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Making Compelling Video in Adobe Photoshop

Lesson 3 of 9

Adding & Trimming Video

Rafael "RC" Concepcion

Making Compelling Video in Adobe Photoshop

Rafael "RC" Concepcion

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Lesson Info

3. Adding & Trimming Video

Lesson Info

Adding & Trimming Video

Let's go ahead and start with footage. So the first piece of footage that we know that we have is the big establishing shot that I did of him making latte. Instead of wondering what the format and what to this and how to be able to do that, I'm just gonna grab it and I'm just gonna drag it right inside of Photoshop. And you're done. Right, because now you have that footage that appeared and a couple things that I think that you should know. The first thing that you should know is that you're using a new section over here called Timeline. So that timeline runs from left to right as you hit the spacebar, or you hit this play head right here. Well, go ahead. It's good, good. Come back. So, this green area that's right here is the area that is rendering, right? So that information is all rendered so it's gonna play a lot smoother. Well, go ahead. It's good, good. Come back. Hit the spacebar again and you're good. All of these things we'll talk about in a little bit. The other thing that yo...

u should notice is that it creates something inside of here called a video group. So, a video group is literally just a group that has been created inside of Photoshop and better seen, in my opinion, over here. I'm just gonna go ahead and just, let's get rid of some real estate here so that we can actually start seeing everything. I'll bring my, oh actually, I'll keep my properties, I'll put it in here and I'll get rid of my actions now that I'm done with Photoshop this. So, inside of here if you look at the layer's panel, you have a video group which looks no different than let's say like a regular folder you would have made here, right? It's kinda sort of the same but it's for video and inside of it you have the video that you set up. That's it. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm just going to play this, right? We know how this works. So, down in this one section, you see what your frame rate is, how many frames per second. You can also zoom in and out. You'll do a lot of zooming in and out. So you can come in here, you can zoom in and you can zoom out to see the whole thing. Easy so far, right? Cool, I'm glad it is. Now, we have all these other video clips that we wanna be able to set in. So we got to add all of that stuff into what it is that we're doing now. To do that what I'm going to do is when I go into the video group and you'll see that you have this little icon right here. I'm gonna take that icon, I'm gonna click on it and I'm gonna add media. Click on that. And what am I gonna add? Well, I'll go over here and I'm going to take a look at my footage. And let's just start with. So all right, so pull the cup. And then set it down. And also the spoon. I think that's a good one. So, I'm gonna click on open. And notice that as you do that something interesting happened inside of the timeline. There's layer one and immediately afterwards it puts that other video. Also inside of the layers panel, you'll notice that the video exists and it's playing in almost reverse order. So this is the first video, this is the second video. Not bad. Now, you guys have used Photoshop, I'm sure you guys have used Photoshop as well those who are watching. If I needed to be able to rearrange the videos so that 41 plays first then layer one plays second, what would I do? Drag it down. Make sure that you stay inside of the group and now look. This one plays first, this one plays second. I could grab this one, drag it over to the left. This one plays first, this one plays second. So far, nothing up my sleeve, right? Pretty straight forward. So now what I wanna be able to do is I'm not gonna play anymore audio on this because the audio is just me giving instructions, you know what it's gonna sound like, it's gonna be super loud. You're gonna notice that inside of each of these clips that you have, you have this little option right here on the upper right hand corner of each of the clips. If you can't see that option, you always right click on the clip itself and you'll see it. So you could either click on it or right click. And you'll see that you can change the duration of the video by adjusting the speed of the video, as well as change how loud the audio is, and whether or not it fades in and out, or whether or not you can mute. The only Achilles' heel in my opinion with the video inside of Photoshop is that you cannot see the audio waveforms. I wish you could and this is a personal plea to Adobe. We love this. It will help get people into Premiere as well as Photoshop. Just put it in. I will send flowers to whoever wants them. So, I've made that plea for a very long time. But for now, these