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Make Your Website Work For You

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Roadmap to Thriving Online Biz

Devin Duncan

Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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2. Roadmap to Thriving Online Biz

Lesson Info

Roadmap to Thriving Online Biz

Where your ideal customers online, we need to know where to find him. Kind we talked a little bit about, uh, find finding the exact customer avatar, thinking of a specific a single person that you're writing to our making your marketing message for that symbolizes a larger group when you think of what were they would actually dio where they would be online, the activities they would be doing. So what? Facebook pages where they like this will help us with our amy porterfield facebook advertising session, because we can she's going to talk about how to actually run ads and have those ads appear to people that like certain fan pages, so I need to think through that what fan pages that they like on facebook is your product age or gender specific that's obviously going tohave? Ah, you know, a big influence on your branding, your website design your marketing tone in your message customary threads we noticed I looked at the majority of our orders, especially the higher revenue orders came fr...

om sort of girls, so we will start to change our messaging. It was a little bit more always in charge of the branding, of course, by default, I'm going to choose him a little bit more of a male dominated design, but then all these these girls ordering so melanie became the new breathing person we need a more, you know, ah, female aspect in a female angle on it, and our sales just blew up even more. So you want to be even even if you sell the ball genders, if not gender specific? Look, we're orders were coming from especially or higher revenue ones can that help you and tell you and steer your direction your brain? Because you might need to switch it up, and we'll talk a little bit about that when we do surveys, because your companies to be reactive, what your audience wants, it's, not really up to you. If your audience wants something else, that's the direction you'd be taking to maximize your sales can your product on ly be marketed to people living in a specific location? And are you sure about that? So a lot of local business owners think, just like a lot of them have very good reasons why they can't expand its taken really only sell, but some of them just like use as an excuse, but there are things that can be doing, especially boutiques, actually putting things online. It's starting on online e commerce web store so that way, even if it's just ease of use, even if you just had in store pickup or things like this you can orjust regional shipping us base shipping on lee are you sure that your business really only has to be local now there's a lot of things like dentist's office yes of course you can't do a dentist service if you live in ohio to someone in california so there are businesses that are definitely limited locations but if you're ever looking for expansion opportunities jean I love that you instruct other studio a nurse for pallotti's how to be running mohr efficient and profitable er plotted studios saying I've seen some people in industries like dental that could do the same thing the's enters all have the same issues no matter where they are usually and you if you are running six cent successful dental practice already you've gone through those trials and tribulations and come out successful you could there's people that are still going through those or yet to go through them that you could help coach or have training programs which is just like what you've done with slice studios you have that experience so there's people that get into that and realise I'm having issues I wish there was just some what all others gina has gone through this year's all this experience she could probably help me so a lot of times the local limitations if you're ever looking for some kind of expansion there's other people out there like you if you're already having some success you can help other people so what needs to happen for your ideal customer to go from a cold lead to actual paying customer thursday journey this is the a dizzy rachel's comes back to where you're at ok, we can get this staroffice traffic how to actually get money showing it from a bank account key questions here how did they get to their site? Where did they give their their name and email address is your follow up educational or just sales and pushy and when they're ready to buy is the ordering process seamless these air the major kind of categories representing the tlc stages so answer this for custom grief threads how did they get to our site when narrow this down especially you already have a webb business and you already have traffic sources is kind of a good exercise toe to narrow this down if you're just starting out you don't have traffic yet you need to identify reward of the traffic sources you think you want to go after one of the key places you think you're web audience is kind of waiting to be contacted on facebook obviously being one of the most obvious and easiest ones to get started on so how did they get to your site for custom? Greek threats are major traffic sources are search engine organic results and organic results just means when you go to google or yahoo are being and you type in a search term my example might be greek sweatshirts, and the results pull up. The first couple are always paid or sponsored and the others basically google determines on some sort of mathematical algorithm which one should appear in which order. And so there are all sorts of systems out there tactics and strategies and it's always changing google's, always always mixing up this algorithm to keep people on their feet. But we always want to try and rank higher on that search engine result page and that's always that's always a challenge, uh that's a major it's, a major traffic driving source for custom greek threads. Then we have search engine advertising. Those air results you can actually pay for on google yahoo