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Grow Biz with Blog/Podcast: Amy Porterfield

Devin Duncan

Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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5. Grow Biz with Blog/Podcast: Amy Porterfield

Lesson Info

Grow Biz with Blog/Podcast: Amy Porterfield

Welcome back everyone I'm very excited to introduce a special guest for you for our next segment so let me tell you a little bit about the guest her name is amy porterfield and she's a great friend of mine that uh it's just so knowledgeable in so many topics about online marketing she could easily be teaching every segment to this course but the one that I definitely could not teach myself there are two that she is teaching this first one she's gonna be talking about the secrets of growing your business with the blogger podcasts and she has way more authority than ideo for teaching on this topic sure it's a very successful blawg at amy porterfield dot com and our podcast online marketing made easy it's fantastic I listened to it every time there's a new episode so the further deals bring amy upon stage amy porterfield so excited to have you thank you I'm excited to be here it's going great so I really need to do too much uh other interaction you good introduction and all just to leave ...

you with your contact let's go for a right thinking all right so hello welcome everybody online and all of you I'm excited to be here I love talking about this topic because I'm passionate about blogging but I'm even more passionate about podcasting and we're gonna mix it all in there today so my goal for this session is for you to fall in love with the idea of either blogging or maybe it's podcasting or maybe it's even both I know I know your story is a little bit I know gina is thinking about maybe even doing both down the roads I'm excited for the session for you and I really want you all to have an open mind because blogging is a no brainer most of us have a block you know I'd really love to find out just real quick studio audience how many of you actually have a block great and now online I would love to know how many people have if people do or do not have a block I'm gonna guess most people are saying yes and you do not have a baguette is brian right no one yet but you might be open to it okay great and how about online let's see we're still coming there's one big yes big get that most people are going to say yes to the block the thing is when I ask the next question how many of you have a podcast anybody here I don't think so right oh yes perfect so how long have you been podcasting for two months two months perfect and are you enjoying it so far yeah yeah actually my wife natalie that's doing most of it perfect okay great and if I were to ask the audience online if they have a podcast there's a note we're getting rocked out there just all yeah one person have a podcast that there's a lot more nose men yes yes that's what I assumed the goal though is for you to fall in love with the idea of possibly starting a podcast or starting a bog or enhancing your block I'm gonna give you tons and tons of strategies to have a better block by the end of the session so also one more goal before we get into it and that is to make sure that you leave this session with five action items and I'm gonna quiz all of you you online as well in the audience I literally want you to write down the five things when you hear a quick tip lets a three to five will make it easier but when you hear a quick a quick tip and you think I could do that I want you to write it down and I want you to commit to getting it done the minute you get home from here are those online in the next forty eight hours at least three ifyou're overachiever five things you learn today I want you to apply the great thing is these strategies air pretty simple and you might even have heard of them before but you probably are not applying a lot of that we all love to take in all the knowledge but then actually getting to it maybe not so great all the time, so we're going to get really actionable here. So here's, what you'll learn first, the benefits of a block and a podcast we're just going to talk about why you want to have both how to drive traffic to both of them. Some of my favorite tools you can apply these air gonna be where you're going to get some good, easy action items, how to generate a steady stream of ideas that's my favorite part of this whole presentation and how to land the perfect guest balog spot so you guys ready? Ready, dive in. All right, so first, why started blogging? And I really like to say why blawg consistently, because a lot of our audience already has a blogged the number one thing that I get, I asked all the time is, how can I get more consistent with my blogged? So a lot of the times we just don't have a schedule, it really comes down to that, but before I get into why, block consistently lets just talk about why you should have a blogged, so the first thing is definitely brand awareness. Now, if you don't have any platform, no one's ever gonna find you online, and if you don't have brand awareness, people don't actually see your name and instantly know what you're known for. That's when it gets a little in the gray area so when I was first starting out my business, I was known for social media and that's a good thing to be known for, but there are a lot of people that are known for social media, so what I had to do is I started a block and I mainly talked about facebook marketing, so when my name came up, people were able to say, oh, she's facebook marketing so I ask you, if someone heard your name or the name of your business, would they instantly know what you're known for? The blogged and a podcast with the block can do that for sure you consistently right about your topics you know best, and you'll build that brand awareness quickly also authority I always say you've got to be an authority or a go to source in your niche now I teach facebook all the time so with facebook, facebook pages are a perfect place to become that go to source when someone has a question you want to be the first name they think about. So with that blogging consistently about a topic, build your authority quickly so that's a number probably number two reason why you want to do it and then relationship building but let's talk about this one everybody knows that relationship building is the name of the game online but when it comes