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Split Testing

Lesson 29 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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Lesson Info

29. Split Testing

Lesson Info

Split Testing

Now let's talk about some actually on page split testing now it's like I just said it's super important to know you should start at the beginning of sales process first want those because tiny tweaks as you saw through the whole flow those are make make the big changes instead of starting with the last step first ok about those big wins or lay on and it's super motivating do run a test like yeah it's actually gonna lift for a bit and I got to tell you the majority of tests that I run give me either don't win or don't give me any change at all I mean imagine the example over the buy button if I changed it from a squared off corner button to around a corner button really is not going to make a difference in your sales process that's going to be one that's definitely not going to give me good and clear results so you want to make these changes big and bold so you'll see some of that in the examples is this a big and bold difference? Can you guys immediately see what the difference is betw...

een this this is the custom greek threads home pay the navigation section obviously the head or in the photo is missing but here is the core of the of the button choices changes the button color no out of these two which one immediately grabs your attention and is more obvious to click on the yellow one right? No brainer we saw big lift and doing that and this is early on in the process because this is our home page this isn't some button on playing with on the checkout page five steps down the line this is home page right where they land first action they need to take so this is a tiny hinge that's going to be a big difference clear on that good so but in color great to test we could play with orange ones we could play with pink ones taken but black and yellow I haven't tested anything other than yellow on this I was happy with that result on I moved on another test my business I could always come back to this change the verb ege I could try taking out the word shop and just put sweatshirts and there you saw one of my examples for customary threads I usually I used to just have the word sweatshirt instead of shops sweatshirts, son improvement from that as well actually putting a verb in their shop sweatshirts so it's a good example page layout here is one of the tests actually ran this one obviously one because you've been seeing this in all examples the one on the right but here is one of the tests we tried and here's an example where the models are actually their faces are showing and three out of four of them are looking at the camera we tried to make it a lot more hip and, you know, relate to different audiences guys, girls you know, different different groups, different organizations and to kind of represent the different categories but this isn't that clear. It might look kind of kind of cool with all them posing and smiling are looking different places kind of looks like an abercrombie and fitch shoe you know, but it's it's not clear immediately and point eight seconds. Well what's what's going on here what are they trying to sell and then why are these buttons? Oh, I guess this correlates I see shop sweatshirt so I guess that correlates with this guy. Oh, I get it because he's wearing a t shirt you see what I mean? Not as obvious as this loads building immediate clear your eye goes directly to the button it's pretty obvious what you're supposed to do with me. It's done. Okay. Uh, category layout this was a big win for us and this had to do with the three by three rule that I talked about on day one and that I learned from derek help burn of social triggers dot com with category layout we talked about the three by three rule on our home page I talked about it a little bit and this subcategories well but this is our sweatshirts category uh so this isn't our home pages two sweatshirts category and we did talk about this on day one but I'm going to repeat it because I know there's a lot of new viewers out there on here is all the pole over sweatshirts we have then there's all the zip ups this it's it keeps going it it got cut off but then there's the uh uh let's see, we got like ladies cut and I think we have like an american american apparel section or a crewneck crew neck was one of them and so this page like they had to scroll down thirty tons of options man which one do I want a lot of choices to make so we broke this down into a stew step process where there's four clear categories pullovers, zip ups crew necks and ladies cut if I was able I can't even fit them all in the screen shot that's how many there are imagine trying to make a buying decision and we broke him in this into a two step process so now you get it aside pullover step up crew necker ladies cut right here and on the next page we're gonna show this row of options okay, so you see it's it's adding a step which a lot of times this is why you got a test in your own business because people say make its few steps as possible but would you rather do have this's only one step, but you got to choose from a lot of different things, or yeah, we're adding a step, which usually is a no no and just common belief, but we're getting rid of that decision. Constipation? Which one? The way, which one do I? Which one do I choose? Which one do I want? Which one's right for me. And we're applying derek help burns taught three by three rule making a lot more simplistic. And this changes into step to after you select the hoody category. And we show here's what bodies we have. Hey, around