are banged up, but the top or down the side bar different strategy there, even though when someone pulls up the search terms so let's say, uh google update their algorithm is actually true story for, uh, lest the size january customary threads for a couple main keywords got bumped a page to that's a kiss of death throes keywords. No one was to page two there's always the results you wanted page one. So we had to really to counter that bump up our search advertising for those keywords that we at least showed up in the paid section while we're working on figuring out what ghoul want us to change why they decided we weren't good enough to be uh on page one for the unpaid results, so those kind of balanced each other and encounter each other now I think even if we have good results, we still always pay to be on the search of ills pitch because some people have a habit of always clicking in the search it's just the first one even if it's paid for or they like always going to the non paid one so it's good to be in both places it's not bad if if you're a page kind of his listed twice there once in the paid and once in the organic unpaid another major search uh, bucket for us word of mouth drift, direct traffic and returning visitors especially because we're in the greek college market. Our customers come back for those four years at their university and buy from us each year and when there's new people getting initiated into the fraternities and sororities it's uh ritual for them tio have a big brother or big sister appointed and they gift them their first set of letter so very beneficial for us we have a very high lifetime customer value because of all the repeat repeat business and so this will come into play if you ever do paid advertising is our lifetime customer value, let's say is five hundred dollars even if it's going, I khun pay a lot of money up front. Even if that first sails only fifty dollars, I might pay more than fifty dollars, to acquire them as a customer, because I know they're going to come back if I give them a good experience. And that's obviously depends on your business dependent on your ifyou're goingto have return customers, and you need to be very confident or numbers before you start playing with things like that. Usually you need to be more competitive with with a tactic like that if you're in a competitive market and you need teo, be, uh, extra aggressive and be willing till take a loss essentially on your first order because you're so confident and your businesses structure in a way that you can wait to make money back over the lifetime of that customer. So a lifetime for us? Ah, lifetime customer value with custom greek threads because its undergraduate usually they're not initiated till the end of their freshman year, so it's about three to three and a half years, so that could be a long time for that lifetime customer value to come to full fruition. Uh, luckily, we don't have to take a loss on the first order to do that and this in our industry, because not competitive enough. But if you're in a very competitive industries that is a tactic that people use you just gotta make sure set up for it that's hard this is where being established in being profitable being large enough and not being gross stage can really benefit people because they can't take that risk and they know they're gonna be okay and an email marketing we covered about a little bit the beginning about how important it actually is that's huge for us because we can always reach out to people announce the sale announce a new product give them some sort of valuable free content keep developing that relationship constantly and uh we've had a most successful that compared to just making a facebook post more than ever facebook keeps bumping down are making you wanna boost posts or pay for them and it's very hard to reach people when you actually make a status update on facebook fan page it actually show you how few people you actually reaching unless you pay as to try and entice you they boost this give us money so more than ever email marketing keeps going back even a lot of people kind of lose their attention when I talk about that because they're like well I don't respond to email marketing you know I don't check especially the new gmail promotions folder I don't one of the biggest lessons I learned as a marketer is that I am not my market people don't act the same way I dio and that's why I said you know the way your customers action to determine how you market to them and the choices you make in your business don't ever go in especially talk about surveys I'm getting a little ahead of myself I never fill out those e mails surveys I never do that and I use that excuse for the longest time we'll talk a little bit about I want to get too far ahead of myself about the results on how it helped our business when I finally just took people's advice and actually tried surveys and went well this is great but to get back on track cem some general we've got a lot of questions that's doing most of them are kind of in a general cents ross from india has a question that you might say we were gonna touch on it later and then we can hold off he's asking about his domain named and choosing it so his question is do we need to include the keyword related to the product we're selling in our domain name so as google can bring it higher in a search result or like what do we need to keep in mind while registering a domain? Good question roz show this comes back to what is known as a search engine optimization and that is seo search engine organic so that comes back tio making your website your pages will google wants to see that they say this is an authoritative sight for these certain key words were gonna rank this really well that's known as ceo. Now, roz yes, one of the biggest things now I should start up front. Google does not tell anybody what they care about. They want to keep it secret, cause they want to just do what you do in your business and we'll decide. But of course, us marketers want, try and hack the system and do extra things like put certain keywords in our girls are make our headlines or certain things on our page a search engine optimizer that