to blogging in those comments in your blogged if you get involved in those conversations and you really start to talk to people and get the conversation going in the actual comments of a blogged you've got this natural relationship but another reason why I liketo blogged and for relationship building is have you noticed that people love to know your personal side so they love to know gina I know a lot about gina they loved to know about your husband and your son and you and your wife had this great relationship mike and you do so much together they probably like to see behind the scenes is that right? Yeah so this happens a lot so when you're blogging infuse your personality and if you refuse your personality tell him a little bit about who you are and what you're about outside of your work this is where the relationship building really starts this is the personal stuff that I blogged will do for you and then this one I actually put in bigger fought if you can't tell this is the most important one to me and that is leads so devin and james and even david they're gonna talk so much about list building and building your leads and I know this morning there was so much about how to get those leads in the big feature box on your website and all that good stuff the thing is, if you don't have a consistent, blogged ifyou're not continually putting out original content online, there's no reason for people to ever come to your site to ever opt in to anything. So the more you build content original content, you're going to get more leads there. That is just a fact, the more content you have, the more leads you'll get. So I'm not going to talk about how to get the leeds today, but I want you to keep in the back of your mind. That list building is a huge benefit to blogging and there's throughout the whole weekend, you're going to see so many different examples of how to build your email list on your block or on your website in general, but with when you have content on your block that's, why people are coming there originally, and that's what you're building their trust, you build your trust with your content, they're more likely to opt in some make sense, okay, great. So now we're going to shift over to why create a podcast? And this is for anybody online or anybody that's in the studio audience that doesn't have a podcast, I want you to keep an open mind, because this is something very different, I mean, probably not something you might even been thinking about the recent few are recently it could change the whole game for you, so I want to talk to you a little bit about why I started a podcast, and then I want you to see if your business kind of fits in there. So I started a podcast in january, so not even a year ago, and I started to podcast for two reasons, one very selfish reason and then one more strategic business type reason the selfish reason is that I kind of got a little bit tired of talking about facebook all the time. Have you ever done that in your business? Like if I have to talk about x rays ee one more time, I might scream, and I hate to admit it, but it would just came to that point where he kept talking about facebook marketing, faced with marketing, and I needed another outlet. In the beginning of the presentation, I said, I wanted you to fall in love with your block, and I wanted you to fall in love with the idea of podcasting. If you don't fall in love with it, you're not gonna be consistent, and if you have to talk about the same thing over and over again and you're writing about it over and over again, you're gonna get bored. What happens when we get bored in our business? We don't do anything, so we just kind of stopped that momentum, so my personal reason for starting my podcast was to actually get more mo mentum in my business this is the podcast online marketing made easy and as you can see from the title it's not just about facebook so my strategic reason and see if you can see your business in this my strategic reason for starting the podcast was to expand beyond just facebook because I knew one I had a lot more I could share and two I was going to reach a much bigger audience if I started to talk about other social media channels and if I not, I wasn't known for them but at least talk about them and expand my reach, so if you want to go a little bit beyond what you're already doing, then this is definitely a podcast might be your answer and so it's brian right, brian, you do graphic design and you might be thinking okay, everything I do is so visual how the heck would I create a podcast? Would that maybe enter your mind a little bit? Yeah, okay, so a lot of people online or in the audience it's a little bit hard to make that jump between britain and graphical representation of your business and your brand versus just audio but remember what I said, most people are a lot of people learn in different ways. I have so many more people on my email list now and just in my audience my facebook page skyrocketed all my other social media channel skyrocketed when I started the podcast because they're listening to me in their car at the gym on their way to work, coming back on the train and it's an intimate moment where all they're hearing is my voice talk about a connection right there. So there's something to be said that if you're in a business that you and we all are that you need to build relationships, how better how much better can you get them in their year? Just you in that person in a private moment? I mean, it's good stuff really goes beyond just the blogger or, you know, putting a bunch of images on social media sites so really that's why I did it, and I tell you this just because a lot of people get stuck like the podcast that's not for me, you'd be amazed how popular they're getting as well, so it really opens up the horizon, but again I come back to the word leads I am mentioned, I grow, I grew my email list because of my podcast now I didn't get more leads because I had a podcast I was strategic with how I asked for the leads, and I'll get into a little bit of that when we get into the action here, so I'm gonna guess there's probably not many questions just yet, but we'll just stop just to make sure we good question, but I think we can hold it off to a little bit later, okay, great. So we're going to transition into how to generate a steady stream of really good blawg and podcast ideas. Now, one of the biggest challenges with any type of content creation is