can can have huge differences with, you know, a hundred thousand searches a month versus like a thousand searches so it's always nice to do that methodical, calculated approach, but then there are there is the right side, and I think this is so important to keep in mind where were inspired by some content like you're driving in the car or the subway or you're in the shower and you just have this idea this inspiration and I think it's so important that when those come in you have to have time, you have to have a system in place where you can get that that inspiration that's coming and get that out because some of those that were just like I want to write about this, I want to do it right now and those are the ones that get the most feedback and shares and results from it. So in recap, there's the there's, the analytical research behind it which will talk about tomorrow and then there is that that whole side of the inspiration that comes in and I think that's really important to have to have both absolutely I agree great job, james mill europe next turn my favorite. So the question was basically where do we go to get ideas for good content? That sort of a thing? How do you come up with that? How do you know what's going to resonate with your audience? Everyone out there wants to know how to create better content. Sure. So my favorite way is actually just to ask my audience for a long time I try to think of how can I know exactly what they want, what they want to learn more about what's going to serve them and I realised that the easiest way was just to actually ask them, so you'll see me all the time in my emails, I've a survey that goes out and kind of ask people what they're struggling with, what their goals are, what they want to learn more about. I also will post on social all the time, it's a great way to get a lot of great feedback in real time if I'm working on, you know, a video, I'm going to dio ora block post, I'm going to write or even an upcoming course. A lot of times I will post it in real time on our facebook page, and people are amazing, they're so generous with their opinions and their feedback, I'm sure ah lot of you know, if you were posted something on facebook business page, normally your customers, your clients are kind of asking tio let you know what they're interested in and let you know what they want to learn more about. So for me, it normally just goes straight back to asking my audience great. But david, how about you do a lot of interviews and cover a lot of different topics on the rights of the top, so you have to come with more content? Probably then all of us, yeah, like I'm always on the content treadmill just run along there, but yeah, you know, there's really kind of three places I come out with it. Andi it's so funny, I'm I'm very different than james, so it just depends. I in terms of the like kim with the, like, the analyzation and the numbers are different, which is all awesome. I don't do any of that. Maybe I should, but what I do is my first and foremost way that I create content as I go with my gut, I just go with it. I just know because here's the thing I am also sort of in a slightly more experienced version of my typical audience, so I know that. So I know that if I'm gonna like it, they're gonna like it because it really sucks when you're trying to create content for people where you're not that into it or you're bored by it can show right away, especially doing video or audio, which I d'oh it's very hard to fake it, you know, I mean, it's like, you know, whatever that top again. So if I know if I'm personally interested and I'm excited about it it's gonna be a great post that that's that's number one number two is I always send out a yearly survey everyone on my email list and actually, the people up here helped with some of those survey questions earliest you were actually the dinner were like writing, and I think I wrote it on a napkin like, you know, that's, how professional ist wass uh, whipped it out two people, and what ends up happening is you get great feedback, you know, asking people just like what their struggles are in their business, where their problems are where they want to be six months from now. So if I were trying to struggle with an idea, I'll just go back to survey pop, open a couple and start reading them and the next thing you know, I'll be like, oh, they want to learn, you know, ways to capture more traffic on their website or something like that. The third one on I love this one, too, is when questions come to me via email or via my other programs. So if I got other programs and we've got q and a calls or something like that, you know, I'll make a mental note and by mental note, I mean, I'll forget it in two seconds. I have to write it down always important when you get an idea, right, right the darn thing down, so so I'll make a note when someone says, you know, is it better to use my name or my brand? Name is my website my new one. I go boom right it down and then that could be an entire post to talk about that. Those are really my three areas for kind of churning it out, if you will. That's great! And I love what you talked about, first with having passion because it definitely shows through and everything that you, d'oh and I always look forward when a new episode rice the top comes out because regardless of the topic of the content it's so much fun to watch you and how passionate you are about talking about and teaching it and so that's a great regardless of the subject matter, people want to relate to the person that they have to go on. Watch it's really lame? If they're just some drab, boring person, no matter how valuable the content might be, they want to be entertained. It all comes down to the entertainment factor. That's great, you entertainments. We like to call it like I got another urine coining words media preneurs point words. I've got a lot of free time, okay? And I basically spend it. Playing recreational sports and coining words so that's what I do have his own language something scary for everyone of these so I think another thing that our audience would be interested in learning about is your guys just on a personal level not on a team level but your efficiency your system's on a daily basis breakdown for me you guys get inspired you want to tackle a new project how do you