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Editorial Submission Process Q&A

We're now going to head in teo q and a at this particular moment so um let's see, I know that my you students are just amazing with asking questions intermittently I absolutely love it and it's like helping me you know, complete complete the idea so thank you guys for that I appreciate it. I think in light of that if you guys want to simmer on some questions you guys can but we'll go straight to the internet fantastic. We have a ton of questions that way call internet right? All right, so you want to start by will start have ah kissed by tammy is wondering do submit the same number of images for an engagement session or engagement sessions more story intensive engagement sessions are definitely story intensive. I would not I would not submit two hundred engagement photos to block because I don't even give my clients two hundred I give my client sixty to sixty five images from their engagement session so I would probably send that amount to a wedding water tammy's a friend of yours oh, ...

shadow sammy okay. Oh, my gosh, that was ahead knowing as I just felt yeah, I did. I was I was so annoying right now okay okay, sorry I'm going to get it together here go ok, here we go question from brooke schulz what percentage of weddings that used to make it accepted and then the question that I really want to nose do did you ask why submissions were rejected and broke? His book is from utah, so do you ever get feedback from the bloggers? And I don't get feedback? I don't get it back if I don't ask for it, but I really do have a high success rate for giving featured on blog's, but the only reason why I think that is not because I think my work is so great, I think that I've done a lot of homework with the bloggers in advance so that I'm trying not to waste their time and I really want to salvage mice emissions. I would hope that when a photographer gets an email from your download link, he or she is excited to be like, oh, I want to see what she's doing I'm not trying to send her every wedding that I have, I'm saving like the little nuggets along the way, so my success rate is rather high but that's because of the things that we tried to do in advance two prepares for that. And so is there ever a time where people can expect to get feedback as to why they weren't selected or that odds are no, but it doesn't hurt to ask it really doesn't hurt to ask the worst that can happen is it is a blogger says, I don't have time or you just don't get a response that's totally okay that's totally okay and again if you're going to this bloggers blogged and seeing what she or he is featuring and you get denied there was a reason for it and if you got denied more than two or three times there's a reason for it so good back to that bloggers archives and start training your eye if you really are ardently wanting to be featured on that site, start training your eye to what appeals to that blogger if this blogger likes clean fresh outdoor weddings stylized everything you possibly keen to be clean fresh bright that thank you good question from arcs tiff of basically like when he submits images that gets a response back from a blogger saying that the only primary feature artists who advertise with them what do you do in that situation what's your response to those blog's um recommendations a recommendation I you know it's hard it's very, very hard because I understand it's you see how carefully observance um I don't advertise so it's hard for me teo play to pay because it makes me feel like I'm not getting the opportunity to be looked at fairly like if people go to that block and the only feature people who are paid to be on that log that's not a fair representation and I would in that summer jen abby they all charge advertisements, but I've never been declined to be featured on lee because they're attracting a certain type of bride and if a photographer wants to go just after that bride and wants to be featured on a regular basis that somebody confined him there that's fine pay for that if that's what you feel is best for you but I've never had somebody come to me like we won't featuring unless you pay I don't think I don't it just rubs me the wrong way so that's kind of my stance on it but I don't have an issue with advertising if photographer feels like that is worth his or her investment but I wouldn't I wouldn't pay to play ok a question from ceo todd just upstairs ah uh, question is what is the lead time on publication for submitting a seasonal shoot? Um I I think we talked about that if we wanted to do hypothetically halloween shoot, we want to sing it at the beginning of october, okay? Beginning with three or four weeks I would definitely see four weeks because the more time that you give the thie editor to give you time so hypothetically let's just play this out in the worst case scenario on lee because I'm a proud I'm a pragmatic girl if I shot a hole winch shoe, I want to submit it on september twenty seventh teo give that blogger at least two weeks to say no to me because if she took the full two weeks to say no, I then will then have the opportunity to hopefully send it to another blogger who has less time but maybe needing a seasonal shoot at that particular moment. If I had only given that bother three weeks lead time and she had taken the four weeks, two, two weeks to get back to me, I would only have I would only have one weak lead time for the second blogger had I been tonight are we all on the same page? Cool! Thank you. Thank you. Remind good no, no, no, I sometimes I feel like it's in my notes and maybe I see it and I don't say it, so feel free to ask away yes wedding and say we use it got denied and could you save it for the next year? Or is that too late? Is the wedding too old? I would have is a little too, especially especially the blogging, especially the bloody world, but that's not to say you can't try not at all absolutely there are some weddings that are so timeless that I feel like I could be applicable and then there's some weddings that just the nature of what brides are doing is very current occasionally you get this bride who just is so forward thinking and so unique in her