google likes us a little bit more, right? Eso yes, keywords. It is commonly believed that having key worked in your main u r l is a main point that google looks at if your girl gina for you, if you have pallotti's and you earl that's basically giving google pretty clear sign that this is gonna be about pallotti's. And then if your main headline on your website includes the word pallotti's and also instructors there going to be looking at all those main elements and they have their algorithm has different waited values for what they look at, what they care about, and then what other sites linked to you it's, a huge web and always changing and very intense but yes, there are some certain things that will never go out of style google always like specific keywords that are relevant to what you really dio in your domain name but also you don't want to have this super long domain name cause I got twenty keywords I'm gonna put it all over dot com so you still want it? You still gotta tell people your website have it sound nice have it roll off the tongue haven't actually fit on a business card and not be some super long thing just because you're trying to appeal the google before the actual customer you're selling to people first after that? Yes, you want to try and do whatever we can to play next with google, but a lot of people you can tell you go to their websites and they built their website just a rule like them and the user experience is awful because they're all they really care about his google first. But even if google likes you the person that just means your site ranks higher but a person still needs to come to your website and deal with all that we're looking stuff just because google might like the way it looks like that or you have some system but the user experience is bad so those people are gonna bounce and not turn into a lead or more valuable customer while we're on domain on another question regarding yeah, this is actually a good one. If I cannot find a good short domain name in the dot com, should I pick another suffolk ce like dot biz with short name or stick with a very long name in dot com? Uh ah is kind depends who whatyou want everyone assumes everything's dot com, so they've kind of forget something everyone's going to try the dotcom first, so if someone if a competitors especially already owns a dot com and you're going to dot biz, I assume you're gonna be sending in traffic at some point because if they ever searched for that, I don't know if this I would assume google it always rank the dotcom first, if you just search for that actual business name is someone search for customary threads in google that if someone had custom rephrase dot or that dot com will come first, that might be just an assumption. Uh, but I mean, if if you really can't find anything with dotcom, I mean, I guess sure do the dot or ge this is probably gonna be personal preference, I'm sure there's lots of people especially watching online they're like, oh, I disagree with that uh, but if it's impossible, I have never had to buy a dot anything other than dot com I've always found something using the source you something tto play with adjectives when we registered online edge academy two months ago when we played around all day with different words ej and it advantage and what feeling do we want to appear what just that term what do we want? We have tohave online where do we put it in the three words sequence do we want can we do more than three words to make more specific no we don't want that long you know you can play with that eye I don't know if I believe that you can't find a dot com but it's kind of personal preference if you're like either I have the super long dot com or the shorter one then sure that's my only real choice then you'd have to go with the dot or guard dog dub is I think it probably a good thing for business but I think that's great advice teo and I know that our communities really creative so you're saying get creative yeah yeah get creative play with it but yeah I'm force between just those two choices and those are really only my two choices then sure I think the dog business ok if I go people are watching them definitely know something I don't because I don't claim to know asio very well I outsource all of that I just kind of understand the core basics with just domain name keywords and title tags and passed that I just pay someone else to handle it I think it's great advice because I know for myself I have ah creative mind and sometimes my mind doesn't work on that business level quite as effectively so to hear things like that it gets your mind in that mode like right I'm still I'm in business mode here yeah and this is just another thing a lot of people get hung up on the name and when they started business there like before actually do you have any clients that have you made any money that's a start that's the real start of business no, I'm still I'm still deciding my business card design I'm still deciding my girl get past that stuff you want to get to actually does your business work have you made any sales? Have you turn a profit yet that is the true start of a business nothing before that matters get to that point as soon as possible get proof of concept proof of profit that is ground zero of starting an online business not I need a prettier logo that stuff a lot calm branding is important but you got to turn a profit first to pay for an incredible brandy expert and contact rachel and I need a design because I'm making you know money already and I know branding will help me take it to the next level but that's not where you start. Great. I think you'd agree, rachel, even you gotta know your direction first. And what people will be able to pay the bill. S o one of the last things for custom greek threats, facebook obviously, because our demographic is under graduate college, they're on facebook, which makes it really easy for us. That's why facebook advertising is huge for us. Uh, but it can also be really bad, because if we screw up on something, you could share it all over the place, so we gotta be really careful. That's the bad thing about having an audience that's really hooked up with social said they will