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Post-Production Workflow

Well, yeah. Went out and photographed each other out on the streets and headphone. Got your drink? A drink on? I went back to the hotel. I work, eh? So what? I the first thing that I did is I had to call my images yesterday I said that we would probably end the shoot with around three hundred fifty images. We ended, the shoot was four hundred and nine. So it was a pretty close estimate, john. My angie's mine. Andeighties. Um, britney are those images that after you called that you ended with I'm not that you actually took right now that I actually not that actually, you know, um, yes. So we called the images. I thought I would roughly in about three hundred fifty we ended up with four hundred nine. I'm still okay with that, the shoot we were shooting a lot. It ended up shooting in much different ways, but we're going to go through all four hundred nine images. If you guys would like this class is going to be dictated by you guys. This is no longer my show. This is to use the images sin...

ce you guys were there to narrate the conversation, cool immediately within what I did was I backed up my images and I'm on the road. I'm an international editorial on lifestyle wedding photographer so I need to know what my backup system is both at home and on the road not talk about what it is on at home because I've talked about that on another course, but for me on the road now what it looked like it was after I called the images the images were placed on my computer they were put on a hard drive that I bring with me so that's two sources and then I uploaded them to a server so I firmly believe in three sources have backup quote what is the online storage system where server that you use? I will initially just put them if I'm on the road it depends so I'm on the road and I could easily throughout four hundred images, but if I'm on the road on a wedding and issued on saturday and I have saturday sunday morning flight, I cannot possibly be uploading I can't I don't have time to go through in coal and upload like a thousand raw images, so I'm just bringing two hard drives so I put them on my computer and a hard drive and I have the cards which makes me, which which gives me the three backups so I have the hard drive at the computer in my purse I have a hard drive in a suitcase and then made the card and they came back so they're all in separate bags, so yes, mark uh when you're calling your images voice, you kind of have, like, the ones that you've chosen do you delete everything else or do you kind of keep that too well for at this particular piece in time, given this particular situation, I still have all the images because they're all my cards we're going to go to the gallery, I know the only ones that didn't make the cut were just duplicates anything that was one of a kind and this applies also to weddings gets immediately into the edit, even if I don't feel like it's the best photo, I don't understand who that person is, it gets into the photo, I mean, gets into that it I'm not going to sit here and be like to do justice to judicious about it. Anything that basically blurry photos blink photos and excessive duplicates like here, we're gonna go through and I shot the bride probably twenty five frames and we narrowed it down and think to five or six, so I think it's my job to narrow it down for her and then live it from have her choose from that cool, cool, great! So now we're gonna get into the post processing post processing for me, and actually this is what I said yesterday is when we were in in the room I didn't have time to process what the heck was going on and when I got home and I went to the images, the first thing I started thinking was wow and I'm not gonna have to do very much a voter shock because the light in the room was impeccable it was kind of like the unicorn shoot so I'm going to tell you today if you're wanting to learn photoshopped it's not going to be for me at least for this particular shoot because there's so little photoshopped to dio if you can try your best and get it right in the can and then you process it in the light room, you're going to get it like really, really close tio something you're proud of across the board so the way that it looked like for me on the way that it looks like for my wedding so I'm going to describe it for my weddings and I went through this in detail in a past course, but after a wedding day I will call my images I will put them on a hard drive and they send them to a company called photographers at it so photographers edit dot com sends me a pre postage box and I put my hard drive and a send it out to them and then they get it and they guarantee my images will be posted seven business days after I after they receive it which is how I can guarantee my clients will see their images around two to two and a half weeks after their wedding day which is really fast turnaround which is what I like for my clients for this particular situation. I contacted nathan of photographers at it and I said, hey and I don't get anything for talking about them I just we when I first started my business we were on the same photography forum he and his wife were photographers and chattanooga, tennessee and he has since started a post processing company on I just want to work with friends and so I e mailed him and I said, hey, I'm going to be on this thing called creative live have you ever heard of it? I I was wondering since I use your company could you throw me a bone? Can we edit the entire shoot? I say we a lot right when I have nothing to do that can you possibly have your team at the shoot and have it to me by sunday morning so I could get my sneak peek ready? And he says yes we can, so that was really great, so what we're going to be seeing today is a fully edited shoot from photographers at it, so you could see what we started up yesterday because the photos that were displayed on the on the display showed the metadata and what they look like straight out of the key, and what you're going to seeing today is what my photos will look like after light room and what the creative team will have ax is too great for me light room handles everything major and photo shop by the time I get it is just you fine tune blemishes, hair, flyaways, um and balance out light. So after this point I will send a new official sneak peek of the gallery teo, the creative team. If this was a styled shoot, so I post process and then I send them a link to the gallery that I use and say, hey, guys, this is what it is. I give them instructions on how to download, how