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Right Social Media Platform with James Wedmore

Devin Duncan

Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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10. Right Social Media Platform with James Wedmore

Lesson Info

Right Social Media Platform with James Wedmore

Good morning, everybody. Thanks for joining me on day too. You know, we, uh, covered a lot on day one so glad your old backyard and where you out already? But we're going strong the next to it a straight. So so get ready it's gonna be exciting. I love hearing I lived I was in the room to hear you guys say what you got from yesterday. That's that's my favorite park it's all about how this content relates to you in your business you know, it's, the most important part is to take away you get from this and you can see how it can actually help where you are and your businesses right now because I know you're all you're all of different businesses, you're indifferent places and your businesses so that's what really inspires me is to see here from you guys what really resonates with human like wow that's exactly where I'm at, I can use this material today and make a change my business that's what's all about so we have even mohr exciting material. If you thought day one was great that covere...

d a lot of basic and interest stuff buckle your seatbelt because we're going to get into a lot more in depth training so first session up we have a great guest who is one of my original mentors when I first got into internet marketing taught me the majority of things that I know a guy that I really look up to and proud to call my best friend we talk every single day helps me through every marketing decision that I make some really glad uh, camille to share him with you. He was up on the panel yesterday, which how much fun is that panel? Right? It wasn't just real entertaining got a lot of insight to the experts systems and how they work day today, so I know I got a lot for me to learn a couple really good tips that I didn't know even friends with all the presenters, but the speaker we have here today is going to be talking about social media now yesterday, mike, I know you brought up the t l c traffic leads and conversions the main flow of a website, and we're getting into social media today. I hinted a little bit my presentation's yesterday that social media can be a trap people really enjoyed being on social media with a few soft I'm working on my business, but it's just it could be a time suck all day because you're on facebook and you get that ding every once in a while and you keep going back to it and your new seats just right there, I'll just check it again. And it really consecutive productivity but you can make that mental excuse if I'm working on my fam page in building these relationships but as we talked about in the first presentation yesterday it's all about the whole flow of online an online business traffic leads and conversion so social media is going to be focusing on the t part the traffic but james included some great tips about how to choose the right platforms and just a couple so that way you don't to try and be everywhere and keep up all these different platforms all together because the last thing you want as especially business starting out is a social platform that you're not fully committed to one that you've only update you only update once a month when that's not really going to put your best foot forward on social you don't want people look finding you on there and judging your business based on your lack of activity. So james really focusing on which ones are the best to start with or best for your business in your audience and how to focus on just that and do some goal setting and making sure that you're putting your best foot forward with social media platform that you choose so with that let me bring on james wetmore man yeah, I'm excited to be here all right, so james has got a fantastic presentation I snuck a peek before, before he jumped up here and it's going to be great so he'll be starting with the social media that I just told you and james is a youtube marketing expert, so since youtube is a social media platform, I know he's going to be kind of going into some video strategies as well so you guys will get best of both worlds and get some great content awesome. All right, leave it. C'mon! C'mon! Are you guys? How we doing? Good. Um, yes. When devon and I shot it, I actually hung out with him recently in new york and wanted to come up with with what? What my first talk would be. I'm talking tomorrow as well on how to use live video, how to use webinars and online presentations in order to sell your products and services. So as you guys were like, creating I got an idea rachel's talking, I got an idea for a product. Well, I got an idea for you to sell it, which you're going to be excited about tomorrow. But devon's had this overarching theme, which is something I think we should all be walking away with is the whole simplicity of things because we see it with our customers every day um my my little sister just started our first business and I'm seeing it with her, but I'm not I'm letting her fall like you know, when a baby learns to walk, you gotta let it fall a little bit before it, you know, gets confident to walk on its own two feet, so I'm sitting with my sister, I see it with with students all time it's a experience that overwhelmed and so our big moral and messages is to keep it simple, and so we wanted to do this segment where we talk about your platform so that you're not you're not trying to do it all just because google plus exist just because there's pinterest and twitter and facebook and my space doesn't mean you have to be on at all and you have to be awesome and all of it and the strategy, the reason I want to be the one to talk about this is