running out of ideas. We've all had the writer's block, right? I mean, this is normal and the way you stay in business, the way you continue to generate that brand exposure is to put our original content. So all these ideas I'm going to give you. This is your action items actually do this and start producing mohr content so that you could drive more traffic to your blogged and again, we're going to talk about how to get more traffic. I want you literally to answer this right now those in the, um, studio audience and those online I want you to tell me at least those online just tell me one question you're asked all the time. You can't go anywhere you're in a restroom and they're in the restaurant and people know who you are and they ask you this question you're on the subway your family asks you related to your niche what's that one question you get asked all the time you go first make how do you really live on a budget? That's your number one question how do you live on a budget? Yeah. Rachel, how about you? Uh what is brandon? What is brandy that's? A loaded question that's a good wine. How about you? What should I do after I get certified and become the instructor? What's, the first thing I should do perfect was the first thing I should dio brian, if I focus mainly on print or web and then if I can make a website for them. Gotcha. Perfect. Yeah. So how can I work with you? Which is actually a really great question. So how about online? Where some people saying great responses, both humorists and, uh, we've got, uh I just gotta read scarlet faces where did I get my handbag? But I love teo. Benji actually says, what is an image consultant? Okay, see that's, another loaded one I like those why should I buy? Why should I buy okay, great, so if you do this exercise if you literally right down the five questions for me it's easy how do I get more facebook fans? How do I use facebook ads? How do I get more engagement on facebook? How do I start a facebook page? I could go on and on but these are things that people ask me all the time and mainly now they asked him online on my facebook page via email whatever that might be start there if you haven't answered those five questions in a block post and maybe a facebook post maybe even answer with a quick answer on twitter if not answering these questions regularly start there the easiest place to generate more content and I can promise you you'll generate the conversation as well. So here's another one this one's a little bit more tough so I want to see if anyone online are here can actually answer what's a log top it you topic you can write about that compares blank to blank and I'll explain why this is important but off the top of your head I'll put you on the spot. Jeanette can you answer that? One hears pallotti's to yoga okay compares pallotti's to yoga so basically this question actually will ignite conversation and it could get a little controversial ous well if I were to compare let's say infusion soft a weber to email service providers well, I'm a huge fan of infusion soft, and I'd make that known in the article, and I can promise you those a weber fans are going to come out and they're going to shout, and this is good you want to get that conversation going, but comparing one thing to another really easy block post or a really easy podcasts as well, and then everybody knows about the top ten tips having list post some people don't love them other most people love love love them, but having these list post if you do one two a month, these lists post just generate hun's of traffic, my list post of the ones that gave me the most traffic, for sure. So top ten tips to x y z or my top five favorite facebook pages people love to look at different examples, so giving them examples through these tips is a really easy way to generate content, and then how to everybody. Khun dio how to post so how to post are really easy, and they're pretty much a must if you have a blogger. If you have a podcast in the podcast, you'd be surprised are really easy thing to do with and how to I thought I might struggle with that a little bit because of the fact that you know, with the podcast it's audio, you don't really get that opportunity to walk them through things because you can't show images, but there's always a way around it, so my goal here is you don't get stuck and thinking that won't work. Now, this is my favorite one start reading other pod cat are listening to other parts that reading other blog's that will get you to actually think I hate the term, but because it's so cliche, but outside the box now, in my past life, I worked with tony robbins, and one thing probably the favorite thing you taught me was to model the best surround yourself with people that are more successful than you two actually strive for something bigger, but even more so find out what they're doing and learn their strategy. No notice I didn't say copy, we want to be careful with that, but finding out whose doing it right and learning their strategy always works well. So I think everybody has a favorite blond post, and instead of ripping off those pot, are blood post ideas, find out kind of what's behind it? Are they doing a lot of lists post? Are they doing the comparison thing? How are they formulating their blog's study the best and model them that's probably the easiest way. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to ideas for your blogger your podcast, but a lot of people forget that there's so many great ideas out there, and I have one more kind of tip that's a little bit different than most people would say, but it actually really helps me copy bloggers a website I like to frequent all the time has great content copy blogger dot com I think it is, and brian clark is one of the owners there, and he are the creators of the site, and he taught me through one of his blood post our podcast that you've got to step outside of your work once in a while and the way I heard it wass sometimes I need to watch real housewives of new jersey, and sometimes I need to go to a stupid movie and just sit there and take it all in the reason being or maybe I need to go to a museum and educate myself, but stepping outside of what you do, we get so stuck and always like I could eat, breathe and sleep facebook marketing, but when I step outside and learn maybe something that devon's teaching in a whole different arena, I get ideas for myself, so I think it's important, that we kind of mix that