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Psychological Tactics Part 2

Lesson 27 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

Psychological Tactics Part 2

Lesson 27 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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27. Psychological Tactics Part 2

Lesson Info

Psychological Tactics Part 2

All right so we're talking about identification is next and this ties into where earlier when you heard me talking about emotions I was like well I don't want to say that yet I wanted to talk about identification sze which simply relate back tio who do you want to be and the best way to explain identifications it's the role your customer wants to play in life also notice hopes and dreams and supposed to be deep and fantasies of who we would like to become so you'll see a lot of aspirational brand in a lot of aspirational selling like we were talking with kitchens right you buy that stove not necessarily because of what it does but what you think it will represent in your home life and your family um and identification zehr very important because if you know who your customer is looking to become or who they want to associate them with it's much easier to actually position that identification behind the product or service so you want to make them feel that become that they become presti...

gious by joining a select group by becoming a user of your product you see this a lot of luxury brandon right people want to carry that label they want to be associated with other people who can afford to carry that label but this can also be used a lot in the way you used language too much will be talking about very soon using the word smart join other smart business owners who are learning how to grow their businesses join other what do you yeah we use this as well when we sell greek apparel to for turns fraternity and sorority members they want to be the cool kid on campus they wanted a person with the best looking greeks sweatshirt you know they want they want all the and they want to be the envy of the rest of their fraternity or sorority right now they want to go to a meet up you know meet up with another fraternity or sorority and you have the best looking threads and really stand out that's a big thing that we play on in our in our emails and our marketing to them because we do we focus on the customization aspect you know it's not just check off the box and just get another shirt like you want the best looking sure you want to be the one that stands out we play more on that from the luxury luxury and you want to be the one with the coolest stuff right but this also comes back like I said a lot of this can be used or applied across the board with your selling products or services because you know, as a business owner we want to think that we're ahead of the curve or what we're going to do is gonna put us above or you know uh you want every advantage? Yeah, they had to do with how we named our our academy online edge academy were playing with the word ej and advantage. We're deciding on the name of it, but it spells it out and then am online edge, academy edge an advantage, you know? Oh, a one upper something. Thatjust I'm gonna have a shortcut or something. This this not sheet, but, you know, yeah, this is your advantage. Absolutely. So that's something you want to talk about? A lot in your messaging in the language, the way that you actually sell your product is who are they going to become? Who are they going to be grouped with, or how are they going to be identified socially, by being a user of your product or of your service? You know, we all think about how what we buy, what it says about us, the lots of how a lot of selling and purchasing decisions remain is how is this going? What does this say about me to myself? What does this say about me? To my friends, to my family, talk about luxury, and that definitely pays two female. So an example for guys with people, everyone can relate, teo harley davidson e think how passionate people are about that when you have a hardly that puts you in a group and identify I mean you are identified by having that proctor not just but you're not you know not by harley for the gas mileage or anything other than emotion who groups you with and now you're part of something yep. So what you want to do as I said is put these identification sze behind your product who these customers want to be who they want to be grouped within how they want to see themselves it might be something that's not publicly known but how do they want to see themselves how did they want to feel about themselves and how did how can you put that identification behind what you're selling now six is one of my favorite favorite things to talk about this a copywriter you do this amazing well, this language is very, very important and one of the great things to talk about is what matters is not what you say but what people here a lot of times we say things a certain way and we assume that other people interpret them either literally which they may not or in the way that we perceive or understand language you know we all have very different perspectives and the way that you frame certain words certain context can go a lot a lot of different ways uh one of the most powerful words you can use in selling our marketing is the word imagine imagine because when it does is it there's no confines if you ask someone to imagine something there directly going to place themselves in the context that situation versus you trying to put them in a situation, walk them through it which can and cannot work but if you're ever trying tio take someone through a journey of maybe starting where they are now where they could be the best word is imagine to use I'm going to give you a recommendation of