to choose their favorites and how to share in facebook, and I also tell them, please do not use this until we have gotten published until you hear from me, I have never had a team to compromise issue I think everybody's on the same page about that, but again, I don't want to hold on to all the images because what I think it translates to them is, I don't trust you, so I tell them. Please feel free to look at the images but please don't access them what happens is because they're using on this display my computer is a little bit wonky so please forgive me it takes a little bit longer for me to figure out what is going on okay so when photographers edit gets my images they get them in raw they will process them they export them to j pegs and then they upload them to my online gallery so it's a hands off process for me so I'm not having to do anything which is what I think is advantageous for the client because if I was gonna wait for them for me to do it and then it just adds more time to the time that they have to wait to see it so what they're doing on their end as they get the images and I give them my log in information for something called pass so what I just did was launched what I just did was launch gas and it's a web based application so we're going to be depending on the web connection here so what you're going to be what we're going to dio is you have three options immediately upon coming in you have the upload option, you have the manage option and you the past option when I am shooting an engagement session, I immediately come because I don't outsource my engagement sessions I had it all of them because it's only fifty five to sixty images I went into all event in previous courts but the way that it looks is I would say it's just a drag and drop I would have a folder of my client's names and I would this mouse is going crazy I would simply just drag it and over here and it starts up loading and then and here is the status bar of how the images are uploading but since photographers at it already uploaded the images for me this is where we will go this is what the back end of the gallery looks like so on my end I go through after a wedding after styled shoot and I'll quickly you guys I'm sorry this is like a slow thing I'll quickly go through and just kind of look through the images that we're going to go through this in a nicer viewing area a nicer viewing experience but on my end I just want to make sure that everything looks good everything's chronological the way that I wanted it things of that nature now once I've gone through and I'm like ok, this is I'm feeling good about everything looks the way that it wanted, what I'll come down here and do it is I will pass the event, we'll make it go live online and down here I have options to facebook, it tweeted our view on online which is what I'm going to do now, right? So quote so this is our gallery and it's immediately viewable in some males and we can scroll all the way through but let's just start at the beginning if you guys want you just talk to because I kind of feel like what do you want what you want okay, so um we started off at this point we started off with the global photo and I try to include two photos that were both I'll be second focus vertical horizontal remember that dark spot in the upper left hand corner right over here that I wanted to avoid this was not force a mission this is for kelsey because I believe kelsey in the florist aren't necessarily hawking in on the darker areas and this funny would be brought in shot tighter not the thirty five this is with the fifty and is it probably will be used for submission just tell me when I don't know tell me when could you going out similar dark spots so I mean yes give that analysis train our eyes yeah that's good that's great, I love it so in this particular photo remember not remember well yesterday was shooting and I said, okay, I'm shooting the pillow in the foreground and then I'm shooting the photo the pillow in the the middle in the background giving the editor both those options this is me shooting down on the photo because I'm knowing that kelsey wants that detail photo but that's not gonna be the photo that I'm going to submit it would close to be be closer this is again for the rental company, not necessarily for submission submission would be that one it would be when I cleared out when they cleared everything out and I got just the single shot of the drink and then down here I would photoshopped that little area out do you ever submit photos like this and let's say somehow you overlooked the water spot if the bloggers really interested in this, will they absolutely no, no, no, no, no, the publisher they understand that water marks are part I mean, they're there at a wedding day and they published what the images for me, I just that kind of stuff I'm in control of, so I want to, you know, and also another thing is when you are submitting and you're sitting in a ballroom, they always have exit signs illuminated go through and clean up those exit signs because they're bright green or bright red and it's an eyesore this is only from what I've learned in mistakes can idea the question yeah, we have some questions coming in great perfect a question from I drink the kool aid why would you say again why would you submit a straight on view of the glass over the looking down shot of it? Okay, this is a great question for clarification on day one we met with summer watkins and editorial blawg editor and she had explained that the perspective it should always be as document or not necessarily putting your thumb print on it so when you're shooting down on it you're giving the opinion to the viewer that you're there this is your perspective as opposed to when you shoot it head on it's making it look as if it's part of the environment in which it resides I'm simply simply documenting what's happening instead of me shooting down and saying most people I don't have this perspective right here nobody is looking at the world in this way people are usually work looking at the world and I've you so editorially that's what works best but I'm shooting it both ways because I know that kelsey wants a certain photo I know that the cup glassware wants a surgeon photo and I know that the editor wants a certain photo great thank you thank you her yes shell for photographers at it do you photoshopped before you send them images normally or do you do it after you received images like if you're going to put a shop that spot off a few different ways force for a style shoot I don't do any retouching before I get those images from a