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Email Gameplan with David Garland

Lesson 20 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

Email Gameplan with David Garland

Lesson 20 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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Lesson Info

20. Email Gameplan with David Garland

Lesson Info

Email Gameplan with David Garland

So we have a guest to teach this segment, and his name is david. He was on the panel yesterday, and I mean, sure, you guys, uh, recognized how exciting and how much energy he has when he presents so he's he's a wonderful guy that just is so entertaining and the reason he is going to be presenting on this topic we're talking all about email marketing what to say in the emails, how to follow up, how to shine through and not sound corporate, but sound more personal. So your audience kind of resonates and see this himself and what you're actually talking about. So the reason I'm having dated david teach this segment is because out of all the marketers less simon, every time I see an email from david it's the first one of the day that I go in check out because regardless of the content, he just has so much humor injected it in his writing and it's just always a blast to read his writing, so I know he's a lot of content to cover. So, david, why don't you come on up? Yeah, from the start, she...

cans brothers. All right, so I want to make sure they could get a cz much david as possible, so I'm gonna leave you to it. That might be too much, david, but all right guys so here we go we're gonna hop right into it. No no kind of fancy shmancy open or anything like that. So this was the title given to be by mr devane duncan and he said, david, won't you come on? I want you talk email I said that's somewhat exciting all right let's see how we can spice it up? He said here's your title howto build report with future customers in a sea of noise and I said I don't like that title and also on my second slime I make up my own title on dh this is what it really is and this is the game plan today, so steal my email strategy because the freaking works and it's awesome, okay, so that's really what this is like? I was like, we're going to pretend that we have that first title on that slide so that when they saw it in the back, they didn't really know my real title, which is this one right here. So that's really what we're into and there will be plenty of time for q and a and I want to answer is many you know specific questions as I can because this is a topic that on the outside doesn't look that sexy like you're like oh no wakes up in the morning and be like I can't wait for emails jeremy in marketing and talk about this but it's the cornerstone of a lot of businesses doesn't matter what type of business right? So doesn't matter if it's e commerce or you know if it's information doesn't matter email is super super important so by way I'm skipping all that stuff for I talked about stats of email like everyone loves that stuff that like, you know, this is the e mail not even talking about it and that we're going to skip we're gonna get right to meat and potatoes that's the way we're rolling today okay? All right, so a z move maybe to the next light so here's a fun fact about my email stretch and when I want to take a good look at this right here my email strategy used to suck for my business I mean suck so what I mean by suck what I mean by there wasn't really a strategy, it was just like I kind of email people sometimes I kind of didn't I'd send it out and there was it was a big cluster mess if you will hear and so I my strategy is to suck, okay? And then what I'm gonna explain today is the tweaks that I made in the strategy from no strategy to kind of kick butt strategy that you can then steal for business, so steal this take it, don't be shy, maybe don't want to show a photo of me on your side or anything, but feel free to take these strategies and apply them to your business. I want you think about that so now no fast forward a couple years later, this is the corner shown of my multiple six figure business is our email strategy that period bar none? Nothing else like if I would have if someone said, like what's, the key thing that you changed or edited over the last couple of years and we've actually discussed us even yesterday about some tweaks in the business email is really the major thing, and really the reason for that is there's six reasons, and this is what we're gonna go through today, one at a freaking time here today so here's, what they are, as you can see right here, we've got frequency, format, tone, subject lines, which apparently I forgot to capitalize. I'm very professional. My slides welcome email surprise in awe and sell. So these were the sick it's shifts that I made with my email marketing and you know the way that I want you to think about it as I kind of go through this is like, how can I apply this to my business so whether you know you're a photographer selling wedding photos. You're selling chomsky's online you're doing whatever you're doing doesn't matter the business model there's ways that you can apply this no matter what it is so let's just literally go into it we're gonna go shift by shift here on dh just kind of knock it down so really fast though and I'm not going to be I promise and if I do this you guys are welcome to come here and punch me in the face I will not be the speaker that sits here and is like talking about all might like here's here's all about me and all about my business the whole time if I do that you guys can fly up here anyone except maybe devon I think I can take him come on punch in the face if I do that but I do want to give a little bit of context as to what we're talking about what some people might be saying david well what the heck do you do? Why you talking about e mail so this is my business right here this is the rise the top this is this is my company and what we do is is I create training and products and programs and web shows for media preneurs I'll talk about what media preneurs are in a second but it's a completely online quickly virtual business I've been doing since two thousand eight and here's my market my audience my audiences media preneurs so personal brands coaches, speakers experts, internet marketers, information markers, authors etcetera that is exactly who my audience is okay and the goal my audience is really generating big time revenue right? The bling bling growing their audience like a weed for the most part and then there's a little bit of dominate the world world domination type of thing thrown in there but that's really what my audience and that's who I cater to on obviously in any email strategy any online strategy knowing these fun fax about your audience is very, very important if you can't answer those two things were already go to another session I think it's been covered problem fever for days here so my business model you know, people stop me on the street especially they don't understand and kind of new to this type of business and they're saying well david, how do you make money like you know and I said, well, I saw a lot of my information myself and then I realized that makes me kind of sound like a prostitute so I was trying to reframe how do I explain how do I make business money? Well this is this is my business model the first thing that I sell online is online courses and the way that I do my online courses is it's stuff that I've learned to dio then have done, tweaked and perfected and then teach to other people that's, it's, it's, that's it sounds a lot of stuff home. It's say today is going to be painfully simple, but I want everyone that's here and watching at home like even if you know it, right? Like we all have a tendency, but oh, yeah, I kind of know that. What are you doing it? You know, in your business something to really think about so my two flagship online courses once called create awesome interviews where I teach people how to create their own interview show online, which is exactly what I did and how I got started andan my other one is called create awesome online courses where I teach people kind of step by step, how to create and profit from their own online course. So those air, of course, on courses, of course I'm doing online interviews, and then I also sell workshops with pete cut off aunt tutorials and what those are kind of smaller versions, you know, to our type things little workshops I did one with e always amazing amy porterfield, who might be wearing that exact outfit today. I'm not really sure I saw her. She might be wearing it's very close. She likes to wear red, we did a facebook ads workshop, I do other types of workshops as well on dh then the third thing that I do is I help other people sell their cool stuff for fun and profit. So stuff like lead pages, citrix online is a sponsor of mine. So, you know, they show up with a pile of cash, sort of and say, you know, hey, can you help promote this stuff? And that is my entire business model online. So that's kind of giving people a little bit of context might content stretch it. We did it. Great