murder you if you upset them. Yeah, haven't had an experience with that. All right? Where did they give their email address? So uncustomary thread, since we're on that example, we make it no secret that we would like your contact information. Even though we sell products, there is definitely secondary call the action a secondary thing we'd like you to dio give us your name and email address, so if you're not ready to buy it's, not some hidden thing, we get a lot of email addresses from non virus each day, so home page underneath a knave bar for you on the web, if you could are checking out custom greek threads dot com you would see these examples right now we have ah red bar on our home page underneath the main navigation that prompts promise attention to sign up and it kind of drops down and gives the email sign up fields there's a five second pop up box it's either five seconds or when you click on the second page whatever the second page might be so that way if you just go to the home patient doesn't pop up right away I can't remember what it is for that business, but we'll talk about the tools you need to make this happen and the proper way to use pop up boxes because a lot of people don't like that in their browsing experience, so we'll talk about the right way to do it so people see these papa boxes of the smile because actually benefit to them instead of just intrusive and annoying so that our tactics to that uh also footer it's always a place you want to have contact uh email sign up form if I accidentally close to pop up r I need a little bit longer to determine if I actually like this company I want some updates of footers just a default place that a lot of people look for the e mail opt in box so always put it there just you'll get a good a good lift if you'd only have one of the footer people to scroll down and I think that's where it should be and then exit pop up on shopping cart. This is a little fun tactic will talk about the tools I think tomorrow and day to about this, but when they're on the shopping cart, think about this. How many of you have ever gone to aa website added something to your car and then not bought it left all of us right over eighty percent of orders that are added his shopping carts are abandoned, not completed over eighty percent that's a lot of people that came to our website we're interested enough to not just click the back button right away that browsed around our categories found a product that they like in our case went through and customized it there's a lot of customization options on customer threats is not just sizing color I mean there's like twenty to thirty so that's a big process and then add that to the cart and then decide not to buy that's a bigtime investment so a tool will talk about tomorrow when the mouse goes to leave the screen to click back a pop up, comes up and gives him an enticing offer look definitely more aggressive than just a normal browsing pop up to try and get them to stay in bad, okay we got to address what the pain points might be of why they'd be leaving why would they be leaving at that point? They've taken that time bigtime investment and there and now they're a banding the order something something happened so for us through surveys we've been able to identify certain trigger pain points or issues they might have and in a pop up would address that immediately right away a lot of times it's a price uh itt's an unexpected additional fee especially shipping could be return policy should be the amount of time it's going to take to get there. This isn't gonna get here in time for my initiation or this birthday party or things like that so there's a some of the main pain points that come into play for are, uh, customization businesses when we actually do need to be manufacturing the items and there might be a two to three day two to three week wait time while we manufacture this custom items so that's a big one for us because this can address those pain points right away and encounter them and try and correct the course of that customer that is your fall up educational or just pushy so we will talk about email software tomorrow when we're talking about how to get leads mohr effectively in my session and talk about the software that you need like a webber or male chimp oh, our constant contact and the pros and of each of those and then kind of which businesses they're better for, but I know a weber, however, is the one I use for e commerce businesses, and so I can't speak to male chimp or constant contact do or do not do this next feature, but a weber you can program teo once someone joins her email list, gives the contact information you khun set. Uh, follow up e mails to go out after x amount of days at certain time intervals. So you're having this basic automatic conversation. So for custody threat, someone interesting their contact information. Get a coupon code that's a big driver for like when they first come to our site. Hey, get five percent off your order. It's a big thing. Capture a lot of leads that way each day everyone wants some some, you know, discount, right? They want to pay as much as the next guy. Everyone's a little bit of a deal. So right away, the first email that goes out is going to fulfill the promise. You always want to fulfill that promise right away however you we're tempting them with. In our case of discount and gene, in your case, it might be an educational teaser and some educational uh you know what? The first free first video and one year courses or something or, uh, testimonial video or something like that? You always want to fill in that right away so coupon code we deliver the coupon code and then we do a light mention oven expiration on the last day when we talk about, uh, conversion tactics and psychological psychological strategies expiration and scarcity coming to play huge and we try and work that into all of our marketing that the important thing was this is that you're honest about it you never want to say something going to be taken away if it's really not true, so we do a light mention of expiration, so this is a very light sales pitch and mostly delivers on something that they just signed up for two days later