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The online submission process that's what going to be talking about at this particular moment so what does it take to make a wedding submit a ble I had a photographer email me and unfortunately I cannot respond to every email that I get from a photographer but what her email asked is whether or not her wedding was submit a ble wedding that she had shot and she shot the wedding and was at a country club and the bride had a great dress and she had nice shoes that's all she said in the email based on those three factors that it was at a country club that she had a nice dress and that she had nice shoes I don't know if there was other elements but based on those three things I would say probably not only because of what we heard from summer right because there are other things that need to be entailed into that so I don't know if it's enough anymore and I do think that some of the weddings that people are shooting today could have well been featured two years ago but the changing dynamic o...

f the industry and the caliber of brides and the amount of time, money and effort that they're spending the weddings has really shifted what editors are looking for so just to put that out out there way spoke yesterday about how summer prefers hearse emissions and I think they're all crazy and she said five hundred images, and I was like, I don't know if you know how many people are watching right now, they're like a lot of people watching, and if you got five hundred pictures from, I don't know a force of them, you would probably not be able to function. You wouldn't be able to open them on your computer, so but she mentioned two ways of getting her images. She mentioned getting an email to her, and she also mentioned them looking for them through a site called to bright lights. T w o b r I g h t l I g h yes. Oh, my god. It was a spelling bee. I really felt like I had a spelling bee. I was like, I'm gonna make my mom proud of their homes going for the win. Okay, so we spoke about how she likes her images. Now I'm also going to be highlighting stone abby from so me pretty and jen campbell from green wedding shoes were going to use these three bloggers to kind of give us a new idea of three different editors and how they like them now. Um, stell, me pretty abby was only pretty. She actually does not use two bright lights, and she doesn't accept a submissions through email she created her husband take created a photo up loader. So style me pretty is its own entity in that you go to style me pretty, and when you submit your images, there are two components. There is the upload and then there's the description. So you what you would have is you would have your photos on your desktop now. I would highly suggest that the way that you label your photos in the folder is your name the client, last name, the married last name, which I'm assuming would be the husbands, and then the image number, so mine look like hypothetically jasmine star underscore anderson underscore the image number on ly because I never want abby at any given point time to come across an image and on ly si image zero zero three four and not know who it belonged to because she wouldn't be able to use it either because she wouldn't know how to track it. So after you upload your images, teo, sell me pretty through her up loader there is a description portion now on that description, there highlighted sections of things she wants to know, which, as a photographer, should really highlight the things that we should be paying attention on the wedding day she asked for the photographer she has for the videographer, she asks for the location. The wedding dress the wedding shoes if those coordinator if those designer she asked all these questions and their fields that you can fill out of course if you don't know that information, you could bypass it and then you push a submit so it looks it looks and feels a lot like a pretty version of facebook as you upload all those pictures and then it takes you to a gallery and they're square some nails of the gallery and you could look at all your image is the way that she looks at them and you could school through the images and what I'm thinking and guessing and highly surmising is that she goes through each gallery and she could look simply through that some nails at a quick glance and no yes or no and their system is automated you will hear from them probably in around two weeks if it's a yes or if it's a no now the way that it works for jen at green wedding shoes is very similar to the way that it works for summer she will also use to bright lights now the way that to brake lights works is photographers pay a subscription fee every month or you can buy a year and maybe they've changed the details of it but from what I'm understanding it's that is a subscription site and you can upload your weddings to to bright lights and then you select what block you'd like them to submit to so foreign this intern in this particular situation, you gotta to bright lights, you upload your photos, you include all the information that you possibly know, and then you click on green wedding shoes and then gen wakes up in the morning, or whenever she has time dedicated to go to to bright lights she goes to to bright lights and she looks to the images. Now she can't get to another submission before she gives a yes or no. So you're hearing from green wedding shoes at that particular moment. If it's not a good fit after your and know you can submit it to another block and most bloggers air on it. But it's, not the end all be all because they do takes emissions outside of that like summer head said