cement of a book that is full of stuff like that which words to use wind to use them I will tell you just a second, but in general context the most important thing to do with language is to speak the language of the people that you're selling tio and I don't mean english or spanish or that sort of thing but what are the words that they use when they're explaining a product? What are the words they use when they're actually explaining a desire or a want? Ah lot of times we try to use words that we think sound professional or words that make us sound smart what did he learn at meets conference went to behavior? Comedy is all about consumer psychology and they said well, most people read it like a fifth grade level you need to write your copy at a fifth grade level fifth grade level now how many of us particularly were selling services and business or consulting, we think I've gotta prove, you know, I've got to use these all these words I'm using, you know, the dictionary and the stories to try to look upwards. The truth is, if you try to build language that is too over the top, he'll completely miss the chance to connect and communicate with your market. But you want to know the exact words were talking about survey, and you're talking about that as well to using surveys for your audience. I tend to not use multiple choice questions because I want to read the exact words people use when they describe their aspirations or the exact words that they use when they actually describe their pain points or their struggles, because those are the words that are going to connect and grab and really convey that I get it so this again could be used in your marketing or selling. You know, if you watched my session with christine, she talked a lot about using a language and a voice that is khun grew up with your brand, whether it's fun and playful and feminine use words that a woman would use that it's fun and, you know, playful and feminine, whether it is a more masculine arm or powerful brand to representing using words like that that convey those sort of emotions and feelings but most importantly, listening and asking your customers about their hopes, their dreams, their desires, aspirations and which exact words they use eye because I can tell you within each one of our businesses the words that people either associate with our brand or the words that they associate with what they're trying to achieve or their biggest struggles. We use very different words between our custom greek threads business, which is marketing to nineteen a twenty two year old college students and most likely enjoy partying or having a good time he's very different burbage therein are copyrighting then we dio online edge academy where were you trying to connect with business owners who are going through struggle or who have the desire teo run their business more effectively online very different words even though word the same people writing them. So what I want, I want to do a worldwide audience and in studio here today write down three words that you most want associate it with your business, her brand now this isn't necessarily have to do with language that people are selling teo but what I want you to do as a follow up start asking your audience and see if they're different earth they align but you personally, when you think of your brand your business yourself of your service provider, what are the three words that you think are critical and communicating to your audience so go ahead and write that down and online audience. I'd love to have you type he's in the chat so we can hear some of them see they're some crossover. This is fascinating. Start thinking about this more and then using them repeatedly in different ways in different messaging, maybe it's something that you start, including in tag line for your business. Yeah, it's all about it's all about words. When you're doing online marketing, you're selling through an online channel words connect, make so much emotion. Do you think when the first session today they only asked you guys, what is selling me to you and you guys? Most of you had very different answers, positive or negative, but very different story that would come from something happened in your past different you guys all have different stories words mean different things. So we used the word selling and even though it was exciting for jean meant money, teo agena and brian that's positive for you guys. So selling would be a good word for whatever demographic you might be in, but the rest of you was used car salesmen, other negative things, you know, scam me like think someone said, where are something and better that very different feelings for some psychological reason? Why is it positive for one group but negative for the other yeah and then knowing whether or not to use that you know that if you coach business owners and you say hey and this will teach you how to get more sales they might go yea but if you're working with someone else and you're talking you know, maybe creatives or something you talk about like hey this course is gonna talk about selling they might go I don't want anything to do with that there's a good example the title this presentation psychological tactics a lot of people use the word tricks people don't like the word tricks they feel they're being tricked into something they don't want to dio tactics advantage edge or educational strategic national more on the up and up then using the word tricks right? Amy porter field and if you guys noticed one of the days uh think yesterday during the presentation start to say the word tricks came out of tactics knows that to not use that word because it'll put people even just mentally on edge or defensive it hasn't ever good doesn't have a good connection with people as a whole absolutely sir