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Lesson 1 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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1. Introduction

Lesson Info


All right, welcome everybody, life studio, audience and web audience this is going to be a great three day class and what this is titled, how to make your website work for you and what we're going to be discussing this is this is for people that have a website or no matter what phase of the website that it's currently and so could be someone that is just getting started that just has a page up with contact information, basically in about us, about a page or someone that's already making sales in their web business and wants to take it to the next level and break the six figure mark, and so will be covering a lot of material starting today, this first session with the overall basics about what a website should be doing for you, what his job is and how I would put those key pieces in place so that you can make a money making machine by the end of the class. So I think day two, we're going to be covering a lot of content social, social traffic, driving strategies, blawg no blob, we're cov...

ering today in the last day, it's going to be how to sell without being sales e some psychological tactics to be using selling unfortunate events like webinars and google hangouts, and we have some great surprise guests. I think they're making their debut last session of today we have a great panel about productivity and their content creation secrets so a lot of great stuff in store for all of you and uh this's for people who have either a local business or a business that console worldwide it's for people that have a service based business and or product based business so all those basically anyone that wants to get and sell some sort of product or service online to enhance their business selling on the web is not something we can ignore in the state and age it's a huge huge marketing channel even if you do have a local boutique there's ways very convenient ways to be marketing online to be increasing foot traffic and also getting some sort of web presence up there secretly capitalizing on all the revenue that happens online. So with that let's jump in a couple things about how I like to teach with my interaction I don't want to just go through a presentation have this be a one way street so if you guys have any questions along the way, shoot your hand up and also host if there's something that I you know come on you know zoom pass and the chat rooms are a blaze with questions just hey devin, stop let's let's go back on that there's a lot of questions about this please elaborate on this or sit in a different way a lot of times I might zoom past something real fast and I go into enough detail and people might have questions about I'm very happy to go back and elaborate on something so just I wanna make this interactive let's have questions and I like working on kind of a per case basis so we'll go with that all right let's get started so this first session is going to be creating a road map to a thriving online business this's the overall recap of what a web business should be for you so the first step is to understand the core of an online business and the core is going toe obviously be around your website there's many elements off of your website that will help your business grow but it all comes back to your website so the overall structure of marketing online a good friend james widmore who will be presenting later this during this three day workshop likes to always say t l see what is to stand for it stands for traffic leads and conversions knows the three things that every web business needs to have in place and they're very important elements and you gotta have all you can't leave anything out because your business will be locking you won't be getting results and you gotta put equal time and due diligence into each one of them a lot of people like to kind of pick their favorite one to work on and stick with that and wonder why something's not working most commonly it's the traffic part because that's where social media comes into play social media can be really fun because you're talking with people and you're building relationships but you know you're spending your time there and it's just I'm doing work but you're not really you don't have a goal in mind and a strategy in mind you're just kind of burning time there it doesn't really do any good if you don't have a good website to capture the leads that to drive the traffic to and then a good and efficient sales process in place to turn those leads into conversion so they're all very important you got to make sure they're all in place and we'll wrap up today this first presentation with wilby how teo knock it stuck spending all your time well I'm just not ready yet my last step isn't ready and getting stuck not starting that's ah big a problem that a lot of small business owners are new sola preneurs have getting stuck just I've been working on my website for the last year and a half so I'm just not ready to start yet so we'll talk about breaking down goals and how to execute them efficiently so you can actually get each of these steps accomplished and get making money which was the ultimate goal all right, so let's break down the core pieces of tlc what is traffic now you'll get once you have an email address, you'll get spammed with that we can send a thousand visitors to your site per day you know, for just x amount of money or there's all sorts of different places to go after traffic online but the most important thing about traffic that's quality traffic thes these need to be the right people coming to your website there's no point in getting someone if you can only sell in the united states