boarding. See the the user experience improvement there. How we doing? The chat rooms, everyone good, solid. All right. Great cycle. It's. Um, tools. How do we do this? So there's a couple different tools out there? I do not think any of them are bad. I'll talk about the one that I use, and the only reason I use it is because I've just been using it for the longest, and it hasn't let me down yet. I know there's other tools out there that I will talk about as well, but the only reason I don't use them is just because I haven't gotten to it yet, and the tool of my choice right now hasn't let me down there's been no clear reason to switch but sure they're awesome I know lots of people that use them at that love that one my friends even works at one of the other ones that I don't use and so the one that I use is called visual website optimizer visual website optimizer dot com and basically this website is going teo you open up an account, I think they have a trial I don't know they might have a trial it's pretty common with software but anyway it's it's pretty inexpensive for when you're at this stage in your business that split testing web pages is going to be beneficial to you I think I pay forty nine dollars a month and I run lots of tests so that's pretty affordable when I use it for multi million dollar business is not bad on they have cheaper pricing tiers and that I'm pretty sure but you go to the website and basically you make two different web pages that have one has headlined one and one house headline too so you got a website a what's I'd be and you say okay, I wantto gonna split test with two different girls it's like okay what's you're all number one what's your own number two and then what's the desired action you want them to take I want to measure that how many times the buy button gets collect on each of them and it will say, ok, start the test and it will after you put a little strip of code on your website, which is pretty easy, or you can just have your designer basic programme or do it, it starts automatically splitting the traffic between the two. When someone goes to custom greek threads dot com, fifty percent will see version a fifty percent will be we'll see version b and I think in my example, when I test my home page, actually just test how many click on something, how many? Goto one I mean six categories, or it could it could be all the way at the end if I want the test to take longer and measure how many conversions actually happened for andy, that just depends on how long you want to run the test, because to get one more act, the most accurate test results, you let a lot of people run through it, you don't just want ten people and make a rash decision. A lot of times it will be really close or or one will be looking like it's a winning, and then at the end, you know. B comes from behind and actually wins once you run a couple of thousand or a hundred or thousand sales through it so you gotta let these run but visual upset optimizer has tools to help you decide how long assured this test run based on how much traffic is going through it to get it accurate results really cool another tool optimize lee same type of thing I don't have experience with this I know lots of people that use it and love it fantastic optimized lee dot com check them out as well make your own decision and unbalanced does landing pages easy landing page split testing and they're fantastic as well and so make your own decision for what's right for your business and what you want to split testing like I said the beginning the best marketers have appropriate businesses for it appropriately sized businesses for it always be testing always have something being tested on your website I've heard rumors that amazon is always running upward of multiple hundreds split tests at a time I mean they have just so many millions of people going there every single day they could get so much data from just tiny little changes tiny little tweaks and when you have when you have that big of a giant you know so they're running hundreds and hundreds and hundreds page layout every little tweak shading on this but no shading moving it up a couple pixels so always be testing something if your business is of appropriate size and it's very important to always circle back to what I said in the beginning the disclaimer because I don't people getting all excited like the tech geeks out there like me going, we really want to get started on this it sounds like a lot of fun oh my gosh, you have to have an appropriately sized business first you have to have the t l c traffic leads and conversions process in place first and a good amount of consistent traffic already coming in, which means a working a website, a working business so don't get ahead of yourselves kind of like what paid advertising don't take that step until you're ready because you're just going to shoot yourself in the foot let's get a couple tools of how I come up with ideas of what to split test rather than just listening to me yap up here in writing it down and on lee testing that when you're browsing around the internet, what resonates with you what's like all that's a really cool I really like that word that they used in this headline are like this color I like what they said in his button you would take a screen shot of that and put it in something that's called a swipe file no, this is just an image on a mac of fuller of where you can save pictures, your grandkids or whatever. It's, nothing special. No special, too will know special technology there. If you don't have to take a screenshot on your computer, google it. If you have pea, see, how do I take a screenshot on a pc you might download of simple piece of software there's free tools out