sessions on content. I know james spoke on content and amy spoken content on devin and melanie. I'm sure everyone covers this content. My free contents, tragic. This is so important for email is that I create something once a week now, and I'll explain why in a minute, I sent out one free piece of delicious, juicy, yummy content on a weekly basis. Okay, what? My content is always in video and audio. It's normally a show and it's either me teaching something or meet with the guest or something like that. So I sent out at least one a week, so that's, kind of my entire cliffsnotes version ofthe what my business does. So now let's shift the shifts and lets talk a little bit about frequency, which is that first one out there, right? So I used to be how do I say this in the nicest possible way it crazy psycho when it came to sending out e mails because I didn't know what I was doing right like so I would send it out you know I would blawg randomly I'd create videos randomly I didn't have a schedule, I'd send it out I was definitely like random person on crack sending out e mails okay and here's the thing though the inbox as we all say is it is a sacred place all right? So the inbox is a sacred place where we all agree with that like I mean, how many here and feel free everyone at home here raise your hand? You're gonna look a little weird but it's fine who here has like, unsubscribe from stuff because you're just like, you know, I'm getting too much, you know, whatever and one of the reasons and feel free to, like literally shout this out what are some of the reasons that you unsubscribe yell it out here I want so much email right? Like you're you're like, you know what? If I see this person in my in box one more time, I'm gonna cry a little bit you don't want that right any other was throttle isn't just doesn't seem like helpful information anymore, not helpful and usually I would say a lot of times when that happens it's, because it can be to sell z sills e and like where you're like, oh my god, I can't wait to open this and to see what they're selling me, and I don't think we want to be at that point as a business. If you look at some of those big companies now, like group on stuff like that, they're losing a little steam over time because you know what you're getting every single time, you know, it's going to something that has to require the wallet, and that could be a little bit of a problem. Any other reasons people one subscribe, overwhelmed with inbox, inbox, overwhelmed, and so this is this is one of the big ones, for sure, and this is so important because, again, sacred place, and so what I'm noticing is that people are subscribing toa less, but they care about those people more okay subscribing the less but caring about those people more and notice, I said, people and not business that was on purpose, right? And say, like, you know, they really care about the business or having the business over for dinner, I'm going to cook some nice food, you know, it's not like that, because I don't care what type of business you're in again, doesn't matter, um there's a way to make it much more personable and human so that you connect with a person as opposed to feeling what you're connecting with the random business because I can tell you people on my email list I feel like we're good friends you know they know my interest I'll talk about why and feel like they know that I'm into like ww wrestling they know that I'm crazy about like recreational sports and of like skip webinars to play recreational softball game and crazy stuff like that they know what I'm into because they connect with on a personal level a swell so people are subscribing the less and they care about those people what is so important so let's talk about frequency right the theory back in the day wass just keep emailing people and you email him any email um and you email him and at some point something good happens don't really finish that story right and what I've noticed and this has just been a huge shift in my in my business is that now I goto one guaranteed time and day a week one guaranteed time okay and there's a few reasons for this but here's what I mean by that is that one time a week and I'll tell you exactly what it is right I might change it at some point but let's let's pretend this is what it's been for a while nine a m central time every single thursday, you will get an email from may if you're some scratch it nine am I could be in mexico. I could be doing lord knows what, but you will be getting an e mail from me. I promise you at night, him central time every single thursday. Okay, with a piece of content. It maybe the sales, maybe not. I'll talk more about that later, but here's the thing and this is the big tip about frequency. I think we're past those days of sending out the six to seven e mail's a week, right? Like, you know, a launches another thing. I'll talk a little bit more about that later, but let's, just talk about every week, fifty two weeks a year. I think everyone in here and everyone watching khun send out one delicious piece of content once a week. Right? And so nine a m central time every thursday. It's. Sort of like a favorite tv show, right? Like we all know what time madman comes on. We all know what time you know. Whatever comes on. You know, my wife, I'm gonna embarrass or here on camera. You know, she knows what time real housewives comes on. Do you know I'm saying she knows like like she knows and if it's not on she's upset so that's the kind of where you want to get to in your business is that if if you don't send out that email and I've tested this okay after doing this for a long time I said one thursday like watch this move send out a ten tricky let's see what happens in that one hour okay, so I don't send it but I go to my computer and I'm sitting there like let's see what happens let's see if anyone notices because you always think like no one's going to notice right like no is next thing you know, floodgates people are you dead like what happens like where's the email like, you know, I don't know I'm calling the hospitals or like you ok like what's going on and I'm like no, I'm just literally waited an hour and using the tips and tricks I'm a show you kind of today that's how you get to that point right? Like if you just do that for two weeks and then you decide to switch your time no one's going they're gonna be confused you want to own it you want to own that day in time and this is a write down situation here it's a bit of a run on sentence my mom who's, a former english peter will not be happy with it but that's okay beside the point this is so important going to read it twice because I think it's so important everyone just pay attention it's the mork consistent you are with your day and time length and tone the more people will pay attention when you do something special boom that's part of the sentence let maria one more time the more consistent you are with your day in time lengthened tone the mohr people pay attention when you do something special so let's say you're doing every you know thursday at night, right? Then you send out something monday at four people are like you see what's going on what is it what you know I'm saying like what? What is that it's something special? But if you haven't built up that consistency yet, then they don't care it's just like, oh my maid forces another e mail but when you own that day in time when you send it out different time and that's a great time for sales, then we'll talk about that later on something special this is this is like if you take away one thing that you mean you guys could like don't turn it off but I'm saying like if you want to go do something else right now throw it on pause you know you guys to go the bathroom really have covered. This is the most important thing that I could possibly kind of impart today. And it came in the first fifteen minutes. So I guess my work's done, but we'll continue nonetheless. So again, this is the big tip here. It doesn't matter. This is another thing someone's coming, david actually, sauce on twitter last week I said, david, I noticed that you send out an email every thursday at nine a m I also noticed that derek helper and sent out an e mail this week at nine a m is there a conspiracy theory going on? Is this the greatest day in time in the history mankind no it's because derek sends them out at random times. Mine's always at nine a m there's no science by like you confined I did it some research on this beforehand. I was curious to see if you go into google and you type in like perfect email like what's gonna get the most open what time you will get every day of the week and every single time of the day, depending on the stuff some people like oh, midnight on monday somewhere like o obviously it's wednesday at three o'clock you're an idiot, you know, I mean, the bottom line is it does not matter, just pick one and own it right. So who here who where? Marie for leo fans in the house anyone okay? Right got it. I was a semi hand raised won't tell her about that s o I know tuesday mornings m f is coming into my inbox that did not sound good but