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Make Your Website Work For You

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Tools for Lead Generation

Devin Duncan

Make Your Website Work For You

Devin Duncan

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19. Tools for Lead Generation

Lesson Info

Tools for Lead Generation

So I want to tell you guys fromthe stark so live studio audience and web audience this is going to be a very question intense segments so I want lots of questions coming in we're going to focus on your particular businesses in the exercises that we're going toe start going in here so have your questions ready be shooting them off in the chat rooms and live studio audience just be shooting up your hand when you want to you know, shot up specific examples how would this work and in particular for my uh for my situation and my business so how those questions ready? We're going to really be focusing a lot on your individual businesses during this segment so it's all about you this time so the segment title is how to turn lookie loos in tow warm leads james widmore came up with the looking was part I just think it adds a little extra fun flavor is email marketing really that important? We talked about this and day one it definitely is you'll see some heip articles out there people trying to...

get published on different blog's cut causing some controversy that email marketing is dying and it's all about social now and it's changing way from the old world email marketing my numbers in my businesses disagree and from anyone that I worked with in the industry or anyone that I talked to email marketing is still alive and strong and a major force of driving conversions and a major part of their marketing channels for online business. So very important topic. Capturing the lead is definitely the first step for email marketing. You've got to get their contact information, and in most cases, it should be your primary goal. Now e commerce people might kind of be surprised by this statement. Your main goal ivan e commerce site my goals toe by the product, but remember, you want to be turning this prospect into a warmer lied before you really try and go for the sale? That doesn't mean hide your product so they can't see it all for some people want are ready to buy right away so it doesn't mean hiding your product but your main goal, specially for when people who don't have a relationship built with yet your main goal is capturing that lead because people that go through that warm up process, that relationship building email process, which david will focus on in the next presentation, that you're gonna have a lot higher percentage shales, right when you strategically build that relationship and then sell in a proper way. So what? We need to complete the really, really good reason for the visitor for them to understand why they should give you their email address and said no, I was just going to fill out a box that says first name and email were going very few people that do that, if any at all. So there has to be some enticing offer irresistible free offer is a term used a lot in the online marketing space, irresistible for offer they can't resist. I have to get that free report every book so there's a whole range of things that are commonly used to trade to give them for their contact information, to start off the relationship that help position you. Isn't there an export or expert or help position your company as ah professional in the space that you can deliver better than anyone else on the product or the service that you offer this what we're offering them? The irresistible free offer is your leader magnet. We're trying to get leads, so we want to track them with a magnet that is this irresistible free offer that we're going to be offering to them something that will benefit the visitor. But it is of little or no cost to, you know, this is important because this needs to be able to scale we don't want whatever we're giving them to cost us money each time, so it's best I'll get into it. How to deliver it but we want to be automatic and scalable we don't want especially you don't wantto be bugging herself down with you know I'll give you ah free hour long coaching session just for your name and email address you're going toe you couldn't do that if you got a hundred of those a day there's no one hundred hours in today so that's not you know you wouldn't want to do that that's an example of something you want to avoid something that's free to you so what's your irresistible free off this is where the exercise starts and I want you guys to really be thinking about this so we're gonna put a lot of people on the spot here and be working to this exercise because business needs more than just one you start off with one you gotta start always start with one in the first place but then you're gonna want multiple different ones because you can put him on you can cycle um you know, especially when you're doing facebook marketing. You know, I'm just offering the same thing over and over again to be trying to getting this this lead you wanna be switching it up, offering a free port, our webinar or, you know, discount code or something else so that you're getting to this, people are saying this over and over again they're not seeing the same same thing and one of those things might interest them more than something else or you can put them across different social media channels at the same time and switch it up so it's good to have more than one irresistible free offer people like digesting content differently I might not be a fan of any book I'm not a reader, you know I want to watch one with free video a serious amy porterfield use an example of david simon garland offering a three part video siri's and each one of them was a half hour to forty five minutes basically training video on a particular topic and not only is the video siri's modality of delivering of having a lead magnet but the topic he's talking about so even though any book on you know sweet hav e book on point a and then a video siri's on point and then uh you book on point b in a video siri's on point b c can be delivering kind of the same topic content because different people are gonna want different things and I don't have an interest in the book but video siri's I'm all about or an audio download or podcast you can kind of use the same content through different modalities and through your different channels and people like tto learn through different ways having a webinar in there too so podcast webinar e book video siri's those air four immediately obvious things that amy covered in her example for last presentation so what is your irresistible free offer got to start with what problems does your audience face this should when you're offering it on your web page or on social media, you want them tio be able to see themselves and having this problem and that you are going to be the solution offer you know? So amy used when she was talking about blogging on day one she talked a lot about seven facebook's marketing strategies or had some really great title examples so people that are having a particular problem with their facebook advertising that free offer of blogged post or training siri's about seven seven ads every expert marketers using would be really exciting for them. Okay, what solution does your lead magnet provide? You gotta make sure you mention this before that it's scalable so you can go from just delivering one a day to a thousand a day because when you start hitting success in getting traction, you don't want that to be a bad thing when more people are opting in for email us you don't want to go now I have to deliver on all this stuff and that it's automatic so that you don't have to log in each day and go in email each one of these people individually argo you know, male something out yeah, you want to be all automatic soaking working because when people sent up your email us, they want the promise that you talked about the lead made neg magnet topic they wanted to be delivered right away that's when they're most excited, they opted into fear, lest they want to hear from you right away from what we just talked about promise them they don't want to have to wait till business hours to actually get around to doing it, so we gotta gotta build the report for ur email manually, or put this branding package together for you manually their most excited right then, so make sure it's something that's, scalable and delivered automatically twenty four seven so it's working even when you're sleeping that's, akita, internet marketing all right, let's work on exercise for each when your business yeah, question for question group camp regarding the irresistible free offer yes, requesting an example from your company luxury monograms that doesn't cost the company money or at least costs very little well discount codes. This guy just can't coach of the commerce is always a great starting place, so that costs very little money now I'm not sure if I talk about in this presentation or later won, but how discount codes we can afford to take a give a discount off of first order because the lifetime value we can make that up but we always start with just a five percent discount I mean it's something that that should be very acceptable within your margins you shouldn't herbie that close in your margins so you can easily take that little bit of a dip teo excite people out there just not paying full price people love just not painful price even if it's just for five percent difference so that works well for e commerce and uh as well as we don't use this for ah from luxury monograms what we do for custom greek threads and I mentioned this at the end of amy segment that we give them access to our vips less which is just a fun name for anyone on our email list make it and then there's pros to a day they always have access to this one discount code are they their orders get priority shipping or whatever perks you could give that v I p list uh basically in trade for their contact information that really doesn't cost us that much money a small discount code to make