yesterday. So with jen the way that she would like to have her images are very similar to summer. So if you had a folder of images we would want you wi I I labeled my image is the way that I just told you. And then I labeled the folder my name underscore the client last name underscore g w s because I don't have to write out green wedding shoes because what she wants to know she has folders on her. On her computer and I might be submitting perhaps two weddings in three weeks and she might have two folders of the same name jasmine star underscore gws so I use that client last name as a point of differentiation for her and clarification I want to keep things as clean and simple as possible now it I'm not going to get into all the online the guidelines emissions because if any blood you want to submit to everybody has guidelines emissions and everybody wants different things, but what I can safely say is that submitting anywhere from one hundred twenty five to one hundred fifty images we'll give them a very good idea of what you're submitting if you want to get crazy, you can go up to two hundred, but I really if you're I don't know five hundred is quite a bit of photos I'll leave it there two hundred I think is more than enough okay, so now in both those situations in summers in summer engine isa through to bright lights or the email they want them sent to them in a drop box or in a zip file? I think it's important when you're they're opening their zip files or their drop boxes that folder and the images are indicated by your name and so for instance, if you submit to stell me pretty and you get declined, make sure you go to that folder and change that last indication. Because again, remember how summer said she felt like she was the fifth editor to get the wedding. Always watch your p's and q's because I feel like he never get a second chance to make a first impression. That was totally a line from cnr tuxedos and seats from, like, nineteen, eighty nine. Okay, stop with me. Talk about good marketing. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Yes. What is drop box? Dropbox is what you used to mail me or you just clarifying. I like michele. You use this? Ok, that was a great, you know. Well, it was like I totally missed that. Okay, what drop box is for people who don't know it is stored it's, an online storage in the cloud. And so, for instance, when michelle sent me her images to beat, to be critiqued yesterday for summer, I actually e mailed the class and he said, you guys, can you please send me your images, be a drop box or via male big file male big file dot com. I love it, it's. You know, you pay twenty dollars for the year, and you can upload these huge files and then when your recipient gets it, you get an email, and then when the recipient downloads that you get an email, which I know it's creepy, I shouldn't I shouldn't let people know like because I know like how long I whenever I submit a wedding, I know when they're downloading it, and I was like, who know? And I haven't heard after like three days, I'm like, oh, darn it like, the longer you don't hear, like the less likely it's going to get picked up, but anyway, so male big file is an opera is a way for people to access files wherever they are in the world. I think dropbox is great, I think it's a great edition and see what photographers are using. So thank you for the clarification. Um, okay, so we went through how to send them. Okay, now all of those submissions I would love for you guys to do, which I think is going to make your submissions complete and extremely competitive would be too would be to create a question near for your clients. I think it's very important for you to be confident in the information that you're sending to the blogger and not making the blogger feel like she has to guess about what's going on we talked about yesterday, we talked about those things yesterday so you can't have us they can't it's probably best not tohave a question near that has all of the same questions because every wedding is different. Yes, there are questions that will always be there. Some of the questions will always be there will be frequently asked questions from blawg readers and the more that you read wedding logs the more that you'll find out they always want to know where the bridesmaid dresses were from always they always want to know the bride's dress and the bride's shoes things of that nature, things that come up quite frequently anything that's unique. If the bride decided tio invest in a thousand vintage tea cups to decorate we want to you want to know why or how she went through and did that? Because if she found them on a clear insight from an english it's state sale on ebay, she needs to give those ideas to future brides that is what's making that submission actually very different and unique. I want to ensure that the questions focus on what made the day unique. For instance, why did the bride choose a cupcake station instead of a traditional cake? We see that happening a lot now, but you know, so it's maybe not so much an avant garde thing, a new thing that brides are doing, but anything that you see that is different asked why my sister I shot crazy. I shot my sister's wedding and I was also her maid of honor and are actually matron of honor on dh we submitted my sister's wedding for publication, I got featured on style me pretty one of the questions that I made my sister answer was why she chose church pews. Instead, she had an outdoor wedding at a vineyard and she hired I've been to trump, you need to bring in church pews so they had reconfigured instead of like safari chairs instead of clear chairs. She actually