How and Why to Reuse a Sweater


Making Fabric and Yarn with Sweaters


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How and Why to Reuse a Sweater

We're going to talk about how to use freeze sweaters through source sweaters and let me tell you a little bit about why I will tell you that why I am the expert to tell you that I wrote a book that was published in twenty fourteen called wise craft turning thirst for fines, fabric scraps and natural objects into stuff he love. And this is based on the d I y projects that I do on my block wise craft, handmade, and this type of work of up cycling is what I am most inspired by I am most inspired by hunting the the perfect thing, and thrift stores were using what I have, and that is what my book is about, and it covers pretty much felt ing sweaters, mitting, crow, shea, all that you can think of. And so today we're going to focus on two ways that I reuse sweaters, and so by the end of the class, these are the types of things that I hope that you will have answers to, why we would up cycle or recycle sweaters to begin with, why we would do that at all. And if you want to do that, how to pic...

k the types of sweaters that would be appropriate to do these sorts of things. We're going to talk about how to felt a sweater most of this is proper have probably fell to the sweater by accident but we're going to do it on purpose and we're going to make one of my favorite projects to make with felted sweater knits which is recycled flowers I'm going to show you how to make those and then in the second half we're going to actually unravel a sweater to reuse the yarn which is pretty fun so let's get started so why we would recycle sweaters there's often I don't know if any of you guys met but I met and often I don't like the finish or I wouldn't it for my kids and they would outgrow it before actually finished that you can unravel that and reuse the yarn that you can also maybe there's a special sweater that you can no longer wear or it's stained and he'd like to keep it or use it it's a nice yarn uhm yarn is expensive and to make a regular average size sweater you're going to need five or six or seven skeins of yarn you confined a sweater in the thrift store that has enough yarn of really nice quality aren't and we use it with the right tools it's low investment it's economical you cut it up and you don't like what you've made out of it you have spent maybe five dollars and you're okay you can try it again so it's, it's, it's. A really easy way to just get creative and try something new and aa lot of times. If it's an interesting yarn and you unravel sweater, I think it's pretty cool. Tio unravel a sweater that's knitted in corsi it and see what happens, or to combine yards together and just see what the potential is of the art itself. And last but not least, do we really need any more craft supplies? I know I don't need any more craft supply.

Class Description

Over time sweaters can lose their shape and their appeal, but through felting and yarn-making they can find a new purpose. In Making Fabric and Yarn with Sweaters, you’ll learn how to transform old tops into new and useful goods.

Blair Stocker is committed to bringing new meaning to old stuff. In this class, she’ll teach you two ways to transform old sweaters. First you’ll learn about felting – Blair will teach you how to:

  • Assess the potential of the fabric
  • Turn your wool sweater into felting fabric
  • Shape felt into flowers

You’ll also learn how to disassemble a sweater and turn it back into yarn. You’ll learn how to:

  • Unravel a sweater to preserve length
  • Handle the materials so they are easy to reuse
  • Get started on your next project with a simple crochet stitch

Not only is reusing existing materials good for the environment, it is also a great way to unwind and relax. Blair will offer tips on managing the process so it’s fun, mellow, and produces raw materials you’ll be excited to create with again.


Carol Willyn Maple

I just love learning new ideas for craft projects. I wish I had known about this when I ruined all those wool sweaters in the wash. I could have made felted flowers. The reason I wanted to watch initially was to learn how to unravel sweaters to save money on yarn.