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Student Hot Seats

Lesson 28 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

Student Hot Seats

Lesson 28 from: Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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Lesson Info

28. Student Hot Seats

Lesson Info

Student Hot Seats

Should we jump into some hot seats? Okay, good. So, mike, we left off with you, and I'm going to bring melanie my wife back on the stage because she gives a entirely different viewpoint female and also she's heir, my branding expert in my pretty color expert and the copyright experts, so she pays attention to all the important stuff that's, that's what it says on my business cards pretty color expert, it does, we should split, test that and see if you get more love it, I love it. Okay, so we're going to pick up where we left off last time with spend successfully dot com so we give mike ah thorough thrashing on this website. Negative! This is stuff to test like I ate the disclaimer gave before is this is not all I do not know I'm not your customer and not your target market. These air just ideas to test off of the rumored best practices in the industry write something that stands out to me because I know we'll actually fits perfectly into my new title of pretty color expert uh, the colo...

rs of your buttons like the play buttons and also they get access button, those air colors are huge and split testing, you know this and conversion optimization like red might be good, but it also might be to associate it with stop or pause or something like that so I would test different colors for the buttons, even moving them something that I've worked with. Some people is actually normally a button is in the middle of the video, but sometimes it obstructs the person's face, and so it disconnects us with the person we're closed toe watching the video, so even doing place, but like a little bit lower, maybe you guys don't need to have this bar across the video because you already have a pretty clear branding across it. So maybe you want to see more of you less obstruction of the two of you and there's a little play button off to the side that maybe it's not as prominent as red up to you, but things like that because really what we want you to do on this home page, I'm assuming is, of course, often for the free worksheet and video training, which something you could be testing is what that offer iss maybe instead of a free work sheet or something, it's uh, you know, a pdf for a checklist, or maybe it's, some sort of evaluation or quiz when I heard you guys talking about quizzes yesterday, and you were saying that most people know that they already have some sort of, ah, uh you know, financial burden or something they're struggling with but I think a quiz would be something really interesting like where the biggest you know, financial drains in your life right now people like oh, I'm not really sure yet but you know or even giving them something in particular like here's how you can start saving more money in the next ten days but testing because right now even though you say free worksheet and video training, what is that on it isn't saying what it what it's gonna teach us or what we're gonna learn and I think having them assume that it's just about spending is a little too broad so I know you were speaking a lot about headlines and like very direct benefit driven headlines I would do a very direct benefit headline of what this worksheet or trade's gonna be did you go and change this? I think natalie natalie because there was a rose before on unclear text and I'm like wait a second I just refreshed it and it's gone now delay wear on it that our implementation action takers I love it that's what we love to see those are the favorite people to work with way hate hearing our advice go on deaf ears we just feel useless why why did we even try you guys? I mean we took a fifteen minute break change in their business that fast. I love that. Take action. Good job. We didn't love her. Okay, so the main goal here is and natalie, you could see how that bumped up. Remember, I was giving you a hard time, but above the fold on the kohl called action. But it wasn't how it is, right? Great change. Uh, you know, we should play with this head or more so it's. Not a third of the page that's an overall page layout design. And we could just have because this is technically a squeeze, paige, because I don't there's not the only navigation is further down, right? Like some work sheet or something. So this is essentially a squeeze pages, not really home page. Where there's an about us. Like where you really wanted to go with you. You would be so happy if everyone just opted and you don't care for them to go anywhere else, right? So be it. We should definitely be making that call. The action like clear and maybe having some some sort of grouping. This just seems like some sidebar and some secondary action that I should kind of be ignoring because it's so far to the to the right, so and from this look at what other experts to look at other websites that you really like and really find it effortless to fill out and that's where the swipe file comes in like I like how that website does it let's change on our website why why is it so easy to turn my email there? What are they doing? Do you want to show him example like I know the melanie duncan site shameless self promotion but I know that's kind of a similar thing where our home page is purely an opt in page often driven for you guys to see because we tested this and originally our home page was like a normal blawg page you would see anywhere and find this right but we got more often when we actually took them first to a page that was very, very simplistic and then you can see I noticed on the bottom of your page you had blawg and log in and that sort of thing we tested it and actually reverse that where those options are up top so you can go to block you can watch videos but the only thing you see on this page and even if you and there's our papa but the only thing you see on this page is often there's a little social social proof yeah, well social proof down there but maybe it's maybe your home page focus is purely on a video of you like instead of having a video because that's something that test to having a video versus just having an image and you see how on this page the header takes up a fifth or sixth of the above the full page and it's not the full header milk we click on the block watch how big the headers when she actually goes to the block off of this page the full header once it loads is although I mean eighty percent of the page so but it still has a major cold action in it unlike the header on spent successfully where it's like a lot of logo branding that's not the like we talked about not a benefit driven headline it's space that is so valuable that you want to you know make your local really