you know what I mean? Marie for leo m f is coming into my inbox tuesday mornings okay? It's going to be and it's going to exactly like this it's gonna have so some some stuff you know? I mean maybe a link or two marie always an address. You know, it's marie some kind of screenshot a link to marie tv every single every single tuesday in the morning. Okay, now she might have some sales stuff in there later on she might send out stuff the other times, but that's it that's it every tuesday no matter what you're going to hear from marie for leo, she owns that day. So that's my challenge to everyone to take away here, you know, pick your day in time, it doesn't matter when own it and stick with it. Okay? And by the way, one kind of bonus thing on top of that just because you do that day in time that's when you send it out, that doesn't mean you have to race to get all that stuff done an hour before it sends out you know I mean like you can do it and batch together that's one of my productivity tips I do two or three at a time set him to go out at a certain time very easy stuff to dio so that you're not panicking and you're like oh my god it's eight fifty eight and I've got nothing and I've got two minutes for it to go out you know just be smart about that know your schedule no if you're going out of town know whatyou're doing so that you don't miss that time and date you know it's very very important is one of the key things I tell my successful students that separates them from the pack is they don't make excuses about that time and date they know if they're going out of town they get two or three done they know that kind of stuff it's super super important okay shift in the shift number two we're going to talk about format of the emails here this is equally important so what was my old format while there was no format? It was really random you know, I was sometimes you know came in long sometimes short sometimes photos sometimes nothing sometime there was just mass confusion this is when I was struggling female again I didn't think about these things you know, I didn't think like does the format matter or anything like that? Right? Well what's the shift here is that now I've got a pretty concrete format for my weekly e mails, okay? And again, this is super important, right? I'll explain my exact format here feel free to steal it, use your own do whatever you want to dio but here's the the important thing about the format is this again once you get people in the clockwork, you know of expecting this format over and over again, then you throw the curveball it's like fastball, fastball, fastball, curveball, that's got a sale or something attached to it. People pay attention to it because it's something different right and that and that super super important don't tune that out so here's my format and again, this isn't about research. This isn't about like, you know, five thousand people answering a survey about what form that they wanted me to dio this isn't about anything like that. This is just coming up with something and doing it. It's not eddie I would love to sit there and give the science reasons I know mr james wed marley does this presentation usually has some kind of scientific or numbers, I can't tell you anything other than that, if that it it works, it just works, so for me I do an intro, you know, just like, hey, hello, nothing, nothing crazy I do a personal fun fact and every single one of my emails that range from ridiculous and insane too just like, hey, I had too much barbecue last weekend and I have food poisoning that was in an email, you know? Hey, you know, I went out, you know, I'm going to w w with my dad coming up and we've been going at events since I was eight years old, andi, we're going again even I'm twenty nine years old and we're going to get the same photo when I was eight years old, we try to position ourselves like like stuff like that goes out in the e mail the personal fun fact and the reason I do that came one guess reason for personal fun fact and host you guys can chime in two, you know, penny by the hour, right? Yeah, yeah, I guess it just makes you sound more personal like a the audience connects with you on a personal level like they more like ability exact that's exactly what it is. I mean it's like it's like and I got some tips for doing this later so that you can get it in there. It just it just is like you're relating to them on a one on one level there's nothing there's, nothing contrived about it, there's nothing like oh my god, if I tell this story about my softball game, I'm gonna sell mohr of create awesome online courses like it doesn't it that's not the approach that's not approach to it it's all about joe just relating with them as a friend as a trusted advisor as someone like that because I think about the e mails that you open right? You always open them if they're from your friends, right? If they're from your friends, you're going to open it because you know it's something different you can move into and I know this sounds bad the friend zone normally don't would be in that zone, but in this case you do want to be in the friend zone with your e mails where you wanted to come as if it's coming from a person, a human, a human being that you can relate to. So the third thing I get in their meeting potatoes so every e mail that I send has a singular purpose and I would highly recommend you guys doing this is, well there's, not it's, not a choose your own adventure story book or you can click here, do this, do a back flip or whatever there's always one call to action basically in every single basically in every single email that I said so you know for me it's normally like to meat potatoes hey here's this week's episode of the rise the top I've got devon duncan he's wearing a red sport cody's looking great here it is click on it let's go watch it it's going to be fantastic so purpose of the mona link I do a sign off and you guys feel free to call me as to allow you to call me uncle david I'm like the non creepy helpful uncle that is kind of been a bit part of my brand so a lot of times I sign off is like uncle david's stuff like that's a lot of my customers expect for me and stuff like that and I will also many times and this is a tip here to take away at it p s in there the ps is like magic sauce when it comes to email like p s there's a sale on the course p s by the way I'm doing a workshop next week with amy ps keep an eye out for something really awesome that's going to be coming and I could tell you about but now you're curious you know something like that goes in a bottle people do not make enough use of that p s space in their emails it is a huge opportunity to tease especially what's coming next right causes anyone going unsubscribe right? If if if you're giving them something really good it's like you know by the way, next week, I'm going to talk about the one huge mistake in my business that cost one hundred thousand dollars, and I want to make sure you never make it again. I'm assured next time I could tell you what it is, but next week it's gonna be in this email ps right? So that's the kind of format that I use for my emails and again, why am I sharing this with you? Because back in the day when I think when I when I used to go to conferences and events and things like that, and I said here, and I listen to some person up on this stage and they come with, like, the wheelie bag, you know, they put it on the fame, they get the power point out, they go up there, and what I noticed was I always related to personal examples, maybe I wanted to know, like, what are they doing, what they're doing as opposed to I could sit here and be like, guys, you need an intro and like an email in a link like, but I love kind of my teaching style is sharing with you exactly what I'm doing and then having it so you can relate in your business regardless of what your business is. Right, so this is stuff that anyone can use, but I'm not saying necessary going this order or do it this way, but just think about, does your do you have a format, right? Do you have a format for your emails, or are you sort of random when you do it? So format tip here, I gotta get a tip for each one of these cool event, so I've seen them all. I've seen every type of format that's out there, you know, remember, each email has a purpose, usually and by usually, I mean, ninety nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine percent of the time the purpose of an email is for somebody click on something we all agree on that, like, at some point, it's, like, click here, right? So keep that in mind that when you're sending it out that you want to lead everyone into a click, if you will and again, once again, this is all about consistency because, you know, again later on, if you send just a sales email or something like that in a different style and format, people pay attention because I'm like, oh, my god, it's different I've gotta pay attention so very, very important to think about these things as you go through, but again. Take that my purpose is to click there's nothing there's no other really purpose here other than to get someone