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Guest Blogging with Amy Porterfield

Lesson 6 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

Guest Blogging with Amy Porterfield

Lesson 6 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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6. Guest Blogging with Amy Porterfield

Lesson Info

Guest Blogging with Amy Porterfield

The perfect guests blogging spot but I also added or a podcast guest interview if you're not ready to podcast or like gene, if you're thinking about maybe going there, the first thing you want to do is start getting interviewed on other people's podcast because that will give you you know, give your sea legs a little bit to see what podcasting is all about and you get your message really clear a swell so anybody that's kind of working on their messaging or they're looking to expand their audience getting interviewed allows you to hone in and you'll will ask you questions that everyone wants to know that's how you create your signature content that stuff I get asked all the time I know what people want to know and I talk about it because of that so getting interviewed allows you to do just that so a few things why guest blogged post well and everyone knows a guest blogged post opportunity is basically you create a podcast blogged post for somebody else's website and or you get interview...

ed on someone else's podcast but the thing is it grows your brand and it drives traffic to your site and it doesn't even have to be a sight of millions of people I love what one of my friends said that she's often looking for websites that has her perfect ideal audience it doesn't even matter they have a he huge following if they have considerable traffic but they have her perfect audience. Ten people from that audience versus one hundred people from a mediocre, not so targeted traffic. It makes a world of difference. So I don't want you to get stuck on finding blog's that have millions of people but finding blocks that have your ideal audience and that's what devon talked about today. Really understanding. What time do they wake up in the morning? You know, do they have kids? How old are they? Those questions. I hate that exercise. To tell you the truth, I hate going through it. It's painful. Have you ever experienced that going through finding who you're perfect? Ideal audiences can be painful. Best thing you can ever dio so really spend the time there, and this will help you find it. You're perfect. Boggs. So I have a quick story for you when I was starting out and literally just left tony robbins, mike steles nor of social media examiner kind of took me under his wing, and he allowed me to work on some of his projects. And I had just come out of tony robbins. So it's really fearful, like, can I do this online marketing thing on my own and he really became a mentor. But during that time he said amy why don't you come? He just started a website called social media examiner like literally that month he was starting it and he said why don't you come on and right for me? And I thought I had guess block post like this is my first one I was so excited and what he asked me to do was to take some studies in the tournament to an article not the most sexiest guess bog you could ever have so for a few months all I did was take studies and turned them into articles I didn't necessarily love it but it was an opportunity and I tell you this because this is my early start on guest vlog posting and it gets a whole lot better but this is how it started so I did this for a few months and I did it really well I made sure I put my best foot forward but then what happened was mike started asking me to write my own block post so seven facebook marketing tips from world's top pros where I got to interview ten really amazing social media marketers find out their best tips and take it from there so I got to energy interject some of these people became great great friends and asked me to go on their stage and asked me to be a part of their e books so I built relationships from that one and then this one three facebook timeline marketing tips for success I just got to write about the stuff I knew most but it didn't start that way so I tell you this because sometimes when you're just starting out guest vlog posting you might not get the perfect one do it anyway move forward with it anyway because I knew social media examiner was my perfect audience the fact that I had to write about studies wasn't my favorite thing but I knew it would lead to something now I have spoken live on mike stage I have been in so many of his summits and the reason being is because I did the work up front so I think there's something to be said about kind of doing what you got to do in the beginning when it when you're very brand new with guest blogging but it turns into something bigger and so that definitely was something ideo I do often is I just kind of start where I need to start and build up from there just kind of proved to them what I've got guess blogging oh question laur so great okay get into us yeah yeah go ahead uh well thrive image consulting wanted to know how do you approach a blogger about being a guest blogger on their site going to get into literally four steps to do it okay, so race we have a couple more okay try those and see we're going okay, well, jennifer kent says, how do you get invited if you're just starting to have a small list? Small audience, I think that's what she's saying our track record on and also finding the right people to guess blawg with lifeline ask that one, okay, great, these are perfect questions because that's, what I'm gonna get into so let's go for it. I love it that I love when we're pacing girls, that was great. Okay, so first of all, you need to become known in your niche by creating signature