break it down to sizeable chunks and start executing it all the way down to a timely factor people of a really hard time intern and are intimidated by a large projects and they could just never get going on him what do you guys do to tackle that so I learned from I keep going back this from my tony robbins days of chunky so I chunk everything and it's such a weird word but it's truly how I do it so if I have this big idea I chunk things out into smaller pieces so I have my profit lab program and it's kind of a beast it's my biggest one so I'll chunk it out into ok I do a webinar so everything that goes on the webinar I literally make a list and from there I'll say okay I've got my members site what needs to get done in that member site and I don't even say what needs to get done actually say who I'm going to assign it to and when I want it done by like I'm pretty I probably have the most corporate background in the sense of how I do things in my business so I make project plans for the big things but it works for me cause accuse me on task like I get a lot done in a short amount of time but specifically I chunk things out and I make that I do the dates and I assigned them to whom I'm going to give them tio but I do this all in google docks now google docks is not like this new or google drive I guess they call it now it's not this new thing however it is so valuable do you guys use google drive our google docks it's so valuable in the sense that everything I have is there in the sense of I have outlines I have what is in each of my modules of my programs like go back I have all my video scripts so it's really easy cause I share it with my team and get feedback so google docks is truly my way of staying really organized great one of the things I really love about google drive if you guys have never used it before it's a really time collaboration tool love that compared tio you know making a word document aren't excel, document or something in a list and e mailing it to someone in eight once you send it to him, you basically have to wait for them to send it back to go back and forth. But if you're making a list let's say on a google drive whatever their word processor called the when you guys are both logged into this foil, you can see them typing and you can type in the same time in a different area and you're watching all these people add content ideas and manipulate and move stuff around so it's save so much time because you don't have to wait for the word document ready for things to get passed back and forth so it's a great tool if you guys have been used it's a free tool so it's ah it's a great thing when using small teams definitely right james, what you got? I'm gonna share some cool tools with you guys most of them are paid tools, but they're they're they're worth the investment but I want to start by re asking that question of, you know, restating it is how do we get our stuff done is efficiently? How do we get the projects from start to finish is efficiently as possible I think that's so important that it even if you forget all the advice we give you is that that just becomes a priority in your business it's telling you focus on is like okay, I just you know, lock this many hours doing something. How could I have done that quicker? How could I have give that to somebody else? And so if I were to answer your question with one word or one sentence because I can't do with one word, I like driving you can t o stop it true, even that wasn't good. I failed. All right? Yes, that was one way it is to leverage other people, uh, people and software as much as possible. So, andi, this great little story is my little sister is just starting her first business. Uh, she just got her blawg up, and she sends me this text about a week ago. Same eye. You got my facebook page and I did this, and I do this. It chooses to do it's what you did, and she wasn't. And my mom mom came home and said, and I asked her, like, uh, why are you home for lunch? It's it's, you know it's early she's like it's five. Thirty you know I'm done with the day and she really should spent seven hours their entire day doing just like one or two things she's like and I'm like welcome to the life of an entrepreneur she forgot teo like she was just in front of funerals I mean that's what could happen to us? So I'm gonna give you some tools but she's actually for me we just we just did a launch we just doing product and we're sending out thank you cards and so I gave her a little system to do all those thank you's for me, you know, toe lick the envelopes and mail the things I'm not going to do that myself, but what I did dio was create a process on how to do that so that the next time I have a launch whether it's her doing it for me or someone else, I just give them that process. And this is a resource I got from michael hyatt called sweet process dot com and I absolutely love it because you generate single page websites that have that where you can create step by step instructions on how to do anything. So no matter who you have working for you like it's like all I got is little billy down the street or, you know, a loved one or your little sister little brother well, you know when it's time to hire on someone else or they go away, you have that same process you just handed to them and that's just so efficient, we use that in conjunction with base camp, which is a fantastic project management tool, but there's tons out there and there are other ones that are free, so I just think that stuff is should be so a priority for people. Um as they move forward, he took my that when I'm just going to use this. No, I was going to talk about this camp, we're just bringing back the original question was more productivity, personal products, how you go from idea tto launch the amount of time possible and not get hung up with, well, there's, just so much to do and quit. Yeah, so for me, a big personal productivity thing is not multitasking, and I'm a big fan of chungking to huge fan where you like looking a day here, the three main things I have to get done, I'm going to do to our trunks and just do that. And so for me, when I'm creating new course, we need to do something you know, be writing like really good email copy something really high quality I close out my email, I close every social media tab I put my phone