brought in church pews, and I asked her why she did that and the reasoning behind it, and that actually was a way to differentiate what she was doing and why she's going to explain those decisions to future brides and give them ideas about what they can do to reconfigure on older space. Also the first thing oh, this is the first thing that I do because I feel sometimes that brides take a little bit longer with the question here they don't usually respond to me in a day, so if you're like, ok, I'm ready to go at this mission, I'm going to send my question here. Notes to self you will not get that for a couple weeks because they have they have a lot going on, and sometimes brides are on wedding day burn out there like if I have to talk about my wedding one more time. I'm john done right now, so I give it to them in the beginning part of the process far before I start editing or riss izing or anything because I want to give myself some padding time. Lastly, I want to ensure that the creative team is on board. I I want to make sure that everybody knows that it's going to be submitted, and I talked to send an email about the sneak peek protocol. So, yes, the images have been featured on my block and yes, it's a client, I'm going to talk about what the gallery looks like tomorrow and why I need to be in front. I talk about I referred to as being in front of this emission. I need tio take the lead because I send my clients a gallery in which they can download images directly, but I need to be need to be clear that they can't share those images until until the wedding has been featured, because weak again, we can't let those images get on on web because it loses its viability for exclusivity. Now this question came up yesterday but it's also in my notes so I want to clarify at this point I don't copy right my images that I give two vendors the reasoning behind this is because I feel that when I copyright them what I'm essentially saying is I don't trust them I don't think that they're going to give me proper photo credit at the at the appropriate times I do send an email in advance so I have a new email that I send all of the of the creative team after the wedding and it's thank you sit along the lines I don't have it memories but it's along the lines of thank you so much for the opportunity of working at jenny's jenny in andrew's wedding I couldn't do what I love without your trust support and encouragement it's great to work with this amazing team and I'm happy to know that because of our hard work jenny and you are now relaxing and enjoying what could have been the most perfect day of their lives because of your help I'd like to share this online gallery feel free to mark your favorites and download the high res images at your leisure feel free tease him in any source of online or print media however please be sure tio give photo credit listed as jasmine dash star dot com and anything that is used if you have if you need any help and figuring out how to configure this online, please feel free to reach out to me and I'll walk you through the process. Thank you so much and feel free to let me know if there's anything else I could do for you. Stay fabulous. J star that's what the email looks like so there is no question of whether or not they should or should not be. I have yet to have a client who hasn't given me proper photo credit when it was do or if they haven't I reach out and I'm like, hey, I love that you're sharing images. Would it be possible if you gave proper photo credit and usually comes back with please? I'm so sorry my intern was doing the blogging or whatever and then they amended. There was one time where I did a shoot for thie s l s hotel in beverly hills, and we did a shoot and the photos that were used after the shoot were asked to be used in their print wedding brochure. And I said, this is absolutely fine. You can use the images, but please, the only thing I ask is that photo credit is listed and all of the documents that were made fota credit was listed, but then I got an email from them. Events manager and she said, we're so sorry, but in our brochure we omitted the jasmine star from from a photo she's like, well, I'm so sorry how can you make this up to you now at that particular moment, I could have stopped my feet and am I a little bit bummed that on the brochure that they send out to prospective clients and my name isn't there because I would love to shoot at the s l s it's amazing and I haven't it's great and it's beautiful, so of course it stung a little, but I have one of two options the brochures already done. I could sit there and be a total jerk about it, or I can understand that I have made mistakes before I could potentially ruin a relationship with somebody or I can say, like it's cool, I totally understand, because at the twin of the twelve documents that were created on lee, one of them did not have photo credit, so I didn't. I knew that this was a mistake, he said, don't worry about it it's absolutely fine, not a big deal and she came out and she said, please, will you come and enjoy a full dinner at bazaar completely on us now bazaar is the restaurant in the s l s and it's so amazing, so just like j d mom was taking that tonight I like you can order advertisers you want the sparkly drinks let's get the one with the umbrellas we went to their dessert station I mean, we did onto me we had an experience and it was a win win because she you know, it was great the relationship was still salvaged not a big deal. It's awesome great. So I think that that you know, if that is what transpired after an incident of somebody not using photo credit, I feel like we're going to be okay making