content, so you've got to have something different than everybody else. If I just talked about facebook marketing everyday, there are a million people that could do that, but I actually talk about specifically how to turn your fans into leeds it's my signature content, I talk about it all the time, but people love that because it's great to have a bunch of facebook fans, but what about having leads? So you've got to have the signature content all come back to that cause, we're going to revisit it. I want to use an example here, and this is my good friend liz de alto and liz de alto at listing alto dot com is a master at landing those guests post, so those questions we got online that perfect liz is a perfect example of starting out not really having a huge audience yet she does now but at the time not having a huge audience and actually going after some big fish out there. So I interviewed lives before we came here and I said tell me a little bit about how you've landed these big spots, so I'll show you some of the spots daily love dot com this site even though I don't want to focus in the beginning on big sites with tons of traffic she got lucky this site actually came to her I'll tell you how she did that, but daily love great place where she blocks regularly life hack another really big website where she was invited to guess post and then another one u s news I mean us news she's a fitness and health he wouldn't think that they'd come after her and they have so all of these examples are perfect for people just starting out so let's start here and this is it literally a quote from liz and said first what's it all about what's the goal here, she said, be yourself be creative and find ways to stand out and this is my favorite also remember it's not about you it's about them so first tip here is to remember you're not even though you of course you want to do it for your brand you have to tell him what's in it for them so right away start thinking how can I add value to this site that's the first question you gotta ask but specifically let's kind of get into very specifics this first step is one hundred percent derek helpings of social triggers dot com if you've never gone to the site one of the best sites out there but he teaches something called the superpower solution and I thought I've gotta add it here that's exactly what I've been saying forever but he really named it so much better than I did so I thought I'd better still that so here's the deal derek teaches this superpower solution and really that's about what is going to make you stand out and make you an unique indifferent because again so many people teach what I teach but I've been able to step out you know and really be known for something because I've got that super power solution so for example with liz de alto so she's our little case study for this point she has this whole thing about willpower sucks and when you hear that first of all the words sucks you don't really hear in most people's marketing so right away it's a little bit like polarizing and then idea of willpower sucks makes you think wait a second I thought it I thought losing weight and fitness was all about willpower so she makes you think and that's her thing she says moderation and enjoyment that's what really is going to get you the success you want so I'm gonna put you guys on the spot so you got to start thinking and in our online audience I want to hear two or three really good ones what is your superpower solution? What makes you stand out more than all the people that do what you do? Because there's a lot of people in finance right now brandon oh my gosh, I'm sure you have a lot of competition but I never believe in competition cause I know we're all unique so you guys let me know if you can convince anyone think of one alright, I kind of have what I'm not sure so much so if it's a solution as much as it is just a different positioning but sometimes in the pla tes industry can be very competitive and people are positioning a lot. Yeah, and so one of the things that I've tried to create is I called the anti pallotti's diva I don't care what play school you went teo are what you believe about that technique or not we can help each other and so if a little bit more of a position I don't know if it's a superpower but it's sort like live in this space at least for the plot because we help each other it's very collaborative and in cities, studio owners aren't talking or helping each other, but on the online world they are because they're across the country from each other across the world and yet they're having somewhere experiences so I'm not sure I think solution why, yes, I like you said this the reason why gina's examples a great solution for them is their solution. Their problem is they're not connected. The problem is they're not talking, they're not getting advice from each other and you're saying, I got a solution for that I'm gonna bring us all together all get us on the level playing field and then we're gonna go from there and I think that is a huge solution for a problem that's in your neck so spot on. So no, if I've described it as, well, a cz list? Well, that's a great point, though I think good idea and you really gotta hone in on it willpower sucks, I mean, can't get better in which there was something I could do, so really a quick tagline, and you'd be amazing at this, rachel, you know, that brandy part of it really get a message out there and right away you say it and you want people to think they don't have to be polarized or think, ooh, that's weird, you just want him to think like that's great I like it. I resonate with that is really what you want them to think through your ideal audience anybody else great budgets don't work for couples. Okay? That's awesome! You have to separate your bill paying for your