in the other room so that I can't go on instagram or you no see a text from someone because I just get so darn distracted and I try and rations of myself oh it's probably not affecting the quality of the work that much. Ah, but I noticed that it takes so much longer when I'm not focusing on just one thing and then there's all these crazy statistics psychologically about how can you multitask like, decreases your cue by things like ten or twenty points or something like it tends to drop just because you become literally so mentally scattered, so for me, it's seriously? It sounds so simple, but it's so powerful is just doing one thing at a time, not moving on even when I get in that little, you know, little uphill battle part where I feel like I want to stop and take a break pushing through that and just completing the task, because for me, what keeps me motivated, teo always keep working because I think burnout is something that happens a lot I know in our industry, but in every industry and for me, the way to stay motivated is to feel like I actually accomplished something at the end of the day and if I feel like I worked on fifty three, fifty things, but nothing got done the next day, I just r at the end of the day, I don't have any personal satisfaction. I don't really look forward to doing it the next day, so I have to work on just a few things really focused get at least one thing done each day that I felt good about on dh. That way I can continue working and continue staying focused, but base camp is what we've used for years is to coordinate so many products, so many different businesses, employees, their local employees that are overseas, and I can't imagine doing we do without base camp that's. Great. How about you, david? Yes, I mean, this is a love this topic because it drives me so crazy when I hear from customers and clients all the time, you know about just just these issues getting stuff done and it's funny, because kind of where I come from is, is I'll share with you some of my personal tips, but are also go along with, like what all the top media preneurs dio? Because I study this too, I've interviewed hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of them, because I wanted to know also like, what is the difference between the people that are sort of stuck in the mud and sort of like going backwards and flippant and still complain about the same thing? Six from six months from now versus the people that continue to move forward, get stuff done, get it out there like what's the difference and there's not that many things that are different, but they're very important what they are right? And this is what I try to do to number one is always do revenue producing activities first, okay, have a nice little breakfast, it's a wonderful time I sit down, you know, and then revenue producing activities now that might not mean that you're literally like, you know, walking next door and trying to get a sale from your neighbor, right? I mean, what it might mean is writing email, copy working on your sales page because here's the thing I think we all and tell me if you guys disagree at this, we all kind of overestimate how much time we have sometimes because you're like, oh, nothing on the calendar today you're like, fantastic, I'll get everything done next thing you know, like someone calls like that friend comes in town, they want to get barbecued me that just may everyone always want to get barbecued so so you know, whatever might be distractions come out throughout the day so at the very minimum when I'd like to say is you know what? At least I got one thing that's going to help move the bottom line down even if the rest of my day was a disaster at least I got that thing done tips for like getting a product done or something like that so the other problem is overwhelmed right all the time we all face it everyone in here let's just accept that it happens because you always have things in your business that are going on they don't stop just because you decided to take on a new project, right? So for example, you know, I always encourage people and I do myself at least one piece of like amazing free content a week that's going out right like own one day I'll talk more about this tomorrow, but some kind of peace of free content, right? The problem is then we get obsessed with that and we're on the treadmill and then it's hard to bring in a new project, so what I always do is when I want to commit to something new okay, so let's say it's a new course I'm into a new course in new program, right? The first thing is you got to make a decision and I see too many media preneurs and entrepreneurs and business owners just where there's like, well, I might do the group coaching program or the mastermind or the e book or I might just make funny paintings, you know? And I'm like, well, you know what? We gotta choose one one thing and let's get the darn thing done right? So once I've committed to it and it's in the sand and I say let's, do this, okay, I will put a date on the calendar when this jordan thing is going to get out there sort of like this creative life, right? Like, you know, michael was harping on us, get your power points and get your stuff in. This is a live event it has to happen, right? So if you get it on the calendar and basically pretend thatyou're going live on that day no matter what it's funny how things have a way of working out, you know, it's amazing you somehow all that other stuff gets done. The other thing that I recommend doing is you take the estimate of time that you think it's going to get done increase it by at least a quarter, so let's increase it by twenty five percent. And this is this is my key tip here and then I'll give a resource to get your free content and other stuff you do on a weekly basis done right now for the next let's say six weeks. So let's say your estimate is you're going to launch your program and it's going to take you about six weeks to create your course or whatever it might be. And each week you create a short video that james will talk about or what. Whatever it might be, let's say you create a short video well, then batch those together over two or three days. Get your six videos ready, pre schedule him to go out pre write your emails. You've now wiped a huge thing off your plato open up. You know the