getting people from you're up to your website because of some traffic package deal you bought or some advertising got to be very specific and uh and intentional with your your traffics coming from getting the right people not everyone is the correct type of person a visitor all visitors are not created equal. We'll talk about how I didn't identify ah effective traffic sources so that especially when he get paid advertising that's where it's very crucially don't be paying for visitors that are not it's going to be potential customers so basic traffic sources the big buckets of where we can get these people yes, social obviously facebook twitter usual suspects pinterest now instagram linked in all the different social channels we have paid traffic and website ads now one of the most effective of paid traffic is going to be the search engine advertising like google eyed words, when you do a google search, you type in your key word and press enter, and the results appear the first couple usually paid and that's, where the pay traffic comes in, or web banners on different websites when you're browsing on youtube and little ad appears at the bottom of the video or something that all falls under paid traffic category. So there's a lots of different strategies that going to pay traffic, and we'll be talking about at least one of the major ones facebook we have. Amy porterfield ah, facebook experts coming in tow dive into the intro of facebook advertising so that's, a super efficient one and great for getting started, uh, it's, the one I recommended it started with first, but it's also can scale huge. Um, we use that in all of our businesses, very effectively. So that's, why I chose to have her come in and talk about that. See next one his email marketing now, regardless, there's, a lot of people like to write a lot of buzz articles about email, marketing's, dead socials, the new email marketing and, uh, people can believe what they want. I believe e mail marketing it's still the strongest revenue driving force than online business, can have its critical and it's my number's in my business don't lie for how much more valuable it is than any sort of social marketing I could ever try and dio so email marketing is a huge thing that we're going to be focusing on this think tomorrow we're going to talking about, uh, lead lead generation capturing the male lead, and then we'll be talking about what to be emailing them frequency the skills of having a conversational tone. And rachel, I know this will be something you want howto develop that relationship and then get sales, which will affect your bottom line. So it's a big thing, I know that stayed your ass that'll be really key for you. Another big bucket video marketing you're seeing more and more video online these days is band with is getting wider and wider there's your web audience, they're watching a video right now. So this is this is video marketing in rial form and obviously a major form of non rial time video marketing is on youtube people being able to sell products and put their tutorial videos that then lead tio ali generation form or even a product pitch right on youtube very, very effective and there's one other major bucket that I didn't list there, and that's direct traffic, which means returning visitors. People have been your site before and already know of your brand, so they don't need to come through a social or a paid advertisement they know and just go straight to the earl, go straight to spend successfully dot com and or word of mouth or people it's an offline advertising we don't, we don't do very much offline advertising and our businesses, but if someone had a tv advertisement or print at a magazine ad, something like that that would fall that direct, uh, direct traffic category. So what our leads we're in the l, a part of the tlc and leads are getting contact information to further develop the relationships, so this is going to be at the most basic state getting their email address. Now I like to always get their first name and email address so that I can address them properly and a follow up email. Uh, some marketers just go for the email address because they have a little bit higher rate of getting that contact information, but I like to have that all our marketing e mails or writing to more personal tones like to start off with high mike, you know, tio and then go into the marketing message and different businesses we'll want we'll want to capture mohr information, especially if they're a coaching business is probably good example it's best cracked is to try and capture is a little information as possible when getting the lead, and we'll dive into this maurin, our lead generation section. But, uh, trying, teo. If in a coaching business they might need to get more information about what's your current revenue in your business and choosing the you know category of one hundred thousand two hundred fifty thousand two hundred fifty two, five hundred thousand and a drop down menu, what are your goals? Where do you want to be in the next twelve months and a little bit mork. I'd like an application process, and that just has to do with weeding the good people out there, not trying to get everyone to fill out that form. If you're too lazy to just fill out those simple questions, they want that and the conversation there, they don't even want that, you know, contact information. So it depends on the type of business the majority of businesses out there will want to just get the e mail address and the first name most basic information. Now it's important to not skip the lead step a lot of people think selling online is all about just going around in our not going hey here's my product by my stuff by my stuff they're posting on other people's fan pages there going around to different