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Dissecting the Styled Shoot

What we're going to go do right now is simply show the details so for those people who are watching online they might be unfamiliar that we had just walked into the room and seen this the crew and the team I'm sorry the team aren't the primes haven't seen the room quite yet so we're gonna walk in we're going to see what we're given and we're simply going to walk to the process of as I dissect a style shoot I walk in I see what I could shoot when I can shoot and shoot it and rotate between the ideas and what would be the most efficacious given the fact that we have a two hour time frame and I need to shoot and I need to teach remember the goal that we have in place is to teach and to collaborate that's gonna be the goal and if I don't get the photos for publication well that was a tertiary concern I just intercessory they uh ok not bad for a brown girl okay we're gonna walk in I'd love to get your perspective and they will walk through that process thank you guys so much you only can de...

fy lives uh you guys can come in come in so this was this you guys can come this way so we can get a full in perspective of what of what was seen from kelsey's sketch so everybody this is kelsey kelsey's with sugar coma event here in seattle, these misses the person's sketch who we saw online, so what we're able to see is the sketch come to life, so we did have talk about the edges to the table. One thing that kelsey made sure was to highlight the edges was look at the linens that she has chosen for it. So we want to make sure that the linen company is made aware of this, which is what we talked about, too. We have the suspended flowers is what we talked about and according to her notes, that's what we went through and we're going to talk through the process of what we did and how we did it any time I walk into a style shoot, the first thing I do is I tell the team I want them to participate in the shoot in however they want. So if kelsey sees me shooting something, I told kelsey actually our national little kelsey or celeste, but I actually didn't know that there was a good side to a bouquet, and it took about two years to know that, so if I'm shooting something and kelsey sees me shooting it not in the best light I want her to jump in I don't want this I don't want to treat it like it's a class I want to treat it like it's a real shoot today sect actually what is going on so kelsey was kind enough to have everything ready including the candles are the lips so because I know that I'm working with candles I'm going to try to shoot them as soon as possible because I don't want them melting down to a point where we lose the perspective of what we're given also for the people who are watching online my camera will be tethered and that was actually a code for nico to come and get my camera because I'm not quite tethered yet whenever we have the opportunity and also we might bring students in to shoot it just depends on what we're given the time constraints awesome great and we'll just kind of move from there so what I want to talk about for so the reason why we had the video made that led us into the shoot is because I want people at home to really understand the details and I need to take time to breathe because I am so nervous right now as I bring bou breathe okay the first thing I'm looking at are the paper goods because I want to assess the light obviously not obviously cause you're watching at home so what we have is we have a rectangular room we have light on if I'm facing the wall way of light on the left side and we have light on the front side so what I need to consider is the light on the menus of the forefront of the table will be much prettier than the light on the paper on the back side of the table because they fall in the shade of it not to say that it's impossible to shoot it on the side, but I just think it would be advantageous to shoot it on the site things that I would make note if this was an actual wedding table would be to remove the salt and pepper shakers but kelsey picked up individual salt little and these aren't ram akins but we'll just call the mom can study dot what kelsey where these well oh this's a soul I work with classy people ok, so this is assault well and that is just so adorable that I would never remove that because it could be looks that the salt well was intended for it to be there is part of the styling um so after this one thing that I need to consider is how I'm going to style the invitation sweet how I'm going to go through all the paper goods so before you actually get to the table, I want to show case the cake so what we have here is the cake so to go quickly because I hadn't seen the cake I wondered if it was going to be a flowers on the table which is there's not but I notice that there's flowers on the cake which makes me think I have to make a mental note that I'm shooting it both for the baker I'm also shooting it both for the florist I also realized as I was shooting this we have a few things going on based on the note that kills he had given me in advance I have to shoot um and um kelsey what is the thing? How did we refer to the activity that we want people to do? The like an interactive station good so I'd bring kelsey along for interpretations so if what we call an interactive station I wanted to give clients the models today are real life couple the architect and the flashing fashion blogger something to do and in order for us to give them something to do, we actually have to create an action around it. So we asked I gave chelsea a few white terrible ideas for interactivity type of things and she what she came up with was a station for the guest actually write notes so I have to realize that I need to do the interact I need to photograph the interactivity station as well as the cake station as well as the guest cards I also realize that after looking at this area and after looking at what is available to me I have but one table for that that will match so I need to use the same table three times over that's not a bad thing at all but I want to make it look if at all possible different given the scenarios that were given so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to shoot the cake because I know that we need to transform that table for the crew that's around we have the florist who's here and it's nice to have some like your creative team around because if I need things at the last minute I can say can you pull up something and most of the time they can it might not be what the exit and exactly intended but it's better than what we are given we also noticed that there is a floor someone out getting to the invitation suite I don't want to shoot the invitation on the floor my next option would be to shoot the invitation on the concrete which they don't want todo so then my next option would be to find a surface in which I could shoot it so I'm going to