ability to do this things. Andi, I was going to give a one tech tip since we all seem to be doing that. One of my favorite things to do as opposed to, like, writing a big process down. Sometimes I get lazy. This is a free tool called jing j I n g. And what it is is you basically just turn it on and you talk for up to five minutes and you show people in your screen what you're doing and automatically uploads, and it goes and you can send a link to someone. So if I ever find myself doing something that I want someone else to dio and I'm doing it, I will just do it once recorded and be like, okay, now entering the name now, I'm doing the block down doing this, and then I save it as a file and I send it to him, and then I never have to worry about it again. It's huge it's so important, so you're duplicating herself by having someone else doing doing the task that you were originally doing, so you have to do it over. You gotta create those sexy duplicates, yeah, it and team building and team strategies on a little bit, but, uh, um continue on what david said about putting a date on the calendar that you have to really work from really important. Melanie, I know you do this in our businesses and use this when we don't have a boss and it's just up to us if we don't do something solid and make just make a statement that we are going to get it done by this date. We can push it back, and I think it's closer, oh, stuff just happened stuck this came up because, you know, we don't have any accountability, it's just us. So when I notice talk about the strategy, you deal with posting stuff publicly, right? So to dio won in addition to that is sometimes well either email our list so seventy thousand people are now holding us accountable, or I'll post it on our facebook page where there's over fifty thousand people, so that tends to really kind of light a fire underneath me, and I would never want to disappoint our audience. So unless there's some, you know, huge issue and I totally agree with what david said about take how long you think it's goingto how long it's going to take and either double it or yeah, just always there's always, you know, some elements or some tech thing or something that you thought was going to get to you faster. S so you want to give yourself some buffer time because the worst thing you can do is tell your audience a deadline and for whatever reason, not be able to hit it that's a really bad message to kind of put out there to them, so you want to make sure it is something attainable, but then tell them you know more so than you just telling devon or telling jane's, that's one person, but your audience, your customers or clients, then you'll really make sure you get it done. You're creating that excitement, you don't want to let them down and write it helps you, I feel helps you to get more done because of the excitement the people are showing for the project you've talked about. Oh my gosh, we can't wait on ly, you know, only two more weeks left for this, and you're like, okay, gotta work even harder compared to be something totally secret were like you, no one really knows about it yet. I don't know if people were going to be excited about it, but it creates that hole buzz, for you really get things done and the email you so throughout the process, you know, say, it's, your I'm along just the end of march, and then, you know, on march fifth and sixth, like how's it going, is it still going to be the state? And I know you do that with, like, talking about pre access and that sort of stuff. So then, you know, people are interested there waiting and it's very motivating, and people like there's there's a big emotional connection with the whole behind the scenes thing, teo, like people love like it's, the most boring thing in the history of mankind. It's like you with the computer typing like a module like not the world's most exciting thing, you'd be surprised people love to kind of feel a part of it. They want to see what, like, you know, they want to see how the cookies made, if you will. And so that's kind of another grade strategy that's not only productivity for you because you're continually, like doing stuff, you know, moving it forward, but you're also kind of it's a little kind of bonus content strategy that you can do right there without really doing anything it's like, you know, I've seen like, you know, actually, amy, amy and I did a workshop a little while ago on facebook ads, and I remember I think maybe right after right before the workshop, you did a screen shot that you showed and you're like looking all the slide, it was like one hundred slides and you could see the amount and she's, like cannot wait to be sharing all these eyes that's a great way you're building anticipation, you're letting people in behind the scenes. And you know what amy got her slides done so that was a minor miracle for all of us and we were all very happy about that so so and it's something that keeps coming up in my mind that I know all of these people personally and one thing that we all do and I think you guys would all agree is we don't take a long time to make decisions and david made me think of this when he said something well maybe james but other than that one thing that like we met not too long ago in two months later you guys had your online edge academy up I mean, it was just insane saying how fast you got it done, but I think coming back to the scheduling and a lot of the stuff that david was talking about but there's a mindset thing behind that war we don't sit on making decisions very long and I think that makes a big difference like going with your gut and just doing it yeah tio you can take the time to make sure to make the decision you're making is the right one but once you make it go all in yes and go one hundred percent that is remain focused you're going to get it done no matter what follow through so you don't get halfway through on your hemming and hawing and then you started something else and everything's twenty percent done. Yes. And you think maybe I should do one more training to really learn how to do that? Like, no. Just make a decision.

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Some pretty great tips sprinkled throughout this course, the mix of presenters is great too.

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