magician checks that is different everyone likes tricks from a magician so what sort of words are we hearing from the worldwide audience time capsule says unique nostalgic and competitive and zanna says masculine a comprehensive empowering remember fifth grade level that was keith people complicated? Yeah, people fifth grade level writing fifth graders not confuse nostalgic I would go over my head. I mean, it's not fast. You don't see it within a second. People out, people would have to look that up. Yeah, you know, fifth grade levels it's a key thing to keep in mind. Don't try and make this too advanced remember the headlines the subject lines david on his presentation yesterday. I mean, those were like, really simple words like a lot of humor, things like that, but nothing was complicated don't try and be too professional and this writing and like, look for some deeper meaning word like fifth grade level, something you can just has not just about comprehension your intelligence, its speed and understanding glance at something and point eight seconds need teo relate to and immediately not going mr okay, you know and have to pause, you don't want that pause so its fifth grade just for speed and flow and a sales page you're on a product page. One exception, though, is that that is language and that your audience tissues. If you heard them talking about nostalgia, they are saying that they want like they're interested they're hobbies, they like things from the past that had that nostalgic emotion, then you can use that actually time cap so was the one that used that word, and I believed their business is making time capsules for births and wedding that then people open up at a later date. I just wanna make sure the ferres dowdy and so they don't, can we say that's? Good, like, okay, that the majority of people that's, that's a great word for that, you know, that particular business and that's not going to be the case for the majority of people out there, none of our business is need fancy, you know, fancier words like that, but the whole point of this exercise is for you to compare this against what you start to hear from your audience. So this is just a starting point in not saying used these words and projected and uses in all your messaging. From now on, I want you to use it as a contrast. Maybe it is the exact same words, and if that is the same, you know you've got really good communication and clarity with your audience, but a lot of cases, you might be surprised. Maybe those aren't the words people associate with your business or brand, and this could be fascinated to do on a personal level also, you know, after a close friend or a spouse and ask him, you know, what the rewards do you associate with me? I always see this on facebook or self were people posted as a center of interest, you know, but hearing the words but it's very interesting you know, when you ask someone within akane fine like that were three words they can't go on for you never never they have to really be direct and specific about it uh even asking people like, you know, what do you think my three biggest strengths are hearing it from that other perspective uh that's the same idea with this marketing or this messaging with your brand with your audience for your brand you try and hear the words that they're using to kind of relate to you or that they're relating with their struggle or their aspirations and figure out how you can combine that with maybe the brand of the words that you want associate with your brand but I don't want to tease everyone too long so it's a fantastic, fantastic book all about messaging and words and how to use particular words for certain things if falls mostly on in politics and business so franklin's actually works with a lot of major, you know presidential candidates, that type of thing and they actually dio what's it called when they were talking about this, this is a really cool he has his patented thing that he does where he'll he'll get a a test group of people and show them a video of a presidential candidate of speech, and they will each be giving be given a box with a dial on it, you know, plus or minus for if how each word or sentence that they say, how that makes him feel what emotions it provokes, positive or negative, positive or negative. So I think along, oh, I'm not liking this as much, or I'm really liking this. This is really hitting home, and they can break that down and go break it male female hears during your speech what certain trigger words you use that may have females didn't like that orme and males really like that or age demographics, because if they have a room of one hundred people, they're going to have to break them up into a lot of parents, non parents, you know, democrats, republicans, ion, to measure all those differences and see what you know, they used different terminology, and those speeches will change based on if a presidential candidate then is presenting to a group of steel workers were most likely going to be men compared, teo, you know, women's activist group, where you can use very different terminology, and even if you're trying to get across the same point, your burbage would exactly. So one of the examples he uses, they do these surveys, someone saying the word welfare and people intend to associate negative things with that. Oh, welfare is something where our government is overspending mobile blood versus public support for helping the poor. So helping the poor versus welfare, and how, like you said that the actual language and meaning, very different term, that those dials are going to go different directions. But he also because of all the work he's done in politics, you also worked with lot of public speakers and business people, and talk about how language in affects brands and perception. So