spending. Okay, this is great. So let's, take that first part budgets don't work for couples and I'm thinking what do you talking about? My husband and I make budgets all the time like I don't know what to do now, but what was the second part? You have to separate your bill paying from your spending great so right away you've got my solution so I don't really know how I'm pretending, but I only know how to do that. So now I'm gonna use you as my solution so I could find out more. The great thing about your superpower solution is that people are going to need to nome or when you throw out willpower sucks or but just don't work for couples like wait a second tell me marks, I'm not getting that, but I'm having a problem in this area so I want to learn more great example to go online hey j three has a great one it says he does sort of ceo he or she does this sort of creative live match dot com we match photographers needing work with web marketers needing photography perfect and everyone knows mass dot com and when you think about shot comment was like I'm not gonna tell anybody I use it but I love it so everyone knows it I don't know the name of his company and he was saying that the sort of thing yeah, I love it I love using that example perfect one more is uh n g has a tagline life styled perfect yeah so here's the deal that's a great tag line but I still want to really hone in on the superpower solution lifestyle what do you do? What are you going to do for me? I want to hear it and it might not be a tagline I probably speak um screw people up with giving the tagline it's the idea of your solution so you've gotta have it so I'm sure she has it but I love that tag line as well. So this is where you're starting? Anybody who wants to guess block post you've gotta have that signature content is what I call it. But as derek says that superpower solution from there, we've got to do our research and again, this is one of those action items you khun take and this will make a huge difference step to might take you the longest might even take you longer than actually writing the post because you know you're content well but doing the research and identifying five to ten websites where you'd like to block or you could do this, I have a good friend that his goal by the end of the year, I think, is to be featured on twenty I'm gonna make up the number on remember, but twenty podcast, so he has a strategy. He knows which podcast he's gonna go after, and he tells them, and I'll get into this and step three or step for he tells them, this is what I can do for you, but before you tell people this is the kind of content I can give you, we've got to make sure we've got the right sites. So again, we're not necessarily going for the sites that are going to give us a huge audience were first starting for those sites that are genuinely going to give us the perfect audience. Okay, so more quality over quantity. So you do the research, you identify five to ten websites where you'd like to block now. One of the easiest things I do is I just google it these air three websites, I use google all top and alexa and I use them to research what people are asking about. So how to use facebook marketing for business? I'm going to find out what people are searching for so you can use, you know, the google search tool, whatever you want, but you can use for that for key words, but also taking those keywords, putting them into here and seeing what websites come up. So I put this in hub spot social media examiner, about facebook, dot com these air sites that I know my audience is there because I know the industry well, but if I was knew, they'd be a goldmine for me to say, okay, now I'm gonna go into alexa rating, I'm just gonna make sure they have traffic. That's what alexa will d'oh, you don't want to cite that two people visit, you know, every month, but this will help you at least make sure you're gauging it, right? But all of these sites will help you find your perfect blawg blog's site, so you can guess block post, so this one will help you a lot and then step three. This is a little different than you'll find in a lot of the instructions, and this is something that liz suggested to me because she's been doing this for so long that she was definitely more of the expert if you can find someone to make an intro for you. You want to ask for it, and what liz said was sometimes I'll go on facebook and I'll ask someone if they have a connection here or there or all network in real life or whatever that might be. And she said, if I don't know the person, I'm not going to email him and say, can you make an intro for me? But she might e mail him and say what's, the best way to go about this and I loved that because we have to be genuine. We don't want to ask for something if we don't even know the person. I don't love that type of style just personally, but I would email them and say, hey, I want a blind post for x y z site I see that you write for them what's the best way to kind of get in there and if they want to, they'll say let me intro you, but if it was a good friend, I definitely say, can you give me an intro and here's why I need it kind of thing? So for finding someone that can kind of get you through the door, I'm a big fan and then step for pitcher idea no, make sure you understand who their audiences and what content will resonate best, so you've got to really know the site this stuff takes work but because when I was new, I would guess block post everywhere entrepreneur, dot com, social media examiner, I mean, a lot of different sites, and I did because I knew my website didn't have the traffic yet because I didn't have the traffic, I knew there were still ways to get the traffic to me. So this is why I did it so much, and so I spent time on it, so make sure you understand who their audiences, and