wedding, what I'm doing is as I'm going through calling the images for the wedding I'm choosing the images that I want to feature on my block and faith the images that will be featuring on a slide show in a slide show from a wedding day it averages seventy five to eighty images for me now in the early days of averaged around forty because I wasn't showing everything remember I was telling a tighter story but now I'm telling a story of around eighty images so as once I send that hard drive to photographers at it so on monday I sit on my bum all day and I call I get that completely out of my mind and then j d takes the hard drive to the to our local shipping center and I will read it I usually call ends around four p m and then from four p m to six thirty I'm editing in photo shop the images that I've selected from the wedding that will go on to the blawg and the slide show and then on tuesday I wake up and then I said again on my own and I just had it all those images and then around late tuesday afternoon I'm putting together the block post and the slide show so that is ready wednesday morning cold laurie question from alexa plenty how extensive are the edits that photographers edit dot com do um okay that's a great question because there are so many different companies that do different things, so I specific I went through three different editors I went through two different editors and a different company before I got and arrived to photographers at it in part of the reason why I'm sticking with photographers at it is because for me it was really important to have a clean simple at it that's my style, my style of photography is to hopefully get it as close to write in the can so that very little is done to it afterwards so I'm not attracted to companies that do a lot of post processing work or make it funky color tones although those companies are wonderful if that's your style I chose photographers edit because they say straightforward it's simple clean and classic processing I think that that's actually on their website so I was attracted that initially because they just do color balance making sure the saturation is correct I mean it's very it's just a colina so that I'm proud like even if I didn't retouch this image I would be proud to have this out on somebody's website like on the creative teams website I'm totally ok with that cool or just kind of cruise through some of the paper goods now it's crazy because yesterday that's crazy I hate when a preface things so this video I actually thought when I was photographing it that this was going to be the photo that I wanted I kind of like not I don't like camera tilt but sometimes when things are tilted within the frame it makes it interesting to me and this is the photo I thought I was going to keep for us a possible sneak peek in regards to paper goods but what I ended up using was this was that one and it ended up being shooting down in a really sometimes when you look at things in different perspectives I actually liked that it took up the lower portion of the screen and the top portion of the screen give a sneak peak like a little hint to the flowers on the other side of the beating the twine um I don't know how long you guys want to go through this gallery uh I will stop whenever you guys want to stop okay okay okay. Wow okay um this particular photo it was done for lennon's that's it dot again marked it off um paper goods and I actually liked leaving a little bit of the menu in the foreground teo complete the idea that this foot photo photograph will be for paper goods yes so we're talking to somewhere you're going through um like the image critics everything so if you it's ok to have more than one thing in the picture is longer that's more complimentary guess that makes sense and we're looking at images I understood why but there was like two different things there's like this seem in the seam in the same picture you remove those make them separate or incorporate them in a way like that that's more in nixon makes sense because the menu matches yeah absolutely that's a really really really good question um yeah that's a good question because I'm just I'm not sure it is possible but is it possible to make these bigger I think that the internet will love you is that a coming there you love you hey how's that with great great so we're going to talk to the process of how I want my creative team toe access these images so I am going to act as a creative team member not the photographer so as we go through these images let me know which ones you guys want me to tag just randomly doesn't even matter so just keep in the back of your mind if you were part of the creative team let me know this one ok ok I wasn't hinting way in any way shape or form but now what's the one thing you guys the cleanup spot that's right so this is how I instruct my creative team to mark their favorites by creating a star and I say press the star icon and they put a little wink with these okay so they press this our icon and then they're prompted to do one of two things they can log in with facebook where they can create an account with their email and password for this particular instance I'm going to create it with facebook because I want to show you from a photographic perspective how aiken leverages in a marketing capacity so I'm gonna log in with facebook and it's a simple click of the button and if they've already been logged in now now that photo is marked great and keep on uh cruising on through e what tag okay, great um my family also I'm not sure here if you were doing this but like which of the ones that you might pull out for your blawg was that kind of the same er the ones that I would probably be picking ok ok, I'm basically picking the same details for my blawg as I would use for submission except for there are certain posing photos that I know appeal to a blogger that there are certain photos that appealed to me as a certain type of photographer that wouldn't necessarily appealed to a blogger bloggers like the more natural candid action and sometimes I like a little bit of the the judge the drama the posed photos I like that it's more of my bench but I have to understand that if anything that differences would be that I'm going to be putting opposed photos that are a little bit more, maybe a little bit more edgy. A little bit more posed on my block that probably won't appear in, um intermission, so I want to take this photo real quick. Let's, take this photo. Okay, this is the one that I used a cz part of this sneak peek. Now, if, say, kelsey says, um okay it's kelsey wants this photo she would use