we do a follow up with them that's important to know this timing is not absolute and it's not for everybody. We chose two days because with custom greek threads we see when what are average time is between first visit and order and that's less than forty of ours for customary threats. So if they haven't bought by two days, we emailed them again because they're kind of off course from the average so I kind of want to again try and do something to push in the right direction and so we increased the discount because they're there they're now on the backside of the average amount of time it takes someone to place the order we increased it to ten percent give a little bit extra nudge and uh david will be talking tomorrow about the conversational tone in this message because for small businesses I was advised that there's kind of definitely person behind the brand like I said in the beginning people want to buy from people yes rachel what how do you know so the way I'm understanding is that everyone that signed up gets the first email and then people who haven't purchased get the second e mail how do you question so a webber knows that so any webber you create lists basically and there's a list for prospects and that's everyone that fills out the full of the first form there prospect there not a customer and there's a customer list those air basically buckets of female addresses let's say in a webber knows so basically as soon as somebody places an order on custom greek threads the site tells a weber hey some of this email address bought basically sent an email to them to your specific a weber account and it moved that email address from this bucket but prospects to a customer so they're taken off that follow up let's move them over there you write so that way they're not getting an increased I already bought now you're getting ten percent I want that so that's that's how that works and I know a weber has that technology mail ship a constant contact might I don't know I haven't used them before I'm not sure but uh that's a great question rachel that is very important you don't want them to keep getting e mails after they turned into a customer s o increase discount for us and I explained the timing of why it's important and we'll talk about the tools when will we talk about that? I think it's tomorrow google analytics of free tool tio it will be able to tell you information like this like first visit to a purchase that amount of time and then you work backwards from that determine when you want thes e mails to go out so for us two days later two days later than that we highlight testimonials and reviews now this person this is what dave four five by now they're really off course so we really got a kind of pull out all the stops and starts showing them how happy other customers were testimonials and our views that people have had a good experience with us you know, play play that card more and try and now we're in the process of doing whatever we can to save the sale because I know they're they're a little bit off with their timing yeah, increase the discount again or with that devalue you're you could I've chosen not to like ten ten's my limit and it depends on your profit margins on and you want to be careful training the people every time you get any mail from you keep going lower and lower at that point and I go what happens overweight no longer yeah am I gonna get fifty percent off eventually we're gonna get this for free so you want to carefully training them with each message uh I think when I increase the discount ay dio a little I definitely do a little higher mention of expiration kind of like I'm giving this to you but you gotta use it you got to use it soon I'm good I'm gonna take this away pretty quick so, uh is that is elegant answer question. Yeah, okay, do you ever, um maybe switch it from an increased discounts just free shipping or yeah, you can totally try that out. I'd I'd definitely do it to where it's never devaluing the amount of money they say it's kind of like whichever is greater since you never wanted to go at this point. Our order and I'm not saving as much as if I would have ordered unless we're talking about a true expiration expiring at the end of the sequence but yeah that's a free shipping was the pain point usually I would figure out in the last day the last uh the last presentation is actually about split testing and I won't go into that too much right now, but we could actually create too different sequences and split the traffic team bolt one offering just a five and been ten percent discount on one offering free shipping and see which one actually gets more sales out of both of those looks we'll cover that on day three that's that's a little bit more advanced but you could see hey which offer people actually responding to more um, how about you guys in the studio? We have any questions here I'd like to hear more about you are more from you about the warming process like you called it at the beginning. Uh, you talked about here in this business where you're offering discounts and testimonials reviews that kind of stuff, but about something or other brands where you're really building that relationship and customers are getting to know you and why should I trust you and that kind of stuff? How do you how do you dress some of those things? And maybe, like in jamie's business, where I'm going to be helping other instructors? How do I get them to understand what I can really do for them? Okay, great uh, so you're you're definitely interested in the coaching and that service based business eso what we do with that is definitely you want to get as much of a personal connection with them as possible and position you as an authority and a huge thing with that is gonna be testimonials and results I've got from other people. You're gonna wanna lead in a lot earlier with that, and that should be on your site already, even before you got the often people want to know that you can get people results and that they can identify with the people you got results for. So when that's ah tactic when you're getting testimonials, make sure it's from a range of different people so people can always associate and see themselves