because that's what I did, I took one platform and when one hundred percent into it and I let everything else kind of fall by the wayside um and it and it worked. So if you're ever feeling overwhelmed, just remember james and devon are saying keep it simple um so a little bit about me, uh, devon and already mentioned we kind of didn't interest me yesterday is is I mean, the most important thing I want to share with you guys is that my focus is youtube video video has been absolutely amazing in my business and it's not because I started my business teaching video, I had several other businesses before that and video was that one thing I was like, I've got the upper edge on people, I went to film school and I love to do the whole creative process behind it. So when you can combine your creativity with marketing and make money, you kind of have that sweet spot. And so that's what I that's what I do today that's my youtube channel, youtube dot com for such games one more unlike lesson five thousand views from hitting a million. So I'm like really excited hopefully by the end of the this next week I'll have that so I always encourage people like I think where I am today and as this whole, this will hopefully be a lesson that you guys can learn. It is pretty much the men, the mentality like the mindset that I have is it's like I get up every morning and I asked myself like, what type of video can I create? What type of contact I can create that's going to do the most good for my users? That's going to benefit them the most is going to help them the most while also entertaining them, engaging them, getting me stuck in their head all day and that's the type of questions I asked and that's the type of stuff that amy and devin brought up yesterday and you're going to start to see those those themes so um yeah you too ok, so your platform um and it is it's about it's about choosing choosing one and so in a minute I'm going to kind of go through a few of the platforms and I want you guys to really um think about using just just one okay? So because I think a lot of people when they hear social platform they think like, oh facebook it's a social platformer google plus is a social platform and I asked not how I look at it from a strategic marketing standpoint, if we look at the definition of the word platform itself it says it's a stage for use by public speakers and performers and so if we look att eh social platform it's where you share your content? So if you guys all picture in your mind or think of someone that you follow someone you look up to you whether you want to call my guru or an expert or you know someone that you I don't know in person but you feel like you know because you've had a relationship because of something on the internet they have some sort of platform right usual each person can choose their own platform which will go over but they have a place where they're sharing their stuff and you end up following them before them because of that a lot of people asked those questions how do we get more followers? How do we get more friends and they're looking for those quick tips and tricks and sneaky things but at the end of the day you just if you want followers you have to leave you have to do something that's worth following and hopefully we'll be able to give you those strategies today um most importantly, before we go into all that what what what is the purpose behind creating something like this like, you know, you have a website now I gotta be on all these social sites from a strategic business standpoint, I kind of identified three big ones authority building um getting traffic and, uh and community building so every I think the coolest thing for me is that when I put videos out there on the internet, I mean, I don't have their their these youtube stars have like twelve years old with fifty billion views, which is awesome and I'm like almost a million you know, it's like a fraction of that, but I go to an event I goto I go somewhere in person where, uh, where are industry meets up and people and this was never my intention, but people treat me like a celebrity you know they're like do you mind if I have a second of your time sir james and I'm like what of course but it's because they took the time to to stop talking and listen and receive the information and when they when someone does that it it's already transferring you transforming you into that authority um and and that's what you're content does so that's huge for branding like when you when it comes time for you to sell that new course rachel and you're already perceived as an authority you don't have to be a good saleswoman because the relationship's already there and that's what you're content does obviously traffic is great I'm going to be showing you today how youtube is my number one free traffic source which is so exciting because like people talking about facebook and twitter it's so fleeting to me I see it is like what happened where your tweets that you tweeted out even two days ago like what are they doing for you and I videos that are five years old there's still generating traffic and leads so we'll talk about that and then obviously community building which I think is really important as well but there's one that to me is the most important one it's one of these recurring themes you're going to start to see that a lot of what we're all talking about over these three days starts to overlap and there's a reason in fact, if I were you guys in the audience, I'd be pretty nervous if every one of us got up here and talk about something completely different that contradicted each other. So in case we were worried that, like, alright, we've heard this before it's like no it's, just reinforcing that it is simple that does work and there are only a few things you really need to focus on and the reason we create a social platform number one most