this download icon here should simply click on the download icon and it downloads immediately to her download folder. What I want to do now is, man, my mouse is just not my friend today just bear with me. I wonder if maybe nico, if we had, like, I don't know instead of a trackpad, although I will say during my first year it worked entirely on a twelve inch mac book and an external hard drive, and I did all my editing or the trackpad I'm kind of profession I know it's great. Okay, so I'm gonna get this photo on my show, a few things and how I would just simply clean it up in photo shop. Now. I came into creative live a few days ago, and I know it should have been embarrassed, but I'm not because I'm still working with photo shop see is three I have c s five I don't like it I feel like it's too clunky for me I feel like it does more than I needed to do because I don't do voter shop I'll be the first person say that I've learned what I need to do and then I just do that so I don't need all these other things that you know reportedly beneficial, so I'm sure they are excuse me, adobe holler back at your girl, but in this particular scenario I'm still going to rock out my sees three because y'all can clown, but this is what I'm used to. So in this particular photo I feel like the lighting is especially because we're it's backlit appear there was a lighting source on the left side that I've omitted and these white walls were actually what acting as natural reflectors bouncing light back on this shaded area see how this light this these flowers are just almost is exposed as these flowers and these are in direct light and these aren't reflected light. So in this particular photo there's very little that needs to be done. However, these are the things that I would do to clean it up, so see this area back here this to me is an eyesore and see these lines back here and windows that to me is an eyesore I can't possibly do anything about the brick we're going to recruit the wallet actually, I happen to like the brick I'm ok with it are like played off I do tio I did you, however, having spoken to kelsey in advance, she says I wanted to do something that wasn't seattle and I was like, well, tell me what seattle she's like exposed brick like god I want to do is throw a brick, so that was my only trepidation, but I feel like in between us all the options in between shooting the piping and draping and that wall like I just I felt like this was going to be a better option c this area here, this is a dark spot, but again, I'm not going to mess around with it on ly because in this area it gets way too complex and again, not a photo shop artist to do small things to clean it up, so I'm going to use the patch tool I'm making sure that it is highlighted with the source and I'm just simply going to go around this little thing here and going to move of it so that it's removed that's I would probably choose a different selection, but yeah it's gone now uh this little pocket of light, it seems like it bothers me a little bit oh, I'm sorry I went tio my clone stamp tool I have my brush set at ninety, and all I'm going to do is I wanna press the option or the key, and that brings up a little bull's eye will target area, so we just completed the wall, small, little tiny things and the window panes this morning, what I did was I simply went through, and I, uh, just brought all of these out because I don't want I want there to be as little as distractions as possible. And so what I did was I just brought these pains out the center, the center pains, but then I started realizing, I guess I can go through and get these out as well, if I mean, if I was at it because it doesn't really matter if, like, the window isn't architecturally sound like nobody really knows that way, right? So we're just gonna make it a big because what is somewhere like fresh, clean backgrounds and the less black that's in that photo and it's cool because like that black, the sky was blown out. It was really great outside which worked to our advantage because it gave me like, a big white canvas. Now, just to go over and excuse me, I am just don't lost my voice, there we go. Is I mean, I'm doing these really quick, and I'm sure people, you know, I want people in it and oh, she missed a spot. I know it probably did, but for right now is just to give you an idea of what I would do, um, didn't go too far. I think I went too far or is this just light? You went a little I wouldn't want to our little party. Okay, this's really quit that's what? I did go too far. Wow. Oh, uh, good that was it that's. When that vote, it would look like laurie, a person from the internet from caputo f do you make the same edits, like removing things from the background in your wedding images as well? No, because there are a thousand there's a thousand images, and I don't know if the bride's going toe like this photo. However, when the bride picks her images that go in the wedding album, I do these exact same photo when these exact edits, because I want to clean them up the same way so that it looks editorial when I put it, when my album designer puts it together in the album spread, so yes, and another photographers at it question from claire graham with do you also have photographers at a crop? John asked me this question that's a great question no, no, this is good this is good because I want to make sure that I'm connecting the dots I love I don't mind answering the same questions because I want to make sure that convenient precisely as it is, john asked how much dry crop in post and the answer is almost never if I am cropping it's just to a just cause I don't shoot the tripod and I like even vote or level photos so photographers at it isn't cropping it's on lee and I actually I I have upload notes for them and I tell them the things that I need them to do or else they just edited the way that they see it, so I'm like, please feel free to level out the photos that are crooked one note because it just got so late last night they really wanted to quit dinner what I forgot to tell them to please flip the invite photos so they edited the photos and they left him flipped up. I mean flipped down, which is not a big deal like it is not a big deal I can go through and adjust those when I have more time, not a big deal, it was a real blow them it was like eight photos, but it was my fault I didn't I didn't add those in the instructions I don't have photographers at a crop unless it is to level and I don't do cropping I do in camera cropping looking through the viewfinder and finding out what you want to shoot cole thank you great