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Introduction to Selling

Lesson 21 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

Introduction to Selling

Lesson 21 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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Lesson Info

21. Introduction to Selling

Lesson Info

Introduction to Selling

About selling this is what business is really about and, uh, it's what a lot of business owners are really nervous or even scared to dio and that really if you can't sell really hinders your ability to make a profit your business making you sell listen just gonna happen magically without intent. So it's very important piece of the puzzle evelyn, I loved when you were first talking today and you said the tlc process every element isn't is important along that way. You can't just focus on just the traffic park as that might be the most fun or just getting lied you have to have traffic leads and conversions tohave an effective online business not just spending time on what you enjoy doing playing on facebook and developing that relationship, you have to have the full the full funnel of profitable online business. So on day one, you know, we covered the overview, we talked a lot about traffic and that even blood into a little bit of day two and then the rest of day two, we talked all about...

leads. I talked about how to capture them, and then david came in and gave an amazing presentation about how to actually talk over email and with that was an amazing session that david provided I mean, that answered a lot of questions for me and I love his e mails I mean that that section alone is worth the price of buying this course in my opinion because I know I will go back to that over and over because you're always going to writing e mails to your customers and you need that reminder all this time you like you know, I'm not doing that there's several things in that presentation I think he covered six points and I was like, I'm not doing that well enough I need teo was taken notes I need to be doing this in my subject line are are doing this with consistency I love how he talked about owning the day in time so everyone expects on whatever day in time I should be getting an email on that consistency in a personal tone if any of you guys in the audience fell into the trap that david was talking about of trying to not be yourself all writing an email thinking because you know coming from your company you need to be someone totally different you guys have done that right? I know I have a lot and it's taken me a long time david's one of the first people that inspired me through reading is writing going and I don't have to be this this overly professional not myself corporate like person my opinion being a small business condemn finitely be used to your advantage you know be yourself people will want to relate to a person that they're buying a product from it's not just about the projects it's about who they're supporting with giving their money in exchange for this product they want teo more than ever we're seeing businesses having a story behind them tom shoes and people buying those shoes because of the story of him giving ah pair of shoes for everyone that you buy from them tio children in need in africa I believe it is and the stories in the missions behind them it's that I just is that the best you compared to shoot b there's a story behind it it's like I'm going I believe in the mission and even if you don't have a mission as his grandest toms shoes for example, it's they want to relate to the person behind the brand and david really nailed it on the head with how to be doing that through email and the strategies when I fair parts of his talks was that he doesn't pay attention like the science of, like reading all these reports and I think people overcomplicate sending emails like when's the best time and he's just like just do it, you can really tell with his personality and he he has that all the way that that flows all the way through all of it is all of his business where he's just like, you know, I don't know you know, I don't know the best time to do this or the best way to say it, but I'm just going to go and do it and I think that's a great attitude for entrepreneurs because I think we try and believe there's this over complication, but there's no reason we can't just go out there and press published we can't just go out there and write that block post write that email and press send that there's some imaginary complicated rule out there that we're gonna break that our business is just going to collapse because we sent an email not the right time and david's just like, you know, just go do it just own it just go out and make it happen that's the most important thing and you, khun you'll learn and just see what happens. How many times did you say that during the presentation? Let's just see what happens. You know, I love that it really that's good for me because a lot of times I get in my way trying to overcomplicate things that I can just be simplistic. And, you know, I talked a lot on day one about gold setting and just making small, actionable steps who every day you're making clear movement forward on something big in your business so today, like I said, my favorite day, all about selling so I'll give you a brief overview of the day because all these segments are gonna be really fun for different reasons so it's segment one we're going to have my wife melanie duncan up here talking about how to sell with confidence it's going to be great I've been ableto watch her journey of being very nervous to sell online and remember first webinar about a year and a half ago when she had to actually go on and present foran hour over webinar and she was literally in our small apartment clinging on till like the handle on our window like I don't want to do it there's like way had probably a couple hundred people waiting on this woman and she was just grasping on to this you know, window handle and I like literally drag her like it's time to start like people are waiting I don't want to do it I don't know how I'm going to do this for an hour and hold their attention and just terrified but she went on and did it and now I'm sure many of you have been a hundred webinars and know how she just can nail it and she inspires a lot of people through it now where they think oh she's just really good at but that is through a practice I mean hundreds and hundreds of webinars literally and hundreds and hundreds of times being on camera and just sucking the first time's but slowly improving and tweaking and just learning and just threw doing it now through spending tens of thousands of dollars through professional coaching and all of this that I mean it was literally just practice and just going in during her three day workshop for uncreative life for teaching pinterest every night she go back and watch the entire rebroadcast every single night and stay up till past midnight when she had to go on present for hours and hours and hours the next day for all three days are you staying up to do this? You need to get rest because I want to find I want to improve I want to find where my mistakes are I want to see what I'm doing that's the only way to learn watching yourself going in, watching yourself on camera and how you can improve what am I doing? What little tweaks kanai d'oh to help my message get through clear to my audience and through that that's how you improve just having that desire tow want to deliver and want to be that much better every single time. And after doing that hundreds of times those little tweaks really add up to is like she's just a natural of course it's easy for her and that's why she's going to talk about selling with confidence? So that wasn't our intro? I've probably everything park offer intro, but next up, we will have after that session, we have james would more talking about selling over virtual events and that's been huge and our businesses. So I mean, that's, that's been our main source of revenue for online special air service based in coaching businesses, so that will be a great way that'll be a great message for all of you. I know that want to get in to do it yourself tutorials and anything that you want to connect through virtual event using a webinar or google hangout arliss things now so you can reach people on a more personal level virtually which, like on creative live right now, live video is selling on virtual events, so be able to connect with the audience now live. You know, I have a lot more personal relationship with you compared to me writing an email to you, I can look directly at the camera, and we could be almost having a one on one conversation, so james will be ableto really overdeliver with that. And then after that million, I will be presenting together on psychological tactics to use when selling, and we'll be breaking down, I think it's, the top ten main categories of psychological tactics that we use across all of our businesses, were breaking down, each one giving exams. From our businesses of how we use them and then we'll get a little audience interaction and you know, I'll call on you guys and try and break down. How could you use this in your business to increase sales? So this thes tactics have absolutely I have to give them direct credit for doubling, tripling, quadrupling our sales and all of our businesses so you won't want to miss that segment for sure, and then I will be wrapping up the day with conversion optimization and split testing, which is the key thing to be doing. Once you have the entire teal c funneling place, you're getting traffic leads and conversions. The next step is making tiny tweaks to get to boo boo bucks, so that'll be really fun. I get a little nerd talk in there and for you businesses that are that are looking to improve your already online business. This will be what you really want to pay attention, teo and today segment. So I already gushed about melanie and her her journey from hanging onto the window, begging, I don't want to do it don't make me to be able to sell with confidence and be able to just close on webinars and make incredible amounts of revenue and shorts amount of times.

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Tomas Verver

Interesting speaker, even when I have a marketingdegree its still full packed with small tips how to improve your site for your business. His advice is both for webshop companies aswell for small entrepreneurs. I like the are so many examples (site makeovers). There are even tips for copywriting, and sales in general which is very usefull. A complete course about about sales/how to use content/build sociaal proof. How to build a sales/lead generation system. Great teacher! For both new people, and people who want to to learn/get advanced.

Julz P

Some pretty great tips sprinkled throughout this course, the mix of presenters is great too.

a Creativelive Student

This workshop is Incredible! If you want to be successful in Online Business, investment of $99 for this workshop is nothing compare to value that Devin and his expert friends deliver.

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