importantly for all of us is is for less building. Um, we'll show you how to do that. So what? I wanted to look, tio, what we're gonna do is in a moment we're going to show you the four platforms that I'm really excited about that someone I think could really step up, and if they had a list of content they want to produce and they execute that content as best their ability, they could see some incredible results. Well, look at for those platforms, but each one of those platforms needs to have three essential criteria first one is the platform needs to be easy for your users to consume the content. Second one is that it's easy to share that content, which I think is extremely important. And then the third one is that it's easy to interact and by interact I mean there's a two way conversation going on so I chose youtube because it is easy for people to watch a youtube video you know you can play video on mobile devices I've never had a youtube video like not work for me so it's very easy for people to consume it they called viral video because videos are very easy to share check that one off and then there's actually comments and functionality like that so I interact with a lot of people actually say that youtube is not a social network that's just cause they're not on youtube and it actually is every time I post a video we're going back and forth with with my viewers and the comments and stuff like that so those are the three essential criteria for creating successful social platform here's a great example I wanted to share I believe actually one of the co founders was on creative live or did something with them because I found a video with them but this is something called simple green smoothies you find them it's simple green smoothies dot com this is so fascinating their stories incredible they built a following over two hundred thousand followers on instagram and I think they did it in less than eight months and now have ah five figure month business um and they used instagram is their platform and it's fascinating because I wouldn't I use instagram for like friends only I don't market are do anything on there but basically they just started sharing um uh green smoothies and uh and green juice recipes on instagram and they've got an incredible following because of that so fantastic example and you'll see that this is people spring up in these new networks because they focus on delivering the content and the value first but here the four I like which instagram is actually not on that top floor uh for a specific reason but we won't get into that first one we've already been talking about is your blawg um and we'll just look at the pros and cons and I want you guys to start thinking now especially on the internet audience is well um which one you would select if you had to select one I'm probably gonna ask you guys in a few minutes which one that you would select if you know you had a gun to your head and had to choose one and only one for the rest of your days so we'll talk first about your block or talk about the pros and cons biggest pro about having a wordpress blawg um where you're posting on there is that you own it so facebook tomorrow mark zuckerberg could just say I'm done with this you know close the doors obviously it's not gonna happen but it could uh youtube could shut down or, you know that's what? And that's what does happen? Social sites like they change something that makes him big shift and people get all upset even though they didn't realise like they're not paying for this they're getting it for free they don't own it. So when it's your block you have total control over and that's really nice uh conscious is that everyone has a blogged um and trying to do some good old fashioned search engine optimization for traffic is getting harder and harder as every day goes by um and so I mean that's what I started out when I might start starting my first website, it was all about learning search engine optimization and I had to give up because it's a constantly evolving game that you I have a hard time keeping up with um but some great examples of this uh this is a great person fall if you guys know michael hyatt with michael hyatt dot com his story is quite fascinating. I don't know the specific details of numbers. I don't recall him at the moment, but basically he was he was blogging for a long time with very, very small readership and literally over a period of six months he was able to grow I think was like three hundred thousand readers a month just exploded for one of the reasons that we'll be talking about a minute which is we've even brought it up yesterday with amy was the power of consistency providing great value and being consistent I look at this this game this business as as a marathon and the people who win are the people who are willing to endure the longest andi was able to do that explode um michael stills in area is the founder of social media examiner where I believe all of us that were on the panel have contributed to social media examiner but they quickly exploded this block to be like the number one social media marketing outlet and uh and resource fantastic examples of blog's that have done extremely well this is their platform now uh michael I believe it's mostly his posts but ironically with social media examiner uh even though the founder rights for them majority their content are our guest posts so it might even be a lot of people here are like I don't wantto be writing and doing it that's why I didn't want to go belong because I'd have to write uh socially examiner let leverages other experts and so they could get other people that are already an expert to contribute their their expertise so it's a vlog prose you get to own it you have control you can put your your opt in your brandy in your buttons wherever you want kanz is, is that it's it's going to be crowded? There's