to click and hopefully check out the format here a couple examples on gonna grab water is you guys take a quick peek it this one and these were some other people that I think you're pretty cool emails and the lesson here is not like oh my god go copy them per se it's more that they have a consistent format right so this is rusty hey does ah fitness program called visual impact pretty cool program and his emails are very interesting so what they are is they're very photo heavy yeah with him basically sharing stuff he's up to he's like hey listen I'm looking and I don't know what he's doing they're having an awkward fire party I don't know and then he's got a beer you know whatever it is but each of his e mails it's like a little story line with him and it relates back to fitness and nutrition in some way but if I were to stroll down here you know on this you would see that he's got a couple more photos and then sometimes he's got an offer to go toe you know, a program or maybe he has an affiliate link to some kind of beer probably not in that one but you get the idea here that his style is like little chunks with photos and every e mail that he sends for most part, looks like that here's, a guy that most people in here know, wearing away too tight shirt that's derek halpern, the children's medium going on there. I like him, though, love derek. So this this is derek's emails, for the most part is that he, you know, has some text, right, and it's a video, usually not always, and he's got the screen shot in here. And, of course, if you click you know any of this, you're going to end up into watching his video. So again, though, you can kind of expect this from derek when it comes out, and then when he mixes it and doesn't a different type of email, you know, again playing with it. But the bottom line here is that you can tweak and and go with that format on and find one that's comfortable for you. And again, you know, if you're the morgue it's starting stage, you might not know you might not walk home and say, you know what? I know exactly my format I'm drawing it out here. I don't know why you draw on your rest, bush anywhere weird you might have to play around with it a little bit to see what you're comfortable with to see what people are you know, it's not necessary something just do overnight, but try one stick with it for a little bit and he could tweak from that. Okay, so number three here is tone and this is one of my favorites and deafness is, I believe, one of your favorites as well tone of emails so what does your email kind of sound like? Feel like when they do it, you know, like when they open their email was it sound like so back in the day? My trouble in the trouble zone didn't we have tone? Don't we have a style? I was just like here's something, you know, check it out. There wasn't really any kind of thought to tone or style, but yet this is so, so important it could be like, you know, I love what I do a list like this look of sex and then each one like this is okay, this one's the most important, this they're all the most important, this one's the most important, though, until I go to the next one, so toned this is the key people want again feel like they're getting an e mail from a friend they want to feel like a front like because that's that's the way that people like to approach it so the way that I started I used to kind of be I don't know like not corporate because I was never quite corporate but like I was kind of just like typing like I was writing for forbes magazine or something, right? Like I was kind of like mme or not as more formal I guess with my writing well then I was like, you know what? Screw this I'm going to start typing like I talk like there's going to be like not that I talked with a winky face let me I guess I kind of d'oh but like, you know, I got winky faces I've got ella wells or low lt's for the kids you know I've got far more casual you know, personal fun facts in there you know? Yes, I use words like douches saurus okay it's one of my my coveted words it's it makes it in about one of six e mails that I go out there and, you know, douche saurus it makes in an e mail but why like why is tone important here if you think about it okay, because you might be thinking well doesn't the word douche saurus which I could keep saying on and over and over here today, it's not a drinking game, by the way, I was thinking about what if I told I'll see what this what if I told, like my subscribers and customers have eyes like, anytime I say douche saurus take a shot, we have a we have a trouble creative life do you want a definition or anything? It was that that you have one we love yeah, I mean a douche saurus is someone that's, you know, spam in your facebook law complaining about everything. Another word is fora like home, like a nega baht what I mean by that is like, you know, if it's seventy eight and sunny, they're like, why isn't it seventy nine? This is crap, right? Like why is it so o r like, you know, like I just won a million dollars in the water if you know the douceur source says you have to pay taxes on that, you have to pay taxes on that that's that's the worst news I've heard all day and it's just you know, you don't want to be a douche saurus rex okay, that's about it just very, very important, so the bottom line here is you don't need to take my tone right like you don't need to be like oh my god, I'm gonna write like david I'm like that like when I started I think this is a tendency that we all have you guys everyone here ever listening everyone that's in this room like we all have certain favorites of people you resonate with like you like when you read me like, oh my god right like I totally resume this person and sometimes when you start guilty as charged here myself you start to sound a little bit like them you're like reading them so what? Like you're right, I'm seeing the smiles they're like I've done that like even when I started like you know, I'm like I like stuff golden first among many people, you know? And I noticed that when I was reading a lot of stuff golden also I sound like many not his good stuff going on when I'm writing my emails, I don't sound like me I sound like seth goda, right, which is great for him not so great when you're trying to be made. So the important thing here is that you and I have a tip on how you can find a good tone here is that you know you need a tone, you know and and the my number one tip with this is think of it not as a newsletter or e blast or anything like that but think about it is just an email to your closest friends like your your friends that you hang out with those types of people if you get to that mentality of how you think about thes e mails it's very very important because it's going to shift how you write over time, you know and if you need practice with this here's a little tip literally writing email dear friends literally like writing email to your friends as if though you wanted them to go read your blawg post or you're content or something like that just send it to five you're friends senator friend send it your mom right? Whatever whatever want to do with it and just say just write it like that, I guarantee you you're going to write a different tone than you would with business now some people might say with me say to may question from we do have a question in regards to that how do you differentiate or do you differentiate between a newsletter and an email? I don't that comes from me personally so my e mails uh kind of like examples I showed two they're not those crazy html so I have nothing against newsletters, but I like to make it feel like an email like like like like again from a friend like a friend doesn't send you a quadruple like with boxes and stuff like that and like a special format and be like, you know, want to do dinner friday that's just not how you know how the friends work, so I like to make it again very much like coming from a friend and that's the way that it that I like to approach it for sure a good question, though, and you know, for me a couple things to keep in mind here, your tone is not going to be for ever it's like everyone like I when I say douche saurus, I get a couple on subscribes, and that makes me very, very happy because all that saying to me is those are my peeps, like, if they're offended by the word and you shall saurus or anything else that I'm saying, I don't cater to those people and say, like, you know what, I might change my entire tone, I'm gonna go back to being boring and you know, whatever, and I'll make sure never to hurt because again, I'm trying to replicate what I'm like in real life and that's how I recommend that you do because your business is really just an extension of you, right and there's, plenty of people out there and there's going to be people that passionately love your emails, your style, you and there's people that don't as you people in the middle and the only ones who need to cater to all those people you know life's too short to be doing again with the duce resources right? Very, very important okay, so shifting kind of past tone here and I'm going through like a lot of