specifically, this is what you want to dio I want to give you exact details of how to pitch first thing often overlooked a killer subject line, and this is something liz reminded me of. You've got to grab their attention think about your writing to a random person they do not know you likely. So starting out with something that's gonna grab their attention, they get hundreds of emails a day, so a subject line is going to get you through the door also include the entire block post or the top of the title, in some points like an outline. This is a preference thing. I personally like to write the block post and actually send it to them. I've had better luck with actually just writing a block post for a specific site, sending it to them, and I usually get yes is a lot quicker than if I just gave him an idea however that's a lot of work and if they say no, I've got this bog post but cares I can use it on my side if I want, but a lot of people will do the title and the most important points and that's important, you got to give enough detail but notice number three keep it short and to the point people do not have time and they do not want to read a novel, so if you take anything from here short into the point is probably the most important link to your website and social sites, but most so just so people know where to find you that's. Why it's important to build up your facebook community or your twitter community? Make sure you show like, hey people like me, I've got some engagement here that's important these days, but number five really important most websites if you want to guess block post, they're savvy to it now if they have guest bloggers, they have instructions meaning you have to fill out a contact form or you need to jump through a few hoops and do it their way don't break the rules in my opinion, I darren rows of pro blogger I read an article of his and I think he mentioned something about the fact that you're causing more work for them when you're kind of doing it your way if they have rules and guidelines. There's a reason for that? You follow those rules and guidelines and you're able to get through the door quicker, so that doesn't mean you can't have a killer subject line and do all this other stuff, but usually, if it's a great sight, they're goingto have guidelines for you. So a few do's and don'ts so do include why you enjoy their site. It could just be one sentence instantly identifying why you like their site is going to create that connection. They're gonna know that you've read their sight and you know they're content. Make sure you request indicates that you are familiar with their work or mission. Also do's and don'ts do include how you can be of service to them and what's in it for them. So this is a big one. This is a big one across all social media in general, but knowing our telling people what's in it for them and leaving yourself out of it is going to get you through the door. So be very specific. So for example, if you wanted to write for let's, say a financial website and telling them my wife and I have this business this is our story you know this is this is why I'm so passionate about your website that's about you of course, but going there and I know you wouldn't do that but going there and telling them I've got five tips that if people take these tips and actually apply them they could see their budgets wiped out in six months something like that very actionable and look what I can do for your audience that's going to make a huge difference so not about you make it about them and then do not talk about I already mentioned this about yourself or your goals or how you would benefit huge turnoff and this is another one that lose reminded me of she was saying that I rarely even tell much about me because if they want to know they'll go look, you know, if they love your content we'll take that extra step and say let me check out this girl let's see if if we like her sight or what she's talking about and linking people to some of your other articles which will be a request that most people ask for when you link them to other articles you wrote make sure those articles actually resonate with their audience then it's not random articles you've written in the past so really though coming down to it the secret to attack attracting guests blogging opportunities you might be surprised by this one it's make connections in real life, and I bring this up now because I do so much online. I spend hours and hours a day online, but everything in my business that I've gotten like the big things where because I actually went out and met people, whether it might be a local meet up in my town. Maybe I just talked about my business to a stranger and we started talking things up, or maybe I paid for an event or anything like that. So I'll tell you, just briefly, when I was first starting out, I started writing about block put our facebook through my blood post, and then I got some guests blogging sites, our opportunities. So from there I went to an event I paid to go to an event, it was a really silly name, like how to get your mojo on or something like that, which I don't tell many people. I went to that, but it was a great event, and I sat next to a woman and we start talking facebook. She did, facebook, I did facebook I was so brand new that anyone that wanted to talk to me, I was so excited she's a great woman, so fast forward, maybe six months and wily publisher's called me. And they said amy, we have looked at your guest log post on social media examiner we love what you're writing about and andrea who you've met before at an event we went to her and asked her who would be a great co author of this book facebook marketing all in one for dummies and I thought what I met her once and she landed me a book deal because we met in person we had a connection we