forms like I have the service buy it buy it here's my product is my product there's no relationship building they don't know who you are this people are totally cold and turned off teo they have no relationship they have no they can't relate to who you are they don't know your story there's no connection your product has to be something as good as an apple product to do that you know which were not apple so we have to really focus on the lead capture step and and not skip this we want teo not just throw product in front of people and hope they buy a lot of people that do that wonder why they're not getting sales the first priority should be getting that contact information for future follow up you'll see big results in your business if you do that turn cold traffic in the warm prospects so cold traffic is someone that doesn't have a relationship with you yet they're totally cold compare and during after we get the contact information we warm them up warm them up to knowing our brand our story our company you if you can put a personal personal twist on it which we definitely recommend you do people like to buy from people you don't like to buy from coal companies that are just corporate giants they want to buy from people that they know like and trust perfect timing what are conversions the last steps so conversion is a sale in your business or an equivalent so for coaching business that might be you know it will be getting a new client that's the end and goal a sale or client now this term just so you're prepped for the next three days will use conversions in a lot uh guess lighter tone not a serious is a full sail it can basically mean any time that a desired action is completed so ultimately in the tlc example it means a sale or equivalent like that's gold completed we got we got money that's the real conversion goal but kind of a mini conversion would be we got someone tender in their contact information we had we had a conversion they're so kind of measures many steps along the way as well same terms who could be kind of confusing so want to make sure I address that right off the bat but in tlc it means a sale or equivalent I read a website's main job we have any questions so far and the t l c was pretty basic but I want to make sure I didn't skip over anything we're good so far we're good online everybody is just enthused and following all right all right we're getting lots of enthusiastic comment great we're gonna keep going good stuff alright so website's main job is to facilitate the tlc traffic leads and conversions process twenty four seven otto pilot there doesn't need to be manual interaction at any point the only time this might not be true is very high end products very high and coaching products where from the lead to conversion step there needs to be maybe a phone call in there if you're asking someone to spend ten thousand dollars rachel in a branding package you're going no problem after the felon application tell you a little better about their business to get on the phone with them but you don't be doing that earlier on in the process with very cold traffic you want to make sure it's qualified kind of down the sales fund a little bit so you're not just making phone calls all day and not not closing them you want you want them to be very warm no you're history they've gone kind of threw this warming process and then that's the only time you might put a manual step in there of actually you know doing something that can't be automated uh twenty four seven so that's a web sites means job for the rest of us that aren't selling ten thousand dollars packages which I'm not uh a place where traffic can be sent so obviously it's a website and we got it we're gonna have to have often boxes on this where people can enter in their contact information so when you're on facebook and your writing out information you're engaging with people you give your website hey this is brief in check you know you got have a place where you can direct them tio doesn't help tio just be talking with them and all you have is your personal profile now this doesn't have to be afloat full blown website one of our coaching businesses was launched using a business fan page on facebook where we use one of those custom tabs and we put our email opt in boxes on their before website was done well we were still determining the direction what are what are what the mission to that company was going to be what our niche was going to be what our angle is going to be so it's basically someplace that traffic can be sent so can still be on facebook even if it's not a website yes so yes you can start with a facebook fan page in the very beginning stages just especially it's good for a testing idea initially so you keep your initial start up costs very low which I'm all for yes already so on a main website obviously the sale is the goal yes a conversion meaning and often so it's ok or even encouraged to talk about what it is that you're selling on your website? Yes, I did put up some sales resistance for people right away no no because is long as its beneficial and then to them if they're interested so you don't have to hide what you dio we just don't want to make we don't want to make it all that your websites about that there's actually something amy going there to benefit them for, you know, offering some sort of educational we'll talk about what a lead magnet is, a reason that people should give you their name and email address talk about that tomorrow I believe in one of the earlier session's and, uh so no, I mean, don't don't be afraid that you don't need to hide your product don't be afraid to put it out there and that you could be front center and web page we'll make sure they're going, especially if you're getting traffic from social you're talking about