up. Yes, we have some questions regarding podcasts grade that nature. Would it be all right to pop that's do it. Ok, I'm creative like, uh, what does amy suggest as a resource to learn how the technical side of a podcast? Um, so it sounds good and efficient and also what our strategy is to get known from the get go and a similar question was just somebody asking about if you're not so tech savvy, is podcasting a feasible thing to take on? Okay, great. I'm gonna start with that one. That's a great question. So I am not a techie girl at all. I mean, I think devon's made fun of me before because I'm not very techie at all. However, I was able to start this podcast, I will give a shout out to podcast answer man, that is just my tool of choice. It's a website you can go to. And cliff ravens. Kraft talks all about podcasting for free everyday of the week. That guy has some great content on the site. So podcast answer man is one of my favorite resource is but the technical side. Once you know what equipment you need, you can start out really easy and inexpensive. Or you could go kind of with the more robust system I kind of went somewhere in the middle but there's so many free tutorials out there that will show you what equipment you want to you so that if you're not techie you khun still podcast for sure you can do no worries whatsoever and they want to hear okay good so that definitely and then there was one other question you know the resource won the equipment of the resource tto learn the technical side and then also strategies to get known from the get go okay so that is great I'm actually going to go through some of those here so perfect timing and also you you know I'm gonna hold that one cause I actually have some great examples so perfect ok it's all get there but this we're talking about how to get some ideas and I gave you a bunch of ideas but these are actually my favorite so this one here I posted about my podcast I need your help I'm getting ready to plan my next podcast session which topic do you like best now the soda bottles have nothing to do with my podcast and as you can see once about webinars ones about ads the reason I posted this and you can post it on any site you want but it just grabs attention and if you're not having fun with this you're not going to be descent now I show this to you because it got almost two hundred people commented that's a lot of people to comment on a facebook page and what was great as I found out, most people wanted to learn about ads but there was a he huge percentage that chose the webinars so what do I do now? I've got two podcast in the bag right there I know exactly what they want, but another thing that this does and this kind of goes back to that question it reminds people I have a podcast come listen to it just getting out in front of them in this way just reminds them that you're out there, you're producing new content and you care about what they have to say if you take nothing else from this presentation and take this one little tip it will change everything remember that people love to give their feedback online they love to give their insight being back they love to be asked their opinion and you have to listen if you're going to ask. So I made sure the next week that this podcast was out because that was the one that won but again it reminded people I had a podcast now this one blew my mind again I'm asking for feedback, so I recently did a newsletter called the social of weekly, so I loved one of the fonts my team loved another fun so we couldn't really decide, so I thought real quick it was like a spur of the moment. I'll make a quick diagram and we'll put it up as you can see almost almost a thousand kind think it probably hit a thousand people actually responded what fun they liked I mean it's so simple and seemed silly to some, but again I asked for their feedback and they gave so many great suggestions. Now again, it wasn't all about the fun I went with their suggestion number three one, which was not my favorite, but I went because the masses said so and that's what the one my team loved, but really, what was I doing here? I have a new newsletter everybody, and this is my first time ever even mentioning it. So doing something like this just gets the news out there. Melanie duncan was recently on creative live she does a great job of teasing her content. She'll take a picture of her computer may be working on something, and she always says, I'm working on something brand new it's secret. I can't wait to share it with you, she's reminding people really creating content don't miss out come to my website, so this is a huge success and it really will help you get the word out and get great feedback. Now I wanted to show you a contrast I posted this one recently basically to prepare me for this presentation I mean great free advice from people that are actually blogging out there but a few things notice how worthy it is and I'm asking a few different questions in here I'm saying what's your best tip for driving traffic or your best hip for generating stellar content or what's your favorite tool for use on your block? Too many options there and this I took the snapshot right when I did it, but I knew I wouldn't get tons of responses I think the last time I checked maybe thirty when you ask too many questions when you're asking for advice for your blogged or your podcast people aren't gonna answer, but I will say that the image really matters. So creating an image that asked the question whether it be on pinterest facebook, twitter is a little bit different google plus definitely using an image to actually drive the question is going to get you that response for sure and then of course, twitter you can't get too creative with twitter but always mix up the social sites james is going to talk about choosing your platform your social media platform I'm a big fan of obviously a facebook, but I'll jump on twitter and once in a while so I tried teo spread it out a little bit okay, so we're going to change gears in a minute but let's see definitely love all of the ideas that you've given and the way that you're presenting sort of different ways that you can write things in different styles so that's all great but the misfit mama I love the nanny, right? Um she says on this this might be the opposite of some people what do you do when you have too many ideas for block post and podcast okay and love this what you do is you take your top