stayed in touch online, but that would have never happened so landing a book deal with wiley publishers truly because I got out of my comfort zone and met people changed everything for me and one more quick story about kind of getting out there. I also have a program an fb facebook program and I was at a neve ent couple years back and I met this guy louis house and another guy sean malarkey and I have known him online but never met him in person and I got to meet them in person and they started talking they liked what I was talking about I like to their style and they said, would you be interested in creating a facebook product for us or with us? And I didn't even have a product yet I was so brand new in that world I could believe they were taking this chance, but I thought, heck, yeah, I would and from there, that relationship grew over half a million dollars in sales, probably so much more now from one product that we partnered together. But if I didn't go to this event, if I didn't meet people, they would have probably passed me up because they met somebody else. When you meet people in person, the whole game changes, so I just want to remind you, like you the studio audience being here, it takes a big step to be live on camera and to be in the audience, but it makes a difference, so I really will kind of I can't say enough about kind of getting yourself out there. And the last thing I'll say here is that when you have a strong platform, whether it be a blogger or a podcast or, you know, a video, a video site like james has where so many people I think over a million people have almost seeing all of this videos that makes a difference. And what makes the difference is I always call it's free admission it's free admission into their house, it's free admission in their ear on the train, it's free admission to get into their head and become that go to source and that's what really matters so creating content, building your platform. Think of it as free admission into the lives of those people that will mean the most to your brand. So I just want you to take that with you, and I know we're going to move into questions, but something to think about. We've got christina, I believe from new york, um, as a bilingual speaker, I want to attract both western and asian clients. Do you suggest to create my boss blogged bilingual or best to keep it in one language? Great question. So I get this question a lot for facebook pages as well. I have, you know, I teach in two different languages should I have both languages on the facebook page or not so very similar question? And my answer is always to keep it separate, although on google you khun translate on facebook, you can translate when you goto a blogger and let's say it's in spanish and you don't know spanish, would you automatically think, oh, let me look through here and find, you know, the english part, it just doesn't happen, you instantly click off. So for advice for that question and for anybody that speaks in different languages for their brand, you definitely want to keep it separate in order to make sure that when someone comes to your site that's exactly the site that they're supposed to be on create any advice, amy, on the length of your podcast, a snappy gourmet says how many minutes should've podcast be or how long is too long so I always say it should be a cz long as it needs to be in order to create the impact that you want, however that's more of a general question, so I'll get a little bit more specific. I do believe that people want things short into the point more and more, we're seeing it shorter block pat post sort of videos, but if the contents really good and your teaching them something that they cannot live without, they're gonna hang on. So I tried to make mine thirty five minutes, forty minutes, max, so I try to stay within their I know some people that do twenty minutes, other people talk for an hour, an hour and a half, it really comes down to your audience. What will your audience it's like? How long do they want it? Whether it means you take to the facebook airways and you ask him or you experiment with different times and I've done that to one of my podcast is just thirty minutes, the others forty five and sometimes I compare and kind of see if they're similar topics what's going on, but my point being is, yeah, I think short into the point is good but if you're not making an impact, really doesn't matter how short of how long it is, so you've really got experiment with that, but again, it needs to be a cz long as it needs to be in order to make the impact. Thank you. Five image consulting um, asks in a surface related business, how do you give something away? How do you give something without giving it all away, like in a tutorial? Okay, so what kind of business is it? He said, again, thrive image consulting is the name o k dimensional. So how do you give something away, but not give it all away? Is that the question? Great? So the first thing I say about that is I want youto wipe out that question and not be afraid to give a lot, and and you'll never be able to give it all away anyway, but when you go in there with the mentality of who, how much is too much, you're probably gonna hold back a little too much, so I would say kind of wiped that mindset out of there, but instead think in terms of what can I give away that they can't live without, and then from there, what? How can I expand on it? And let's say a paid program are paid service because your first impression is that give away and if your skimpy on that I can promise you they're not gonna take out their wall and want to pay, so really go at it with what can I give away that so irresistable they can't live without and from there that's all I want you to worry about once that's done, you will think of a million things you could do to add