promoting a block post or something. You don't be sending people directly to the product page that's kind of like I have this product go out there and buy, but there's got to be some kind of in between steps sending it to a block post or some sort of content or some sort of free airport or some sort of free education they can get toe warm them up if they want to browse around it's fine for them to stumble upon. Oh, gina, offer stuff that's not because you will get sales that way, it's very small and that's. Why I don't want you to think that's the strategy that's what we need the lead step not just go from traffic to conversion, you will get some sales, but you're going to be able teo triple or quadruple those sales by having a lead nurturing warming up process. I'm good all right, so next on websites made job a place where traffic can become a lead this's capturing contact information, and that the website automatically turn a lead into conversion of very little manual steps. Save the manual steps on ly for very high end products. So in marketing online and having a website, there's lots of elements combined and most of these were going to be covering over the three days but it's a lot of stuff, so their social media, there's traffic sources, lee generation oppen strategies, email, followup tactics, page layout, copyrighting conversion optimization, product positioning, addressing pain points, shopping cart, abandonment of self funnels, fulfillment, social sharing, returning customers and testimonial marketing so it can sound like a lot we want to keep it simple, all this can be scaled up tio it could be you want to keep it very simple from the start. You don't need to have all those things in place. I still don't have all those things in place, and I've been doing this for eight years, so that's something we've worked towards that's what the big guys d'oh, but we can start to drill that down to the very core basics and started a lot simpler place, especially to get proof of your idea proof of concept that people are interested in it and doing it quickly and very inexpensively that's the key when coming up with a new business idea, we would be breaking every goal into small chunks that you can accomplish daily. This is very important, especially when you're a solo preneurs when europe one person team it's just you or if you aren't entrepreneur, that runs a very small team, you want to keep that sense of accomplishment going daily, but you're working towards something it's not just this huge goal that you just feel you're making no progress on it because even if you make it halfway three o in a month, you still have a month to go and there's no pride, especially if you're in a team environment you want to keep break it down to small winds it's also smart to be breaking goals down into into smaller chunks so that you're actually putting pieces out into the marketplace and seeing if this idea is kind of getting grip and actually working and people are liking it so you don't spend all this time on this big project and it's like hope that's not what the market wanted it all. I was totally wrong. We're going to talk a little bit about in this presentation about surveys and be finding out what your audience really wants and some some tact, dex, right? Questions we'll be asking there so it's getting a little bit about me since I didn't do that in the very beginning, I wanted to give you guys a little bit of meat uh, before we got into my boring story. So on a couple online brands, first one is custom greek threads, which is a custom apparel site for fraternity and sorority members, and for us based undergraduate college member. So if you're ever on a college campus and you see a fraternity guy or sorority girl wearing their greek letters with pride, we probably made it. We're wanted the top three largest companies in the world to do this, and one of the things I'm most proud of about this cos we have zero sales people, this is all done with the power, the internet, online advertising. We don't even have a sales desk that you can call to call in your order we have a customer service desk that will answer question about how to order but it's all done on a website you can't even call it an order so that's a fun brand and that's where I got my start with a successful online business I dabble a little bit had many, many challenges and failures along the way, but custom greek threads was the first big win and that company is still alive and thriving next one is luxury monograms this was the brainchild of my wife melanie and she is very home decor and fashion oriented and we have our protection production facilities in southern california for custom greek threads and have a whole cutting so department in this big warehouse manufacturing facility all these seems to stress making things and so we have all these pieces in place and because we're in this college market for custom grief threads, the summers are really slow for us no one buy school stuff school clothing during the summers so it's a seasonal business it's only high during nine ten months of the year, so we want to figure out how to kind of fill this gap so melanie came up with we need something for wedding season that's during the summer wedding season bridal showers luxury monograms makes customized home to core basically anything you can put a monogram on that has to do with home to core pillows. Uh, placemats, napkins, all that good stuff. Luxury monograms, dot com sets are our second online e commerce business. Then we have a brand around my wife melanie, all about teaching female entrepreneurs howto run better successful online businesses. And then our co branded the company he founded together online edge academy is online training site for business owners shall learn how to market