different things here because I want to make sure that I have plenty of time for questions which I know I well azad I've been keeping an eye on my clock so I know we're good to go this one is one of my favorites subject lines right subject lines now this one's the most important right? Okay, so I just kind of used to put the title of my blawg poster video in the subject line this is back when I was not doing right anyone else you know done that before, right? You've seen it you know, I used to just kind of put the title you know, five ways to do this you know, seven things about the this amy porterfield revealing all her special secrets whatever it is but this could be the most important part you're stretching because here's the thing you're not gonna get to the tone you're not gonna get to all those different things and I could get to the photos I could get to the links if they don't open the email they delete it right you're you're behind the eight ball here so I'm not going to share with you, by the way, in a minute, some of my top open subject lines so I went into the research I opened up, some of them and something might be surprised on it was kind of strange, but so I switched from the kind of title subject lines to a much more casual I dare say provocative makes you want to click subject line where you don't really know exactly what it's about, but you wanna click it right like you do when you see it, you've seen that with me, right? Yeah, s o so a little bonus tip, by the way, on this, this is one of my favorites, and I've tested this people love lower case in the subject lines like lower case is the new opera case it's the new black on the reason for that is lower case, in my opinion, it is much more casual, right? Like, I might send you a friend like, hey, in all lower case, you know? And then you send out something in the e mail blast it's like seven ways to be more prod productive, we'll already you're going into kind of news mode content mode there, but I antonius I played around with this. Any time I do lower case, it gets a bigger response I just it's just just one thing is that to be true of every single basis in history? I don't know, I don't know. I don't know your business, but give it a shot see what happens, there's no harm like no one's gonna e mail you and be like, you know what? I really loved all your stuff until you sent me that lower case subject line. Now I'm never gonna buy from you ever again so that's never gonna happen. So again, a lot of stuff it's about experimenting and trying different things to see what works. So you know, you guys want to see some subject lines. All right? Well, if you said no, I don't know what to do because it is the next slide you guys would've been like no, we don't see subject lines I mean, like well, you got to see him anyway. Here's some my examples with the highest opens and yes, dusa source did make it in here because it was one of them. So am I the only one with a lot of questions? This was actually during a product launch from I create awesome online courses and this was later in the product launch and we were we had like, a fake you know question is this right for me? No doubt another dog you have a payment plan you know? But the questions went on and on and on so I put in a one email am I the only one with a lot of questions and that got one of our highest open rates ever, which is ridiculous I'm sick but that dot dot people open that one like like hot cakes this one actually I believe was my top one of all time it was secret please reply which is an interactive way to do in the mail and actually I'll share with you exactly this email was this was one of my I was I was bored on a thursday at a product launch on a monday for create awesome online courses are tuesday so we're all ready to go everything is ready to go you know I'm so they're freaking alibi it's thursday went to starbucks had too much caffeine and then I was all jittery and bored and I was like I got to do something before tuesday so I was like alright here's what I'm gonna dio I wrote this email in like twenty minutes somewhere on there and here's what I said I said listen guys, I didn't send this out to that many people I just sent out like a portion my email list I said listen I said secrets out tuesday my new course launches create some online courses and it's launching on tuesday, but you guys have been asking lot of questions and a lot of people been saying a lot of things about it I'm gonna give some people and opportunity to purchase early, but here's, what you have to dio you have tio reply to this email and say, yes, I want in early in the subject line, some like that, right? Some something that they did dio and number two I want you give me a reason why you wanted early and you should get it before everyone else. Okay, so what happened was and then I sent it out. I'm like this is gonna be interesting, let's just send and see what happens, right? So then I think I need to cancel my dinner plans that night was all a sudden push the floodgates guy meant because people love replying the stuff. This is another one of those, like kind of insider tips if you can make things interactive and show that you're there, you know, like that you're a human and like you're going to really responded, I don't know how many I got. It was a sickening amount that came in, but what happened was I re replied, toa every single one of those people. And sent them you know, like if they gave me some good reason I sent them a personal note and a link to purchase early and I want to say before the product launch started we already had fifty fifty grand and att leased it possibly mohr just from that because I was bored at starbucks okay and the lesson there is really that you know can you cause some interactivity with three men so many people are so scared about then what if people reply I'm like that's exactly what you want you want people to reply right? I know it takes a lot of extra I I literally sat there I think till one a m that night replying to emails but you know what the end of the day we've got a lot of happy customers that came in early and a lot of revenue and and that's that's all great stuff for business right? You might want to change this on your website exclamation point amy actually a reporter filled email me on this one she goes, oh my god she's like I just thought it was you emailing may about like I had a problem in my site like I wanted to fix it you know and then you you open it up and there you go on dh then another one does the word douche saurus offend you and that was an email a video about explaining how not everyone's gonna be in your target market and if it does offend you could have hit the unsubscribe button on dh you know there's no worries with that so those are just some examples of some of the e mails that have worked really really well after notice a couple of things here they're usually pretty short you know and I've noticed that you like me it's not like the subject line goes across the entire page that's one of the things that's super interesting one of the masters of this is ryan lee wanna give a shout out to ryan only when my body's you took him out of ryan li dot com his emails air so funny because he gets you like every time but like in a funny way like hell be like he'll be like I'm sick and you like ryan what's happening so you opened his e mail ah bad email marketing you know he'll be like you know you know he'll be like you know you know she was dying you know of thirst but then she found a coca cola anyway let's talk about you know stuff like that now I'm exaggerating slightly about what he's what he's doing he's not that bad with it he's very very clever and he's good with his emails but the bottom line here and this is the take away I believe provocative beats the like purely functional of just like here's what it is provocative because, again, you guys said this earlier, some other people said earlier you subscribe, the less people, right? So you want to be intrigue like I remember when emails come across my desk and I'm like I shouldn't click I got to do it, I gotta know what it is, you know, and you click it you want to be one of those people that people are getting that response to and if you follow these sort of, you know, this guideline that's, where you're gonna end up so subject line tips, lower case, freaking rocks, you know, test it out this is an easy thing you go try it is to see switch it up, try different things and subject lines. I think people get bored just like with anything a subject lines, a great opportunity to mix it up, you know, and try different things. Questions worked very well in subject line especially don't do every email, you know, like, you know, something question mark works very well again entire goal of the subject line singular goal, the very thing we dio just don't get someone to click on the email and open it not to lead it, not try to save it for later that has to be irresistible so they're like I cannot continue with my day until I open this thing that's where you want to be and it's something that you can dio every every single person could be one of