in those people's positions have them talk about the problem that they had, and you want to make sure those stories range, and then how you help them solve this term problems? Because even if people see a testimonial, well, my problem is different than that person that example, help a little bit, and then you develop the relationship through advice giving and just overall professionalism and that's where brandon will come in huge if you're gonna you know, if you're going teo, be putting herself, especially as the face or your advice, everything has to come up polished and professional, so one of the best things we did with our coaching business. Is investing our branding and really make sure every single touch point every single point that we had a conversation or interaction of the customer was professional and branded and on point that answer your question. Okay, good question, genius, follow up along what you were saying. I'm curious what your opinion is about giving away your best stuff for free because that I always thought of as part of the warming get to know you and you're offering, and I think that is going to be covered in depth by either david or amy, not sure whose presentation it sent, but amy today, only talking on blogging and podcasting there's gonna be a lot of free content that involves a lot of free content. And then we have a panel van today with all my guests, it was going five of us up here that all work in different industries that have very successful businesses, talking about content creation, productivity tactics and answering that question specifically so free content when to do it, how to do it, how it's it's kind of mind boggling times you want me to give my best stuff away for free, like, how does that work, or they ever pay for them, so, yeah, that is, but that does help really position he was an expert to them. And get to know your personality, your teaching style, like, really valuable when we made that change in our coaching business and put that out there just to kind of wing it. Well, let's, just see what happens. It's not working the other way. Totally change things just overnight is amazing, but there are certain way to do it. There's good, we've got well, I have one question from new e which goes back, tio, what you were talking about retaining people, keeping them coming back? What do you think about the exit pop up? Is that what you mean when you're asking why the customers leaving at that point? Yes. So the exit pop up? Uh, I only use exit pop ups in the shopping cart because I find them they can be annoying, so I only want to do that where it's my in the shopping cart is the closest they're going to come to being a customer without being customer if they decide to leave. So I don't use exit pop ups on, uh, most of my sights, at least not ones that lock the browser. It would just be there's different types of exit pop ups there once. That you have to interact with the clothes to actually be ableto close the page, we don't use those because they're a lot more intrusive. This one is it's ah it's a light box pop up and we'll talk about that in the technology stuff tomorrow. Uh, but that way you can if you still want to. Even if you saw it, you don't have to interact with it and actually close that pop up first you can still close the page so it's not it's, not intrusive it's more just a value bill but doesn't force an extra step? Uh, so, um was designed as to the question I hope so. There is one more though from frank, he says, how do you set time limits on specific discount codes? Okay, that would have to do with the e commerce website, so we will get into my next presentation when we talk about platforms we use of illusion dot com for r e commerce sites there's a couple of the good ones will recommend for the type of business you're doing with size when it comes to commerce walls to talk about non e commerce platforms and what to use. But they just have those features built in and you, khun, you can do a little sometimes especially you want to make it per contact you do a little bit of custom coding because it's kind of it's associated with that single person so it has to expire so it's a little bit of customization in that example but uh it's usually not that hard to figure out especially if you call the company uh the e commerce company directly and kind of talk with them like I want to do this how do I do it? A perfect, great way all right let's move on so I'll go through these last couple days two days later we start putting some uh some risk aversion and playing a little bit more on the psychological tactic of buying from other people might cause problems in your order might not come out the way you want a big thing for us with custom greek threads we have to be licensed and pay royalties to every one of the greek organizations those greek letters are trademarked so we have to get licences for each specific one there's a lot whenever that happens there's a lot of people out there that don't get those licenses so they can pay cheaper because they have to pay that extra royalty so when we're licensed we have to keep up our quality all the new products have to go through an approval process first it adds a lot of expense so we talk about the risk of unlicensed vendors and what can happen and how it's hurting greek life in general because our royalties go to expanding greek life and helping out your your house and your fraternity or sorority. So we kind of play on that level of it's, not just about the price point think of you know, we're doing bigger things here that everything and the last the last one's going to last chance or really play on the scarcity, all of our offer's, we'll cover this in the last day when you talk about talk about psychological strategies when selling have something you always want o have an expiration where something goes away for them, either. The offer's closing period that discounts closing the price is going to go up for those who are watching live. You see that right below this video with the ninety nine currently, but if you weigh it's higher, so you're if you're interested at all, you're not gonna wanna wait. So that's a tactic that we use in next example