it's fascinating, he does give you actual examples of, like here, main words is to use if you're trying to be persuasive here, main words to use to get people to take action. So this is a really, really great read. We talked a little bit about empathy and gen genuine interest, and I love this quote from danny meyer, danny meyer's, a very successful restaurant tour, I guess is what you call it in new york he own shake shack you love, but also a lot of high end restaurants in new york, and he says, it's human nature for people to take precisely as much information you as they believe you are taking in them. And this is something I've really learned to do and develop when I'm speaking with my customers, and particularly while I'm selling is too not just talk about my interests and what I want to do and what I want to teach them, but talking about how it is going to serve my audience and talking about why it's important for them to do what I am instructing them to do in order to achieve their best interest. So asking, taking time to ask your customers questions, taking time to follow would make sure they're happy with the customer experience all of these actions, all of these things actually explain to your audience or show illustrate your to your audience that you are concerned about that you're concerned about their experience. You want to make things better? Did you get the quote wrong? Should say as much interest in you as they that's you having them president information as much? Yeah, so if they'll take us precisely as much interest in you has they believe you are taking in them? Okay, so you gotta seem interested in someone for them, for them to reciprocate that bring it back information and interested in changing so they should actually be yes, interest perfect, thank you. But that makes sense I mean don't we all like to have friends that actually are interested in us they don't want just meet up and talk about themselves they actually want to know how we're doing what we're currently working on our focusing and things there happen in our lives the exact same dynamic happens with your customers your clients absolutely great example this amy porterfield one of our presenters during this workshop sat down with me at lunch the other day and she was telling me the story she met mike oh hi it who I've met I've mentioned multiple times during this workshop as a great productivity influencer and he sat down and said I want to hear all about amy go and she just went whoa I mean here's a super accomplished guy that amy just had this huge super long list we could have sat there and talked all about himself and how amazing is and all these here's what I do and this is why I'm so great and here's what's working and all this stuff and even would've got benefit from that but now she's sitting down and telling me oh my gosh at this amazing experience michael hi it sat down and said I want to hear all about amy go I mean talk about taking an interest in someone think about how is she now feels about michael hyatt? You know he was interested in me I mean, they always say like the most what the word we like to hear the sweetest word is our own name, you know? We want to hear about ourselves and our favorite subject to talk about it ourselves good example, I think david something garland talked about how to use that example an email the other other day the first email that goes out after someone subscribes to your list and I do this for my first email that goes out when someone signs up devon duckman dot com as they say, thanks for being here here's that things you know you can expect for me and he replied it seem now I want to hear about you what do you having problems with it? Tell me about what problems you're having in your business right now tell me about yourself and just every time I go a break I mean, just emails just people responding just paragraphs and novels just here's the frustrations I have here and I mean that's just marketing gold because is there is there, you know, uh is there a pattern? They're telling me basically what they want to be marketed in the future and I can come with coaching programs I can count with potential products based on the frustrations and the needs and desires that they're openly telling yeah, so it's great for two reasons first of all, just the actual feeling you're giving these new people that air, sign it that you actually want to hear from them that validation and like you said, that information and how valuable that is to know the language ng to know what they're struggling with, that you can either use that and selling, and I don't mean selling o so you can take advantage of that, but like that's, what you're going to help people to understand what they're struggling with? Absolutely, derek, help earn of social triggers dot com is one that tom made this, and it works incredibly well. So, derek, if you're watching, you're the man, all right, and the eighth one we're going to talk about today, the eighth psychological trigger is actually transparency, and this is ties in to the fact that people want to feel knowledgeable and in control. Nobody wants to feel stupid, right? Nobody wants to feel like you're pulling one over on them, or you're somehow being deceptive and the reason that we don't want to feel that way. Of course we want to be taken advantage, but we always to feel that we are in control of what's happening to us in control of what's going on in our lives, so a great way, a great psychological tactic to usc. Is transparency because if people feel like they know you, if people feel like they're informed they understand what's happening, why you're selling to them how you're selling to them, what the entire experience is going to be like they feel like it is transparent that it is valid that is