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Image Critique Q&A

So the questions that the internet was asking for freaking phenomenal, really good questions. You all are asking great questions. So now what we just went through was a critique of what we had spoken about. So we saw about what we should be doing. Then we dissected what it has been done so let's make sure we type all the loose ends before summer leaves. So do you guys have any questions before we turn to the internet? Michelle great likes great t r e y likes way make a difference if we have featured it ourself already that's great for our personal let's say we want to get it out so that three days after the wedding, she can afford a link. If we're talented at writing and we want to write a little synopsis and story that's gonna move the people who work emotionally connected to the day you name it, but uh, is putting on a personal that's the blogger I don't mind that you block it had a time, but I know abby really wants you to keep it top secret. If you feature on her, she might even as...

k you like to take it down and hold it until she features it so that unfortunately it does depend on the blogger that's why I get a choice because like you, I want to get my images out is like if I'm shooting detail images I would put them in the slide show because they can't be lifted from the slide show but they could be pinned on interest and they could already be getting out so all include maybe a picture of the bouquet or a picture the centerpiece but I'm not doing my own story board I'm actually leaving the curating of the details to a professional blogger so my my photos are competing with what the potential of this mission could be so that's always the question if I think I'm putting too many that I'm like ok, I need a parsis back because I know I will be able to show my work the way that it needs to be showed on a different site and I get point traffic there I think that's great uh internet questions a couple people were asking me as mobile and jennifer w regarding water marks or logos on the images just because they're seeing their images possibly being lifted by other photogs for down the road. Okay, well, I do have an opinion on this why we share the same opinion and I'm like I don't I'm just already my god, you guys feel that I'm talking about, you know, the energy change like money rings hold hearings okay? I just feel like when photographers send copywriter watermarked images to their creative team or even to bloggers what we're essentially saying to them is I don't trust you and that implicitly is the foot not to really start off with and we have to understand that even if we watermarked are images that is not a protection I've seen watermarked images cropped out of the I mean with the watermark croft out it doesn't mean we could do as much as we possibly can but I am not going to send something to summer where I'm saying so please future me please promote me please give me more exposure but wait I'm not sure if I entirely trust you I just feel like implicitly it's not the best place to start and we have to understand that given the world that were given this is how we work and actually I will say that that photographers police other photographers like if people have seen my work on another photographer's website e get email immediately and not just and I see this happening with other photographers and even smaller like rural areas a route rule areas it does happen and people have each other's back because we understand that's not cool yeah I mean tio ad to what she said I think I noticed to me shoppers that are so worried about their stuff getting stolen and their water marking are usually not even in the caliber of photog was there and was like I don't care my work is amazing I my clients come to me because they know my works amazing it's obviously it's my image and I don't need mar mar so I think to me the goal is to get to the point where your work is so stand out so good I mean this is like the goal that like if I see that image I will be like I know that isthe and so whether or not we all you know that's a difficult obviously place to get to that should be the goal to work you don't need a modern art to be like scream from the mountaintops that is your work and I think to me it shows a much a stronger level of confidence and maturity to say you know what stuff gets pinned things get used this is how the world is I'm going to focus on instead put my energy toward the positive of making amazing images making my image is better so that no matter what it's a trademark in style and the way that it's been taken also you had to be brown e your head and I can't decide decided what I enjoy in there that way another question although there's some a men's and wait let's see any more questions from the audience ok as we were going through some of the images did anything pop out to you as something that us we want to ask or if your calorie wasn't shown we can guess so you were saying about the wedding dress and my image so how would you likes a photographer to submit images of a wedding dress is not like kind of considered a portrait of the same blind every time I think that it's portrait but really bright for focus on the details of the dress and believe it or not if you ever going to look at the comments on my block number one thing that brides ask about where is that dress fun who where she get that dress structural stress they number one thing that they're researching for is the dress and they want to see somebody wearing the dress so we don't want we don't want to overly posed a mme kind of like way don't need that necessarily we did you guys are talking