on enhanced dive deeper but I think it's the mindset that move trip you up in that question? Yeah, there is one question vicki um, s I c n j uh says about the team that you spoke of how do you find the people for your team? And are they virtual? Do they have a forty hour week? And, uh, you know, because it's tough managing to blog's turning content help, how do I get a team? Great question. So I have to resource is that I love about building a team, especially virtually and I'll tell you about my team in a moment, but james wade moore has some great stuff out there and he's gonna come on later he won't be talking about via is but he's got some great virtual assistant type content are building a virtual team and chris tucker dot com that's another one chris tucker dot com he has great content about how to build a team, especially when you're a one woman or a one man shop that you really don't have a lot of money and you have a lot of resource is yet so those air to resource is that I love but with my team overtime, so I started out um actually it's a great question this is going to relate to a lot of people when I started out, I was obviously a one woman show and did it alone, but from there what I realized was that I was getting overwhelmed quickly, but I didn't necessarily have the funds to build the team yet, and I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to get them, but at that time I hired my first via her name's, rebecca and rebecca wasn't sure what I was going to give her, and rebecca wasn't sure exactly you know how my business was ran on what was going on, but she was willing to kind of take it on and learn with me. I wasn't sure where the money was coming from, to be quite honest, but I knew money was coming in and I'd have to just figure it out you smile, but it was a little nervous about the money there, so I tell you this because sometimes you got to jump out on that ledge a little bit more and say, ok I'm overwhelmed I'm making money I know I'm building my brand but it's too much and I need support I say get support before you might be totally comfortable with it that's my big advice right there and once you do get that initial support, you'll start seeing other areas where you can buildup so now I have um rebecca turned into my content manager so I have someone that helps me repurpose this content and help me get it on slide share and helps me with my social media and building out my slides and anything that related to content she would help me with some of the content in here. So that was a big one for me because I'm all about my content I also have a virtual assistant and I also have a project manager that helps him with all my launches every single person is not full time and I paid them on a project basis or ah monthly stipend versus hourly I'm not big a fan of hourly so this is basically my team and then I have a go to programmer and a go to designer and I don't have them on I do projects with them but it's less consistent and that's truly just my team and it works so it's not it's pretty bare bones but it also is the support I need great, great and one more question from a line there just magda asks, have you seen any successful blog's on e commerce sites? And can you recommend some that are great to look at successful blog's on e commerce sites? So I'd have to think of that one? I actually let me think for a second, maybe when devon comes up here, he might let max know we'll get back, okay, that was great content. Amy, thank you so much for sharing. I really loved I think it was really great that you put them faces on guess blogging. I think that's a great way for people to get started to kind of get a little bit of a reputation in the subject matter and, you know, as an authority and help drive traffic back to their website, especially people are getting started. It's true, I love the fact that on a guest blogged, you never know those people you would never get in front of any other way because it's not your audience, but really builds things up and again to be known for something to be known for that signature contents and easy way to do it. Yeah, I think it's really great it's it's definitely something give me a lot of great ideas because we don't do that very well in our business at all it's, not part of our current strategy that's why I had you focus on this topic because I'm not madison experienced and it as I like to be so well now you are getting there going I've got a lot of great ideas and tips um and a lot of one of the other topics you talked about what I want to recommend another block that I love looking at especially for graphic designers on brand experts brought in rachel is signal vs noise it's it's a company called thirty seven signals runs they run a project management system called base camp very popular online software and I love the way they run their blawg and things they choose to feature I thought this might be a great idea for you guys tryingto need help coming with content and they publicly share there ah how they go about building their product just like from the starting point they you know with their russian software something I thought that might be really cool till the share with different projects you guys take on especially with branding and kind of educate the audience that can follow along you can follow first steps maybe I don't know what your guys process are but let's imagine it was drawing on a napkin the most basic step taking iphone picture that while you're at a client meeting at starbucks or something let's say that was the first step so you kind of get an idea their branding and then whatever your inspirational pieces are and is talking about how the colors are coming in how your creative process starts flowing, and they walked them through this starting step all the way through the very