back to gallery if you guys want yes I have a question regarding the gallery um when you downloaded a single image can show is there a link let's say you have a so in that you worked with its loves all of them and for their personal reasons they just want to remember collaborating with you and they want to download all of them at one time is there a button to do that? Yes there I can show you the back end and you can make people owners of the event so with a simple click of a button they can download it's an app that they install it's a del motor so that you have to go through all of them but I will say from my experience most of the creative team doesn't want old the pictures of what they want to do they want to go through them and and do they read it's upon looking I like this one I like this like this on and then once they have that they can download all the numbers show you I'm a show you how you do that as well because remember we're picking favorites as we're coming along so this would be the vertical one and I would probably painstakingly go through and remove the windowpanes in the back but that's what I would do it again like me taking what you have and making it work and the cool thing was that the fishing weir didn't photographed like from this perspective the fishing wire photographed but for the fishing strings give me if it was fishing string I just assumed it was I have no idea, but from this perspective it didn't so it really did look like it was suspended, so I thought that was very cool but then you get the light reflecting on the street now um and we had to betray that it wasn't a phone wall but this is the onley angle that I can get both things without with minimal destruction in the back on this is probably the one that I would use for submission because it shows from the end of the table the special ribbing around the edges, the complete side talk to bottom as well as the suspension and I have to just I just have to say there's junk in the back what can you do about that? Yes so I mean, we were kind of under time constraints yesterday, but would you have moved with table forward and bring that closer so that you can get rid of all that space at the top or what? Like I'm sorry the drapes in the back would you have moved it closer to the table so that from your perspective you don't see all that the pipe and great for built just past the wall? So they were made about, I don't know eight inches longer than what we need to so I would have to bring in the wall but at an angle and I think that in order to make it fit and I just feel like that would just look way get oh, fab. But it was a good idea if you have that luxury absolute lee and it's a good way to think about it. Absolutely. Um I wish would you photoshopped the curtains up? No draping up now, okay, I just put it only because and if you're really good at photo shop and you really think that you could do it but we also have to be, like realistic let's. Go back to this photo. Those ceilings in that room are like at minimum, like at minimum thirty six feet. Hi. So you must be working with, like a creative team who's gonna pipe and drape thirty six feet so, you know, and it's really hard to, in my opinion to photo shop like, um, like material like fabric and that, you know, photoshopping brick easier but it'll be a fabric a little bit harder yes, laurie just to clarify and the internets wondered if you could explain the photographers edit dot com gallery here isn't done on their website or there this is a past gallery what I opened was the past application on my computer photographers edit will upload to a gallery it doesn't have to be passed it could be they also work with other hosting companies but I work with past and so what photographers ed it does is it's an option or they could just photographers that it can mail back the hard drive to the photographer and the photographer can upward it wherever they want I asked photographers at it to upload my images to pass and what we're looking at is a past gallery edited by photographers edit photographed but as a star okay that's a full clarification thank you very much for explaining that no no no it's good please ask away I wanted to be clear yes michelle can you upload raw files to pass or is it only j peg um I don't know I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure it's terrific because the thing that thing that I like about past is that it's online storage in the cloud so now my images have all their images stored in the cloud the way that they would store their music and now I'm assured that my clients have their should we know as professional photographers in the lifetime of a disc and sometimes I didn't have an alternative to what to send to clients and I thought about using a usb but I've lost usb more than and I've lost chap sticks so I don't want to send that to my clients so I think what's going to be a good alternative for them is to have you know high res images from their wedding day and god forbid should anything happen to their home god forbid their computer gets stolen government any that at least they know that they're fully protected and that's what I like that's the kind of service I want to provide for my client and I'm happy that passed provides it for me and I'm going to talk to you about how to share within facebook and which is why I think my clients like it but furthermore what I really think my creative team likes it we're gonna get to that in a minute on a cruise the gallery this is when I was shooting with the macro teo I think I would probably use these person mission maybe one but again it just it seems like a very simple picture it's not anything that's just simple and this is for them this is for the forest again for the forest maybe I would submit it maybe I would spend it but again I'm shooting these for the florist before the designer for flatware for flatware that's one hundred percent kelsey I would maybe uh I don't know if I would do this mission now we're gonna move on tio the team at the table and this is the white is shot, I got at the table and I shot it in a way that would kind of not reveal that it was a really small table or that it only had eight cards on it, and when you're saying maybe for submission that's, maybe for the one hundred to one hundred twenty five images and that you would submit ok, of the four hundred and nine bitter, because at this rate I am I have a five to four hundred nine images in this gallery, and I'm going to be submitting one twenty five essentially I'm choosing one out of four I need to be judicious and what I'm choosing, so at least one