worth trusting. And so for us one of the best ways to use transparency whether it is for products or services is video nobody wants to buy a product that's a different color than what it looks like on your website. Nobody wants to buy something that isn't accurately represented in the way that it looks or fits or feels how long something is going to take to be delivered to them. You wouldn't be very transparent, you know? We say ten business days for all of our custom goods. Now a lot of people see ten days they go, I don't have that much time, but we need to be transparent about it because we don't want someone to order from us and think or assume it's going to be delivered in three days like some other off the shelf product and then have a negative experience because we didn't say set their expectations properly we mentioned that clearly about five times during the checkout process it's base it's pretty much impossible to not know all the standard production time where a lot of our competitors websites we'll definitely really hide it and they go, oh, didn't you check out our terms of service or some hidden link? Yeah, we can take up to four weeks to deliver on this item a really bad way to have ah good customer experience with another great thing for transparency is in customer service, you're going to screw up is a business owner you want to be transparent, open, uh, you know, with with your customers and your audience when that happens, it's amazing to watch him the best love brands out there when they screw up and openly admit it even more than just the people that were affected by it will be like some airline has a big problem with a delay or something else, but they're publicly tweet or talk about hey, we're trying to get this fixed or their website goes down, you know? I know we're having issues that are really working to try and make it, you know, backup for you guys and said, just being quiet and, you know, like, they have to just deal with it there really open like we're trying to serve you guys better and fix this problem trying to learn and improve, yeah, and I think it's pretty pretty obvious, too, how you use it. Uses of the service provider I mean, the best way to illustrate transparency is with video so people can see your body language, your facial expressions, the different tones in you and the way you express yourself vocally, all of that has to dio you can't really portray that in a blogger post without a video uh, even in a still image video is really the best way to be fully transparent, but this obviously is a much larger concept like devon said, it just ties into the way you do business. If people feel like you were clear and open about what you dio, they will be more interested in working with you and giving you their credit card number or hiring you for a product, our project because you're being very clear and forthcoming with information. Yeah, absolutely another example is is using a webinar or even a live streaming video, a lot of raw audiences watching right now that's been following me and melanie for many years and they've never been able to see this much of us for this long. I mean, this is our sixth great dad tio, my straight duncan it's on created live, but they're able to really see the re a lesson, our personalities and our teaching styles and you know what knowledge we do and do not have and they decide if they like that you know, some people might not like that we're a couple that is crazy about each other and worked together all the time and, you know, has certain beliefs or, you know, motivations, but the people that do like that will really like us now, so we're super transparent and getting on lifestream for six straight days, I mean, they're going to see a lot of flaws, and we don't want to, you know, hide that so we can find the perfect audience and really connect with those people that do we think along the lines with us or want the same things as us or want to work as hard as we do for, you know, certain certain goals or reasons in their life exactly if you're watching this live there's no editing. So when devon can't do math hot spot or when I mix up my words, you guys see that you have to love us for better for worse, because that's, what you're going to get, what you see is what you're going to get, and in most cases the right customers and clients will appreciate that, and it will help the wrong people identify thatyou're not for them that's fine, you don't want to be for everyone. You want to just find the ones that you know we're gonna you're gonna really be able to connect with and get through that really fast the quicker you can get to that end goal knowing which people are going to like you and which ones aren't the better absolutely derek helper does a great job about this being himself and he's just fine when people don't like him college, eh nicole not apologetic the people that like him raving fans you do not want a muddle in in the middle thinking that's where the most people are the people that will buy from you you want the loyal fans and the more you could be like yourself derek's a perfect sample for it he has people that hate him and people that I love him and that's what you want that's what make a successful marketer and move your products absolutely time comes a lot another brought up another great point so how do you rebuild trust if previous owners of a company did not ship things out until months out or made other mistakes didn't follow their word? Do we do a video on our website of how we're new owners and what people can expect from us? We're trying to regain our old customers additionally our their rebuild trust words that we can use absolute great question time capsule and I think honestly that video ideas perfect put it out there hey we know you guys have been