ten so let's say a lot of entrepreneurs have too many ideas and that actually keeps them from taking action is what I've learned, so you really have to narrow it down, take your top ten and then from there over time using social media sites asked people, do you like this idea better? Or this idea like the soda bottle going out there and comparing to of those ideas get feedback but then here's the deal this is where a lot of people miss out take action don't wait and say okay, I know they love that idea the best I'm going to get to it instead do it right, then do it that we'd get that podcast out of that block post out and then ask some more questions, so asking your audience is my number one tip for this whole strategy here something you probably a somewhat different on the other side of the spectrum problem that we're hearing is natalie hixon says, what does amy think about taking the same content across all platt form? So she she writes a blogged she uses the same content in a podcast, and then that same info in a youtube video should she be creating new content for each place? Love this question, so I'm going to talk about repurpose ing content in this section geezer really pacing me? I loved psychic so good, but I will kind of touch on that right now and I am a huge fan of using the same content may be in a block post as I would in a podcast, but I change it up because I don't want the same content everywhere. This is my personal opinion, but I've seen bigger results when I change it up. So let me give you an example. I might write a blawg post ten tips to work smarter with facebook ad so to get bigger results of facebook ads, then from there, I may take three or four those tips and expand on them on a podcast, so I go deeper, so use one to kind of do a list type of strategy, use another media to actually go deeper and then video what I would do is I'd make a youtube video and I'm kind of jumping up because I think this might be my next one oh my gosh is so perfect okay, so on those lines this is what I want to talk about mixing up your media and this is a video is going to play it but then I realized it's a little too long I don't want teo have to have you sit through the whole thing but as you can see is his brand new the online marketing made easy the podcast when I came out with my podcast, no one really knew I had a podcast obviously and I didn't have an audience yet, so I made a video and in this video I just basically say, hey, guys, amy porter filled here I'm changing things up I created a podcast and let me tell you the reasons why, so I kind of took him through that I let them know what they could expect what's coming down the pipeline and basically just said, come check it out I'd love to have you there and then of course I said and if you want to get feedback, if you want me to tell me what you want to hear on my podcast, leave a comment below so I put this on youtube, but I also put it on facebook, twitter and pinterest so that is one area that I actually moved across all social channels when I have teaser videos I put it everywhere and the reason I did a video for a podcast is because I knew a lot of people on facebook maybe never even listened to a podcast but they'd be open to it so I want you to think right now what is something you could do in your business where you could use a video to tease it and use it across social channels to drive traffic? So do you have something out there and you can do this with individual block post? I used to make videos all the time when I would um blogged more now I podcast more but when I would block more and make a video and say I just wrote a block post all about x y z so you've got to come over to my block I'm gonna cover boom boom boom come on and check it out this would skyrocket my engagement on my block so short little one minute videos they don't have to be ultra professional but they'll drive traffic to your individual block post and podcast I recently just made one more video um a podcast that's coming out next week about seven change is that I'm a r that recently were made on facebook I made a video I told people about it was one minute I'm going to spread that all over social sites and I can promise you I'll get in the top business blog's right near the top when I do this because it's a big push so you're going to get the traffic for sure so mixing up your media is a great way to drive traffic now this tool is my favorite have any of you tried click to tweet perfect that makes me excited so click to tweet is just click to tweet dot com and basically it's a free tool that allows you to generate a tweet and so as you can see what happens is I actually put in here listening to amy porter fields latest podcast does advertising on facebook really work? Check it out and then I have a link to the podcast so I generate this I write it exactly how I want people to use it and then I say generate link and it gives me of specific link once I hit generate link now what happens here is now I have a link that I can put anywhere. An email in the bottom of a video on facebook on twitter, across the board and when people click that link twitter opens up and a link, I'll show you what it looks like this is generated inside their twitter account of their logged and if they're not logged in it will prompt him to lug in but obviously you can see it's the exact same tweet I want them to send out this makes it easy if you ask somebody hate tweet about my blogged I can promise you one person well but if you say click this link and all make it easy for you this is where you actually get the action so click to tweet I use it on my thank you page of a webinar so someone signs up for a webinar they get a thank you pages says thanks for signing up for my weapon or I'll send you all the information in the meantime if you want to tell your friends about it click here they click and now this is going to pop up saying hey just signed up for amy porter fields webinar about facebook marketing click here if you want to sign up tio so you help people do the advertising for you and I can promise you they're going to take action so click to tweet my favorite tool can you think of let's just take a quick minute because I want you to make this actionable can you think of where you might use that gina can you think of a place in your business where you might use that we'll definitely I haven't been with any webinars I've done so eleven are his perfect ass for sure