vertical in one horizontal of the name cards will be chosen now we're going to get into working with bridget she did such a great job. Yeah, the models were thing too. So what? They just so god, they're just such good people, her husband actually to be retired like I know it was like he was quiet, but goodness is e I give my mind I was like, you're so a cast member from twilight like I know if he went into the sun, he would sparkle that. Ok, so I'm going back. Sorry. God, here we talked me. Get me talk about and we'll call it one of the camera guys. Looks like edward color he's. Not here today. T o I e d I was like, second calling jodi's like stop way to get into the bridal pictures. Um, so probably five or six. I really love the white plain white well, look really good and here's the thing I think sometimes as photographers would become so daunted by this idea is like, it's, just a plain white wall. Oh, it make it look like we could make it look and feel like it was a studio. Like in my mind. I'm like, ok, we're in a studio, use it on the wedding day, it's it's much harder to find something outside of a white wall. A white wall is something you could find. Is that justice attractive to a block editor? As far as being able to pick up detail? Yeah, um, diversity is what do I think? That she would want this type of thing day in, day out? I don't know, but this mix in with a lot of real weddings and a lot of bright colors, absolutely when everything else from this world so bright that I think that would have made it look nice yeah football thing just putting her in front of like the flower wall beginning there yeah, right very, very true thiss was the hair photo that we needed to get for tiffany? Where were her accessories from you know, I don't know I don't know but when you work with the stylist like you know sherry did sherry didn't share too good so the stylist did wardrobe in addition to all of the effects of dallas says they think the shoes jewelry hair piece is separate from designer yes, I don't usually work with silas like I'll just put that out in the open we weren't planning on working with a stylist for the shoot, but tiffany, that makeup artist said you have to use this girl and she's willing to donate her services saw like ok not going turn that away that was a moment where I had to say go and find eighty inches like and, you know you just get like a real smile colin pillow I'm really glad I asked chelsea to put them back on the pillow what would happen? What I didn't foresee what the shoot was I guess maybe perhaps the movement perhaps and getting close with the flowers wilted really quickly I'm just glad that I got just plain photos of them in there destructed state religious admit would you submit yes this one I would submit I'm planning on submitting this one this one and that one and that was fine because this suit is dark that doesn't matter it's more along the lines of dark spots as oppose start clothing because we had the most most men will wear a dark suit yeah that's that's a bigger can't can't avoid now this girl she judge right she she just brought it she is adorable and just they wanted to squeeze her and this is j d do you see this photo? I also have the photographer said it sink our images so I leave a note and say there were two photographers policing car images we make sure that j d and I sink our cameras before each shoot so that they could do a timeline so as I was shooting this photo and you could see that her hand is here and j d was simultaneously shooting of this photo and that's I don't know I would submit this photo for publication just as something different I don't know if it would get featured I will some of this photo because it's a lot more candid in a little bit more along the lines of what bloggers are looking for this is kind of like my where I think whatever you know facebook it would probably be more of what editors are looking for this was for the forest this is a little bit more editor now I feel like when the girls are walking that one's kind of like what I think that was the one that ended abusing for this sneak peek but that when I kind of like if I had more time I would do ahead swap between this photo and this photo of the bridesmaid on the right should do ahead swap yes I want to one want to see heads up baby, what is the family that is concrete head head swap way e I actually had no idea what I was editing prior to coming to this class so we're just going to just edit is we're just going to see like how it comes this is probably what I will do for do you do that walking trick on wedding days also and I'm calling to check tried to take me teo absolutely absolutely walking whenever you're stuck like yesterday you guys I felt like I exhausted my poses with the bride's needs each of the couples like the bridesmaid in the groom's in and then the second right? I mean the groom's. By the time the group great bride and groom came along, I was like, I'm still against this flippen white long what do I do now? And I was like dated on and then I felt like one I felt like I had exhausted a ton of poses teo I felt like I had exhausted my space and three I was so pressed for time by that point what I realized this morning was ok I'm not going to get bummed about the shots they didn't get the bride and groom posing what I'm going to focus on our instead of the ratio how summer said seventy percent images twenty percent couple ten percent real life moments right for wedding I wanted to do seventy twenty ten I don't think I will be able to get a submission based on the fact I was able to a photograph just the bride and groom for about seven minutes flat I don't think I can get a twenty percent yield on that what I think the commission will look like would be seventy fifteen fifteen so we're going to be a little bit more intensive with the bride and groom during the lifestyle moments yes britney couldn't you just compensate for that twenty of the bridegroom with the other couples like it's just twenty percent like portrait it's tight I could I could um there is something appealing about um a bride and groom like I can't quit like I could add it I could maybe make it eighteen percent you know and give them more even more more time or more space on that feature but but so it's better just tio compensate in somewhere else rather than add people who aren't the bride and groom wednesday I wouldn't say I'm going to feature a lot of the bridal party because I felt I felt like yesterday's brutal party like came out roaring so I'm definitely going to leverage them more than I would on average part bio party but at