their brands better online. So one of the things that's going to be exciting to work with with all you guys so we can ask questions we have e commerce businesses and service based businesses, both both these categories are over seven, figure mark um per year and annual revenues. So we have experience and starting and scaling in both these categories. So we're going to have to cover some good stuff no matter what information people people need for their type of business, a little bit about my history, uh, other than what evelyn talked about when she introduced me the very beginning starting businesses at age fourteen. I've been in online marketing selling strictly through the online marketing channel for eight plus years started when I was a senior in high school, I was just going into college and run multiple seven figure businesses I have a team of twenty plus people in california that I run remotely, so I mentioned our production facilities are all in orange county, california. My wife and I live in manhattan, in new york city and through the power of the internet and good team systems manage those businesses effectively so they can run and grow and thrive from across the country, and we have a virtual team for people that are not in our california office is programmers, graphic designers, anything that's outsource those people have all around the world and it's just a great testament of what the internet khun dio to bring people together for businesses to grow. So we're talking a little about team building and how to use those sister, um then implement them in your business so you can be having that same freedom of location and freedom of time so you can travel the world whenever you want or do whatever you want to stay home with the kids all day. The choice is yours. Freedom of time is what it's all about when we're creating this web business, how we doing on questions? Well, sure, I'm you're you're doing you're doing terrific live audience doing good, okay, great, all right, so this all comes around how I can help you. It's not about me but I want to make sure we can be empowering you guys to be growing your business is to the next level getting on a good pace get clarity and where you need to go and how to do it that's our mission for three days it's like I said, I've experienced that the brands in multiple different categories so I'm sure whatever questions you guys throw me hopefully I can answer them but uh or I know someone who can so that's that's the key thing knowing someone who can answer the questions uh I have an experience running a hands on business and hands off when we first started custom greek threads start the business got big office space lots of employees but it created a job for myself some people want that they love having the team atmosphere where they're going in every day showing up and then get that team building experience it really helps people thrive when they work I realized eventually didn't want that I want to change in my life and after I got married and we worked and restructured our businesses to hire correct people and put great great managers and team builders on our team in california set up melanie and I could live and travel wherever we wanted teo and were in those businesses remotely so it's all about the team you put together if you want if you want the hands off all right, so we're gonna get a little bit in some exercise, so we want to clarify your marketing messages it's really important for you guys to have this as a starting point because everything we move forward on from here comes back this overall marketing message, so it'll stems for I'm here for the first question is, what are you selling now? A lot of people will initially think ijust mean, oh, I sell jewelry well, I sell I sell greek sweatshirts a basic answer like that that's not really what we're selling a trick question because what we're selling should solve some sort of problem or some sort of desire, or some sort of need it's a bridge to this and feeling or in solution, we're buying a laptop from happily ever noticed their marketing you a lot of time, especially the more recent adds, barely shows the product, especially like the iphone or the ipod abs adds it's people dancing or doing things and you just see kind of the core come out of the pocket usually don't even see the device, but it's just emotion or this feeling or if they're advertising computer this end, the end result, it brings families together through face time, it it helps you, they don't really focus on the work very much, but you know if you're you know, doing work if they're showing something one of their you know pages or about power point thing, the ease of transferring it between devices manly or me walking on stage with with an ipad or something that's his end result or and benefit that's that's the answer I'm looking for here for your businesses so let's get a little bit let's get a little bit of interaction going here so we'll come to the web and a little bit so web audience start writing in what problem does your product solved now I'll give you a little bit of a hint here we're looking for something imagine if you met someone and what do you do? I may greek sweatshirts for college students so that and then you go into what's the after the so that so that they can, you know, show off their greek pride you gnome or on campus or have the best designed greek threads on campus and b the envy of their sword air fraternity so that end desire result that our marketing will stem from. So how about live audience? Anyone wanna wanna volunteer for the first one of what what you're actually selling mike reiss racially won't start all right, but I think that I'm selling um, confidence in yourself and a better connection with your client great cause you do brandon