sure you established what the rules are in advance and then walking them through that process after quote, great. So yes, don't apologize e around like they publish it on facebook or I usually have the conversation with them in advance, but I do actually email my clients that's a good question is leading a litany late leads me to another point of clarification I do as my clients if I could share their gallery with their creative team. Some brides don't want to keep me some rights really want to keep their wedding just for their friends and family which is kind of a bummer but that's ok, I have to respect that is like nine brides out of ten will say cash I mean nine brides out of like twenty nineteen brides out of twenty will say yes it's okay to share the images those every once in a while there's a bride who's just like no, I really want to keep it friends. Family? Yes, john how do you navigate this conversation? Although you use j d is your second shooter, how would you suggest a photographer talking about using the images if they if your second shooter wanted to feature them on their block or that's a conversation that needs to be established far before the wedding has been shot now there isn't a right or wrong everybody establishes what they feel the most comfortable with. Some photographers say you can't use the images some photographers say you can use them on lee in studio some photographer say you can use them on your block, but you can't use ammonia website and you must give a leak to who you shot it with. Some photographers say you can use them however you want, and all four of those scenarios there is not a right or wrong. However I have from my experience because I have second and third shot quite a bit is that when they don't give you the ability to use the images, they pay you more and when they give you the ability to use the images, they pay a lot less because they understand that it's a potential for you to get business from that it's not a hard invest rule some people won't pay you at all they'll say yeah you can come along for the experience and no you can't use images and that has happened to me and I still went along because I was like I want to learn so specifically for getting published and if you're concerned with wanting to use like a wedding that could be a signature wedding for publishing purposes would you suggest just for that purpose saying maybe paying your second shooter a little more but they can't use the images for exclusivity or it's however you want to work it you could say in that particular situation they can't use them or you could say you could use your images after they have already been published online and that that's the terms but as long as you established in terms beforehand and I highly encourage you to establish the terms the email it's always better to be able to look back and sight this is what we had agreed to sometimes you will make people signed a contract on that's okay? But I'm I probably would never make a third shooter sign a contract, but I would probably establish the terms that you probably can't use the images until after exhausted every avenue publication cool that's good question great thanks guys ok, so how to make an online simitian stand out? I think the key one thing and again, but you're talking to a girl who organizes organization would be teo be organized because I think the more organized you are, the higher likelihood of getting published because it takes less work from the bloggers perspective. There are too many block there, too many submissions for you to think that the editor will go out of his or her way to do extra work for you and like we had mentioned earlier before, rename your images so that at any given point in time, if a blogger decides to diversify his or her business, they know exactly how to find your images and who they belonged to. For instance, abby at the end of the year publishes her best of style, me pretty, but she publishes it not just in the blob post, but an online magazine, and she chooses her favorite anywhere from fifteen to twenty weddings, and they feature four weddings a day, so they're going through a aton of weddings a day and to choose, you know, fifteen to twenty from the entire year is a huge honor. So she's going through all of these images, and at one point when her first, her first indication, came out and I was extraordinarily honored to be featured in that first. Style me pretty easy and she had found the images only because I had labeled them by name and it was easier for her to say get me these particular images and I save all of my images that I have submitted in my client folder so I had shot that wedding almost a year and a half later and she said, I need these images in high rez and when I'm editing my photos I save him both as high rez and low res just for my personal purposes and I come to find out later it was a good thing cause I simply had to get those files and then get him over to her. So being organized, I think the second point for you to be for to make an online simitian stand out and please don't think that these are like groundbreaking ideas but it's so simple but yet so many photographers overlook them would be to be attentive being sure to answer emails from bloggers within twenty four hours because they have such limited time when they're scheduling their their editorial calendar, the faster you respond to them, the easier it is teo incentivize them to actually publish your work in a particular way and also understand that they're providing a platform for your images so I think sometimes we walk a fine line between like, oh where art east and this is our work you should