disappointed in the past and we're coming into this trying to figure out how to do this better and that is our I think communicated commitment like our commitment to you what were solely focusing on is making this a better experience for you to work with us and it will take time because you know you've got words and you've got actions and you want to make sure they fit together so but I think laying the ground you know, putting the groundwork down and actually explaining here's you know what we inherited here's a situation and and illustrating that you understand maybe experiences they've had with you in the past or with your business in the past and how it's going to change moving forward but ultimately time time will actually change that absolutely and you want to be really open with those mistakes and we actually had to do this once in custom greek threads when we first learned how tio do a sale properly first time way ran our first black friday sale weii did it too well and we got five times more sales than we were ready for that cause big problems because we have to custom make items so huge production uh you know uh issues with timing customer service was just bombarded because people's orders were late because we weren't ready we didn't think we get that many orders remember you came to be that one night we were at home and human richmond he goes, I think we have to turn off the site like I said, teo no, I'm serious I think we have to actually like shut down the site at least until we're able to regain, you know, catch up on these orders yeah, you know, we didn't we weren't prepared and when I said like now, we will actually say we will we couldn't shut down the sails early like stop the orders from coming in basically limited spots we've learned to be prepared for that because these these sales tactics didn't work too well and we weren't prepared for that at all, right? And we thought it just be a little bump a little left and I mean four to five times the amount of sales and just we were not ready for it uh, I think our production manager actually had a nervous breakdown not kidding from that ended up quitting and we were overseas in ireland at the time I get a call like my doctor says I'm actually having a nervous breakdown I have to step down from my position and that was an exciting time as a business owner there's lots of challenges and things that come up, but from that what you do to fix it, be open about your mistakes and be open, you know to your customers and open an open letter from the founder you know here's where we screwed up here that people want to know their heard when people complain that it's why they screamed they want to know that their herd in this big they think big giant company even know you know it's a very small operation back then just you wantto you know, you know, let them know they're heard here's how we're gonna go and have a game plan here's what we're going to try and improve here's the plans were making and we actually do this almost every year and hint towards the changes that exciting expansion things we're doing so we could be servicing you even better even if we have been let people down here is the changes were made making to service it even better this will help on production time this will help on on quality here's the exciting things that we're doing people that's really exciting kind of an excuse to email them and gets them passionate about their doing really cool thing is there it's really? You know an airline expanding their fleeting adding x doesn't amount of new nonstop flights and cool things like that whatever is like oh that's really beneficial for me that's great absolutely uh thank you for the night thing is community because we all want to be a part of something greater than ourselves whether we realize it oh are we just identify with this, you know, it's true that you want to be a part of something with other people and you also a lot of times want to be a part of something a brand that's doing something bigger than you like I love how you brought up toms actually talking about people want to buy the shoes not necessarily because the way they look but because they are part of a bigger movement, something that's happening and changing in other countries couple great examples of how we use this with custom great threads because they're part of a greek life and you know, they're passionate about the greek system excited about what it stands for ah portion of all of our we have to pay a royalty because we have to be licensed for each one of these fraternities and sororities. And so we pay a percentage of all of our revenue back into the greek system, and that goes to benefit the expansion of greek life or whatever those houses want to use it. Four but people didn't get behind that, and we play that up that, you know, you know that money part of your orders going backto help all of greek life and help this community grown thrive toms is a great example we use this a lot knowledge academy creating this community an engagement area for for all of our members and they loved it and we use that in our marketing as well with a lot of teaser here stuff to our public like non members on the entrepreneurs academy facebook page where there's fifty two thousand fans and here's this cool conversation we're having in the online edge academy member's area here's this awesome results are you know, there you took some screen shots a lot of times and here's how uh I love watching our members engaging with each other and helping each other the giving advice or even in some cases working together something you tell boutiques and and wholesales wholesalers are connecting and you share that community publicly people like I want that they want to be part of something and want to join in I can see how