gonna be a lot of people and you know you're going to compete with things like seo and all the other blocks that exist out there, the second platform, which is which is the platform that I chose, eyes, youtube and more specifically video. Now the reason I wrote video and youtube is because the way I run things is I put my content out on youtube, but I also have a block where the video goes us goes on there as well. So it's kind of that double whammy video block. So the prose is that google owns you two and that's actually huge pro, because when I got frustrated with search engine optimization and gave up trying to rank my website, I found out that it was way easier to get a video ranked inside of google. Then it was my website, because google owns you two and with some cool tricks and some stuff I'm going to share with you today. Um, it's very possible to do that and not only get, you know, it's like one thing to get a video ranked in google, but to get people to watch it and click your link is very possible, in fact. A lot of our video see between thirty to forty percent of the views converting into traffic so very simple process which we will come the second half this presentation will talk more about that that's a pro as well as another prototype I find is that it's not his competitive I've done presentations whether it's virtual or in person where I asked people at the beginning when what I'm talking about youtube and I ask them to two important questions the first one years who's seen a youtube video in the past seven days and like everyone's hand comes up right and when I say now raise your hand if you've uploaded a video in the last seven days and like five people raise their hands everyone's got their excuse why not two to be doing video um and rachel knows she was at my last workshop that a lot of my from my youtube marketing workshop a lot of what I had to teach was like twisting people's arms like just do their first video like come on you guys can do it and and so that to me once again this kind what we talked about the panel yesterday is like finding opportunities where everyone else sees a problem because everyone else is so resistant to video that was like that's what I want to go like I do not like you know from the camera I get nervous when I'm up here I don't wantto I don't want to do what I d'oh, but I said, you know what, no one else is doing this boom let's go for it um and it worked and it really did so that's those are those are some pros. The cons is that you have to be in front of camera. Um what? You really don't I talk a lot of ways that you don't have to be in front of camera, which is good, but it does take time and money today I'll be sharing with you a cz well, the the entire process that we go through to go from idea and conception all the way to, you know, watching it on youtube, getting ranked, etcetera, so pros and cons there's my youtube channel. Like I said, now I'm like less than five thousand views away acting like idiot on camera, but that's, what I like to do so this is my platform. This is where I create weekly videos for people on there's, a it's, a it's, a two part strategy where the first thing I'm doing is I have my existing list, my existing, uh, community that I've already built out, they experience a new video from me every week, and the power of that is that I stay top of mind to them, my first business was ah service based after the ebay and motorcycles was a service based businesses as a event staffing company we provide bartenders and I read some marketing book somewhere to do a newsletter so I did and I did it the hard way I did it the long way I would spend about a week making a physical newsletter that I would write drink recipes on and party tips and bar jokes and I would literally hand mail these things out all my past customers and all one hundred fifty of them and I just remember people like hiring me again because they said you know our neighbor was talking about how they're having a party and we had your thing upon the fridge we had it in that drawer in the cabinet under the phone in the kitchen where all the junk goes and it's like we just we had your number like there it was like we remembered you and so I I'm like wow this actually works and keep doing it so for me teo create something weekly it allows me to stay top of mind for my people for my people and build a stronger relationship with them which I think is so important so that when it does come time to sell I'm not a good salesperson I've never liked sales most people don't I don't really need teo I just say like hey, you're already getting a ton of free guy for me uh here's something that costs a little bit of money would you say that like okay um but that's the first side of it but then there's the new people and and it's getting a getting new people to find you tow to spread in your region and attracting more people on your list and we're gonna talk about this is well today uh this is what my pretty much my entire youtube marketing a three day workshop with creative life came down to, which is this concept of video in that every day people are going to google they're also going to youtube and they're searching their questions saying how do I do this or give me a tutorial like how do you how to tie a tie? You know? And you have the opportunity to get your videos found there if you don't believe me, I'm going to show you a really cool we'll end with a really cool case study, which I think you guys will really like uh this is this is actually one of my favorite case studies right now. This is antonio centeno and this is so fascinating because he had gone through my training a year before I ever even connected with this guy and I'm like I was like almost absent like, why didn't you come to me sooner like bumped into me at an event in march he's like james you know, I went through your stuff