them feel that much more special and priority priority manufacturing where we bumped their order above other people's doesn't really cost us money because just reorganization putting at the top of a pile for custom made items so a couple of commerce examples there let's see for wedding photographer you guys have any ideas gina what do you got some of the things that maybe that person would tell their client when they're on the phone with them well, when we get together, remember to wear a solid color or here is a good idea to come with extra, you know, whatever, but the type of things that they're probably regularly telling their clients without even giving it much thought, I think it's a great idea, and I we see this a lot on pinterest line melanie's my wife section when she talked about pinterest, you talked a lot about checklists and kind of like or things toe like a checklist of things to avoid. So for wedding photographer might be the biggest mistakes that most wedding photographers make that you need to know about for your wedding or some sort of scarcity thing like I need to know I need to make sure I get this because even I already might have a wedding photographer, so I need to make sure they don't do that on my wedding day or something. Or if you do family portrait or something, the top five things you shouldn't you shouldn't wear or that you shouldn't do on your photo day or howto if you'll focus on children photography, how to best prepare them or things make sure your kid doesn't wear or do on that day those checklists or that scarcity of things to avoid well, be like I got to make sure I learned this so that the mistake doesn't happen to me so I think that could be really good for service based people exactly that works on a really broad yeah really broad there they have that specialty that and it's automatic delivery herbal via email you a pdf download and scalable on automatic yeah any other ideas from from you did I take your guy's ideas? I was gonna say style died or something along those styling god right? Yeah great people want to make sure they either don't miss out or that they have an advantage that's those are two main things to keep in mind all right great. So let's start talking about your guys his businesses will start here and we'll we'll do one or two and then jumped to an example for the live audience too helped them narrow it down where they can come pitch an idea and we can see if we can elaborate or you know, improving at all. All right, so gino let's start with you what? What waited a good lead making it be for you I've been your website so I know you can always have already have you know, step up because you've been practicing this well I have but sometimes I have a tendency to put something in practice and then sort of don't they abandon it but not go back to revisit it and what I have as my lead magnet really isn't all that fantastic so it could be improved I have nine things every you know plot is instruct no or something like that well, sometimes people don't want nine things they don't want a pdf didn't want to sit and read through it um so I'm I'm seeing the need to test the waters and diversify with some other thing great okay, any ideas come talk your head off three easy way to get more clients now I mean, I've I've evolved a bit and my marketing, but I haven't updated these elements of my sight even though I've personally evolves since I've been you know, doing this now so I need to go back and kind of great what do you also think about doing a scarcity mindset like something they want to avoid? Like the top three things every plotted every pallotti studio owner you shouldn't dio that's a great mistake that three profits sucks, right? Yeah, you know, for your form bloody studio businesses that's great in ways that most studio owners lose money lose money you know those like I got to make sure I don't do that great so it's it's you see how that like switches it you play, we'll talk about that wording in melanie's session tomorrow about psychological tactics it's all about that wording and it just changes something in the mine where that desire could increase instead of giving, like the warm, fuzzy version. Here, let me help you, maybe especially busy, they're terrified to be leaving money on the table, and they know they are and like that, that really works well with business owners. Uh, they know there's so many places for them to them to improve. Yeah, yeah, all right, I knew I'm sure we can come up with a lot of good ones let's, let's cycle back to you, especially since I'm like that. I know you've done exercises like this before, so we can probably come up with some really good ones for you and show the web audience, you know, different angles to come out this great, great, great. Rachel, you want to you want to stop with this? Uh, yeah, I do. I actually don't have anything I've never I've tried a handful of times and epically failed each time to come up with much of anything. I feel like the top few I've just thought of, um, is a workbook for branding. Um, so your tool kit to start your branding process, um, or I know that using the scarcity thing, the top some number of things that make brands fail or why your business will fail without a strong brand already doesn't think right? Ok, good yet tool kits are really great or a list of tools uh especially if you're going to be I know at the beginning it today you talked about you want to get into some do it yourself tutorials, teaching people how the basics of branding because if they might not be able to afford one of your expensive branding packages, yet they're not that stage in their business, but they still need teo sprang themselves even at the most basic level, and if you can position yourself through tutorial or many course right once they can't afford it, you're the obvious choice because you have this report in this relationship built with them already. So on that note, that opens up a whole new window for lead magnet ideas because now you're a teacher and teaching business owners that need some basic branding steps business owners always want toe you no need help with their business card designed their letterhead or they want stuff toe look pretty without on expense, so basic styling course would be good so you khun you know, play on all those the first five branding things every new business should d'oh or every solo preneurs starting out needs to know things like that great good mike what do you got? I know you're you're kind of like gina and you've kind of done this exercise before so you're a little bit more down the pipeline you got any ideas? You don't know what you currently have so what we currently have it's been successfully dot com is r r are we have auto play video there that talks about a little bit about our story and what wasn't working for us and a few simple things that we changed and then uh the what we have at the end then is you can figure this out for yourself and take this big financial fog but you're in and simplify it by having a four step process that we use um and then the offer then is a a worksheet a two page worksheet really simple and then a video tutorial that goes along with that worksheet help me go through it okay great good so that's what you currently have you have any ideas of additional things because I think especially if you already have one in place the next thing is to try to test out some other ideas and split test them which we'll talk about how to do that and why during our conversion optimization section tomorrow but let's hear some other ideas that you think might work that you'd like to test one thing that we have tried is with our podcast that we have another opt in page for the podcast. So not great results with that yet, but we're not sending a lot of traffic there yet. Um, the other one we thought about is an e book or something like that. Ok, good. What do yes, trina, please. Yes. No, no, I well, I want I want your guys ideas. I want this to be a good thing because I think quiz, even if it were short one like five questions might stir up a little bit of some of the pain, if you will or uncomfortableness of rude she's. I really need to know what this couple knows and sometimes those self assessment with thirds at myself. Good. Do you are you going after people that already know they have a financial problem or with their people becoming dear sight that don't know they have a financial problem yet? Because that's where quizzes or kind of like the fill in the blank assessments, we use those a lot in social media because people always don't know they have a social media problem or know that they can improve and that there's ah worksheet that we included within. And enrollment for this class that kind of served that purpose it asked basic questions but show where there might be holes in your business you go oh, I didn't even know we need to improve their and it helps you know you know where to start so let's answer that question do people already know if they have a financial problem is that we're going in general yeah great. All right okay, yes it's it might be a little different assessment thing might not be the same thing rachel, would you like have someone putting their email first and then mail that to them are delivered or collect the email the end of the quest for your result? No, I'd always do it upfront you always want the email first there's mode that has to do with the funnel and you know you don't want to give them you know the reward you want the character be after the gate, you know? And they have to go through that to get there, but it has to be interesting enough to him. I mean, what a quiz would people wanted entering their contact information for request? You know, you know, maybe not maybe that's ah bonus or a worksheet they do during your email followup to help when you're trying to build that relationship with them it's like hey fill out this quiz you know, something like that, buddy? I wouldn't I don't know if I'd make that affront and lead magnet. Yeah, it's a good question. Alright. Let's dio yeah, mike, please. With trying something else that would be something