there like jing that allow you to do it simple google search will answer all and you just save it in a folder. Your swipe file folder and you can have some so categories if you want buttons, headlines and I do this with cool email, layouts, formats, anything it's like that's really cool. I like that that got me to click. I like I like the link of this email like the way they did this. I like how they bolted this over or whatever you is. A consumer gets you to take action or grabs your attention. Use that as a marketer. Hey asswipe files where you do it on so you can use that and model it in your own business is a mean porterfield says now, let's talk about a tool about how I communicate effectively with my graphic designer and share these ideas. And page layouts and navigation structures sales page flow it's just tryingto type out any mill you guys ever tried to work with a graphic designer or a programmer and you're tryingto share your idea clearly like here's what? I want this image to look like, you know what I mean? Like low, it'll look like it's just like talk about words, meaning to different things to different people. I'm sure designers out there like it is impossible to please a client that can't accurately describe what they want, right? I know rachel and brian, you come from this from the design of receptive like man it's that's not what you actually want. It is not what you communicated all at the beginning, so here's a tool I use for effectively doing page layouts balsamic, but check it out. I think I'm pretty sure they have video on their home page balsamic dot com that shows the pros and benefits of why you should use this tool, but basically imagine the ease of drawing with a marker on a napkin, a page layout to decide where you want the headline and you don't you don't have to actually write the headline in text, you just draw a line where the headline would go video square box goes here and my often boxes over here and we got the button there and then a couple benefit headlines that's a page wow that's a wire frame in its most simplistic form there's no color there's no actual copy yet and if you got I give you a reference of a really cool when I was talking about before and after and things to blogged about a company called thirty seven signals has a block called signal signal or signals signal vs noise if you just search for thirty seven signals blawg this will come up and they do some amazing uh case studies they share the journey of a page from its most simplistic form of just lines and diagrams to a completed web page and their case a web based software program very cool fall long and see the creativity process and brian and rachel I talked about this might be cool for you being graphic designers to share along the way so people could really see everything that goes in to the creation the art creation process of logo design it's not just you guys kind of winging it but you guys how you get inspiration with colors and I don't know what goes into it but I'm sure you guys get inspired or have your own processes and to share those stages along the way so balsamic is basically a digital version of drawing on a napkin with a marker where you can uh options bar at the top for all the different things you can choose and you khun click text and type out text in a box and different shapes and, you know things like that, and it has all those elements that are most commonly found on a web page so it's almost like a really, really basic graphic designs program. Uh, but it does it in what looks like it's actually, like hand written with a marker so it's meant to be super simplistic and like a child was trying, I mean, at the end, it will not look like a beautiful graphic representation it should. It looks like someone just sketched it out and it's meant to do that to keep in your your most basic form of creativity and toe limit you and not let you shade anything yet or, you know, manipulate those things that don't really matter yet this's overall page layout concepts and not the fine tuning of how thick should the border beyond this box, you know, so thirty seven signals talks about their first creation process whenever they drought a design. Even the founder talks about in a book I recommended yesterday rework uh, jason, the founder talks about he actually grabs a piece of paper and draws with the thickest marker he confined he doesn't want a ballpoint pen, he says never dupage allowed designs first with a ballpoint pen because it allows you to get too much detail you can't give detail with a really thick marker can you can't do shading of buttons or make make a font bolder than something else? Or make the thin border around a button thicker when you have a big sharpie that's all you got there's very little detail that goes into it, but that's the initial starting point of a web page layout again just headline here or headline, you know, headline above the video are below video that's basically your options you know, like and you can move in and you want to split test that you know are docked in box over here over here, that's the first steppes, not the tiny tweaks is that whole pen example help you guys out ball point you can get way too much detail and you get lost in those tiny things that do not matter yet that don't matter at that initial design concept uh, at that point in the beginning um, any questions so far, we're doing pretty well. Yeah, that's a great, great thing about yeah, good people get caught up in the details way too early and then they're like, is this right? Should I do this? Should I do this? You just need to be making wide sweets of progress don't get held up in the tiny details at first

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