about right the fake laugh way know it and we know what spayed or the bridesmaids there like jumping anyways so what we want to do is see that's just it's natural it's like as it happened but we want to see enough beautiful shots of the bright in the dress if she's walking and she's holding them okay spend time on her if her dress isn't stunner, we want to see extra shot to that so I think we're starting to see avatar was afraid to send us portrait shots because they're like, oh, well, this only counting the portrait, but I want to see if the dress is amazing send me actions of the dress you know, specifically we'd like wedding dress shots. Are there any faux pas or like bad moves that you see really regularly other than others would have been not being when your show of it not being okay like dead on other than that not being dead on her from an angle like I can't stand it when I see a plastic hanger on a wedding dress thousands of dollars on a wedding dress and you're framing it in a time if you can't stand the plastic hanger on the wedding dress, what teo in advance good, is there anything but what's going to happen? Is that your portfolio is gonna be filled with the same hair, so I don't think you should be buying fourteen hangers. What I think you should be doing is e mailing your bride in advance and with a list of tips then really help work for you in advance. If you feel like that's the pattern or just shoot her in the dress, I mean, I don't I don't feel like the dress looks is good or conveys as much on the hangar as it doesn't her one thing I do wish photographers did when it's on the hangar is shot more than texture so zooming in on that stunner of a skirt with all the ruffles in the flow or whatever it is, I would like to see a little bit more about which almost never happens or if you're trying to show the texture and then her little shoes peeping out and you can kind of get a really nice shot of that, so those are the kinds of things I would love to see a little bit more. I don't think the hangar shot is a make or break like, oh, the dressing your shots right here can't publish it there any similar mr are there any pet peeves that you have specifically of something that you see regularly in editorial in editorial, I think, well, I think maybe because we touched a little bit, I think in the portrait component be just really forced portraiture, the cheesiness of it all, we're not really looking for that, I think the classic timeless, just lovely images I actually really love to feature family photos if they're done really well, just everyone's kind of lined up and casual and love the only thing I want to just focus on as he around this out because we are reaching the end of this particular section is what I did early on I spoke about the classes, I laid out magazines and he started noticing patterns you know more than you follow these parents I noticed that the way the types of family photos that they were the editors were featuring because they wanted to feature family photos were those posed in a certain way mostly shot vertical in an outdoor setting they were hardly featuring weddings of family pictures that we're in a cathedral with force light, so if I know this, I'm going to do everything I possibly can in advance if given the option to choose that location and encourage everybody to be shooting outdoors with a back room that conveys really good light knowing that this is what they like, I also like him, I don't mind it when they're you know you try to, like, squeeze them in and put it on a stairs and all this craziness, I actually don't mind it like a nice horizontal landscape shot to where they're all just kind of like lovely lined up but almost you know, the sister is holding the baby and looking down and they're kind of like it does sort of caught moments sometimes not caught is in like fake caught actually caught are kind of really great to me with family shot I think that from this from a photographic perspective as I'm choreographing these large groups jade's often the wings shooting from an angle and as people are waiting for people for their family members to get ready he's getting one hundred percent candid of her sister in law with their brand new baby, you know, like a sneak peek, like a kiss from one of the family, most of the parents talking and calling over another sister. Some of the pictures that the bride is most drawn to, or when her family members are calling other family members because that the trays of her father's, truest expression. Hey, get over here. That right, there is the photo that embodies her father it's, not the one of them like that cheesy smile. So making sure that you instruct your second photographer to get those is always a good thing.

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This three-day event will be packed with how-to and tips for wedding photographers who are ready to shake up their business. In addition to lighting, posing, and technique, Jasmine will photograph a bride and groom, and a gorgeous wedding set up that'll facilitate a live demonstration how to photograph wedding details, elements, and moments with an editorial flair. The course will also address how Jasmine successfully submits her work for national publication and include discussions with editors on how photographers can approach a wedding day to maximize their publication opportunities. If you like taking risks, untraditional posing, and finding dynamic light in any situation, this course is for you. Be prepared for a smashing good time as Jasmine dissects her photography, online marketing, and teaches you how to create a fabulous experience before the first click of the shutter.