with split testing on the home page. You're gonna go into that later about how strategies for how we can do that in tools first testing yes, that is the last session, actually, this workshop so its session number four tomorrow that's the good stuff that's the advanced tactics. So I know some of you are ready for that, and we got some really good examples of tests that we've done in our business there. So show you a lot of inside stuff, but I've never shown anyone before s oh, we'll get to you guys in a second let's do a couple from the web and get some make sure web audience that you submit your lead, make it ideas and then we can see if we can improve upon him that there are live audience great. So what you got? Well, this is actually talked about va's earlier. Serious says I am a virtual assistant. Should I give away my services as a great giveaway? I would not because that's the automatic and scalability it breaks that rule unless the only time I do that I I don't know if I do that the only time I'd ever dio some sort of maybe a either a consulting session uh are pre coaching session even though she's not really coach would be after ah a long form application almost which is a coaching example I wouldn't even do that with a virtual assistant so I wouldn't do that because not scaleable you know, if she got a hunch you're going to a hundred of those a day and you got you gotta think big that way or not you don't have a you know, it turn in your stomach if forty people often in a day and you got to go man, I got a contact all these people and deliver all this now so you know what you guys think for avi? I mean, I know some of you use them so it would be a good idea. Well, I'm reminded of something that I did when I had a pla t studio and I knew that the people looking around google for a pla t studio what I offered my my lead magnet wass you know, ten things you need to know before deciding on which plot is instructor of party studio and so a va could d'oh you know, five things or something before you hire a eso you're getting the lead hopefully you'll get the business also, but you're providing that service for a prospect how these work or questions to ask of a a because maybe it's the first time someone's ever hired one, right? Absolutely when else have any ideas for re a lead magnets? Rachel uh, I think a lot of people don't know how to use virtual assistance, so maybe just say, yeah, yeah, use um the top jobs, the most common things they can dio and that was a big pain point for me when I was starting to hire via is I didn't know what jobs to get them to give them like what they could do so ideas to help the potential business owner is going to hire them here's the type of stuff that I can do that I passed clients have had me dio my whatever it might be handling their email for them customer service issues give them ideas so it's like, oh, this could really be a value to me I'm gonna go down and talk with them or about actually hiring them how about another one from the audience? Pj says, I present people development workshops in south africa. I really struggle with this giveaway concept as my content is all I have, if I give it away, why will they attend the workshops? People development equals everything from time management to goal setting tau working together as a team, please help like howie to find that cause I was going to question what is people development? So that was definitely wasn't pj pj digits take name. Alright, great live audience. What do you what do you guys got for pj? So he runs a workshop on sense like efficiency and team building skills. What? Any ideas of things as possible consumers? You that would you spike, your interest is a lead magnet. What do you guys got like? So you could do something like the first five minutes of one of his sessions where he talks about what I'm gonna go over in one of the sessions, but is not the whole thing? It's just like a teaser of what it will be about absolutely that's. Good. Anyone else? Rachel, that talks about a portion of it and then shows the results like here the amazing results you get with this sort of yes, that's. Not like a hook. That's, not the title of that wouldn't be very interesting. That's good, though I mean that's. Why? I want you guys doing this exercise for even the web audience because it you gotta, you know, shape your brain to be thinking of these good angles and hooks and working through it, you know, it is an exercise for the reason, uh, so oh, I mean, I gina, I I think this is to help pj I think this is gonna be a lot like a webinar work is like giving away content for free so you can charge for it later or in a different mortality a workshop because the workshops going have a totally different vibe, even if you gave them a pdf work sheet of the top things team's new teams need to be doing, doing to be help, you know, develop their team building skills and, you know, like you guys being here ify you watch this? Yeah, through either a webinar where you couldn't see my face and it was just kind of audio would be a different experience than actually being here working with me live, we can actually work on europe, individual business in your case, it's a totally different experience, and I think pj can definitely, you know, bennett benefit from that where don't be afraid to give away some of that workshop stuff you don't need to give all of it away this lead me and it can be very little content. It could just be, you know, a short video giving them biggest tipper, the biggest thing that helps, uh, people that come to my workshop, and then your work is going to be more than just that one mate a tip it's probably at least an all day thing so that's a lot of content your actual live workshop so pj actually, I wouldn't be afraid of giving away something that you actually do cover in your life workshop we have ways keeping going in and sample because you said you'd give some examples kasuri woman says last week I started a sweepstakes join my mailing list to be entered to win a missouri necklace value thirty two dollars drawing will be september fifteen nice nice that's great yeah and that's that's! Especially good uh for things social media sites like pinterest because you could be pending an image of the necklace with some text overlay and no melanie talked about that the last day of her workshop how to be changing, getting the visitors browsing your pinterest boards actually, enda leads on your website so that's a good example of contest are sweepstakes that's good? Anything else from the world audience? Let's do it let's do another one. I'm sure let's just had one here I'm an online art instructor like rachel. Everything I've tried in the past has epically failed. Besides, checklists are free video siri's, what could I offer that would be a unique lead magnet artist on my art instructor and online art instructor okay, so I'm assuming she's teaching people howto how to eat how did howto make do don't create that are online. Okay, well, I mean, gina coming from experiencing the experts base. I mean, what are some some obvious things you might do? I think this might relate to what we talked with pj about about giving away some of the, uh, one o one course a basic introductory course. Sometimes we do this with our social media training courses. Million. I do this where we have let's say, for example, melanie's petro's course. Who might give away the first module for free? Because all it's going to do is what? People's appetites but that's only one module seven. They're only going to get mohr interested because you covered the basics. Imagine if you guys did that with, you know, creative live where? My whole first segment mainly talking about the overview of all the cool stuff we're gonna cover in the next three day workshop. You guys just got that one. Uh, you know, ninety minute presentation it's like man's gonna cover really good stuff. This is for me. I can see this is going to help develop my artistic abilities, you know, for me in particular, and they kind of get used to your teaching style and that's what's really good about a webinar one thing amy's porterfield talked about in her last session is that they get to see your teaching style. They get to develop this virtual relationship with you and make that decision. I like the way this person teaches, you know, I want I want to learn more from them. I like the topic they've already covered for free during this free training. This course I feel, is a good fit for me. So I think especially yeah. And online art instructor and island our teacher. Uh, I think that'd be a really good advice. Yeah, what else you got in the other examples keeping come in web audience let's, uh, can't you put him in? Karen has a question. She said, could I offer free shipping for lead magnet instead of a percentage off? Yeah, absolutely. Those are in my mind, pretty interchangeable. And that would be a good thing to split test, which will cover how to do this. Like I said, my conversion optimization segment, which is the last segment tomorrow, that's a great thing. And brian, this goes back to the question you asked me in our first segment of yesterday about and uncustomary threads, we offer a five percent discount routes with what about free shipping at a certain point and that's just all testable, and especially if they're of closer equal value and sometimes your audience just might that might sound better to them our sound right that five percent might not sound like much of a valued a certain demographics your audiences and free shipping really sounds like a big thing especially with all the web big websites now like zappos offering you know, free shipping it's just like a no brainer thing that a lot of sides need to be offering now so you can be, you know, offering that easily baghdad or yes please happy stamp er's two thousand five I teach crafting handmade cards scrapbooking scrapbooking pages and home to core I'm thinking something like list your top five tools I need it and you're stamping kid what do you think? Yeah, tools this are great we use that that's our main lead magnet on the melanie duncan dot com blogged