right great like it might but he got basically the hope that a couple can make their finances work for them. Awesome. Yeah, you've got a good one with the whole financial because there's so much stress and anxiety and burden associate with that you can really get get clear on that on that message that's good card anyone else got one you got gina have one night I sell the claudia's instructors and studio owners and I think I'm selling kind of like a template or road map for them because they know how to be a great teacher but they don't sometimes know howto when a business or make some money right your roadmaster great for people they wanted with steps tell me with women what's the next thing I should be doing this guidance yeah that's great that's great brian what do you got? Anything? Sure. Yeah. What you got? Um kind of long lane. Same lines of uh branding if a company needs any kind of marketing or advertising to to establish their business yeah then I can create that for them. Great great I like it alright web audience uh what do you guys got me got some great ones first of all, I want to share karen because she just made me smile she says I give a warm hug and then she waits and she says by clothing you my client in nice pjs like the positive the most important thing about comedy is timing e loved it nice we have another one from alina glam things which is along a similar train of thought I help women to look younger and fresher with the right colors and then the traveling doctor says I provide travel towards so that local communities and travelers can benefit from tourism awesome! Those are all great great great trip you guys were just monitoring zip through the stuff I love it I don't really need me up here I'm just kind of guiding I like that you guys are awesome. Okay, so an example for custom greek threads I could just say we sell great clothing pretty basic, okay, I'm kind of glad you're not really getting emotional reaction of someone that you're riding an elevator with like, oh that's that's neat I guess cute small business we could go in and talk a bit more about the emotion and they you know, I put more passion, the answer and how I actually service the customer what I'm actually really delivering to them we sell customized greek apparel than abel's our customers to display their greek pride in a way that is as unique as they are our site is all about customization, so we have mork customization options and anyone else out there and uh well some other clear benefits seated on our website but can see this is a lot more passionate a lot more people can I kind of understand what you're really delivering his an end result even if they're not a potential customer someone's just making nice conversation while we're waiting for our coffees at starbucks we can just it's a lot it's a lot more interesting answer and they can see that kind of fire and that's where a marketing messages going to stem from everything's going to kind of come from there for that creativity no for online edge academy more of a service based coaching training site we teach online business tactics little dry not like there's always a follow up question if I just say that like okay like how how does that work there's always some some confusion after that we instruct enable and inspire business owners how to do online business better through online training and community it's a little bit more we're going instead of what's that about a kind of go oh okay that's that's kind of the reaction are looking for no you know ifyou're marketing message is a little bit more on on cue on point if you can't put that passion in a description but it's good for you guys to have in your head about what do I sell when you're coming up with your with your ah selling direction and message second, main questions need to be asking ourselves in this exercise what makes your solution or product unique? It's going to make it stand out and doesn't have to mean no one else is doing in the market? Why, you know, other people are doing kind of financial coaching, but it can be some main benefit points some things that really highlight that even if it cuts out a lot of the other marketplace clutter, you know what what's makes it more unique than just the whole financial training? You know, people, it's ah it's, a couple that's teaching it's people that have passed experience. So we come from a place of love of knowledge we've been in your shoes, that type of thing, and who are you solving? The problem for this is a key step, especially when you start talking about traffic and knowing where to find these people because we gotta know what's hard what's our perfect customer demographic who's our perfect customer avatar and have a lot of times these exercises, they're really good actually picture in your mind, especially when you're writing marketing emails and a personal tone, thinking of one particular person that exact person and said just a range of women in their fifties who live in ohio. Like dive it down even more what does she like to dio how often this is she see you know her children what's what's her past with her history was she do on a daily basis? What time did you wake up and have this exact person narrowed down that you're writing to as representative of your overall market as a whole? But you're starting from this core point yes ction about that so I sell to the audience that I'm part of thighs, instructors and occasionally I do get asked, well, couldn't you help yoga instructor? Why don't you help yoga? I'm not a yoga instructor the principles are the same I feel that confidently I could still help yoga instructor there's a lot of fusion in fitness bars very hot right now lot of mind body instructors but I don't market to those people even though I could help them did