Adding a Contrast Color to your Felted Flower


Making Fabric and Yarn with Sweaters


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Adding a Contrast Color to your Felted Flower

So that's the basic flour and then from there if you want to yes, thank you and then if you want to add a contrast center that's really easy to deal show to do that really quick we're just gonna cut a strip and you you need a small strip for the center so I'm gonna cut this liken thirds they're stitching that we're going to trim so I got my stitch line and then we're just going to cut into this these little petals air probably about a quarter of an inch apart but there's no rules is too how big or how small you make them and when you use the rib and just kind of whatever the width of the writ is becomes the width of your pedal so there's enough for my center and then we'll make um see way use this one and they were is same thing I'll make these pedals just a little tiny bit bigger these air also really fun to make have made these out of sheet music packing paper he could try just about anything woman shirts so there's the body of the flower that was just a little bit longer and bigger ...

than the first one so then let's sew this up? Are there any considerations for how to store felted fabrics? Um I always toward them washed, so I wash him first just because you're not really sure what their life was before you brought them home so I always wash them first and then if I can I don't always but I like to store them cut into pieces because it's just easier to store than cutting all than putting all sweater in storage they'll go on shelved by studios in a basement so I just have to kind of make sure everything's pretty clean before I store it away other than that I just sort like fabric um I usually like if it's shirts or pants I cut those in panels first or try to I can't say I always do that but um I do try to store them by color on I have shelves I don't close them in plastic ben's because they should be able to breathe and um but then you have to be careful um you know, these are all natural fibers and so you never know way haven't seen any mice we have a cat that you never know he just just storm clean stuck him up and they're good to go another thing but these when I was making these for my daughter's mirror we just like sat and made them all day like all afternoon and uh then had so much fun we decorated her bedroom from the thrift store it was kind of when she was going from a tweener to a teenager so we did things like letter paint all over her death, her thrift store desk and things like that. And the this mirror is on her desk. So now I finished sewing the inner one. And now I'm just going to continue to sow the outer one around it, getting twisted here and then these because they're so flat on the back, they take hockley really well, if you want a hot, glue them on to something, and then that's. Basically, what you get just keeps summing it around and that's what you get, the sweet little flowers.

Class Description

Over time sweaters can lose their shape and their appeal, but through felting and yarn-making they can find a new purpose. In Making Fabric and Yarn with Sweaters, you’ll learn how to transform old tops into new and useful goods.

Blair Stocker is committed to bringing new meaning to old stuff. In this class, she’ll teach you two ways to transform old sweaters. First you’ll learn about felting – Blair will teach you how to:

  • Assess the potential of the fabric
  • Turn your wool sweater into felting fabric
  • Shape felt into flowers

You’ll also learn how to disassemble a sweater and turn it back into yarn. You’ll learn how to:

  • Unravel a sweater to preserve length
  • Handle the materials so they are easy to reuse
  • Get started on your next project with a simple crochet stitch

Not only is reusing existing materials good for the environment, it is also a great way to unwind and relax. Blair will offer tips on managing the process so it’s fun, mellow, and produces raw materials you’ll be excited to create with again.


Carol Willyn Maple

I just love learning new ideas for craft projects. I wish I had known about this when I ruined all those wool sweaters in the wash. I could have made felted flowers. The reason I wanted to watch initially was to learn how to unravel sweaters to save money on yarn.