the top tools I used to build my online business and it works like gangbusters. It's great s o tools this are fantastic people just people love resource is and tools and book lists and you know things like that that they can expand their learning on so you know it khun make whatever whatever gold or trying to reach they feel it can help them reach it easier you know, with less work and less time and so tools lists are fantastic because handle brian adam uh it's comp with your crisis lead magnet and critique those and then we can go a couple more slides uh in the presentation so brian let's start with you um I was thinking of either a discount isn't that a discount code or a let's say free logo but I would be contingent on a purchase basically right um a ziff we're going into branding they wanted a website or um you know, business cards things like that I do the logo for free cool I like that in this brings up a really good point you want to be really careful discounts especially we service based businesses because you don't want to devalue you personal service so e commerce I'm all for using discounts especially and you can also use this example any commerce but specifically for service based businesses like coaching or graphic designer branding packages add extra benefit instead of a discount so for the same price they're getting that item plus something in addition so you know by this branding package or by this graphic design package but also get the business start up one o one kit yeah, you know package for free which could include like a letter had designed and a business card design or something on top of the basic basic website graphics pack you're putting together or something like that so it's an added benefit for them instead of just but but that you don't have tio it's basically almost a discount code to provide a discount code but it's a code to get uh in addition on the order something extra for the order so it's a promotion code that will automatically add something to the shopping cart so when you order this I love that your idea because you have to deliver anything for free it's jace leah promo code and if they decide to order they get something added to the air so really entices they were to come through because you get it and that would be really good thing teo include scarcity on it expires after a certain amount of time so if they're on the fence you know hey, this extra this extra business one o one graphics pack goes up you know expires in two days kind of like what we talked about in session one about about promo codes expiring it's good, I like it. All right, adam, I think that, uh promotion would probably work for us, teo. Like if we're selling custom suiting, maybe when you're if you sign up for our newsletter now and you do make a purchase, get a free tailored shirt as well that's something perfect for like christmas or building up to death, but other than that, something more like a white paper like top ten tips are ten things to look for when purchasing your first custom suit and you can provide a lot of added value on that our expertise or you know things that most people just don't know to look for they don't know that the terms right I think that's a great great idea especially for men's custom suit or tuxedo about going back to the scarcity oh are something that they might do wrong choosing the wrong fit or the wrong fabric for the top things you need to look for when choosing the right supes people especially men they're scared they're gonna make the wrong decision they don't know you know they rely on the person they're buying from so you're educating them on the questions to ask for make sure they don't get you know make the wrong decision or get in trouble when they goto a certain painting a certain company to buy to buy a suit and they got the wrong fabric that when you get a dry clean it falls apart the seams after you know a week and you know so fitting whatever the main elements are all right so let's go a couple more sides and then we'll go back and like I said live audience and web audience just keep pumping the questions in or the ideas or things you want me to elaborate on more this is going to be really I want to focus on your businesses and you guys get a lot of value yeah rachel one question when you have a promo code expired you research is for that have we time do I have researched for resource is resource is so we talked about this a little bit on section one it has to do with your usually the e commerce platform that you choose has technology built in to do that and it can either be the promo code expires just for everyone on a certain date or certain e commerce platforms can make it on a per customer basis and there's just some slight technology behind it, but usually especially if you wantto put then your business just call up the e commerce provider of your choice and talk with them and how to do that and they can usually help you out, but yeah, there it's usually built in if they have it let's talk about some of the tools you need to capture these late so we talked about what the lead magnet idea might be this irresistible free offer, but how do you actually go about what tools you used to capture this lead? Things you'll need. So a squeeze page I had some examples of this in my first presentation yesterday is a page is basically going to talk about your irresistible free office is how you're going to present it to him, and amy did a great job in her last presentation well, facebook ads this is basically where you're sending the traffic too and it talks about it's, a continuation of what you promised them on the social media source. What theywant actually signed up for either the webinar or the e book or the discount code video siri's, whatever you're irresistible free offer is, this is the page where they often this is a basic, most common layout. A cz yourself during amy's presentation, she showed multiple different layouts, and this can change depending on the modality. You're delivering your irresistible free offer in this is the basic layout, james wed more put together this this infographic which I love graphics are always so professionally done, right. I could never do this is awesome. So james whitmore is a man when it comes to this top here benefit driven headline. We talked about this in section one yesterday. You want that to be something? The first thing that they see in the first thing that connexus, I have this desire to get this. I know exactly what's going on this page. What it's about? And it should definitely connect back to where they came from the social media site or the banner ad they saw her the search term that they clicked on on google. It's it's totally carried over over here so they can immediately, uh, mentally connect the two benefit driven headline then, of course, because jamie's all about video, you got the video on the left side here, since we've read from left to right so they could play that right away, or you can have a couple a sub headline here with the and then benefits. If you don't want to do video, you don't have that built in or you've been acoustically split tests to try and build two version to this one with a video and one with a bullet points and try that and see which one audience reacts to better, and then we got free offer product image. Let me go back to the video first is james is a great job here talking about things disks saying the squeeze page video, which is a really beneficial who you are, what do you have? What will it do and how do I get it? And that should all be done in less than a minute. So it's really quick squeeze pages if you don't grab their attention fast through the video or the benefit headline or the bullet points they're gonna balance and clicked back on their browser and get out of there. So you gotta really make this really clear, very simplistic, all benefit driven for the visitor free offer product image this is great t show, especially if it's an e book I have ah digital mock up of you see him all over the web now but additional mock up where you know it's just an image put on like a little spiral binder or something and even though they're not really getting that shit in the mail this visual representation of what you know an e book or a digital download our free report might look like uh it's always good to somehow visually represent the offer they're getting or could just be an image some sort of icon that represents maybe a discount code or something like that and then we have the often box this is the crucial page now you want to make sure this is where remember we want to keep things above the fold so we want to make sure everything about my hand here is what shows up above the fold meaning you don't have to scroll down to see me this we went over this in my first presentation yesterday both the fold is crucial you need to have these key elements benefit driven headline and everything they need to make the decision. If this is the right paid for them to be on and all the place for them to you thereby are often in this case often above the folds they don't have to scroll so name and email and then a submit or continue button and one of the things we'll talk about it when we talk about conversion organization, tomorrow is the text to put on a submit, but because that's a key thing to split test, especially on a squeeze page, the verbal cuz there continue, send me the free report now and different terms to use and test those button color, but in shape, but in size, those are all well, you know, relate differently to your audience. Yeah, gina, my side a question on when to use a sweets page or you gonna talk by the minute I can now let's do it, so not not for all cases, so I do not have our uses squeeze page, unless I am having a webinar, and I'm only having women are when I'm launching something five otherwise, I do recorded webinar on, and when you're doing a webinar, your squeeze page is to register for the correct okay, great. So what other traffic where? How your other income? Tropic drives everybody to my main site that has an opt in box, which gets lost in the shuffle with all the other stuff