for an expiring discount code is your ordering process seamless. So the mom test so we use this in our business is you might think your website makes a lot of sense. Have your mom sit down and tell her to order something and go through the order process and ask her questions along the way and see where she gets held up and is confused. About a mom choosing your size is what's the size of gonna be like what would actually fit me? How does this fit a woman of my figure what's the delivery time? Those questions that might seem obvious to you, of course, when you just click there but what? She didn't know that and trust me if you're wrong can't figure it out lots of people that are browsing your website can figure out either we don't have the benefit of being able to watch customers in the store walk around aisles and see where they could confused usually that's what salespeople are for they come up when they see hesitancy height can I help you find something? Can I help you find the right size and they step in? We don't have that ability in a virtual website, so we need to do everything we can to try and put people in place that don't have our knowledge of our website. Of course it should work like this. Of course everyone is going to figure it out they know to collect here they know if they want to find our sizing, they scroll down here and click here and entering this like that's going to be too difficult for most people even though it's obvious to you, so the mom test is very crucial to doing your websites back to the exercise, clarifying your marketing why would your ideal customer not buy your product? And this comes to some of the shopping cart er topics we talked about earlier pricing, sizing, shipping costs, return policy not clear or just really bad. We have hard time countering this with customary threads or luxury monta grounds because we can't have a very forgiving return policy because these items are totally custom made someone we can't just accept to return and put it on a shelf, and someone else is going to buy it it's a hundred percent for you. So we have to be more specific, which with what we actually take us return compared to a company like zappos, where as long as the shoes don't, some show signs of where they can resell those shoes, we don't have the benefit with custom made items, so it throws in on extra challenge. You have to be really clear about stating that multiple times during the checkout process so people are definitely knowledgeable because we don't want them, we don't ever hide that, and then they want to return it, and then they figure out that we have in their mind at that point a bad return policy because we seem to hide it that's where you get bombarded on social media and it hurts you. So you want to be up front with that stuff and get out of the way because you'd rather someone not order from you. If we're gonna have a problem with that, then try and deal with the hassle afterward. We're just keeping your money, you know? You don't you don't want to play that game. Not good business practice. Uh, ordering process confusing mom tests helps with that. He thinks with surveys surveys are crucial. I touched on this a little bit. I ignored it for a long time, assuming because I don't like surveys that I'm not gonna put my business because who fills those things out because I don't big mistake and as a market or you never want to assume your actions or what your mark, it'll actually deal, and this is gold information that they will tell you people will fell out surveys not everyone you, but you don't need everyone, tio just some people, but they will speak their minds and give you a really great information. And this is your customer telling you we've gotten so much for our branding snippets and teg lines and benefit points from what our customers told us, so they know what they want betterthan you do, you are not the customer, you're the marketer. Ask them they'll tell you so to crucial surveys you want to do obviously survey non buyers why didn't you buy my stuff out of my sight? You went through my cells process what was it that turned you off? What was that they didn't like? Was it the pricing was it wasn't me was it our phone call? Was it whatever step along the way ask them the way we do this is through you could send a follow up email we don't do this on the phone because then you're gonna have blocks it like they don't like to tell real person they're going a lot so you can use google forms has a free service for this where you can just build out what the questions are going to be and put a text box there or you can use a paid service that makes it all pretty like surveymonkey if you just google you know survey survey programs we're gonna find tons of um uh we mostly use google forms because it's free and we do tons of them so we can put him all over the place. So why didn't they buy what could we have done better to earn your business crucial thinking people right paragraphs on this and pay attention to this stuff it is gold and then I like to always put their contact name and email address as optional field some people will feel comfortable listening that some people will not that's totally fine because I'd rather get the information even if it's anonymous because it helps me with my branding helps me know what I need to change helps me know if they had I want to find out this bad experiences so we don't repeat them with other customers and then survey your buyers. This will really help because you you got the ultimate thing from that you got them to purchase your product. That's what we're really after this is the endgame. Why do they buy why they decided to spend their hard earned money with you? What questions did we address that made you comfortable by what was it that we were clear on? What was it that you related to? Is it our story was that are, you know, ah customer service person for customary threads our customer service manager rocks, I mean she's just awesome, and she people we'll email even before they get the survey toe, let us know or writing the review on online review like I bought because this customer service person like they were just so helpful in awesome and I bought