shoot the invitation sweet on that table I'm going to have to I'm sorry on the cake table I'm going to have to remove the cake so what will be shooting on that table? The invitation sweet the cake, the guest cards and the interactivity station? So I said three but they really mean four, so we're going to try to decision we're going to try to make it look remember how summer said to kind of multiply the photographs let's see what we can do and how we can do it. One of the things that I think how we can multiply I don't know maybe I should get really close the camera to see how much I'm sweating because I'm nervous and I'm not shooting one thing anything off the cuff we could do for the table would be teo raise the table so we have a low sitting table for the cake station what if we were to put something underneath that table to raise it to make it look like a cocktail table although we would be worried about what would what the base would look like because we can't reveal the base because they would look really ghetto so knowing if I want to raise a table to make it look like a bar station by bar stool bar table cocktail table thank you I just gonna look to you help making it look like a cocktail table what I'm going to have to do is shoot it without reviewing the bottom part, so the idea would then become for the interactivity station we're going to put something at the base of the table jd is looking at we're gonna put something at the base of the table we're going to set the table on top of the base and then we're going to shoot our brides maids or a groomsman around the interactivity table and then we're gonna have to shoot it so that were cropping up their lakes pseudo likely be vertical photos from the waist up so that I could cut out the bottom and make it look like kelsey brought to square tables with awesome linen let's see what else? Okay let's talk about the invitations wheat let's bring it over here great do you like I'm just making stuff up on the cuff okay okay here we go kelsey took ideas and just she changed them she's so good at what who are people are people good designer yeah it's todd with t k t j graphic design perfect so I have a soft spot for todd and I don't know todd I just look at this and I absolutely just want to go to this party I just love it and remember what the theme and the story was remember how they met by the seaside and we wanted to give a watery effect I cannot but feel if you were to get a water colored invitation you would implicitly feel the water effect to the theme it's not like we have waves we don't have an ocean but we have water color pastels which I think would give the idea of water inspired so when I think about styling, what I'm going to do is I'm going to want to shoot it two ways now I will have to say that yesterday I don't know what came over to look at um who's actually filming okay, okay, okay, so what we're gonna do is yesterday we spoke to summer and summer had said to look at may may peppery dot com I had never done at that point that I had nodded like yes, I do it all the time what did I do last night? I was like maybe avery I need to get ideas and how to shoot um the invitations we what I learned was that as the designer of course he or she would want not just the invitation but the entirety of what he produced for the shoot so I'm going to shoot paper goods twice over in the same scenario I'm going to shoot the rcp I'm going to shoot the invitation I'm going to shoot the envelope and I'm going to look on the inside of the envelope and the envelope on the envelope on the inside of the envelope there's nothing which is fine with me I'm just going to make sure I'm going to close it I'm going to shoot it and I'll probably staggering like thiss but much cuter with this, I'm like this. Okay, this is the first single shoot, and then what I'll shoot are the name cards and the menu card with it, because I want to showcase all of his work so that todd has the options. This will probably not go for so much because it is a war for the entire story, but I'll go for tot remember the win win win, I need to style eyes what this will look like. I don't want to shoot it on the floor, shooting on the floor. I have done it plenty of times that wedding, so don't feel like you can't, but it's always the last option, so I'm going to probably shoot it on that table, but because I'm rather short, I stand around five four, but I wore my special shooting boots that gives me an extra two inches, which makes me about five six, but that short table is about four feet me shooting down on it with the camera gives me about a foot distance from it, and I don't think that's enough, so it probably grab a nearby chair, which is code for jamie to grab me the chair and have it waiting in the wings so I could shoot. Down on the down on the paper goods from a distance that they need to crop it in a way that makes sense I'm also looking for details to incorporate within this style section because I can shoot the details about himself put away what I think actually takes it up a notch is if I could add small details one thing that I always look for the flowers I mentioned sometimes I grab a flower and a shoot it with the invitation suite and then one thing that I also liked that I asked kelsey tio create and she did like so amazingly so kelsey hand dyed string that she incorporated into these elements what would be a cool way to incorporate to tie across the docks straight ty across the dots dream so I asked chelsea to make yarn balls and we're going to see it might be totally cheesy I don't know quite yet, but if I were to lay out this and shoot it vertically I'm sorry shoot it aerially and putting a few yarn balls just to kind of stylized again it may or it may not work, I don't know our I can clear it out and just use flowers from the pre existing engage pre indistinct pre existing structures kelsey also thought about getting sugar for displaying it across the table and placing it on top I don't know that will be our last option

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This three-day event will be packed with how-to and tips for wedding photographers who are ready to shake up their business. In addition to lighting, posing, and technique, Jasmine will photograph a bride and groom, and a gorgeous wedding set up that'll facilitate a live demonstration how to photograph wedding details, elements, and moments with an editorial flair. The course will also address how Jasmine successfully submits her work for national publication and include discussions with editors on how photographers can approach a wedding day to maximize their publication opportunities. If you like taking risks, untraditional posing, and finding dynamic light in any situation, this course is for you. Be prepared for a smashing good time as Jasmine dissects her photography, online marketing, and teaches you how to create a fabulous experience before the first click of the shutter.