that I need to clear off of there. Now. I know, right? Based on the recommendation pop ups that all on your pager and exit pop, because that could be a great thing, because especially for you, the free content type site, and you're just uh it's like a sidebar opt in. You know, a lot of times like the melody duncan dot com site they can kind of be visual ignore it's almost like the facebook sidebar at just trained to kind of ignore that right side bar either. It's an added an opt in on uh so pop up. I think I talked about this a bit more in the presentation, but let's go there for you uh, an exit pop lightbox exit pop not one that's actually stops them from browsing if they have to answer and uh uh, pop up with a benefit right when they go on this site, we use that on custom grief threads for the five percent discount code let's do it right. This sweet stephen says should ice should should this squeeze paige be our main dot com website page they see first no, definitely should not. Okay, a school is another unique thing outta squeeze paige is that there's no navigation anywhere on here there's nowhere else to go there's either the back button or the submit button that's it so that's. What makes it a squeeze pages is not something that ever really seems there's nowhere else to go if on the mellie duncan dot com site if you go there there is a combination between the squeeze pages go splash page and that's where it looks like a squeeze page but there is navigation across the top so that's her home page right now and basically looks like a squeeze paige talk has a benefit headline some sub uh bullets explaining extra benefits and then an opt in but then there's a navigation bar across the top but because the navigation bar that immediately disqualifies it as a squeeze paige it's called a splash page don't recommend using that too many cases we don't use that for any of our e commerce we only use it on a million duncan site because usually the traffic's pretty warm that we send their we've already developed a relationship either on social media or on creative live where you guys know enough about melanie already that you want to just find a place to sign up so they usually the traffic we send there we can kind of take a shortcut but be like here's what you're looking for here is the sign up box anything else there's the now stuff up there and you can go to it so that's kind of us one case you know a situation where you kind of want that to be your main dot com but it's very unique and most businesses can't pull that off and shouldn't try and we don't do it for any of our e commerce so squeeze pagenaud navigation so this is actually related to mobile tanga wet ass do you have a demonstration for setting up a squeeze squeeze page on a mobile site? Are your sights optimized for mobile sites and howto pop ups work on mobile site? Uh so some of our web pages air mobile optimized ar e commerce or not because through our analytics we're not getting orders through them are because there's so many customization options on custom grief threads and lecture monograms a mobile experience no matter what optimization we did wouldn't be exciting because it just there's so much explanation that has to happen for each decision they need to make through the ordering process that you couldn't really do that our mobile now amy talked about a tool in her last presentation called lead pages lead pages dot net and they make they do landing pages I'm jumping ahead a little bit because we're gonna talk about them in a little bit, but I'll give it to you guys now it and they basically provide templates like this all different sorts of layouts you confined the layout that you like and then you just type in the headline you kind of fill it out philip this template with your branding and your text and then where you want these, what email service provider you want the emails submitted to so you build your email list but they're all mobile optimized so that no matter what sides or lay our device he visited from it's going to be responsive design is what it's called where no matter inside the device it's properly laid out basically also a tool that designed it for you yeah yeah it's a great great uh shortcut I think it's the right word but it's it's fantastic lead pages dot net is awesome so definitely check them out uh especially for when it comes to squeeze pages is just still quick and fast great for all marketers to use great one more and then we'll let you move I'm team millie mouth says I have multiple audiences should I create squeeze pages or can I for each market? Yes, yeah don't be afraid to be created create multiple squeeze pages even if it's the same lead magnet uh, you know especially you might want to split test um have a different benefit headlines so squeeze pages something we do a lot of our conversion testing on and again I'm going to talk about this in death tomorrow during my conversion optimization segment, but different headlines will get different sort of actions on this page will more people will opt in if you say you certain words here so when we come up with squeeze pages, we might come up with five different benefit headlines that basically cycle and we can measure the results for each one they'll show you the easy strategies so you can implement that? I know it might sound really complicated right now and a lot of work, but it's really? No, and we'll talk about that tomorrow, but yeah, different audiences you always want to squeeze page to match up with where they came from. They either came from social media something you said on social media and provided that length they're coming from a google search there coming from ah google page uh sponsor sponsored ad, they're coming from a banner ad you always want the branding in the messaging to match up so as many as you need go for it. Thank you, yeah aren't any questions, and we jump onto some examples of squeeze pages. You guys good? All right, so our lovely mr james wade more hears one of his squeeze pages that I love has this is a video layout definitely follows his model very well the video and headline and sub benefits so we've got the youtube video here. I love how james uses text overlays on the video is definitely one of his tactics, so even if you don't choose to play this video, it said what it's kind of it's kind of blurry right now get your copy of the subscribe button overlay now, so he probably tempted people on a youtube video or social media channel to get this video overlay and I love before he clicks play that there's a text overlay on there so you're seeing kind of is isn't just blank black space you guys ever go to a web page and because the video's not playing yet it's just a black box that it has a play but in the lower left like that's wasted key space above the fold, he at least start with a I think it's called a splash image on a video that was like that's the freeze frame basically that loads up initially on a video before it's played and this is you have auto playoff now mike, I know you use auto play on your home page that's something to test cause auto plays and always positive people don't always want a video because the first thing and then go and do is tactical pause this and then they can decide if they want to play it again but you always already got that kind of in a negative mindset now it does work in some cases, but having a video or not having a video is always a key thing to test and then autoplay versus not auto plays a key thing to test I'm going I'm jumping ahead to conversion optimization segment tomorrow I don't have anything left for that, but she's coming back to is that's that's where the real money is made and web marketing sets excites me a lot to jump ahead, but you can see this benefit driven headline free download. Increase your subscribers and views with the youtube subscribe overlay, and I'm sure this video actually would show this, describe over light and show it in action. So because it's a little video clip, it makes sense for him to be demonstrating it on a video, right? And then it shows kind of ah, this is probably what pops up the download now subscribe so it's, kind of the image representation of what would it be happening? The video he visually directs them down here? Yes, I'm want more youtube subscribers. It does the basic, uh, subtext. Submit your name and primary male addressing the box and press the download button. Now enter a name and email and download it on squeeze pages. You always want privacy notices. This is, was first of all, you should have it, I think it's the law, but it also helps people feel really comfortable with entering in their email information privacy notice. I think you have to have a terms of service, but if you ever push paid advertising to this page to the squeeze page, which is a key thing to do with the squeeze page, especially from google or facebook, they always want to see privacy policies knowing and that's basically even google what is a privacy policy? And you'll find a full description, but it's basically, what are you going to do with this? Person's contact information? How are you gonna protect it? You know, it's a big thing, especially with facebook out there, they're changing their privacy policy, and you gotta have those terms plated, uh stated clearly so you can either put that below the submit or download now button or in the footer it's a key thing you need to have so that's a little tip. If your ads are getting disapproved in google or facebook, privacy policy is a key place to make sure you have that on the page and clearview usually above the fold rolls facebook's gonna be like, no, we're not sending people here because you're not telling them what you're going to do with their email address. You gotta be fair and, uh, when you market to people and then james goes into some sub benefits after the main benefit headline get instant access to this custom youtube subscribe overlay video get amazing results, including this's, just re, you know, some more emphasis on the main benefit headline stating it a little bit different way each one of these things should just emphasize what was already