soul and in the corner it's not it's not benefit driven to the person coming there right away okay, but you can see how we kind of we use a different head are on different pages non non opening home page headers let's jump let's jump to that second tab for spent successfully successful spender because this is this sales paid for his workshop and I want to give this a quick run down and then I want to make sure we get brian's paging and I think we have less than ten minutes er left here so this is a sales paid for workshop so we looked at gina's sales page really quickly and then we looked at likes home page slash opt in page so this is mike's sales workshop page so initially guys what would you immediately see without scrolling ah lot of header right it's not you don't see the benefit headline immediately what so apparently there's a video down here which we can't tell yet um but like you said it is autoplay is that right? Yeah, but mel scroll back up to the top would you please but remember the headline the reason why you should be watching the video clicking player if it's autoplay continually watching it all comes from this headline I want to make that super clear and super benefit driven okay? Yeah it's the first in the pot of climate journey what journey for who? Why what's this gonna give me what's in it for me back but I'm out of here. Okay? Uh so is that is that help a lot of what? The meat reaction. I hope that exercise that we that we did at the beginning of hot seats at last session where I give you guys just a quick to second glimpse at a page without scrolling and took it away what impression did you meet lee? Get what's it out to you where'd your eye immediately go that's a really good exercise to do with people that happens in your web page yet because of course it makes sense to you o to scroll down its its answer down there no, not good enough, right? You know, fix questions, tools and things that you guys used especially for melanie say everyone's big fans of melanie say so pretty can you guys go over different tools? You used, for example, that lead pages, but other ones that use and also did you make your own headers? Additionally, we're getting questions on design and what if the coloring doesn't work for their site because they have a different background? Do you have re sources that we can send them to? I will say because I know it, it popped up really quickly our papa please pop of domination over that, and I talked about that in my house turn looking out term lookie loos into warm leads so if he didn't see that session go by the recordings because that was an action packed as an action packed presentation wasn't a guy's covered a lot of great tools on that one, so about the pop ups and legion tools, including lead pages and a full rundown of how to use them great session there, so recordings for those people but any other recap so you don't think that presentation would have covered yeah, I mean, if you're asking about design and color and visual marking all that type of stuff it's kind of a shameless plug but that's what? I just spent the last three days teaching my course on it's the different ways to use color and design. So, uh so let's go a little bit more on this now, mike, this is clearly a video siri's get the video here and then you video one through four great and you're trying so just so the web audience knows I went to lourdes this page like ten minutes ago before we started or before we started and this content below here is actually on a timed time delay so that mike would be talking this video would have auto played it by the time he makes the pitch it this static cart would pop up in a timely fashion, so I loaded in early so we could actually critique what's going on down here. One of the main things I think about because I know that again I think that people need to have more context on the page I would include in something we did for contest that converts is that paige stop where we actually talk about the titles they're like benefit driven what is it consequent bert ford slashed something but in these areas because it supposed to be prompting them to want to watch all this before no I wanted the page we originally used that we drove leads to that had remembered had the teaser for video one it talked about the title of what they were going to learn teaser to it used to be oh you know we call that off of david's right so anyways for those were your video one two three I would actually maybe even have a screenshot of like one of the videos that they look a little bit different but at least talk about and very you know, five words or less like the title of it they kind of get them intrigued and get more interest awesome oh yes great but sometimes because you know a lot of people will watch the video and so of course you're gonna get a lot of information that way but also sometimes people will pause video and scroll and read so you want to have you know, some people learn video modality image modality text they read so you want to have all of those bases covered this isn't the example you want to do with the actual video siri's I think we clearly communicated that thank god you did I wasn't much help uh okay come more minutes any other feedback we got going on? I love you I love what you say what's going on in the future in these videos so recap of it because it mike is that this is video for we're looking at because this is the pitch one, so we're jumping ahead and not seeing video one, two and three so what she talked about with kind of describing what it would be would be on one, two and three right there should be looking ahead forward so this is video for something I'm not totally clear on houses being used, but if you scroll down even after registration is closed, I would always have an often box they're like if you go to entrepreneurs academy dot com some sort of weightless when people land here for whatever reason and you decide to open enrollment again, you already have a candidate or a pool of people who you can reach out to that is to do a scarcity of people go to a page and that they were all excited about and there's a wait list uh, no memory for although it does that with the school and works really well for like it's close, you have to wait till next year and people are like they make sure they buy because they don't want it. I wanted to call my slater and have to wait another year, yeah, anytime of course pages closed I always put some sort of a wait list or some sort of ah, if you want to be updated about maybe this maybe you're never offering that again but you're going to do something similar, or additional courses always have a place for them to sign it for more and that's key teo, keep in mind for webinars when you do free trainings because that's a life event if they don't register before this before that date in time, a lot times just the default go to webinar page will just say sorry, this