be lucky to have featured and they're kind of like we're giving were curating your work like together, we're stronger, so don't be a douche type thing always be cautious of how you're approaching them and think of them as a teammate, not as somebody who's lucky to be bestowed with your work personalized per blogger. Never start an email with dear blogger and never started email with dear blogger and then send it to yourself nbcc all the bloggers were sending it to these air things that are actually happening, so I'm not making this stuff up. I actually had conversations with four bloggers before coming to creative live and figuring out what they wear their pressures of paint pressure points of pain were in the selection process, so they get this, so I'm not making this stuff up. They get e mails that say, dear blogger and the bcc one, two, twenty five bloggers hoping that their wedding gets picked up, so prove read your e mails before sending them. I think I don't think that bloggers are ever in the point where they think that they're always and on ly the first person to receive a submission they understand that some bloggers like out perfect wedding a beautiful wedding could work for one blogger and not work for the other I don't necessarily think they become extremely offended what I think they become offended is if you don't take the time if you simply copy and paste and email and accidentally leave summer instead of abby instead of jen it's just kind of just or you say dear summer it's so great I look forward to being featured on your block on green wedding shoes so you know I mean it happens but proof reproof retakes tick takes thirty seconds or write a brand new email like making sure that you watch your p's and q's I think it's really good for you to find the right fit what this boils down to is finding blog's that really reflect that particular wedding and your style of photography you have to know the audience and I think it's also these these principles also very much applied to print media as well because magazines cater to very different brides as do blog's as do blocks so if you want to start submitting to blocks, I highly encourage you to start following them to understand the undertone because some logs cater to specific vintage wedding some block cater to modern wedding some blocks cater to the classic bride no kind of where what there featuring so that you could send him what they want I don't think it would be good for you to send a vintage brought a vintage wedding to rock n roll bride because she features punk rock weddings I don't think it would be good to send a punk wedding tio abby it's tell me pretty and I really don't think it would be good to send a ballroom wedding to jen at green wedding shoes she says that out front she's looking for natural organic free flowing weddings that usually isn't happening in a ballroom and if you get offended clearly she's not the blogger that you're reading so bride start following bloggers who blogged about the type of wedding that they're having so look at your wedding outside of your emotional attachment it was such a good wedding yes it probably wass find the audience and you'll it'll be a good thing don't leave guesswork I always think that sometimes we submit incomplete actually from my mistakes I learned that I'm leaving room for the editor to guess what is happening at different moments that's why I think that they question here is so powerful because you can cater every single question to the bride so that when the blogger is looking at this emission she knows yes this is for me yes I want it yes it works no questions asked it's going to feature on this particular date? My theory is don't give him a reason to say no but that's also just my personality craig like loves me and hates me for it because like yesterday I pitched him an idea like a couple weeks ago he's like well, think about it and unbeknownst to me they vetoed the idea so yesterday I went up to it's a lesson craig girls like hey guys woodrum idea and they're like, oh what? We vetoed it and I was like let's go next door and let's talk about the idea and he's like all right to go on a star and I was like, so this is what I envisioned this is what it is like what we can't do that I was like that's ok, whatever you can do, it will still be great he's like um s o I was like celeste she's like I think we can do it it's like what we have to have nico are filming, I agree to it and I was like, okay, my personality is very much give him every reason not to say no, I think it has supplies also your submission process you'll be well taken care of next on craig's in the bag may like the next the next portion of this particular section is tips for online simitian, so this is kind of like a unbeknownst to me, somehow got into touching into some of these things what kind of cruise right into it if I'm going too fast, peaceful, free to let me know if I'm talking too fast, you know, this is how I roll if I'm going to fast, I'll slow down when I think the first thing to consider ways to be selective most blobs want exclusivity, so be sure to submit one at a time what we talked about yesterday so the average wait time, I think politely, to wait from to hear from a block would be around two weeks because you don't want to be like if you send in three days later, you expect a response we need to recalibrate two weeks is about a good time, and if you haven't heard from them, they state most of them state if they don't, if you don't hear from him, read the guidelines emissions, but most of them stay if you if you haven't heard from us, um into in whatever days it will has been passed, but that's, not