said. When people are ready, if this benefit allies enough, you know that sounds really good. I want that they're going to jump down there, they know to do that. But if they need a little bit more information to be convinced that this is right for them or they actually want to trade their contact information for whatever the offer is, they keep reading and then he bullet points hypnotize your audience and compel your viewers to take action. That sounds like a word james it use build your community online by creating loyal subscribers who watch, share and promote you. Each of these things are just added benefits going maurin death wow, your visitors with professional and engaging videos and much, much more. And then he goes and does it called action against submit your name and email address on the right to download this and get instant access. It's another key thing in the in the verb ege get instant access they want to know and the download now they want to know they're going to get it right right away. They want to be satisfied right away instant deliver and not have to wait days for this so I have to jump through a hoop is it free things like that that's? Why the first word on this page free download, instant access those air, all trigger words that we want to make sure trying to look for the holes dug to pay for this how long is it gonna take to get it? Those air? Two key things instant access free beloved and I love how james writes is little little privacy statement here in the first person I hate spam just as much as you do your contact information will never be sold or rented or spammed you may unsubscribe it any time it's a big thing a big worry that last sentence is key, I think ingrate that james put that in here we're always really worried then we enter in our contact information great how much trash email am I going to get from this person? You know, you always have that little worry you no matter how much they have impressed you at this point, whenever we often somewhere it's always a feeling, I'm going to sell this toe like cruise lines and I'm just going to bob bar did you know we all we've all had that and as I love that, you may unsubscribe it anytime promises what's not going to happen with the information and how easy it is going to be toe stop bothering me, make that really easy and encourage him here we're not gonna have a problem here going to just get clear benefit pomegranate asked do slightly softer benefit headlines work too they're referring to their business some of these are a little too aggressive for a luxury business absolutely this burbage since james's a guy it's definitely gonna be kind of his branding his colors are branded as male obviously he's gonna write in his aggressive tone luxury and goto luxury monograms dot com and look at our pop up and it's I wish I had a screenshot of I know emily had that hearse but it's I mean I love melodies headline on the pop up it goes darling must you leave so soon and that's for the pop up at the end and it's very it's very soft and uh you know, I love and then the benefit headlines are written in a lot more luxurious a sound so I love that all right, so let's go to the next example do we have any other questions on this one before? Jump ahead. We're good to move. Okay great free video. Seriously, this is a squeeze page from that we send for a product that will eventually be sold but it's a free video siri's. So amy used an example like this for david seven garland on her last presentation about a video serious that he offers this is a different different laid out squeeze page that david had but I love up here keyword free big and bullet the top free video siri's the branding would match where they came from on facebook that might even have been a screenshot of this or something similar they came from on facebook, for example, on ad or in a promoter post and then main benefit headlined there's not a lot of sub headlines here. It's pretty straightforward how to run a successful contrast contest on pinterest to get more leads in sales so headline even if you aren't on pinterest yet because that's a big question we get one of the big pain points reasons why I'm not on pinterest yet will the still work for me? So people want to know they're going to taking care for the beginner level on the expert level, especially when it comes to training and then first name, email address and watch video now different burbage that we haven't seen yet james's was download now watch video now notice the time, the time nous of that without word now they're going to get it like immediate instant and don't worry, we hate spam on your information will never be sold to any third party, and we have right below it. Like I said before we even put you support, they need to contact us or disclaimer privacy policy copyright in terms of you, so we're all out there with all that good legal stuff if they want to, like, really make sure what do you guys about what you're gonna do with this? How protected them? I want my rights here. We want to put it all out there for him, but very simplistic, clear benefit when we talk about, I'll jump ahead and again, I have this habit to my conversion optimization presentation wanted things we did wrong here. I love the pointing that's correct pointing is great because it tells me where to go when the things we did wrong, and we'll do this in our next photo shoot. Melanie should be looking at that as well, so we'll tackle how to use different images and test different images. But this makes a big difference, especially on with females, and you probably noticed with custom greek threads on our home page is all the models it's from here down and we split test that with full when we throwing a sweatshirt or something on our main categories from waste a head, and it didn't convert as well, even if they we tested looking at the camera, looking away from the camera and then no head and no head at all because people will look where the models looking and if they look in the face, it's it's this weird psychological thing where they match eyes. And they don't they don't move on from there or like something changes so if you're going to show if you have to show a head on a model make sure they're not looking at the camera and if if you need them to taken action on the page have them pointing and or looking at the action you want them to take so we're doing that next but that's ah want to point that out that's a little conversion optimization tip especially if you guys were doing photo shoots any any questions that I should answer before you go yeah brian so I forgot to come back to you now is that through lead pages this's not this was custom made lead pages would have uh lee pages have david's looks almost exactly like this and I'm trying to remember if you did it through lead pages but lead pages has dozens and dozens of layouts and templates so I'm pretty sure they have a layout like this because pretty simplistic I want to say yes they had their gonna have something it's going just as good or better than this but we made this because get our branding and like this swish is kind of matches the uh the branding that they came from and the report that goes along with this so we needed that extra customization ability but leave pages will have good stuff does lead pages collect the database with female also lead pages doesn't specifically you were going to get into tools next, but you basically take information from your email software tool and give it to lead pages and leave pages, passes it on to them, so leave pages and collected and information. But you have to basically tell hey, where should we send this information? Which tool are you using to collect this so, yes. And now does that work? Same with the button with when you submit watch now does are you giving the link to the video orders lead pages for them? Yes. So when informations entered into here and they say, watch video now their name and email is submitted to let's say, a company like a weber, a software that will talk about our constant contact or male chimp there put on subscriber list and the first e mails automatically sent. Remember on day one e mail one should always be fulfilling the promise in this case the promises video siri's video number one. So would either be a link. You can't put a video too plain and e mails would be a link to a video page. Or even if you want to thank you, paige could be the video itself just depends on what sequence you want to put them through. Hop in this is actually just personally I got this idea and I know we have some photographers out there you talked about melanie should have been looking this way I want to kind of blend this with lead magnets could I could've lied magnet for photographer be like how to create great marketing materials way we know where you should look and all that yeah, yeah, because then it's their expertise it's not just the service they're providing it's their knowledge of how should I be posing? How should I be looking? What should I be doing it if you I want to add that to a lineup of branding and we help you you know we know what to do if he's there for web images are branding images for model shoots or things like that that was coming from any congress background where we hire photographers for when we shoot models. If they knew that stuff for me that would help in my case I had to do that I had to shoot all of these different options and test that myself. But I would love if I didn't have a conversion optimization background having a photographer coming in knowing hey, this converts best through the studies for web marketing that'd be a huge up and really help you with the model photoshoot since a lot of and I'm sure a lot of jobs that people get for for models is going to be put on the website beard definitely an advantage going todo for lead source. I love it so we're talking about the opt inbox, captain boxes, where we captured the lead, amy porterfield, dot com and this is going to be very similar header noticed this is her navigation appear, so this is actually her block paige and I love how shameless and big her headers on our web