and we'll go over and take a look at my youtube channel in short here's what he did he went through my stuff uh learned how to do this and he committed one year of his life to make two hundred videos he put those two hundred videos up on youtube he went from a channel with no views to now five point six million views and seventy seven thousand subscribers um with these two hundred videos and he teaches men how to dress better is his channels real men real style on his name is antonio zenteno and I said, um antonio like, what does that mean? Because you know you can't you can't really take the views to the bank like youtube subscribers like what is this equate to dollars and cents because it tripled my sales like you don't even let me finish my sentences like it tripled my saddles and I'm like that's awesome! May I share your testimonials and he's like absolutely um and my interview and I asked him and the my fair part of the interview was I asked him I said, antonio, I know how it takes time to do this stuff I said so what? What would be your argument for someone who is making the excuse of I don't have the time he wouldn't even let me finish because you make the time when you find the things that get the most results in your business when you discover those you make the time for those and everything else kind of goes by the wayside or you find other people to do it and this is something he found the time to do because he saw how valuable it is so it's very cool because he's someone in a very different and you know you're seeing all of us and I know you guys are all just social media people talking about social media stuff I actually find it a lot harder to be the video person on video on youtube you know it's a very crowded place with a lot of noise but someone like this ah has a very specific nature is very unique and he doesn't not have a lot of competitors it's very cool real men real style yes, we have some questions coming in youtube and youtube versus other things I wanted touch on that before we do so I don't forget a couple people in the chat rooms wanted to know what your sister's business was they wanted to go check it out oh yeah so so but she has no idea that I'm talking about this either find out so she just put up our first youtube video and we're going that's my surprise case study at the end okay but her website is jill one more dot com and she teaches yoga and, uh and, uh, energy and healing work, so, um, yeah, pretty cool because she went through all my like I just gave her one of my course I'm like, I'm not gonna help you there's no way I'm going to help you because you're never ah, guru in your hometown, as the saying goes and so she doesn't really listen to me, but the story behind that which I love sharing is that she kept coming to me for help and I'm like, I'm not going to give you help because you're not gonna listen to me because I'm just your bully an older brother that just is a pain in your butt, so I told her to go buy a course, uh, that I recommended and in the course they had mentioned me as this expert and she like tax, just like they said, you're going to bring on this youtube marketing expert, blah, blah, blah, world renowned james one more just like that's you and I'm like, yeah, that's a brother like, oh, maybe I should get your course to him like, maybe should s o she so she did and it's really cool because sometimes we struggle is like, I mean, the reason I do what I do is because I love teaching and like if you talking for two seconds like some people don't like it like they hate it, we're like a soon to start talking like, oh, you should do this and bottle blonde we should you know and they think I'm like judging them are critiquing it was like no, I just want to like, throw all my advice on you which you know, take it or leave it but you know, sometimes his teachers we you know, get really self conscious and at least I do when you see people going through your content and not getting the results and you're like, is it something teach it wrong? Did I do something wrong and it's really cool for my sister to like? She just like just like got it, I'm going to go through it and then I was like, hey, I did what you said and I'm like, this is amazing this is perfect, so we'll take a look at that and a little bit of her sights. Jill wetmore dot com did you have another question that we want? I have a comment can if since you're embarrassing people the rial style, the real men real style actually saw my husband on that site antonio is the real deal yeah he's a great guy you have a couple questions they were coming in that weed like tio adjust you what do you think you mentioned that google owns um youtube so that's one reason beyond there, but what are your thoughts that youtube versus vigna? Um, I don't look it, but, uh, it is a versus like, like it's an either or personal okay, so I deploy of and you're going to teach you guys are going to see the strategy I used with you, too? Um you, if you if everyone at home I would like you to write this down in your notes is that youtube equals traffic and so I use youtube is a very specific traffic getting strategy, I wouldn't use video as a traffic strategy because I don't see videos getting ranked in google as nearly as much I don't go, I don't see other people going to video to say like how to tie a tie or how to dress better or how to do a yoga pose to relieve back pain. Um if when that starts happening, you're going to see me talking a lot more about video. Um, I do use video in other ways, however, um for like hosting a sales video or content video, but that's kind of a whole different story, but I like to focus ninety nine percent of my effort on on youtube because I can put up a video up there and just let it sit there and the view's just keep coming in because their people are googling it or searching youtube you have to understand