my personality, so my personality is to follow up once more, and I'll, you know, craft a kind e mails like, hey, summer just wanted to reach out and contact to see if you get an opportunity to look at the wedding this was the anderson slash cooper winning or whatever wedding could anderson cooper I shot anderson cooper now it's the anderson yes hyphen cooper wedding hosted at like you know strawberry farms in orange county whatever the case may be if I don't hear from you by and then I highlight a specific date I will have assumed that the wedding has been passed because in the back of my mind I always worry maybe they didn't get that email that's just my personality so all full up and if I don't hear back twice and I will have known that it was it was a pass on so I think that blogger bloggers have also mentioned that they get e mails from photographers that list every block it's going to and it says dear bloggers who would like this wedding and then it gives a link to a blogger post where they expect the bloggers to click on the link and go to that block post and see if they want that wedding and it always pitches all the bloggers against each other. There is no way that photographer should come in and, like create his own hunger games for like that wedding and I think that it will immediately push a blogger away from that so stay away from that and bloggers appreciate your selective nous and we'll remember in future submissions so if you are continuously submitting a ballroom wedding to say summer or gen and it's a consistent that if it they're just thinking you're not taking the time to find out who they are and what their voices yes, john or etiquette to voice if you have a preference for a certain block and you think you have a wedding that fits his good character to the nature of the block is it poor etiquette to say, dear summer, I think this is an awesome fit oh our stahlman pretty and you are the first one that you just made a faux pas that's why I was asking is that a faux pas to say you know you just made a faux pas you said dear summer, I think this is a good fit for style me pretty I'll be like a legal court ok let's back that up your four great likes what very good, very good way here to the camera I think it's kind of racing for a family that's okay? No, I don't think I don't think I think that every photographer should stand by his or her work and if you did your homework and if you really believe it submitted and say I believe it's a good fit, but to say specifically you're the first one I've sent this to because absolutely say that absolutely yeah, yes accepts like too bright lights um she does know what does like what do you recommend? I do think that you should go through to bright lights or do you think that you should like submit online? I definitely think it's I definitely think it's your preference I I don't use too bright lights but it was only because two bright lights came out some question I mean recently like about a year year and a half ago I'd already kind of created my system and I don't know I started I guess to say is that I started my business at a point to where a lot of these luxuries weren't available and it kind of got into a rhythm of how my pattern was created so I can't say whether or not it's best or not I think if you were the email the blogger and saying what do you prefer you can get a direct a direct response from him or her feel welcome okay so secondly is to send low res images photographers think that they bloggers want to see the images in all their full glory and if they wanted that they would probably be photographers so we have to understand too is that if you were sending a drop box or a link for summer or jen to download your images and you were to send her two hundred image fool rez images were even high res images they will be downloading for hours and she will be annoyed with you so send lowers images and yes photographers deuce and high res images which is why this point was brought up send low res images and every blogger has different specifications so as you go to that block it's a good thing to know what it is but I think a general rule of thumb to be safe like for instance, if you're using too bright lights, you're probably hypothetically submitting tio up to four five blog's if you choose those four or five blocks in the order in which you want them so a safe upload amount would probably like nine hundred pixels on the wide side by seventy two d p I I think that's kind of a good a good a safe a safe area remember nate rename your files and that's the third time I've said it but I'm telling you guys it pays itself off in dividends and staying organized kenna all right, can I just interject with question because we're talking about it right now terran melanie and be ju photography are both asking if you can different what is the difference between a high rez and alo grizz file? So what's an example of a low round file size that use of it oh, I never submit high res right? So it would be like a sixteen by twenty four to forty d p I like that's a that's a high res file that's right that's a high rise fire um a low res file would be six hundred pixels by nine hundred pixels at seventy two d p I great yes thank you very much thank you um great we're going to go now to brand your submission but of course you're talking to a girl who likes I mean I branded chocolates I'm not even lying I last year I sent my bride I tried to send my prize a little something and jamie thought I was absolutely crazy but I found chocolates that I was able to put my logo on and I wrapped it in like just photos of our travels over the year and he thought it was crazy but