those people in your niche no matter what it is and it doesn't matter for selling information or if you've got, you know, online stores or if you've got anything thatyou d'oh it does not matter the business model everyone can apply this in some way okay? David yes really could question brick from exactly drinking spent deb m asked what if your audience was a corporate business arsenals did you get I mean I think like, you know, listen, if your audience is a corporate business there's still people it's not a logo that's clicking on the email and reading it you know, I'm saying it's not like, you know, I'm saying like corporate people are still people I kind of noticed I don't put a corporate corporate people are people too, so I mean it's all about the time I mean, you know, I don't think there's any reason to say like, you know, my niche is extremely offended by this or doesn't want to have a certain tone they're used to this type of tone well, if they're used to a type of tone that's a great time to break it and be like yourself in general so the key though though, is not to go crazy with it it's literally to write like you talk you know that's it so if you go in your and you're going to stand in front of people and you're going to talk with them and on a one on one level or even better than that when people have like a stage voice you know even better than that if you're in the back room with someone just sitting down in a conference table in there asking you for tips and advice how you would talk to them that's the way you should be talking to email so whatever that is you know, if it's a corporate person you know a cute fluffy puppy that you're talking teo you know whoever it is you know that's the tone that you need to use with it I wouldn't be worried about you know what type of audience it is but great question it's amazing that question comes in a lot it's like a lot of times was certain topics like this like justice and entire workshop I feel like people come in with like, the what is court? What about the corporate people question and it's like what about the corporate people? They're people too they're people too thanks for the reminder people too ok? Yes question about subject line so I just realized that whenever I've emailed my audience almost always obviously the e mail come from me my name but then the subject line I've put pallotti's biz as if I want to like flag them or warn them like who I am or something which is probably not a good idea and then I try to give my catchy subject line to open it. What are your thoughts about kind of that parentheses you know get the questions so basically instead of saying like you know hey, clever subject line you're like your name your business clever so here's the easy solution used don't do that yeah number one there's no reason to do it the on ly reason to do that to put your name in it so when I have someone that buys a program or if you have some of that buy something there now a customer okay and you're sending out customer related specific email like an update to a program something just for your customers then I might put it in there like create awesome online courses update or create awesome online courses customers only somebody that because your goal is less provocative at that point it's more like hey you're going to do something for customers so but I easy solution I'll just get rid of it okay it's not it's not adding to it so I like easy answers I'm not going to be the complicated you know run around if you give me an easy questions like this loving it alright so number five um welcome email and and this one I'm going to share with you again my personal experience with this people do different things I've seen all kinds of different stuff about this but let me explain kind of what I'm talking about here so here's what used to happen andi actually want to take a poll here in live studio and you feel free ticket online teo I'd be curious about people about this so here's what used to happen someone would subscribe yea one way or another and to their email score boom and then basically the first email they got is whatever I was sending next you know I mean whatever awas you know, it doesn't matter what it was it was whatever email was next that I wrote they got regardless of whatever whenever they signed up now I want to know in the in the chat to you can tell me any pointer and everyone here who does that with their strategy now so like meaning if someone ops in for an email the next thing they get is giving the next thing that you sent all right well, no one's raising a hand but I'm assuming I'm assuming some people doing that out there okay? So that's what I used to dio and maybe you're always just smarter than me that I was back in the day so you're all avoiding this problem so the problem with that is basically, you know, you're serving dinner without putting the silverware out there's no plates on the table, you're like here's, your dinner and there's not a lot of context and it's a little difficult to eat, if you will. So what I do is I do a welcome email and I'm gonna explain what exactly I'm going to read that trust. It was like the last thing I do in appreciation of comfort and read a bunch of e mails to you guys would want to punch me, but if you wantto see this email and it's entirety, feel free to go the rise top dot com slash viper just an opt in box, enter email. This is what you'll get right away so you guys can check it out if you hate me conundrum scribe afterwards, hopefully not stay subscribe, but go in there and you could see exactly what this email is on break down. Why send this? Okay, so really briefly I'm gonna break down what's in here, but really the subject lines just thanks. A quickest story to share with you and then it's kind of a little bit of a long email and this is what I included my welcome email very easy first fall I tell them what they can expect on this email list I can tell him exactly what I would say I said, listen, you're going to get delicious content free content for me once a week you get that you know, every week no matter what you get delicious content I'm also going to keep you posted about product launches, cool courses, workshops, stuff like that I say on average going to get atleast one e mail from me on a week but sometimes it's too you know, if I got something else going on since I was little bit more and so you kind of set the stage as to what they can expect and a lot of people are afraid to do these type of things because you're like, number one, you're committing right and that's a good thing and number two people are like, oh my god, they entered their email got to be so, so careful because they're one iota away from one subscribing right it's not really the case what you're looking to do here solidify solidify like, hey, you made a good choice you may be good for you, pat yourself on the back I remind them of the mission like what? What is this all about? Why you subscribe like this is what we're doing I do share a very cliffsnotes version of my personal story, which again sets that table that we're going to make things personal here you know this is going to be, you know, the boar boar fast. We're going to get personal and then a little sneaky ideo some links to products and protein just okay, by the way, you know, I do create programs here's a couple of them no hard sell it's not like you know, a blind this right now or, you know, get out of here. Do you mean out of here? No, it's. Not like that. It's it's more like here's a product in program. If you need this here's a proctor pro, if you need that, check it out. Great. And then what I do here and I know this has been talked about the workshop. I want to reiterate it. I give them social media links. Well, interesting your fun facts you might ask. So my sight? I have no social media links anywhere on my site because I'm looking to build my email list cause that's the number one asset for my business. And this has been discussed. But I want to say that I do not put social media other than share content, you know, encouraging build a tweet, share content. I don't have like the follow david friend david all that kind of stuff I keep that for after their subscribe to email okay so then once or subscribe now I hit him with some social I'm like by the way you want to connect up here's facebook here's twitter here's itunes are toxic so that's my welcoming male right and again you can go this format or whatever and I've seen different things here but here's that here's the important tip on this it's it's whether you do a welcome email or you decide that you want to script your first ten emails with your ten best pieces of content you know which some people do which is great strategy to or whatever you want to dio the key is to set the expectations and set the stage and not just like you know because otherwise it feels like they're walking into a party and everyone's been there for like five hours and nervous like this is freaking awkward and weird okay so like you want to set the stage that you know hey we like new people doing I mean we're welcome to have you here here's what you