are the options. Because I don't want to include that audio, what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna hit the checkbox for mute audio. And I'm gonna come over here and I'm gonna do the same thing for this one. Another thing I wish I did is I wish you could highlight both of these and then do the same thing but alas, you can't. So I start working on them on a one by one basis. Now, I'm gonna hit the spacebar. Another thing that I think you should consider when you're working with this, right, it is a lot of, (panting) it's a lot of heavy lifting for you to be able to see all of the stuff rendered in a big square. So, more often than not what I tell people is to zoom out a little bit and make it a smaller window, right? We don't need to see how sharp or the detail or the exact pixels of all of that stuff. As photographers we're often used to like looking at things at this level because we wanna see maximum amount of detail. Having Photoshop try to spit out that video will be a little cumbersome. So, since we already know what it looks like, I tell people to kinda zoom out a little bit so you can play a little bit better. Now, in this case I'm just doing this, I'm gonna hit the spacebar, he's getting ready and right about there is where he sets the cup, right? It would be cool that when he sets that cup, we go to that. Right? So what I'm going to do is I can grab right here and I can move around, maybe what I'll do is I'll zoom in so I can see the exact spot where he does that. I'm clicking and dragging. And right around there where he starts to set the cup down. That's gonna be a good spot for me to turn around and say, let's cut and let's move in that other clip where we see that. So, you'll notice that over here, on my left hand side there's a little scissor. Click on it, it splits right at where you have this play head, click on that. Now you have two sections. I'm going to zoom back out and from inside of here, I'll grab this. You know what, I'm just gonna grab this and drag it to the right, I'm gonna drag it away just a little bit to give myself some space. And now, let's watch what happens. When I come back here, hit the spacebar. And the cup's down. Then the cup's back up and then the cup's back down. And then the spoon, all right. So that looks weird, like that's one of those continuity problems that you start having with things. So we're trying to do two different things here, right? We're trying to make sure that we have continuity with whatever it is that we're doing, right? Cup's not there, cup's there. Cup's not there, cup's there. But we're also trying to do something called match action which is basically you start an action on one thing and then you finish that action tighter, in a different angle with doing something else. So the entire idea here would be start the cup and as you're coming down, have the second video of another different angle finish the original thing that you did. By doing that, that'll make it a little bit more professional, right? So, ideally I'm scrubbing through this and you spend a lot of time scrubbing through stuff to go where is the thing that you're looking for, right? So for me, I'd almost kinda want the cup to be a little bit there, right? Because if you go here, the cup's coming down and if you don't see the cup, then it kinda looks weird. So, I'd like for it to kinda be right there. Maybe there. And it's a game of frames. Now, here's something else that I think is pretty cool about working with this inside of Photoshop. Watch this. Right here there is a section that if you put your cursor over it, it shows like a little E with these two arrows. That E with the two arrows will allow you to see a thumbnail of what it looks like at that moment in time. So, while I thought it was cool that we could scrub this to do this, we don't have to. We could always go to the start of this and hit the space or click and hold it, and you see a preview of what it looks like at that moment in time. So, I could scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub. And there is the spot that I wanna get to right there. Now, once I do, look at all of the stuff that sits in between those two clips. That's garbage. We're gonna then have to cut that, we're gonna have an empty space and then we're gonna have to take that video and move it to the beginning. What is that called in video editing? Who cares? (laughs) Right, I'll teach this to people and I'm just like video editors, I know. I know you know. Congratulations, good for you. And I'm like guys, it's not for you. If you're a video editor, not for you. This is for everybody who wants to be. And what happens is that like ripple delete. Come on, just say it, just say it. And I'm like, "Guys, sit on your hands." It's okay, it's cool, I know you know. So, it's called a ripple delete but what I wanna do is get rid of all of that stuff, right? So, watch what happens when I let it go. I'm gonna let it go. Boop. Not only does it delete all of the stuff or you don't see it anymore, but it grabs all of the stuff and moves it over to the left. So, now watch. We go here, hit the spacebar. Done. And he sets the spoon, stop. Now, what I wanna do is I wanna come over to the end of this. I'm gonna click, shows me the end of this. I'm gonna grab it, drag it, drag it, drag it, drag it, bring it over there, done. Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come back over here. Zoom out, I'm gonna take a look at this one and there's where he set it down, right? Notice that he hasn't set it down here, right? If I put it here, watch how weird it's gonna look. So, he has it. He sets it down. Then he sets down the spoon. And then he sets it down again and then he walks away, right? Not good. So what I'm gonna have to do is, I'm gonna have to grab this guy and once he sets it down, maybe right around there, I'll let it go and watch. Gets rid of that, moves it over to the left. So now, sets it down, puts the spoon. Now he walks away. Now he's gonna walk away, walk away, walk away. Oh! What's the problem? He put the spoon a second time, two spoons. Not good, not good, not good. So, what do we do? We're playing through the video. I must have done that twice or I need to be a better editor, right? So from here what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hit the spacebar. I'm gonna look for the second spoon or for the first spoon really. There's the spoon, right? It requires you to watch all of the footage very carefully when you're doing that, right? There's plenty of mistakes inside of here, right, 'cause we're doing this in like in an hour and I needed my coffee, I want coffee. But this one section right where we knew where we have that right there, gonna let that go and now watch. If we go to that second edit, hit the spacebar, there's the spoon, now he walks away. He grabs the thingy, he cleans the thingy, and then he goes for the coffee. So, what I'm going to do is I'm gonna come over here, he grabs the thingy. I'm gonna split it there and I'm gonna move this aside. And I'm gonna zoom out. The next thing I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna grab this video, I'm gonna add this. I'm gonna go and I'm gonna look for the cleaning of the thingy. All right, I'll just turn that down for now. So, there's the section there. There I did the closeup, right, where he grabbed the thingy. And he cleans the thingy. So, that's the video that I want, number 44, okay? Well, I'm gonna come over here, I'm gonna grab 44, I'm gonna put it in. Puts it at the end. I'm gonna scrub to this section where he grabs the thingy. Drag this over to the left. He cleans it and then once he's finished cleaning it he's gonna go do something but remember that the tripod wobbled right there. I don't like that wobble. So, I'm gonna hit the scissor to trim that one section. I know everything after here, I know that this clip I probably won't need. But I do need this clip to the left of this one. So I'm gonna grab this and move it over to the right and now let's watch. So he grabs. Put yeah, pull it off, clean it. Oop, gotta turn off our oh and that's the different one right here. That's this guy. And then come over here, go to the audio, turn that off. So he pulled it off. So here he pulls it, that's where he's already pulled it. So actually I have to get rid of all of these and then here I have to start there because he has already pulled it. Put those two together. Now he's cleaned it. There's the cleaning action on this one so I would probably take this video and drag this over here and now watch. Cup comes down, he grabs the thing, he cleans it. Once he cleans it, he moves over, he goes to that. So we're going from wide, we're going to a tight and we're moving in and out, and it offers a little bit more variety than you just watching this entire video from one shot. We'll take it from the top, right. I would probably get rid of some of these here. I would probably start like there. Get rid of the beginning. So now he goes, sets it down, sets the cup. Moves, grabs the thing. Goes over here. I'm gonna do another cut right here and now I'll just work a little faster, right? So inside of here I'll zoom out. I know that I don't need this guy but I'm gonna check him anyway. No, nothing there. Delete that. Come over here, add media. Let's go to, I think it's 46. All right, so pull it off. All right. I'm giving a whole bunch of instructions on how to do it. Let's see how many times I do that. Oh, there's another shot. I'm gonna come back over here. Literally all I need is there. Okay, so that's the one I need. So I'll grab 46. I'm gonna scrub to the section that I needed which is right around there. Trim it. Get that. Right in that one section, cut it and get rid of the audio, delete the, oh no. Delete the end of it. Switch it, right. Put that there. So now he's gone from this, he goes to that. I got to do some clean up now, right? Once I do this, remember look, see how he touched the top