the same time I need to always remain keep focused on what the focus is frightened group um okay, so if you notice here in this photo her eyes aren't closed but they're not exactly opened so it's kind of like what is it? This is the manu sha, right? I kept it cause I like the photograph I think bridget looks adore bs and monica looks monica photographed well, monica, just I think monica monica photograph probably I don't pick favorites what everybody photographed really well, there was just, I think she's really ok in her own skin music, the lasso tool, the short cuts unless I was l I'm pressing the command when you press comey and it brings up a little paris scissors to cut her head off ok, just call it a last way go floating little head dragging on over place from new head it looks a little funny well, because it's smaller e home here so I know okay, so what I did, but let me let me go back because they're distracting, I'm highlighting on this layer what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna push command t to bring it to transform tool press, press the shift but in as I'm going in the and in the corner if I don't press the shift but it becomes distorted so I'm gonna bring it back and if I push the shift but it keeps everything in the same ratio expanding its now I need to shift her head again someone oppressed oppress the command I've never seen this before, but this is really cool and now I'm just going to see a race tool I brought up e just take a little bit around the shading well, it's really hard and it's a white background so then all kind of shade in a little bit right in here so that we don't say like a hard line here we go now her eyes are open I mean, you could just literally do that just with her eyes I dusted with her head because I like I like the dramatic okay, so that's, what probably I would do because I actually prefer this photo then the other one but for sake of time and the fact that I thought classes starting at eight and nine um so that's the head swap okay, well, you're opposing the different list said they were all around the same height let's say you have to really tall people one really short person would you're posing be different based on their height for bridal party yet no although I have a tendency to to make sure that the short person is either on the innermost or on the outermost because what happens is if you have like that short person right in the middle it becomes almost like they go for effect a little bit or the tall person you asshole person should be innermost our outermost just if if possible that's anything from this I d c is jade's photo that's a cute one too just it looks like that that girl next door type appeal I just feel like I would want to turn one of these black and white for sure want to do that or let's just cruise what you guys have todo isn't the photoshopped gallery I like talking about the images and why you would choose a certain one and three great because they all know I don't have too much photo shows I'm on three okay so great this is for monica it's for the florist it's you know definitely not simitian cause it's just there um I think that's a little bit more for monica and maybe for the stylist I think that this picture is cuter than the more traditional way it's different and I think that's that was probably like that one a little bit more so now we're gonna get into action shots with you're always like my favorite because very there are there are really included in a lot of summations so I just think bridget is just cute as up but ten right? Oh she's just so adorable and monica's toast was whole air you might maid of honor um so you will be seeing two different perspectives will be highlighting jade's perspective that's fine. Would you submit either of those two the blawg oh, absolutely. Oh so yes remind remind me to talk about the ones that I will be submitting two blocks yeah for show um that one I would be that one for sure. There's actually no no there's another one that I chose in front of that one but that one was in contention until I found another one I thought was stronger. Um I like that photo I would submit that photo it was intentional that I left monica's chair empty and I'll show you that right now that's a cute but I would so send it this is why I left that middle chair empty so that I can shoot it from this side and still be able to get the other three chairs in the background if I had sat for instance, I had asked adam on the left to give the toast and had monica sit down she would be obstructing the view of the bride for a style I shoot like this would you consistently go with a bridal party of two and two are there would adding two more people there anymore? Would that be in your mind? I would take I would take whatever I could get I would take one I would take one couple I would take three couples I would yeah, what would be your ideal ideal I liked yesterday I thought yesterday worked really well six is a good number I feel I would probably go up to eight anything more than eight for me it just becomes more of like I'm going to talk to you about that right now remind me this is a photo that I would submit because it showcases the suspended florals and showcases the recess wall it showcases the table and the side planks it showcases emotion without any sort of posing and it showcases this story in the voyeuristic appeal which is what bloggers like I would submit that I like that this is the one that I would sum it I would say that oh this is the one and okay the problem with us shooting simultaneously is when they sync the images they when they sent them in the gallery you'll see jade's images and perspective but I like this is a woman I would submit because in the last photo her mouth was slightly open like made talk kenneth way had some people asking about sinking the cameras and how do you actually do that? And jd, could you bring me, um camera because I'll show it just on camera ok, so as he's getting that will kind of cruises gallery here we just have a couple minutes before break oh, wow. Well, I anything okay when we come back we'll finish we'll finish how the how clients and the creative team actually get into it great. So I'm going to be looking at should I come out or come what should I do? What camera? You ok? You what's your name? Sam okay, I hate you rude ok, so I'm turning on my camera I'm using five d mark three the five d mark two and uh video five d mark two and it is very similar to the five d mark three so what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to come up teo your yellow tab the tools tab and you're