and you can tell people on a webinar hey we're starting in five minutes if you go to amy porterfield dot com forward slash webinar you could tweet about it right now so you can make up your own we calm pretty links and tell people where to go and it will just generated so you can mask that kind of weird girl so you could do it live you could do it live on stage how about you might can you think of a place you might use it? Not at the moment. Yeah, you knew I was putting you on the spot, right? So it start thinking of places that you might use this, remember, you can put it under a text link you khun mask it, put it on your own, you earl, let me, um I'll come back to that. I want to show you one more example of how I used it. Another thing when it comes to podcast and also this is a little different for your block, but for podcast, you've gotta ask for the engagement. So just because I have a podcast doesn't mean people know that I need reviews, and the reason why you need a review on a podcast is you're never going to get up the ranks and the reason why you want to get up the ranks because itunes will put you on special list knew and no new and newsworthy or something like that the business block post you want let me get my words right business podcast and they have top one hundred so what happens is the more reviews you get and the more downloads you get of your podcast the higher you go up and who doesn't want free advertising from itunes right? I mean I'll take that any day but you've got to ask for it you also have to ask for comments on your block post when people comment it increases the engagement if you're not asking for it I can promise you people aren't doing it and I think this is one area we probably probably forget to do or it's not as comfortable we love to write the block post but then what about actually getting people to engage with it that's where we spall short so if you took an action item away from today super simple but I can promise you probably eighty percent are not doing it is to make sure you're asking for the comments or you're asking for the reviews and you could do it in a way such as at the end of every podcast I say hey, if you like this podcast I would love for you to help me out and write a review all you need to go to is this link let's do a review and I'd really appreciate it so you just gotta kind of work it into your thing but this is another click to tweet I wanted to show you and this is what I say again at the end of my pot cast so I'll say another thing I'll say is hey, if you like this podcast I really appreciate it if you'd spread the love just go to amy porterfield dot com forward slash love and you can spread the word this tweet pops up when they do that this was not my idea mike stills in our social media examiner taught this one to me but this has made a huge difference I go on twitter and it's amazing how many people are talking about my podcast and it's because I made it really, really easy for them so this is one thing that it could be done in probably two minutes and it could really ramp up your traffic to your podcast your block your webinars wherever you want to put this I'd kind of go crazy with these links because you can make us many as you want and the best thing about it is that it's free and we all love free right? And then this is a no brainer but it's funny because I went to a bunch of sites before I came here and I did my research ah lot of people were missing the sharing buttons or maybe they just had facebook but they didn't have twitter pinterest or some other options the thing is, you have to remember, you might not be spending time on twitter or you might not be spending time on google plus, but your audience some readers might be, and why not get the extra exposure? So every single block post every single podcast where you have show notes on your website should have these sharing buttons extremely important it's just often overlooked, but you've gotta have it in order to ramp up the exposure on your sights. So this is just a quick little fix and there's a lot of tools you can use. Um, let me think I'll have to come back to that I wanted I was thinking of one in particular, and I can't think of it, but there's one I used that makes it really easy, so we'll come back, I'll remember it. You need to have a question from meg for e commerce after the checkout, which is better to put in, click to tweet or ask them to like for facebook, which one works better? Oh, this is great. Okay, so this is a great question to think about when james wed moore's on because really what it comes down to us, where is your audience spending time for me? I would do on, I would do probably get the like when it's more timely like my webinars coming up and I have let's say, three more days to philip the webinar I would do click to tweet, but if it's something that's ongoing, I would definitely probably, for me do like my facebook page because I spend all my time on facebook, but if you're more of a twitter person one hundred percent, you'd want to do the click to tweet got to know your audience a little bit. I know james will touch on that, and I also mix it up. You could you could do both just mix it up. I wouldn't do both at the same time. You can definitely do both. Thank you. Okay, so this one we kind of touched on it already, but this is all about repurpose ing your content. So with repurpose in your content what I mean and I mentioned this earlier, I might do a block post of ten tips on facebook, but then from there I might take three ideas and make a podcast out of it, but really go deeper. But there is a tool called slide share, so slide share dot net slide share will rock your world, and I can promise you this because it's amazing what it's done for my traffic on my website. And here's something really cool? We did some stats, and we found that people that came from slide share to my website spent on average eight minutes on my website, which is pretty high compared to the average is definitely lower than that, so it's quality traffic that's finding me and going to my web site. So this is what it is. You can take any presentation you did, maybe you did it on stage live, or you just created just for slide share and you upload it and basically people can go through your slides. You can add your voice, but most people don't, which makes it even easier, but they click through and there's an option where you can add in bed links that you can collect