can you can get two so there's a lot of different ways you can do this I just share my personal one that the way that I do it for my main list of my sight again check it out right stop dot com slash v I p can see it in action if you will absolutely be there loving how you know your personality alongside everyone else is showing difference stiles of howto work these marketing concepts but kerwin says that they used the welcom e mail to set their expectations and ask their customer what their biggest issue is that they're trying to solve and give them and I, uh get them product ideas ideas of future blawg posts amazing strategy yeah and I've seen that done I've seen derek halpern actually does that we mentioned earlier where he'll say like, hey what's your biggest struggle in your business right now seriously reply like I'm a real person stuff like that if you could do interactivity in your first email it's another great strategy that I've seen work all the time and the other thing that you can do that works well and so remember I mentioned that I go or not go backwards yes I do is that when I do the links to the products and programs right, so might create awesome online courses program there's a free video siri's so basically what I tell them is I'm like, hey, if you're interested doing an online course here's a free video siri's and if they go over there then they now are in now a different sequence there's ways that you can kind of send people we're going to get to those crazy advanced strategies, but the welcome email is also sort of like a portal, you know, send them that let's say that you know you've got multiple topics that you teach or talk about or sell or whatever it isyou know whatever your business model is you talk about this this and that well, this is a great time to be like well finished in this here's a free video siri's on that french in this here's a webinar interested in this here's a pdf and then you'll start having that info mation of like, oh my god, you know gina's really into yoga pants or so you know, I mean you'll know right away what they're kind of into from that welcome email because again it's sort of like has anyone heard this kind of cliche? That's true it's like one of the best times to sell more to people is right after they bought before that all the time you know, I'm saying it's like right after I bought the right the hottest kind of like with this too it's like one of the most excited right after they often it's like they opted and their like again that's a big deal here and this like now that we're in the you know, mid two thousand's wherever we are it's a big deal that someone now opted in that's a that's a form of currency you know, it's a great opportunity like okay here's some now you go deeper in these different ways what is a great strategy okay, so final one and then and then I'll go through it a little bit and then, you know, I'll really open it up and we can talk about all kinds of stuff, like a dance appearing notary does need to dio s o the last one surprising aw and sell surprise in awe and so okay, because let's not pretend the end of the day here we all have businesses selling is important email is an amazing selling tool amazing to say the least. So again, my crappy days, I really never had a selling strategy, it was just like, okay, sometimes I'd send an email itself sometimes not you know, I've seen emails. I'm sure everyone here is subscribe to some of these where you have people that never sell, never sell very hard to have a business, very heart of business and people that always are selling and either one of those in my opinion runs into trouble because always selling it's like okay, well, here it comes again. Here it comes again, you know, it's going to be a product offer and affiliates get something right, then never sell might be great from your end, but you know what there it's, it's, hard teo started make money when you're never selling so right off the bat I want you to think about the emails you subscribe, teo. And again, did they try to sell you in every mouth ones that you've been so distracted for years, you know that? And I bet the answer is no, I in a lot of this case is so there's a few rules here that are meant to be broken, but I'm a share. Um, anyway, um, one of my rules is kind of eighty, twenty or ninety ten rule of e mail, which is that eighty percent to ninety percent air emails, the focus of the email is that you are educating, inspiring, giving great content of some kind of way free eighty to ninety percent, you know, and everyone that's been teaching here, they do that as well in their businesses, right? So, like, you know, james webb moors up very sends out a youtube video like here's some tricks to do on youtube, you know, everyone does this amy sends out a podcast talking about, you know, facebook strategy, right? So eighty to ninety percent but here's the thing now who's heard that before. Does anyone hear that? Okay, great, because again, I told you it has to be something sarah my share where you're like, ok, I know this, but here I must spin on it is that just because you're not selling, you know, the purpose of email isn't a hard sell, and those eighty to ninety percent doesn't mean that you don't sell at all in those e mails and some of them. So I'm a huge fan of the soft sell in these e mails, so what I mean by that is that, you know, you're sending out great content, but guess what, you're using the p s using the piast you're saying, you know, by the way, a new video siri's new webinar, new product, new program here it is, check it out right now, so you're using your not never selling in the eighty to ninety percent it's just that you're not one hundred percent focusing on that, and also, by the way, and I know we talk content strategy throughout this workshop, too, and all that kind of stuff you can sell in your content as well. So, I mean, at the end of blawg posts at the end of other free stuff that you're doing, you know, there's an opportunity there to then, you know, sell or or move to that place. So just because you're not selling doesn't mean you're not selling got it, alright, good, that makes sense, so you remember what I said earlier about consistency and how important that was tone, you know, if you know all that kind of stuff, that was consistency. Well, sometimes you're gonna have a launch or sometimes you have something new and you're gonna have to do a big freakin sales email, there's literally big freaking sales email sometimes you're gonna mail on other days that are not your day that you own right? This is an incredible opportunity is now your att the surprise in awe factor? Because you've set the stage it's like, you know you're just you're running, and they also you're sprinting, right? It's like one of those things, people were going to pay attention to this when you do this and this is the time you can experiment, try a longer try shorter, you know, if you always do long, right? Try like a two sentence email, you know, new product, a program here it is, check it out. I mean, see what happens? You know, you you contest these things as you go into sales, and when you do decide that you're going to sell it, you're going to ask someone to go, you know, purchase something in an email and that's the purpose of it, you do not be a worse about it I have seen this way too many times we call it selling from our hell that was awkward selling from our heels ah lot of times but the idea that people like so like, you know, kind of got something for sale and you can buy it or not by it all right gotta go by, you know, I mean, like isn't like maybe, you know, people get nervous with those sales you nothing changes when you're doing sales from your other tone, you don't need to change your tone and be the serious seller, you know, if you know, you know, I'm saying so let's say all that's let's say you're a very joking or whatever, and you're like, you know, mr mrs giggles and you're all your emails and you're sitting out jokes and you're funny and then it gets the selling time in you're like, are you concerned about your weight? Well, let me tell you about my super serious program yet you're like what? What the hell happened in a funny, giggly person? You know, there doesn't need to be a different tone between your emails when you sell. The only difference is you're called action as opposed to going toe, maybe perhaps a block post some like that is you're selling right? I mean that that's that's very, very important and you cannot fear selling in these emails you cannot fear. All right, I want to hear the whole room here who has this fear that they're going to send an email out and they're going to get some douche saurus that sends her apply just like you can't sell that like like, I can't believe you're offering some for sale, as anyone had that have the fear ever. Lots of people face this all the time. I'm just saying, like, they're worried they're worried that some, like, dude in their basement like that just doesn't care it's just gonna be like, oh, selling what do you do it like a business? You know what? You're trying to make a living? Oh, my, get