that youtube is considered the second largest search engine behind google the younger generations which will always passes on to us you know, we just copy what they dio um they go to youtube directly to search for their answers and so if we're creating videos that answer those questions, our stuff gets found more questions one more yeah time capsule asked if there is any researcher, if you know of any research about top topics toe that people look for and youtube video, we're gonna talk about that, but about it, okay? S so I'm gonna continue. So what was our first platform? I was it was your block, which you could put anything on your boy, it doesn't have to be text, right? You know, I actually if you were to go to my block, every video that's on youtube is on my block. If you go to amy's blood, you're probably going to see all of our podcasts episodes on there so all audio um, but it's something that you own in conjunction with something that's already getting a lot of exposure like youtube the third one amy talked about it, so I'm not like here to talk about this if you guys missed amy session well, you guys that's that's why you guys need to get the recording because she was awesome on I had to change a lot of my slides and I'm like, oh, I was going to talk about that, but I know nothing of podcasting and other than I listen to a few, uh, podcasting. So I'm not here to talk about that. I'm just here, tio give you guys what I see is the pros and cons so that we can all make a conscious decision as to where your platform is going to, um start pros is that it's it's very mobile in that there's a very different like I was approached by someone who wanted to run my whole he's like, I love what you're doing on youtube, we want to run in your entire podcasting thing, you just you just give us the content will do all the rest, and it was a very hard decision to turn that down because I'm like, man, it really would want to start podcasting every all the cool kids are doing it there's a very different relationship and motive, consumption that's going on with the difference between a video and a podcast and you guys know what I'm talking about a video is a combination of audio, visual and even kinesthetic it's god, you can hear what I'm saying, you can see what I'm doing and then there's usually music, there's, emotion, there's some other third element there, so because of that, it takes all of your attention. You can't watch a movie and really enjoy it if you're multitasking and doing something else, it's the same with one of my youtube videos that's a pro in that I get someone's full attention for a few minutes, which is one reason why the celebrity effect happens because people are realizing, wow, this person has somehow gotten a hold of all of my one hundred percent of my attention and that's a big deal, and it does it makes it turns you into a celebrity. The downfall from that with the video is what? Well, you're not going to get it for very long, and if one other little like squirrel, you know, catches their attention there, they're gone. And so well, you know, we pride ourselves on keeping our attention rates as high as possible, and we have to do some crazy antics. I'm wearing my videos, dancing like a sea monkey, just trying to keep people paying attention to some of the stuff we talked about it a little. Boring is a little lackluster podcasting, so what's our videos like for five minutes, but podcasting, you can chat away for an hour and have this interviewing people here that's fine, because they're in their car driving. I got nothing better to do. I'm learning this is good, you know? But they're multiplying, they're cleaning their office, they're doing something else. So there's, um, I don't think one or the other is right or wrong because of that, but you need to understand the distinction between the two. So for me, it's very easy to consume because it's mobile, I like to listen to a podcast about going on a walk or something. We're driving in the car, sort of regarding that cause, every woman said that she's kind of feeling like she's, not ready to be on camera, and she was asking for tips or advice, or she could maybe start with a slide show on a voiceover instead. But maybe you'd suggest for somebody like that, who is a little shy of the camera to maybe podcast as an alternative? Yeah, that's a hard question like, I feel like I have to peer into someone's soul to give him the real answer that they need, because for some people it's an excuse, and then people like you, right? You probably shouldn't be in front of camera not not because of ah physical like look it's more like they you know some people are really low energy like I'm normally if you guys talk to me off camera I am actually like a really shy quiet person um and I talked about this about you two uh workshop but then when the camera's on like I have to dig deep and just like bring up whatever I got for those like five minutes and just be like one hundred percent energy if you're not willing to do that I would not recommend you're beyond video david said the david simon garland yesterday said the magic word entertainment where I can give you the secrets of the universe not that I would have him but if I did and I said in the most boring monotone way you know it's probably go right over your head and you wouldn't obtain so it's it's so much about the messenger and not just the message so yes you know I talk about things like how you can make videos without being in front of the camera you khun do um you know like keynote type videos and screen flow camped asia and stuff like that but those work I don't know I just go so back and forth it's a personal decision you have to say like am I willing to be on camera and give a hundred percent energy and continue to evolve like I look back at my old videos and I'm like let's just delete those and let's