leads from, so I use slide share to grow my email list a cz well, so I've seen a steady stream of leads and my content gets out there and went about the thousand people, maybe look at your content slighter likes to boost you up and put you on their main page, which is always nice, a swell. So if you have any presentation right now, anything you've done that it's just sitting there, you got to get it on slide share, and you can play around with it, manipulated as you'd like, but it's also great for c o so you want to use those keywords and really what I do is I just repurpose my content. I've never created a presentation just for slide share. I just don't want my presentation's in my trainings and workshops that I'm no longer using to just be wasted, so this is a way to get those leads up and to get the traffic because you can link right back to your website so repurposing content. So I've got a question for you at this point. Can you think of content that you have right now that you can repurpose into something different? And I'd really love to hear from the audience online as well, because I'd love to know, can you think of one block post that you could turn it into something else? Or can you think of ah podcast that you've already done that you can expand and turn it into a block post? Or maybe a video or a slide share? I'd like to know specifically what online audience, what you would do and then who wants I won't call on you and put you on the spot, but does anybody have any idea they could repurpose some content? Because this makes your life easier it created allows the stress to go down because you don't have to always start from scratch I repurposed content all the time and it has allowed me to always put content out there but not have to sit at my desk and always be creating so can you think of anything love it well it it feels like every single one of because I I only have a blogger and I've been consistently blogging for maybe three or four months now but it seems like every single block post that I have is going to be able to be reused in either for example what is branding is the question I get asked all the time why why is that so expensive or how can I you know what what can I do to start that and all those things are such in depth questions that even you know a thousand words and you're barred post isn't enough yeah and to move it into different places and reuse that content means that you're like I can more adequately educate my people yes for sure I love that and you just reminded me of studying I'm gonna get that the idea I'm gonna get their idea right but the example wrong but just stay with me here have a good friend marcus shared and he used to sell pools like fiberglass pools I I think it was fiberglass don't kill me marcus but use herself pools and then now he's moved into the marketing arena because he figured out how to really have you heard of him before how he really he did so well he now teaches it kind of like what gina does with polite ease but anyway my point being he wrote an article about why fiberglass pools are so expensive versus another type of pool and his pools were more expensive than most other people's so he wrote an article and explained all the details that went into it yes minor more expensive and this is the reason why and this is what you get people loved him for it they're like you're talking about price and no one talks about price online so if you got really deep into that people would appreciate it you don't have to be the cheapest to write articles like that about why you're so expensive so I think that's a great idea anybody online do they have any great ideas for repurpose ing actually yeah roz roz frenchman I don't even know if I'm pronouncing that right but that's okay I wrote inspirational quote posts I came then create images and repurpose the post yes perfect the images is a great idea with that okay great and kelly jane creative says I've done pick monkey tutorials and put them on slide share worked great oh perfect so tutorials when you think of slide chair think of how to so what type of how to content your slides it could be ten slides and if you literally walk someone step by step how to do something you will be their friend for life because people want to know you know it's one thing to give big ideas but when I tell you go to slide share use click to tweet it's more tangible so in your business if you can show someone how to set something up or how to actually do something through slides and images that's when you're going to hook them that's where the brand awareness the relationship building and the authority comes in talking about becoming that go to source in your field showing people how to do stuff number one way to get there so that's a great idea I love that okay so this is another one I do this a lot and this is to tease your content so this was a uh google plus post I did but what I like to do I want to read it because there's actually a specific strategy here it says do you know where your facebook page traffic is coming from learn about the little known metric that will help you optimize your traffic and attract more quality fans notice what I don't do here I don't give the answer and everybody wants more um traffic and they want to know where the traffic's coming from so teasing your content really paying attention to how you're using your words on every single post I always say every post counts but teasing your content using images this is another way that you're going to drive traffic to your block or your podcast it works across the board all right now that I know this is a lot of text but I kind of want to take you through one more idea here related to how you actually get this all done and that is to document it. So another little trick a tip I learned from tony robbins during those days was that if you actually wanted to happen you've got to document it, document it and make it real so with that all of my students I have a program that I take them through and I give him a template and in this programme I have them answer the plan for our block is to post a new bug article every blank you've got to fill it in and you've got to be consistent I got to talk about the consistent scything here because if you wanna win if you wanna win at this game of online marketing you've got to be consistent if you post once a week every week and you don't miss and you're content is good it's not stellar yet but it's good