out of here, you know, I mean, do not worry about that if you get some of those people or whatever, you know, I've actually heard this one before, and I think this is this is so good it's, like, if you're not hearing a couple of those, you're probably not pushing it hard enough. You're probably not pushing it hard enough unless you get a couple of those at least a couple of those, you know, and another thing you can be clever and funny. When you decided to send up a straight up sales email ryan lee that I mentioned before he's coming a couple times in here he gets his sales e mails were so funny he'll do like a sail for everything will be like I think we'll do like a rocha shauna sale will do a cell it's like my kid turns three and a half you know like he does like the weirdest stuff ever but what he'll do is he will set the tone he'll send you an e mail and he'll say some like this he goes you know how ninety percent of my emails are content and ten percent or sales and he's like well today's your lucky day it's a sales one and then he goes and I mean it's it's really clever how he does it because automatically now you're kind of disarming the person so they're not like oh my god where's the sale where's you know where's where is it where is he asked for them it's in there you know automatically he tells you right up front this is what you're doing so selling again you just can't be afraid of doing it and email that's that's the thing to take away so final review here frequency format tone subject lines welcom e mails surprising all those are the things to keep in mind you know there's a lot of distractions out there a lot of ways to get overwhelmed you know I say this all time overthinking is not a requirement here it's not number seven right you did not need to overthink any of the stuff of a lot of this stuff sounds simple and easy it's because it iss and it could be applied to really any business out there from online offline teacher no matter what you're doing so final thought here it's like the end of the jerry springer show you know they used to come out do the final thought it was weird don't tell me you haven't seen ever seen that email and your website is roy the only asset that you own at the end of the day you know we don't own facebook listen mark soccer burgers so hello mark call me but you know those are the assets that you own online you know make it your best friend make it simple make sure it's working for you on dh I'll take lots of q and a here's where you guys can connect with me the rise of top dot com is my site create awesome online courses that com is that product that I mentioned you get a free video siri's their social media I'm at the rise of the top on twitter say hello say saw me on creative live onda also on facebook dot com slash rise to the top because I forgot the years ago rookie mistake and so it's just rise the top forgot my special love their connect with me anywhere and I think we have some time for questions that's good right? Absolutely I'm carrion would like to know is about eighty or ninety percent number is that even for websites that are e commerce it's a good question you know I think it does very on business here's the thing on e commerce people have a tendency to do like the sale model words like every emails that guess what? This one's for sale or this that one's for sale and I know devon has talked about e commerce throughout throughout the finger you know if you're doing quality if you have a content marketing strategy in place which you should right meaning that you're sharing something besides selling the rules apply to any commerce site right if you're sharing something and I could tell you right now you know it very interesting to see people put a more of a personality spin on some of these e commerce sites that are out there I would love to see some of it like see who the actual kind of person is behind it you know there's one the guy's a little crazy let me just preface this has a lot of crazy hey doesn't ah site that scottie vest s o s c o t t e v e s t lose a little nuts but this guy has done a great personal brand hey cells tech fest you know he's like these these vests for nerds which is awesome which is like has like a thousand cords and stuff in it gonna plug stuff in I mean you look a little weird but they're nice vest I have one of them but he isn't e commerce site and but he's like the brand he's scotty do I mean so like he's on there he's like doing funny videos he's doing content doing stuff like that and I think it adds a lot of persons and just because your knee commerce business doesn't mean a lot of these things don't apply good question one more time capsule ass what do you do if a customer just says take me off your list and that is all how do we respond in a winning the way I love it it's such a good question I love unlike the night now I love the negative stuff coming in but I love like I love doing this so because you get people like this all the time you know what I d'oh on that so there's a couple of schools of thought thought number one is the like you're the saviour of the douche saurus right? You're going to come anybody you know like you want to stay because I've got so much more for you I don't like that I just unsubscribe in myself and tell them okay, you're unsubscribed sorry like that's the way I like there's no other there's no you're not your job at that point is not to convince them that they need to stay okay because obviously they want to go they've spent enough time in their day to write you an e mail which is it's a whole problem in itself in a new hobby but the bottom line is what I always do what those people if they complain if I get a complainer or anyone that comes in with stuff like that especially that bad tone or anything like that I just simply unsubscribe takes me two seconds and sent him an email and just say okay you're unsubscribe you don't need to get into a fight you don't need to get into you know flame or anything with them you just do it and you move on with your day they sent you another email then you just hit the lead great great terry asks how many e mails did you send before you try to sell something on a big freaking sales email? I don't think it's a rule now you know I you know I think sometimes we look for these types of rules you know? I mean we're like god I would love david for tell me like eight point seven e mails before I can send that sales email it's not your sales email goes out when your next thing to sell so so so you know I don't you know for me the way that I like to do sales is that I like to walk people down a little bit of a path to get there so when I said when I have an initial subscriber that comes in I want to send him to something else free that might lead to a sale letter later on so for example I might send new webinar I might send him to a free video serious I might send him to a free free document cause then they're on their own schedule that point then they're going to get some free stuff then they could make a decision at that point so I think it's a good question terrific thank you thank you wearing audience let's go audience style did you have any comments on launching things you go through anything different process or yeah I mean launching so oh I love launching you know I do I do it often not too often you know launching its a little bit of different process but the one that I find the most effective for me it's just different all the time I love to send people to a free video siri's so when I when I do we'll launch I had people opt in for a free video serious so like create also moment courses like that like right here you go there it's not a sales page so if you go to create also online courses it's not like oh here's my course by it it's a free video siri's you enter your email and the way that it works then is every two to three days you get an email from me with a link to a free video of training and they're like high quality forty forty minute videos and me teaching something specific like ones on howto created course it sells how do you know if it's going to sell one of the rookie mistakes to avoid and then the third videos about tech tools and stuff like that to do your course right then at the end of that there's simply then brought to a launch it says ok hope you enjoy the free video siri's at this point a couple options one you can take what you've learned go try to figure out the whole rest of it you know spend your time and money and doing it and you know I hope you're successful of it or you can take my advance course you can purchase it right here and it's gonna walk you through twelve modules and do stuff like that and here's the lake and here's some testimonies and stuff like that it's a much softer approach of selling so for me though the key though to that strategy is the e mails so I'll send out stuff like, you know hey, here's! Video one hears comments from video one all that's done via email, but it's all done automatically. Eso. It kind of takes me out of the equation if it goes with that. But email. So critical of launches.

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