extra stuff because people want to buy from people they want to buy and people they feel they connected to and have a relationship with and get them and really to them, and we'll help them important stuff and were there any hesitancy is that we addressed? This is really great, especially when it comes back to testimonials because you want you want to show that you help people. You answered a hesitancy that people had helped him overcome some hesitancy, because when people, especially when you're selling information products when they're reading through sales page at certain points, people are going to doubt something or have a certain question throwing a testimonial though there that addresses that from someone I wondered if this would work for me as a single mother of two in my mid forties. Will this help me get my finances together? Well, it's helped me create more time and so different points people read that in the testimonials appropriately placed always come back to the basics, keeping it simple remember it always comes back to t l see what we really need to have a successful online business. The core three things something to sell well got off a product you got to start their god have something cell, no point in messing around on social media, working on your business. If you don't have something to sell in a place where people can become leads, you can get that contact information, and then I like to tell people three different traffic sources you never want to put all your eggs in one basket example I used with custom greek threats when google changed their search algorithm we got hit hard and our traffic drop for just that one source but we took barely hitting overall revenue because we're diversified with multiple traffic sources don't put your eggs in all on one basket especially when you're relying on social or someone else's business to provide for you we were relying on google if that was our only incoming traffic source that they don't change something they have every right to facebook has every right to go in and change how many people see your post for free we don't want to rely on that to be our only business and you wake up one morning and go on on page two of google oh I'm not gonna able to pay my mortgage this is gonna be a rough conversation with my wife so three traffic sources diversify goal setting in your business especially small teams or solar preneurs always work with a goal in mind and james wetmore we'll talk about this when he talked about social media which platforms to be on don't get lost in the social media just time wasting magnet go in what's your purpose for being in that social media channel what's your goal and get in and get out get to other work keep things moving all the time breaking things into small daily projects you can get that sense of accomplishment we'll keep it going especially if you're a single person team and it begin with the end in mind what do you want your overall successful business to look like and success isn't just about revenue it's about the lifestyle structure provides for you if you have a business that does one hundred million dollars you can be super rich but if it's not providing the lifestyle that you want and you're not happy with here your family life because you have to be in office all the time to keep this business running that's not true success so what do you really want what do you creating every step of the way be intentional with that we had to make this choice when we started customary threads there was many stages where we could expand it with full sales teams people that go to colleges during greek week set up booths and have this a lot larger ah lot larger employee base a lot larger ah a lot larger company I'm sure revenues to be a lot larger but that's not I didn't want that my lifestyle I didn't wanna have to manage that and oversee that have that burden of all those people toe worry about have to manage certain people are different that's their dream they wantto have these huge teams they have this huge project I love that it's just not for me just begin with what your ideal life still lies at the end be purposeful from the beginning. All right, so I believe the next presentation, the big website no knows that are costing you business, so we start talking about platform and things that you definitely don't want to be doing on your website, but then the things that you definitely should be doing so it's going to be great session coming up next great, very excited for sure everyone online is as well. I want to share a couple of these comments that are coming in because they're terrific and we want you to hear them decorating by. Rene says devon is doing a great job learned so much already. Hey on dh guest two, nine, seven, six, seven I think their name got changed. Sadly, devon is doing really great already. Clearly he knows his stuff and isn't making it all about him. Very watchable. Good, good. That's it. I want to make sure that that came through make it about you guys and the web audience. We're getting a lot of comments like that that's. Just a little, little typical. Great, great. Well, I'm excited to hear what everyone's liking it. Good grow, I guess we're going to take our fifteen minute break, then great seeing you guys back in fifteen minutes.

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Interesting speaker, even when I have a marketingdegree its still full packed with small tips how to improve your site for your business. His advice is both for webshop companies aswell for small entrepreneurs. I like the are so many examples (site makeovers). There are even tips for copywriting, and sales in general which is very usefull. A complete course about about sales/how to use content/build sociaal proof. How to build a sales/lead generation system. Great teacher! For both new people, and people who want to to learn/get advanced.

Julz P

Some pretty great tips sprinkled throughout this course, the mix of presenters is great too.

a Creativelive Student

This workshop is Incredible! If you want to be successful in Online Business, investment of $99 for this workshop is nothing compare to value that Devin and his expert friends deliver.