that'd be beneficial in my business I wantto be in this exclusive group of business owners and, you know, grow and expand my business and be part of that movement. Well, I think a lot of business owners related to that or even hobbyist, you know, there's something that you want to do that's different than maybe not everyone else understands and you want to be around there like minded individuals who get it who understand why you're doing this developing this passion project or understand why you don't want the typical nine to five experience you know, you might not have anyone else in your life at that time any friends or family that relate to that so being able to have that support from a network of people who get it is and say I mean, I dare say price list to be surrounded by that let alone the advantages of getting to share what's working for me you know what air you trying out that sort of thing but just access to a community like that so little, especially when you're starting your businesses and you're working really hard on putting in late hours and all your friends, you know, we're going out there like, you know, come party with us came hang out let's go dinner no, I gotta work I gotta work on my business. Oh, what? Well, I don't get it it's so hard you feel so alone and find a community in an area where you can there's other like minded people like you and that you can relate to when that make the same sacrifices and decisions for their future and for their business. I think prices is the right word. I mean, you I want that you don't want to feel alone it's a super hard challenge when you're starting off as a new business owner absolutely actually go into, um just a little specifics about building community can't ask what can the duncans say about putting some kind of a form in your website for customers to have a feeling of belonging to a community or for potential customers to learn more about the products so that they will be pushed to buy? Yeah, yeah forms are good I mean, you're creating a job for yourself essentially because they need to be moderated, so, uh, I mean, personally I'd stay away from free forms because you're gonna have to deal with issues there, what are people talking about? And it could be just big distracter of time uh, we have a facebook group, a private facebook group for online age academy members, but we're being, you know, they have to pay monthly membership to be part of this organization, a part of this community. So it's it's totally worth it for us and you know we'll hire too many manager to keep engagement and conversations online, but I personally would avoid free but also community could be used in language in terminology you want to make the words that you're using to make you feel like that could be part of a community and there's ways to visually show this to like if you watch my pentru class, we talked about having our customers board where we take pictures of people send in pictures of the way that they use our products in their homes you see brands like chobani do this where they have their users submit recipes using their products so it can also be based around the way people your customers are kidding themselves and talking about that experience, how they are like minded and ultimate, like if they're using a product or service to achieve something, they probably have some sort of traits that are similar that kind of unite them. And just because they're using the community tactic doesn't mean you need to be providing the community. My greek example is was for talking of community of greek life. Now I'm not providing that fraternity or sorority as a whole. I'm not those fraternities or sororities, but I'm talking and using the words that there are being part of this community and that copyrighting we're using is, you know, making that feeling known to them. It goes back to harley davison, talk about a community, you buy this product, this bike to be part of this, this group, I mean, you're either in or you out, you know you, but you know, they're not necessarily providing and creating this clubhouse, necessarily it's this. You know, the social group that just exists out there, you know, you get the nod from the I don't know no harley so I don't know but I'm assuming a guy like you do right? I don't look like a biker, but I'm assuming when to harley riders you know, kind of get there's this little understanding or this kind of little like, hey, you get it, you know they're certain assumptions are work you were like minded, you know, we're close someone's two guys were in harley jackets think they're kind of kind of bond if they meet up in a bar, you already have that, you know, people go to the same they have the same alma mater I mean, they like the same sports teams, so when where's ah, warrant san francisco people are wearing forty niners jackets and a hat and they're like, yeah, you know, you give a little we're like that's everything we'll have any sports examples for the guys out there, the vital thing is a risk riskreversal and guarantees and this is something that we have actually used a lot in a lot of different businesses of ours because, you know, taking a risk is kind of that fear that flight or fight response people don't ever want to fill in a position where they have to extend themselves or take a risk it's very scary so something we try to do and a lot of our products and services is extend some sort of a guarantee, somewhere where we're taking on more of a risk than we're asking the client or customer to dio so with a lot of our online products and programs, there's anywhere from a thirty to a sixty day trial or a thirty or sixty day, uh, I guarantee money back guarantee where they can actually purchase, and then go ahead and try it out, see if it's for them. Now. I talked