last step of of launching the branding campaign being completed, I know I would be really interested in that because I'm not creative and if I'm not if I can't afford an expensive brendan package and idle on ly positions using authority and someone that I would go teo when I'm ready to pay and a method stage of my business, but it would definitely we really need to learn what do you pay attention to to come with different branding elements along the way? It also that's so perfect as it also takes you behind the scenes and people love to be a part of your business, like you and melanie do that so well, and I love to be like a fly on the wall and I think that's exactly what that does so great it's a great idea, teo answer one of the web audience questions from earlier about successful e commerce companies that run blog's think thread list dot com does a lot of really great behind the scenes stuff there, they have a great like culture and of our going on, and I can't remember if it's technically a block, but I know I see a lot of there behind the scenes and ticks and fun things going on in their office space or what they're working on or, you know, there there, ah, dog mascot or just friends see that's the thing I think when people hear the word blogged, they think I've got to write a thousand words and it a little bit boring, to be quite honest, but when you think of a blogger is videos and fun pictures and behind the scenes of your team and your team, party and all that good stuff that's a block that's just engaging with people. So I'm so glad you brought that up, it's just a different way to look at it. Yeah, absolutely. It doesn't have to just be, uh, you know, that's, an expert space, how we use it. A position in our cells. Seven facebook marketing tips. Yeah, I think especially for e commerce. It he really use a blawg and social media is another place you khun spread this but using it tio, identify your brain with the personality and the culture and the vibe. Zappos dot com does a great job. And even though there are brands that books is in a person they do a great job really make. Making their brand fell, personable and really sharing their all about company culture. If you have a chance to go to the zappos headquarters in las vegas, they give free tours. It's may I go and see their office space, and this whole vibe they put off that's a big thing they pride themselves on is making it a fun experience toe work there and shop there. And it's, it could just be a whole lot more stale, which a lot of joint e commerce companies are share in their sights, and they do a great job countering that. So I think those air a couple examples for you, comrade sites that that are khun b good influencers to look up to a kind of model after great? Well, we are just about ready to take our fifteen minute break, however, devin's, we have a very exciting panel coming up, and I would love for you to share with our creative live audience all about this in all because they're some personalities from brilliance there, and we want to hear all about it. Yes, so we have four experts, plus me coming up to talk all about. We're going toe just ask a lot of questions, we're gonna start with content creation and each person's different systems, so what I love about the four experts that are coming up is they all have different types of personalities and work habits and that's the reason I want to make this a panel instead of a one person presentation because we're going to be able tio find someone on this panel that you identify with with their work habits or their systems and then elaborate on systems. I'm really obsessed with different productivity systems, and I know all these experts have different tactics with parsley productive because they all have very small teams and I think that's very relatable, so I want to talk about their teams. You started reaching into that a little bit. You're in this presentation, which I'm glad you're dead and will go into what each of these different experts, what they dio in their daily lives, how they stay so productive, how they build their small teams, what their tactics are with vetting people that they bring on, how often they use them, how they they keep their expenses low and their profits high and keep their productivity hyatt's something that's really difficult? When you're either starting out or run a small team or a solo preneurs, how do you get to it all? How do you decide what you should be getting to first one of the priorities he'll never run out of things to dio so you've got to make good decisions on what actually spend your time on so that comes back to the whole thing a model the best I mean find out what they're doing and model their strategies I think this panel there's going to be so many strategies people can model it's going to be great I'm so excited to share and I know I'm gonna learn a couple of great things to tell I'm looking for two we're all excited what kinds of excitement here we've got some great quotes coming in from the internet from this last bit of time we had with amy and I we just wanted to share them with you because they're terrific ross frenchman says amy border field is a rock star no matter what she does all of the present presenters in this class are out so nice ross thank you and time capsule says thank you amy these websites and tools are great to know just as much as the other information you are giving us wonderful thank you so much and one last that we've needed to share okay says all I can think of is if I can remember just fifty percent of this I'll be so smart yes, exactly you don't need to do it all just take a few of those, like those five action items, and I'd love to hear people speed back. I want to hear that they've done it. So such a great point.

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