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Image Motion

Lesson 7 from: Making Compelling Video in Adobe Photoshop

Rafael "RC" Concepcion

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Lesson Info

7. Image Motion

Lesson Info

Image Motion

The pictures kinda have that kind of like... everything's moving, everything's cool, and then you get to static pictures. We could Ken Burns these things a little bit, move them in and out, right? So, notice these are purple because they're pictures. These are blue because they're video. But both of these have the little triangle. So wonder what the image triangle does. If the options for the video are here, it would stand to reason that the option for the pictures are here. Click on that, (gasp), motion. We could pan and zoom, pan, zoom, rotate, rotate zoom. I'm gonna go pan and zoom. I'm gonna zoom in. Nope, I'm gonna not do that. All right, I'm gonna come over here, pan and zoom, yeah I'll do that, pan and zoom, I'll zoom in. So now watch. (slow jazz music) Then it's static. I don't know, maybe what I'll do is I'll grab this one, I'm gonna go to pan and zoom, and I'm gonna zoom out, and I'm gonna grab my direction and go the other way. And now, from here, (slow jazz music) zooms in ...

(slow jazz music) zooms out. (slow jazz music) And then this one, maybe what I'll do, is I'll just come over here, right click, and just... not rotate. Don't ever, ever, rotate. Zoom. (slow jazz music) Straight forward.

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I am so excited about this class! I knew there had to be an alternative subscribing to a pricey service that allows one to display images and video clips in a video format. This class gives you all the tools you need to whip out a custom video showing shoots and images taken during them. I cannot wait to employ RC's excellent instruction. Great class!!


great class. This is one area of PS that I am sure most people are unaware of. Great class. Practical applications. Love RC's presentation.


Wow! I had no idea that you could do video in Photoshop! I have been wanting to incorporate video clips into my client gallery slideshows. This was such a cool walk through, and at a manageable pace too! Great class!

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