webinars over so you can what I suggest you do is change that, you know, especially fuse lead pages, you can change that page. It won't work stories from them for the webinar anymore, but you say, sign up to get the recording for free because they're going to the page with the intent of wanting to sign up for the for the weapon are for the life training and don't send you a page, or they can't do anything or get satisfied with what they want have on often boxer them to get the recording for free, and even I know that you're already sending traffic here, most likely from already on your list. But I'm always amazed how many people end up on sites are on pages of my sight that I weren't on my list or somehow sign up for a program that I thought had closed, so normally you want to cover your bases because you never know if someone's going to share the link or they somehow stumble upon it. Googles ranked it for some random term s o just cover your bases. What do you got for me, what's? Your girl, brian. Boot designs. Dot com bot no, you're anything? No license. Not necessarily. Sales driven up. Now, I tell. Understand? So, obviously, we talked about a little bit of this during the break. But having often ce, you know, need need to come with the lead. Meaning that the reason people should opt in a clear benefit for them putting it often box and having that, you know, one of the one of the first steps, or at least a main option that they could be doing on this home page. Who is primarily your client base? I have business owners. Is it a small business owners? Uh, recently, you see, was a lot of car stuff on their spelling. Automotive stuff. Cool. So that's most of the recent work that's actually uploaded, I would put a testimonial. I think any time we're doing client work, a important thing they want to know is not dressed. You know what you can do, but the experience of working with you experience? Yeah. So many graphic designers out there that I was working on that, yeah. Yeah, I'm sure and I'm sure it's hard after we've already covered three days content you guys were like they're so where someone could change but that would be my first thing as I definitely would wantto, you know, have a testimonial on that page. Captain, we talked about that. I know I'm kind of it's kind of unfair to you because you've already learned so much like, oh, I know that I know that I know that it is having done it yet, but, uh, a lot of the things we talked about should be should be pretty clear to you, but, uh, yeah, I like how in your helo you talk about, like, the problem you saw with my help businesses can express their marketing needs in multiple ways, thus reaching potential customers, grasping their attention and driving sales. Uh, so I like that you do talk about not just to you and where you went to school in that sort of thing. Uh, maybe maybe work with language in a little bit, make it a little bit more clear and direct just exactly like what are the benefits claim? No, you say express marketing needs in multiple ways, reaching potential customers, grasping their attention and driving sales so that's really good, I might just make it a little bit cleaner and clear, like when you have visuals that accurately describe you know what you do or how you sell? Well, blood here are the results. Just make it super super cleaning clear. Good stuff. All right. And it be cool to have, like, a testimonial, like after working with brian? Uh, you know, or after having brian update my sight, like my sales increased by twenty percent result. Testimonials are amazing. Absolutely. You hear from both of you. Ideally is just maybe some final thoughts. Something to leave the audience with everyone on the internet and here. Absolutely. So minutes. Workshop is everyone enjoyed this workshop as much as I have. You guys gotten a lot from this? A lot of action items a lot. I mean, well, this clearly help your business grow, benefit. It's been a great three days, so probably a lot of stuff, tio go back and just probably just like, wow too much stuff. Uh, but we went through the initial overview. Tlc process traffic leads again version that's the core of an online business. And you always have to make sure every action and doing relates back to that's, the most important thing and that you're giving equal time of your work, tio each one of the steps don't pick your favorite one and I really like playing on facebook that's just the traffic part you know it's one of the key tools to use there but you've got to make sure you have the leads and conversion uh you know something in place to actually be making money online yeah, I talked a lot about using getting started with paid traffic on facebook, you know, talk about email and important that it's everyone anyone have a newfound love for the power of email that they didn't come in here with right? I mean huge huge power and that means that really gets underplayed remember the first time when my mentor's sent me down and talk to me about tell me about your email list? What email list why would ana building email list and the difference is made in our businesses and then got into david awesome session on some fines and email copy in the tone I thought the tone conversation that that helps me a lot I love listening to him talk about that I get a lot of influence how he writes his emails helps him with the direction and staying true to myself in the tone I want putting putting out there with my businesses and then today learning how to sell with confidence that was an amazing amazing session by my lovely wife and then getting into the psychological tactics to be using to increase your sales huge differences in our businesses from that. And I want to make sure we shared those with theo. So you got all see incredible improved results using those tactics and then wrapping up with some great, really important steps of split testing and conversion optimization. So what incredible workshop. I mean, I know I love hearing the ah ha moments you guys have shared with us at the beginning of each day and just gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling. You guys there, you know that this is resonating with you and you guys are going to be able to go out there and make important changes and your business and always come back to the gold setting and making things really simplistic. I gave the reference of the book we work by the thirty seven signals founders making simplistic goals, breaking them down, accomplished something. Each day. We talked about some productivity. It's party some productivity tips earlier today. But schedule your day, uh, the night before and always starting with the revenue. Uh, creating task first. So you're always expanding your business. You always want to be working on your business. Not in your business. All right. You should be your first and most important clients.

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