I'm like I'm gonna bring and everything so I think you should bring your submissions d'oh so if you're sending a zip file or drop box do not tidily green wedding shoes emission grew great like sweating simitian you want to bring it by your name you want photographers to know who you are which is why I kind of feel like if you have like a company name that's very different from your name try to keep it consistent so always signed a send your e mails as if for instance your lovely images so john kane sergeant at lovely image is making sure that both of those are in your email all time making sure that your dropbox you're always consistently using the same thing consistently across the board so it's lovely images, it's, lovely images, dropbox, it's, lovely images sent the email it's so that the blogger can connect the dots seasonal and timely submissions. Oh, actually, I'm so sorry I'm so sorry. Yes, please, based on that were actually in the process of changing our name currently from what is your name? It's jonah photography now, but we're moving into jenna nationally too. I'm so happy you're doing that way, but we hadn't really gotten feature that many times you feature on smaller blog's okay, if we want to re submit to those would should be I mean, we're announcing the name change obviously the our website stuff, but should we put that in a submission that absolutely we were this e I would say that I would say that to see the bloggers who have already featured you write the blobs that haven't featured you if they don't know they don't really know and it's it not may be on the forefront of their mind, but other people have featured you probably bell you and your work that you provide. So if you were to send a personalized email tio wedding blogger exit dear wedding blogger x well, obviously you're ended like that because we know we're gonna personally personally for it, so be a dear jenny I just want to let you know jarred net photography has now changed to jenin, ashley and we're so excited to cindy this commission also missions will be coming from jenin ashley cole so it's that's a great question and I can't wait I'm like so excited to see that it's good um and I met your business partner and a good business partner good shuffle good uh, seasonal and timely submissions so most bloggers haven't editorial calendar so this is what we spoke about bloggers, wedding blogger specifically are blogging at minimum three weeks out so they know what's happening. So if this then is the case, if you styled a halloween shoes right and you want to like halloween styled wedding, I think it would be good to think about what their editorial calendar looks like and sending it to them with enough time in advance for them to process what that looks like. So if you're shooting for halloween, if you're planning on submitting halloween wedding, you're probably shooting that early september, so when you're doing a seasonal style shoots, you must be thinking far in advance about that. Send it earlier than, say, the week before halloween three weeks before halloween would be a nice buffer like that first part of october would be a great part because it'll allow the blogger to get back to you and furthermore, if that blogger declines that's a mission it will still give you a little bit of time to see if you can get it featured in a different block so you're respecting them but you're also covering your own behind other than that in the subject line if you're e mailing it tio a blogger is if I do a seasonal shoot I'm always making sure that the subject line reads the seat that it's a seasonal shoot because I understand that jen and some are getting a ton of emails but if it's seasonal it allows them to put it as a priority if it's coming up and of course they want to shoot seasonal stuff because for them it's advantageous when they're blogger gets hit a lot it's a win win across the board because they were the front runner to that idea so always include the subject line is something that you think would be pertinent if you're on a time crunch my opinion about style shoots in regards to both the seasonal and what I see a lot of which I think is like super cute is photographers doing styled shoots around books or movies and I think that's a puta idea like your interpretation of that however I do think it's really advantageous for the photographer again to be in front of what it is so prior to the hunger games coming out I saw a lot of style and shoots work katniss and peter got married like what their wedding would look like anything haven't read the hundred games turn off this show on sunday and read that book I need oh my god I didn't get out I honest to god like I lost a week of my life I mean I was just like reading and then I finished one buck and I ran too borders at eleven o'clock at night in my pj's sounds like give me the second book I mean it's such a good siri's so when I saw katniss and he didn't get married before the movie it made me excited I thought it was cute it made me wish that I had thought of that stinking idea and when you make other photographers be like uh dang it it's a good shoot what happened though it's other photographer saw it and then after the movie came out I started seeing more and more style truth for katniss peeta and I was like, well it kind of lost the judge appeal you know like uh so if you're doing something like that keep in mind that a lot of people are probably thinking along the same lines so be a front runner to it or if you happen to like a book I did I did see sneak peek so I did see sneak peek of ok it was a black and white photo and the bride and groom the bride was in a short dress with