versus the guy that has stellar content and you never know when he's gonna post a blogged it's very rare and you might miss it if you're not paying attention you will win out so consistency wins every time and the way you get consistent is you documented so before this is over and I'm gonna come back to you guys, I want you to make a decision, how often are you going to block or how often are you going to get a new podcast up and you've got to stick to it? Consistency is key, and then this one is what most people don't really think about, so in your, you know, declaration of what you're going to dio when we post a new article, the plan is to post a block teaser on facebook and twitter on blank and then again on blank, and I say this will ensure were consistently promoting our content drop driving traffic, teach block post. What this means is that if I post a new podcast on thursday, my team knows that on thursday and next tuesday we're marketing it, it will fall through the cracks. You won't remember next week when you post on facebook or twitter or pinterest pinchers is a little different, but facebook and twitter for sure I'm in the same one percent of your audience is probably going to see it if you post it once you've got a post consistently because you want to get out into the news feed and we'll talk about this tomorrow get out into the news feed so people see your post. So posting a few times for that one block post or a few times for the podcast is what's gonna work now just to go back really quick posting and telling people, you know, teasing the content a little bit and then maybe a different type of post with a different image on tuesday, it was what's going to mix it up, but I think a lot of people again I spend so much time on the content and then they forget that if they're not promoting it, I think I think it was derek help earn that said, I know devon mention him earlier that you gotta spend more time on the marketing than you do on the content creation, and I used to think when I was new at all of this, like he's crazy like the content that's me that's, my brand that's what I'm about no one's looking at it, we're wasting a whole heck of a lot of time. So now that I have some processes I know when I blogged, I know when I podcast and I know when I'm in a market it then I can get even deeper into the marketing, but you got to declare it how often you get a blogger and you got to be consistent related question coming in that I can relate to, so I'm imagining a lot of our audience perfect and relate teo, I'll start with natalie hickson, she says, how do we learn to speak to our audience? We asked them to comment like and review, but somehow we're not saying it right most of the time on social media, I feel invisible and I get that sometimes I go to a post and then, like, what if I don't get comments? And then you get funny about the red you nesting regularly? Yeah, I love this. So the number one tip I have for you when you're not getting a lot of engagement on facebook or twitter wherever really you got to make it easier so here's my number one tip and I wanted to try this and I wondered if it was a woman, right? I wanted to tell us exactly what happens if you post something like what's one word that best describes x it can be fun or could be related to your niche. Darren rouse, a pro blogger, did this when I gave him this tip, and I think he he is a photographer, so he has these amazing picture. So this might work for brian really well, and he posted this amazing picture he took and he said what's one word that best describes this image and people came out of the woodwork, but when he posted the image with nothing no, no one's gonna comment, you know, even if you say hey, what do you think of this image? I mean that's not what gets people do stop so what's one word that best describes or something like in three words tell me how you're going to spend your weekend that you have to tell them exactly what you want him to do and make it as easy as possible I can almost promise that will work for her so she's gotta let us know later on great. Thank you. We also have a sort of similar question, but it relates oh, sort some what john be asked, how do you ask for the engagement on your blogged and protect your sight from all the spammer blawg comment software spammer blogged software I'm not really sure about the software he's talking about, but how do you increase engagement? Was his other question I guess how do you keep had you? How do you ask for engagement or increasing engagement? And then also protect yourself from spanning? Okay, I think what he means is the is the comments that sometimes come in the comment box where they're actually advertising for got shot. Okay, so let's talk facebook but this will work across all channels, okay, so the first question the engagement, that one word type question and something along those lines works really, really well but also you've got tio and I'm going to talk about this tomorrow and you really talked about it a lot this morning knowing your audience like gina I know you know what triggers your audience you know those pain points what keeps them up at night so asking questions that will sometimes will sting a little bit but it will get them thinking is always a great way to create engagement also asking for advice so I showed a few different examples the fought question was so simple but people love to give their advice so to increase engagement asked for feedback advice about very specific things think that's where we get lost a little bit we're being a little bit too general on people aren't answering so that will help your engagement as for the spam when someone post spam on my facebook page I delete it and I let them not post on my page again I'm pretty ruthless about this I banned them from my page I think they're jerks when they do it and why would we want him around so there's a lot of controversy like if someone leaves a post and they say you're wrong about something you shouldn't delete it you should answer fine if you want to get back and forth in that banter great but if someone spams and says hey you're a jerk or if they spam and say hey look at my website just delete it in banham, that's. What I do. And it works every time.

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Some pretty great tips sprinkled throughout this course, the mix of presenters is great too.

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