approach but what I would say in that particular situation is if you got denied from a particular blawg submitted to other blog's there are so many blog's right now who are hungry for content and so what you see is like a disparity between the larger bloggers who are heavily track it traffic is it and then some logs who have less traffic but still have a strong foothold in the industry and they're the future of what the industry looks like so why would you not support what they're doing? Because I think it's a win win in that particular case they're willing to feature work currently and then you're supporting them and then you create a relationship and an allegiance as they grow along american jane is wondering where do you find these online blog's to submit you know what during break yesterday I said I'm gonna I was gonna bring the list during the break somebody remind me I'm going to put up with the direct link to our people confined one hundred to one hundred fifty blog's all alphabetized and all characterized by what their their niche is so southern weddings sheikh weddings modern weddings so I'm gonna put that out I will put that out so during the break I'm going to go and update us clicks light right that's what wrote a note so we will writhe internet will remind me so little of that uh that's what we do maybe two more questions if that's ok that's great I said ok that's great and let me pick a good one and um or if you guys have it if you guys have here is something that's interesting oh, darling films do you have any comments about wedding cinematographer submitting to blog's? Is that something that's happening right? It is well for the larger block time may be careful how I refer to them meet I guess the leading the leading wedding bloggers do occasionally feature cinematographers I think that the best case scenario is when a wedding photographer in cinematographer worked together to create that submission or to be like if they're on the same page. If I've worked with the cinematographer, what happens is a sin if it's cinematographer usually takes quite a long time to produce a sneak peek and I kind of feel like it's slightly to their disadvantage because if you're not producing a sneak peek for five or six months it's hard tio get that initial push that the photographer has. However, if I can get a sneak peek from a cinematographer around like the one month mark when that's around the time I'm submitting the wedding it would be great because if that person photographer we reach out to me it's like this was the sneak peak that we did it's so awesome it makes this emission stronger when I have still life imagery. Then I have the story of what happened, and then we have it from a cinematic perspective of a three minute, you know, really what the day looked like from a cinematic perspective, I think it makes it stronger, so I think it's good, but most of the time, from my experience, the photographers take quite a long time, so I'm not gonna wait for that. If they would like to do it on their own, they will probably have a little bit of a harder time. However, if they're advertising with that log, they have a slight advantage to it, right? So that was kind of like a branch to answer, but that was great. A couple questions in regards, tio like your teasers and putting them out there before you submit two wedding blog's and basically, what about teachers on facebook for the clients do you make of the bride's wait until after us after a submission is blogged? Oh, no, okay, yes. Makes perfect sense so there's two there's two ways to answer this because when I'm doing a submission I'm doing a submission for a wedding and then I'm doing this mission for style shoot so answer the shorter and surfers forced out shoot I send a sneak peek to the creative team I'm working with but I tell them please don't share this this is just for them to see what happened, what they're working to get excited about it ondas away to express my appreciation now to the bride I'm showcasing her wedding images about two weeks after her wedding and she has those and so if she wants to share him share them on her private network the average person on facebook has three hundred fifty friends if my bride wants to share her images and share her images, I'm not going to stop her because there are very few people within that network that would be seen the images that would compromise my feature. However, if she wanted to go and start submitting them, we would have to have a conversation but I've already interceded with that I will have already spoken to the bride and say this is where I want to feature are you ok with that? I will have center the question here so she knows I'm taking care of the hard work for her so I'm doing her a service so mike bright are seeing all of the images before they're submitted were on the same page about this emission. So my goal is always to have the bride to see her images, too. Two to two and a half weeks after her wedding. But I tell her she won't see your images for four weeks after the wedding, because I'm managing expectation, just in case something happens. But most of the time, I want to exceed her expectations, so exceed her expectations by letting you know. It'll take four weeks. But I get it back to her in two and a half.

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This three-day event will be packed with how-to and tips for wedding photographers who are ready to shake up their business. In addition to lighting, posing, and technique, Jasmine will photograph a bride and groom, and a gorgeous wedding set up that'll facilitate a live demonstration how to photograph wedding details, elements, and moments with an editorial flair. The course will also address how Jasmine successfully submits her work for national publication and include discussions with editors on how photographers can approach a wedding day to maximize their publication opportunities. If you like taking risks, untraditional posing, and finding dynamic light in any situation, this course is for you. Be prepared for a smashing good time as Jasmine dissects her photography, online marketing, and teaches you how to create a fabulous experience before the first click of the shutter.