of the thing to possibly turn it on. We can't have that. So he's gotta go there. We're gonna clean this one section by bringing this over there and we probably have to start here. So now, he sets it, he presses the button, it comes out. But what have we done so far, right? All we've done is the exact same step over and over and over, right? So, inside of here what we're doing is we're saying add your clips, look at the starts, look at the ends and try to come up with a sequence of information for you to kinda move all of these stuff forward. Now, question so far? Doing okay? Oh, you don't wanna watch this, the entire time, like you don't wanna watch this over and over and over and over, right? So, I don't wanna take up the rest of the, this is hour, hour and a half. They were here, we're here for an hour? Okay. So, you don't wanna take up the rest of the hour doing this so I'm gonna close this and I'm gonna show you one that I've already done. So, inside of the oven we go to all of the clips assembled. It saves it as a Photoshop file. But that file makes references to the video files, it doesn't embed all of that stuff into the individual file itself. So, back here, let's take a look at what the entire thing looks like and I'm not gonna play it in time because you've already seen it. All right, so he goes, he grabs, actually you know what, I will play it in time, right? So he goes. He grabs all the stuff, he goes after the milk. He sets it down, rack focus, puts it onto that. Pulls up, grabs the thing, he cleans it. It's a good idea for us to be able to see it from here. There's a problem in this one section. You'll see like there's a little bit of a blue there that I don't like. There's a little bit of blue there that I don't like, he does the finger spinning thingy with the leveling thing. Then he turns around and he grabs the circle thing, he puts the circle thing on it. I wanna learn, like I actually am trying to stay couple of the days extra here. There's places where you can actually learn, Brian's gonna teach me how to make a latte. So, oh, I know that there's in the video, I got to cut an audio there. So he goes through this entire process, I'll speed this up. He goes through the process, he goes out, it comes out, he pours the milk. We put this in, he holds it there, he makes the milk hot. One, two tips of this steam thing and what I did was I wanted to make sure that when I cut back to the main shot that there was steam here, right? Because if not people would be like steam, no steam, steam, no steam. That's the level that you're watching most of that stuff. So, there's the steam. He pours, he pours, he sets it down and we go to a cut, we go to a closeup of him setting it down. And then we pull back to him smiling. Easy. Now, the only thing that I don't like here is we said that there was this, yeah, right there, that one. That needed to be muted 'cause the audio sucks. But what if you want good audio. Gets better, watch this. So, let's start with royalty-free, royalty-free is really easy, right? So I'm gonna come over here. There's a website called Incompetech run by Kevin MacLeod, right? If you do stuff with Creative Commons, they're the best, right? If you're not doing anything for commercial work, they're really good.

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  • Create videos using Photoshop
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Photographers and Designers are quickly finding that video is an essential part of presenting their creative work to the public. The problem is most creatives fear the learning curve of working in a video application. In this 60 minute class, you will learn everything you need to create a compelling video - from adding images and designs, to adding titles, transitions, audio, and effects - all inside of Adobe Photoshop®.


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Rafael Concepcion “RC” is an award-winning photographer and author of the best selling books “Get Your Photography On the Web”, “The HDR Book – 2nd Edition” by Peachpit Press and “The Enthusiast’s Guide to Lightroom” and “The Enthusiast’s Guide to Photoshop” by Rocky Nook. RC served as the Director of Content and Education for Kelby Media Group, host of the popular podcasts “Photography Tips and Tricks” “The Lightroom Show” and “The Grid” with Scott Kelby before starting his online training resource First Shot School.

An Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom, RC has over 20 years in the I.T. and e-commerce industries and spends his days developing content for all applications in the Adobe Creative Suite. RC also worked with Adobe to write the Adobe Certified Expert exam for Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4, and Lightroom 5.

A sought after public speaker, he has held training seminars around the world and has worked with companies like Intel, Microsoft, Synology, Razer, Dell, Red Cinema, among many others.

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