market to them my potential customer base would increase significantly enough for me with my bottom line, but I feel like I get that connection because I'm a pod is instructor I'm speaking to the place community at what point do I think about expanding well it's great that you focus on one next it's that I just fitness right as a whole which a lot of people make the mistake of going way too broad and you really narrowed down to a specific you know plot e studio owners and so you want to start there and get traction because then he sort of growth you want to come or expansion you want to come from growth and your business already you don't take on too much when there's not revenue in your business you want you know get results in in the niche and then use that growth to fund some expansion uh do your lessons are they like your tutorials or your courses? Do they go into what you should be teaching or is it just like the general business practices of run a successful studio regardless if it's yoga or pallotti's it's very bloody specific the content and my name of my product is profit with plot right right now with yoga once you get it down though there's nothing to keep you from apartment with the yoga instructor as you know you then have the framework and experience with online marketing know how to frame these educational courses and you just need to write have someone basically teo do the instruction or the yoga specific part of it but all these other core systems they have in place that's where your expansion will come from and that's where that's what you would be bring to a successful partnership so good joint venture opportunity absolutely yeah because unless you want to go get educated in yoga which kind of hard because you it's hard to get get a decade of experience on li wei is having a decade of experience so finding someone that could do that but it is just is just the yoga instructor where you have this whole teaching and this systems and this core platt form built up around plot he's already that's great advice I'm good thank you. Anyone else questions while we're while we're on questions already right now. Good. Okay. All right, now we want to be specific in our marketing your product should not be for everyone. Genius is a great perfect timing for you to ask that question. Plot is compared to yoga and just fitness in general. You you dove down and picked a very specific niche. Mike, this is a good exercise for you, are you? How specific are you with your financial sources? Budgeting training? How do you refer to is it it's not budging training it's no, no, no s o specifically, we help couples who are struggling with their financial behaviors s o specific in couples, couples, right rifles and then people who are having a hard time communicating maybe with their finances. So get that relationship aspect in the right medication so we're helping those pacific people and then we want to help them figure out their budgeting and spending great and it goes into habits, so this is a lot of uh kind of personal growth type stuff even though it and it has to do with finances right I like okay that's good do you have a question could you do it on the internet all right yeah well you spoke about earlier about framing your the problem that you solve so we we have well mary is actually actually let's go teo knew we can devon give a sample of solving customer a customer's problem for the luxury monogram uh I'm kind of lost as to what problems I'm solving as there they sell fair trade fashion accessories okay yeah somewhere high end well for that the problem would probably be to the desire having a more beautiful home playing tio you're having company over and you want your home to your representative of you know the love you have for a nice house you may walk into a house and it just seems like a place you want to be a loving place there and there's those holmes you walk into and they're just kind of drab and you're like this isn't exciting to be in so play to a lot more that luxurious side and wanted to create this nice house but also to the gift giving side of you know baby showers with their you know the new baby's initials on it or wedding sharp present so we play to those two different markets a little bit separately but we played that luxury luxurious side great, I think that answers all the questions are going, yeah, yeah, having something that people need compared to a luxury item that they don't need, but they want playing to a want us a lot. You have to play the more luxurious side and pig brands that influence to influence you in this marketing. Tiffany's is a great one, very high end retailers that you just feel kind of mood by there by there messaging. So it's really good to always kind of we'll talk about what swipe files are kind of howto pay attention, tio. What other companies do would help as kind of a guide map give you ideas for your creativity, for your own brand, all right, so going back to being specific, the more specific you are in your market. The easier marketing will be sewn example for custom greek threads about being specific. We don't just sell sweatshirts so sweatshirts to undergraduate college students in greek life that one highly customized quality greek apparel. A lot of adjectives in here to really dive down and know who are what we dio what we're about and who we sell to.

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Some pretty great tips sprinkled throughout this course, the mix of presenters is great too.

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This workshop is Incredible! If you want to be successful in Online Business, investment of $99 for this workshop is nothing compare to value that Devin and his expert friends deliver.

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