you know let's continue from there since around podcasting tariq ass what podcast platforms do you recommend to use? I don't know you don't know no I don't I don't know because I've never touched podcasting thank go watch any go on what I'm hear what I'm here is to help you guys make a decision on really what the modality in which you're delivering content iss on dh here's what I see is the pros and cons for me and this is obviously not based off a personal experience just what other peers in the industry are saying is that you can actually have a lot of downloads of your podcast you have a lot of listeners and one of the things I've heard from podcasts or say is that well just cause you get the downloads just cause I have listeners doesn't mean they're going to my web site their their strategies and ways to do that gift understand if I'm in the car listening your podcast I'm not going to go pull over the site go to your web site to download your free reporter by your latest program uh on youtube I could get thirty five to forty percent of my views to get over to my website and that's why I had all of you guys write down youtube equals traffic for that reason so there are going to be tradeoffs with all these platforms the big lesson is that don't do all of them starting out you master a system you get it down I would be doing one for six to eight months before even consider doing something or adding to something um two great podcasts I recommend you guys uh tune in for is smart passive income with pat flynn in the school of greatness with louis houses or two that I subscribed to and they both do incredible with it and pat even talks about podcasting as well so um yeah, they're they're great examples of how they're using I mean, louis is mostly just they're just interviews he just interviews people every every week on um got in a huge following from that. Okay, I want to go the fourth one which is, uh live video um can anyone think of an example of ah like a company or anyone who uses live video is a platform. Okay, got it. Okay. Um thank you. So obviously creative live I mean this it's this is their platform and whether it's it's you stream or live stream or some other stream acme stream or google hangouts or go to webinar, that type of stuff is relevant and that's why I'm trying to get cross your eyes is like the specific tool you use are the specific company that runs the software is totally irrelevant. Uh, what is relevant is the platform and the modality in which you're delivering your message and for everyone who's washing this right now is this happened. Lives happens live. You totally get the power of live video. All this stuff has to orchestrate behind the scenes in order to deliver something that at any moment could go wrong. This is why people still love going to see a broadway musical, even though jerry bruckheimer can create the most crazy, insane, action packed film. Um, we still go see something that's live there's a magical, powerful element that happens live and and there's a lot of different ways in which we could do that. So the prose is it's when it's live, it's it's an event it's something to be a part of it and that's what people do they want to be a part of something. Cons is its life, and anything could go wrong. Um, one of the other concert with it being live is that you're on the hook. Amy talked yesterday about how I believe she did. I hope she did, um, about how she will get a lot of oh, and david talked about, and I talked about it like that about how she will get a lot of her podcast in the can before she puts him out can't really do that creative life can't say let's just film like ten workshops, so we're good for the rest of the year. I mean, they have to schedule him and execute him live. Um, so there are pros and cons to that, um, and I want to look at some other examples before the assize court of live this is this is one of the things that and melanie talked about on the panel yesterday that melanie duncan does is she does, um live webinars and training all the time, and this is one of the most recent ones. The title is called six reasons why social media isn't working for you, uh, which, you know, she had a huge amount of people register and attend life for something like that. So she's using webinars I love using webinars and, oh yeah, we're going to talk about it tomorrow s so it's a very cool stuff because you can use it to sell. This is brandy sweezy, who actually her expertise is teaching hang out, but she delivers her content the life hangouts and she's getting a following because she keeps putting on these live events that are free. And people want to be a part of these live events. And then she builds her list. With these. Every single one of these I mentioned blawg video, podcasting or live video. The people who are executing this properly are first and foremost building their list, which is what we talked about. It's, like the main objective.

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Interesting speaker, even when I have a marketingdegree its still full packed with small tips how to improve your site for your business. His advice is both for webshop companies aswell for small entrepreneurs. I like the are so many examples (site makeovers). There are even tips for copywriting, and sales in general which is very usefull. A complete course about about sales/how to use content/build sociaal proof. How to build a sales/lead generation system. Great teacher! For both new people, and people who want to to learn/get advanced.

Julz P

Some pretty great tips sprinkled throughout this course, the mix of presenters is great too.

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This workshop is Incredible! If you want to be successful in Online Business, investment of $99 for this workshop is nothing compare to value that Devin and his expert friends deliver.