page there's a blogger article down here notices below, below the full but that's fine, because the main action she wants them to take is above the full that's, her main goal. They're coming there for this free content taken scroll down for because it's not tommy's advantage immediate advantage that they digest that free content above the fold. The main message here. Benefit headline get free again! First thing, get free social media updates, sign up below and then benefit headlines. Interesting step you see love added here. Well, first of all, I love her burbage I love updates. You know how creative she is with that called action button. I'd love updates. Fantastic, she adds a third step here. There's first name and email and there's a drop down box and this is goingto come in, I I talk about segmentation and separating your list based on who they are. We talked about segmentation on day one with an e mail list of your prospects and on customers, and then also customers because you treat them differently, you market to them differently and she's doing since segmentation upfront. Now, best practice initially, and I know amy's tested this, but usually best practice. This is the starting point have this few steps as possible, but where you just want the first name and email trying captures little information is you need upfront, maybe ask this is a fall of question down sequence, but amy, it helps her so much because she gets she talks so much about internet marketing. Do you need help with facebook? Do you need help with email marketing? She wants to submit them up front because the initial conversation she's going to talk to someone that wants information while facebook marketing differently than she would about something else you teaches on so it's, so important and crucial for her based on her future conversation, to know which bucket to put these people, and she needs to ask that question upfront, so she just tests then result of asking that question a front and not asking it and realized it's her benefit to ask it more from the best practice because most people don't need to really segment their customs, their prospect noncustomers lists uh, front, like amy does, but that's an extra step there, but you'll see this header, especially if you go to the melody duncan dot com uh, log page, same type of thing. Uh, where you got it's, a shameless header works often focused benefit focused. Why they should sign up for the email list and then they can scroll down for the free contact. Okay, but you put the priority here clearly email when this page loads and then okay makes sense of twitter on cluttering your feed free content down there that might be what they came for. Its with me. Any questions on that? Okay. Let's dio david simon garland I love this guy's branding it's just so it's so him number one badass show resource is and community form media preneurs and because he made up this word I love he went as far not only didn't make up a word, but he made up a definition for it. So david right he's coming up next in the next statement, talking about because he's, so hilarious with his branding and how he writes his emails he's going to be talking all about how do you writing effective email so it's the next step after capturing the late I love it so media preneurs have a platform online like a web show, blogger, podcast, video block or some combination thereof and leverage it to help people and make money. I love it so clear email address always in the header again! Another great example. Oh, perfect timing that is the melanie duncan dot com site that I was telling you, you don't good to go check out this is their block page, so just like amy shameless header with her main goal here, even if they're coming for the free content, she could have gone and made a facebook post. It says how to succeed doing what you love that's a free content they get to digest, but main priority here opt in okay, what I love that her take line. This isn't necessarily a benefit lead magnet, it all but it's a tagline work smarter live larger uh, so you're going to get here is the lead man in here? Get free tips to make more money and spend less time working. And then I love this additional it's free with an arrow pointing to it different verb in shine up that we haven't seen yet got a secondary opt in box here, get updates for you, learn how to work less and make more money and also love testimonial we haven't seen that yet testimonial below the opt in button about someone that's been on her email list and gave feedback about how much she's enjoying a tank of that trust factor to make sure and my email address going to expand or sold or something your emails have been of great support I love reading them every day keep staying fabulous katie you see they're like I went in on this too I want to be like katie I wantto love reading something every day so another great example on then free content that you have to scroll down to see but main point here get that e mail opt in okay still get on questions all right? Great tools the good stuff so first thing we need a software service to be sending these e mail addresses to that does all this stuff magically email marketing software so one of the main ones we use for our e commerce sites is a weber dot com fantastic service and we've used this for a long time there's two other main ones and industry male chimp and constant contact there's couple others out there so if you guys are listening go I use something else don't worry about it mostly is khun dio the same basic stuff it's basically puts email addresses in a bucket allows you to email him now because they use a webber I know it has another feature I don't know I haven't used these other ones personally, so I'm not going to see these other ones don't have it, I just don't know, but a weber has the ability for you to pre program emails to be sent out x amount of days after they sign up so right when they sign up, they can get an email immediately fulfilling the promise, and then you can program it two days later send this e mail and then two days after that, send this email and you can select what the message says and how many days after they sign up it gets sent. We talked about this and give examples on day one about how we use this in our custom greek threads business and that uses they were ever so male chimp in constant contact mayor may not do that last feature of the automatically sending those follow up e mails I'm not sure, but uh, anyone out there that uses it might no better than me the tools especially to where we talked about lead pages before, but there's also the platform wordpress in combination with optimized press it's how to make also some nice looking squeeze pages that is what the genes widmore example is made with was an optimized press layout on it's basically optimized press and lead pages uh for squeeze pages can also be there basically used interchangeably just depends on which one you prefer? Optimized press has some mohr features that it khun dio when it's applies a theme to worry press, but when we're just talking about landing pages, optimize press and lead pages are interchangeable tools basically lead pages, we covered a little bit more in depth templates a lot more user friendly because you don't have to install the software. It's a pretty pretty great thing to get started with a squeeze page and then lead player this is this is pretty cool, and james widmore uses a lot. So it is david stockman garland this is something that you put in that use when you're doing video marketing. So remember on the james widmore, uh, squeeze page, he had a video on hiss and let's see you play that video and what lead player does? It'll stop the video after x amount of seconds that you set and put in often box over the video, and you can put whatever text you want as the overlay and say to keep watching this video and to your name and email below, and you can have it. So thinking that when you were writing your script for your video, you could do this really enticing five second entrant hey, so today I'm gonna teach you how to do xx act something that they really want to learn. And then it freezes and text comes up and says to continue watching this video please enter your name and email and then they do that and it keeps playing or at the end of a video after james this is a little bit of teaching or hey opt in teo to get my free apart or may free list of tools right after he ends then it could come up and there is an often right over right over where the video was so it's just another they're already looking at the video watching apply and then boom with put right in front of them so they didn't have to even have to look somewhere else on the page so league players are pretty cool software that does that and it's made by the same people as lee pages yeah brian that was tested uh putting the button in the beginning after a few seconds or putting it at the end uh well I don't do too much video marketing we can ask james that uh remember to ask him that when he presents tomorrow about virtual events uh I know he got he gets huge success with having it stop and I know he after a late player came out he went back and put it on all his videos that are embedded on his block and hiss pot I mean he was getting I want to say double triple quadruple numbers each day. I mean, I remember him just freaking out about about about a year ago, but it made huge differences form, so if you use video, I would definitely recommend the lead player league player software to use with it as well, and next to a pop of domination. No, gina, we talked a little bit about pop ups and exit pops this's a software he used to do this pop of domination, so pop ups you've got to do all right because you don't want to offend people. A lot of people get annoyed when something pops up when they're browsing, so it needs to be a clear benefit to them and not be intrusive. It's a delicate balance because you hear intrusive, you're definitely not gonna get not going to get the opt in, and then you have an angry browser and they probably just going to leave your sight. So if you had any chance