a black umbrella, and it looked like they had circus people around, and I knew immediately that that shoot was the night circus, a book that if you haven't read the night circus, I'm a nurse, I'm a nerd, I'm honored, I read and read and read the night circus is a good book, it got a little dense in the middle kind of, you know faded out the end, but the idea was so good it's a traveling circus and everything's done in black and white, so could you just imagine that they shoot being done entirely? Black and white like this nineteen thirties really dark appeals love it, judge jolly I was painted jelly, they're doing it five and I know that they sold the movie rights to the book too, so good, good on that photographer good on that designer they're part of the curve in front of the curve that's my big point, but we want to talk about books we could talk about books, okay? As for feedback, summer did mention that she probably wouldn't be able to get feedback, but I always think that that's the knee jerk answer is if you happen, I come to believe that the worst somebody could say is no or just delete my email I am never afraid to ask what happened with that wedding and I maintain that both in the beginning and still to this day like what was it and I did submit ah wedding that didn't get picked up for a submission and I thought he was really done hugh I thought it worked and apparently it did didn't it just did it I was like what happened and I heard back in the editor I heard back in the editor and she took the time to say they didn't have printed printed goods or enough of them to complete the story and of the bride that a lot of the work herself and she did a good job with it but we couldn't tie all of the pieces together without certain elements with things that summer has talked about and I thought I did an okay job with it but it didn't get picked up so it is what it is so making sure that you know what to do for the next time great one of the time this is kind of one thing that I've heard from bloggers too is that all of a sudden what I think is going to happen is a lot of photographers will be like hey I think I do have the chance for submission so the tendency is going to be I'm going to submit five weddings at a time once I find a block that I think I have what that says to a blogger is that you're a novice and you're not necessarily you may or may not be cherishing each wedding as its own submissive as his own submission. So even if you're just waiting for five days in between a submission if you send you know jen or summer a down the lincoln here five weddings for you guys to look through and you're like multiplied by two hundred images that's a thousand images just look there we go through all those details and all of a sudden all the wedding start banding together, making sure that you respect each time and give the wedding what it's worth give the time and an opportunity for her to go through yes, your tenure of doing photography so far do you see look let's say we do a style I shoot and for whatever reason we miss that season. Do you see that there's so much change in the industry that to try to submit it again next year probably wouldn't work because it will have changed so much or that would be a previous trend? Well, it depends if you're doing what you're doing what's current now than yes, but if you're doing what hasn't been done before will then know if you're doing a quirky shoot or if you're thinking outside of the box that's not necessarily something that you could put a time on or if you do a really classic shoot I think classic is timeless but it just has to be done extraordinarily well but if you're doing a classic shoot it's not necessarily seasonal you know so seasonal the seasonal regardless of how good it is it could be the most the best christmas shoot she's ever seen she's not feature in the summer so yes you were saying about sending several weddings toe one blogger but like course I want to run home and, you know, send a whole bunch of e mails out but um can you send them to like five different weddings to five different blocks seriously? Is that okay? Like or should you wait like a few days and then send there's no wedding other police they have conferences oh actually didn't want anyone to know not at all I'm not I'm thinking just like a one way relationship between each blogger but a word of caution is you have to start start monitoring okay if this good got tonight here, where am I going to send it to and I'm gonna get tonight I actually try to do not more than two submissions at a time because I feel just I like to be extra organized I don't want to drop the ball with any one person or not treat this emission with the respect I think it deserves

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This three-day event will be packed with how-to and tips for wedding photographers who are ready to shake up their business. In addition to lighting, posing, and technique, Jasmine will photograph a bride and groom, and a gorgeous wedding set up that'll facilitate a live demonstration how to photograph wedding details, elements, and moments with an editorial flair. The course will also address how Jasmine successfully submits her work for national publication and include discussions with editors on how photographers can approach a wedding day to maximize their publication opportunities. If you like taking risks, untraditional posing, and finding dynamic light in any situation, this course is for you. Be prepared for a smashing good time as Jasmine dissects her photography, online marketing, and teaches you how to create a fabulous experience before the first click of the shutter.