about this in my session with custom grief threads. We have a one hundred percent quality guarantee where we're not necessarily saying that if you get your sweatshirt and it's the wrong you know, hugh of magenta, but we're necessarily going teo, you no refund your money, but all of the stitching should be done properly. It should be equality. It should be the size you ordered everything that we can personally control. We do say we will make sure you're happy with your order, there's nothing on our end that we did incorrectly that we expect you to suffer for. Yeah, exactly. And, uh, online products is is fantastic. You want to make sure you got to know your margins for this, and you're a rate of return and all of that, because like with our greek business, they died his customers, one of a kind we can't take it back and resell it way, avery, different return policy that we do our courses, which are digital. So there's not really a cost a good soldiers make something and ship it taken expense, you know, they don't want access to this course anymore, it's not really a cost for us to refund it. Uh, but if you're going to be doing that, play it up. I mean that you really need to market using that and use the terminology and garbage of I am taking all the risks. You can try this out for sixty days, no problem decide on the fifty ninth day, I don't like it cause I had tacos yesterday. I don't care to send us an email and within two hours you're gonna have your money back and on your credit card, I mean, really play that up, it's like, then there's really no risk, no problem, and the reason you do this is because you will get ideally, and what we've seen is you will get so many more sales from people who feel confident buying that never would have because of this guarantee, more so than people that will take advantage of it, do some people absolutely but normally you get so many more people that feel comfortable buying from you because of that guarantee and only a couple of people who do take advantage of it. So in the end, you still you're out ahead. No, you can't do this was coaching you can't do this with, like wedding services or anything like that, because it means your time, like just like the customary threads examples, we can't take that back so we don't have as lenient to return policy is something is a digital download because there is talk about acosta, good soul, I mean, it's your time and your your you know you can you can't scale that. I mean, you went to the wedding and shot it, or you or you sat down with them for two hours for a coaching session and it's not just something my money back it's like, ok, no problem there's a problem there that's? Why, I think good to show the customary threads example of a quality guarantee or things like that, but other services to kill her, that testimonials and past experiences from customers that's where it's all about for services like that, we're your guarantee isn't going to be a powerful of sixty days, no questions asked immediate money back, yeah, I think the more you can empower people, tio try something out I mean you see like zappos I have all free returns for everything it's super fast so people into buying more from them because they make it so easy to try and sample and get a taste of a product before they buy it yeah absolutely they I think I heard it I read a stat once I think in tony shales book who is the founder of zappos that oversteer I want to say this might be wrong that's sixty percent of their orders or returned because when I order from south but people are always you need to try if you want how are you going to buy it online so what I always dio since shoes for differently I by three or four pairs of different sizes and you try mall on and its return the others because free returns you know why not and that's how they combat it and I I want to say sixty percent I know some mind boggling percentage of sixty percent of the orders were returned not because of defective but wrong size and I know that's what idea? So it's I'm sure that's where the sixty percent comes from from you personally from me and all those orders but even though you said sixty percent returns that's not accounting for the overall revenue boost you know even this it's sixty percent or return they might get millions of dollars maurin orders because that question I don't only reason I wouldn't place in order aren't that place if I couldn't do that, right? I mean, you want to try? She want right on that's that's why they have tio offer that, right? Yeah, I love it. So those were ten psychological tactics I do want to talk about, you know, some of these you can tell are inherently negative or positive, and when you do have a brand that you're looking to build long term it's not just, you know, kind of scampi promotion is something you really want to have brand value you do always want to make sure that there are more positive tactics more so the negative. And like I said, it doesn't mean you can't use negative things like scarcity is technically inherently negative, but you wanna have an overall positive feeling and positive psychological underlying of your brand. So when in doubt, you always want to try to appeal, to aspiration, to transformation and to growth, as human beings were all interested in growing it's something naturally, you know, we grow our hair grows, our nails growth, sometimes other areas of cress grow that we're not as interested in, but growth is something that it's natural to us and it's also something that, psychologically and mentally we're all interested in growing and changing and developing so you always want to focus on where people can grow to what they can become, what they can achieve, where you're using psychological tactics.

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