of them buying now, you really blew it, so got to be careful. We're going to talk a little bit about how to use them and how not to use them. I'm going to show you some good examples that are experts here use I snagged him off their website. This is james's pop up when you go to dreams, widmore dot com and you can put a time using pop of domination software you can put a time delay on how long it waits before pops up, you can put how many different, uh, pages on your web page you want them to visit before pops up because he might not want to pop up right when they come to your home page. I do this for custom greek threads. If you go to our home page, it doesn't pop up right away, but if you go, I think it's a second page they visit, no matter what pages on the safety, click sweatshirts, and then it comes up after a couple second delay because they're a little bit more engaged in the site we want. We don't want to scare him off right away and that's just through testing you contest pop ups as well in split testing, we'll talk about that again in our conversion optimization section tomorrow, but this is this basically thinking this is a mini squeeze page, you know, and this is super beneficial for bloggers. Gina, when you were asking, where does how do I get these often? Sze pop ups are huge, so many squeeze paige it's going to show up is an overlay or a light box over your website bennett, same same layout. He has an image, a kind of represents what he'd be sending them the benefit headlines, the bullet points reinforcing the benefit headline and the e mail boxes with the called action submit button and the privacy statement as well. Yeah, nakia asks, does so just lead pages? Dot net not provide pop ups, little confusion there, it's a good question lead pages dot net, it provides an exit pop software I don't think it provides a pop up and people might be online go yes, it as having, uh, my experience, I want to say no, it doesn't have a pop up uh, so we'll go without for now, but I could be wrong. I'm sure if you got a lead pages dot net, you look at the features list, you'll find that answer pretty quickly. It's going next example, this is the melanie duncan dot com pop up. If you go to her block, you can kind of see her blogging the background there, but this is what would pop up, and we actually have this set as an exit pop up. So when exit pod but means in the pop up domination software, you just select a little box whether you want to be a time delay, come up when they're about to exit, so basically the software just kind of knows where their mouses and assumes their mouse goes and britain and goes off the main web page and goes up to where the back or the clothes but might be the papa comes up and entices them to enter in their email address. You could give them some sort of offer talked about this on day one how we using custom greek threads on our shopping cart so because over eighty percent of orders that are added to a shopping car n e commerce are abandoned eighty percent of that's that's still blows me away. So uncustomary threads we have an exit pop up on lee on our shopping cart because they went so far down the sales pipeline to actually customize something and add to their shopping cart that if they go to exit or present back or something boom, it comes up when we offer them a ten percent discount it's there just the five they might have seen in the past so it's like you, but I do want to complete this order so that's that's where exit pop ups they're pretty valuable and but same type of design here with the benefit headline and benefit headline is either both are going to learn tools, list, coupon code something like that uh, sub benefit bullet points and then sign up stuff you guys were kind of seeing the general layout of all the stuff that stays consistent, the branding, some just I know this is kind of repetitive but like seeing different examples myself what I love is how branded these are a lot of times you go to websites these pop ups are just these white boxes were just like black text and then the mailboxes near just like really that's how you guys got no so beautiful this is I mean the branding colors matches the website means a beautiful graphic it's it's pretty impressive for a pop up and what I love about puff up domination you can customize those themes uh pretty easily tto make the layout kind of whatever you want to put your images in there okay, so this is a custom grief threads example this is what pops up when you go either our home page or the second page of came with the current settings are depends what split test you might be currently on but benefit headline at the top and a question mark it's can always really entice people want five percent off. Of course people do who would say no to that? Yes ideo I want five percent off they think they're unique but who's going to say now fill out this simple form below and we will rush a coupon code to your email inbox that you can use a right away on your first order a lot of timeliness in that statement and threw some split testing listing the steps l sometimes helps, instead of just saying first name and email, step one step teo breaking that out so something else to testing your design and then get coupon now so pretty simplistic layout, same type of thing, a little bit more of a vertical design compared to ah, horizontal of design exit pop. We talked about this briefly, but here's the example for customary threads when their mouths is starts to leave the screen, get ten percent off if you buy now, so very different burbage we never say by now, and they first come to our home page because I don't even know what you guys are about you I don't even know if you have the products I want yet, but when they're at the shopping car, something's already added there that's, the closest someone's ever going to be to becoming a customer and without completing it so that's where you can use different words, get ten percent off if you buy now, just enter information below when he will send you a code to use on this order. But you have to do it right now. This offer won't show again scarcity and, you know, adding some timeliness to it and that's just a setting you can set and pop up domination, uh how many times you want to show? I don't want to show once to this visitor and you, khun set? I want to show once every thirty days that way someone comes to your website every day they're not seeing that pop up every day. You can set it to only show once a week, some like that. So some quickie mills, do's and don'ts I'm almost finished do develop a relationship and trust don't just announce it by my stuff. The reader should be getting value from being on your list. Two different types of email emails you khun dio depending on your service uh, you could always do a broadcast email, which means you're you type it out and press send and it goes out to everyone on your list or there is theme ale automation that I talked about with a weber where you khun set how many days you want to wait before each email sent so it's unique for each different visitor, talked a little bit in the beginning about segment in your list at a minimum between prospects and buyers separate those out because you're going to talk to them very differently prospects ever bought yet. You know you're gonna be talking about me deals, you've got our reasons, they should buy testimonials, things like that good reviews customers totally different tone, because that experienced you before you might start off with a survey to them about how their experience was, why they bought from you. We talked about surveys, surveys on day one pound of beneficial, those are tangle. It had a question that a couple other people were pretty enthusiastic about finding out about. Can you claim instant download if you have double opt in confirmation and people need to check emails than click to confirm? Yeah, I don't think there's any laws about it? Uh, you can double up tin's pretty standard practice and let me explain really quick what a double often is, uh, it's, something you can select and your email software. We're basically you ever entered in a name and email, and you have to go confirm your address before they'll follow up with you, basically double verifying because I could go be really mean and entering someone else's email address for some really spain the website, so they're you know, they want to make sure it's actually you that requested the information, and that is usually even at a benefit and a good common practice just because then your email service provider will be sending that e mail from a cleaner server, which means they're deliver ability rates will be higher, and all these pros there's a lot of good reasons to be double opting in your prospects. Uh, I don't have a problem, it comes to you if you really you really feel that you don't want to say instant download when you have a double often step, I don't think it double often step is is inappropriate at all, I think it's on ly for their benefit, so I'm going to say instant download as long as the the first email there really getting other than their on the sequence other than the double opt ani mail does fulfilling the promise and does offered instant downloads, so I'm okay with that good, so fantastic section coming up, we just talked about how to be capturing these leads. Now, what do we do with them? Howto what we put in our emails, what do we what do we say to them? How we do? We developed this relationship in this report toe warm up this prospect into a buyer. So, david, seven, garland is going to be coming up in our next statement because he just writes fantastic emails and to seoul with branding himself and coming through clearly in his marketing, so that's, what's, coming up. I'm really excited for it. Great, great, well, we want to share some of quote from the internet with you, hell, marr said. My head is spinning so much great inside info. Awesome.

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Some pretty great tips sprinkled throughout this course, the mix of presenters is great too.

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