gonna want to go down to a menu option that's his date time zone and then you press the set but in and what this brings up is the date so we have april twentieth, two thousand twelve and what I'm going to do is I'm going to bed before every wedding will come in here and we press the set button and we could change it according to whatever the hour we want so hypothetically we're going to make sure that both our clock r k mers are set to a letter or ten fifteen twenty or twenty two fifteen sober set impress woman go teo we want to go to twenty to seventeen so j d r d r d j d and I are doing this simultaneously of her set now I want to make sure that the seconds are what's actually correct because even the fewest seconds will make photos of the recessional the first kiss downright silly there is zero we want to ensure that it's displayed american so month wait months day here way are located in sunny california and the neighbors okay and I percent so that is what how we sink our cameras very thorough. No, I don't okay what if you have two different models like the mark? It doesn't matter every every camera has within their section a tool tap and you just find the date the date time tab it's in your manual you can just go to it and it becomes like second nature to you and every single wedding way think it's ridiculous because that time doesn't change but even the fewest of seconds I go out on engagement shoots on my own without jd and for some reason it shouldn't change a time and yet seconds it does so yes mark so when you are I guess this when you're sinking up your cameras and then you're uploading into into your computer would you then sort by time so what I think the most efficacious way to do it would be to edit so I keep janey's folders and a second shooter folder so then when you put them in light room you're editing according chronologically to what you did and then at an inn chronologically to what he did and then you sync by time because what happens is if you tried it would come in and then you sync by time first like a a set of my images could be theoretically divided every other hiss and as I'm shooting girl prep and haitian guy prep you know I have a girl getting ready guy getting ready girl girl guy and all of a sudden it's like the editing just becomes very complex so you're not sinking four time until the very end of course great. So rene cruz because we're about halfway through the gallery um so and I keep on going I like that photos were gonna start for a particular reason in a little bit we start it, I would submit that photo that when they mean that one not that one maybe that one I couldn't say a little bit of why when you're saying not that one as well, ok I think I think that I've gotten to a point where I could train my eye and look at something and say these works this doesn't work this's works this works so I guess like taking my mind back into a point of retraining yourself now I really don't believe that there is anything I could say teo teo explain it instead of just having looked at it again and again and again and again so if we used those three pictures this one he is this particular glasses and focus and it has the mint and it tells directly what that story is about to happen and in this particular photo I just feel like the the composure the composition is just a little off, it doesn't really it doesn't make me feel what I want to feel about that picture I don't think it would appeal to an editor just based on what I have seen both on blocks in print and in this particular photo I I kind of feel the same way about it um this photo I absolutely would put for submission because a light kiss always does a good thing I never post more than you know, ten kissing photos or eight kissing photos because it's very unrealistic not everybody's kissing all the time, so just one solid one I included details of his watch because I think that it's part of this story for some reason I think I'm going to include this as part of the edit because I think that summer or any other editor could pare it next to each other if she needed like a new element to do so and it's highlight his wedding ring to which is what we want and it doesn't mean necessarily I mean it's just a hand I could say it's the girl's hand you know like but really it was a groomsman ins and then we have the toast when you're organizing for each like for summer for the flores for everybody no do you have suffered folders that you keep all of these in for them um I could I could upload folders but I don't because I'm going to show you when we come back from break I think we come back from break I'm going to show you exactly how I want my at my my creative team to act system so this is a siri's of monica and adam it was edited down so when we get back from great break um oh and this is what change he got which I really light is well I was working with the couple on the other side of the table he was on the front side of the table and I asked him I'm like did us adam to pick up the menu he's like yeah dang high five high five because it's one thing teo take a photograph of the menu but it's another thing to have somebody holding the menu and interacting with the menu as if he's really looking forward to the cold gazpacho I would submit this photo it incorporates everything incorporates the table courts a candle, the paper goods and an actual action element into it when you were not opposes jd offering suggestions they wish no it really dire situations I will say ok, both of you look at j d and then sometimes, like sometimes I sometimes it kind of like posing like, okay, you need me for hand here and it's in those moments I'm like, oh, sweet holy god like what's next what's next what's next what's next and then you just have to step away and look at it from a different perspective or put on a different lens and then you move from there, so working with the second shooter he could throw, you know, throw your weight behind is always a good thing, and this is a story where I was like, ok, look, a crossing the boom I wouldn't senate that totally just because we're having conversation privately over dinner um she did toast, which is, you know, quasi cheesy I'm not sure um now this photo what I am, what an idiot, why might it actually could yes I thought last night after a cold I was you ate just teaching people about the freakin details so what we're gonna do is we're gonna download this we're going but it's still I mean, if you hurt my feelings because I should have twisted the plate around be smart when you're shooting don't be like me ok, so we're gonna do is we're gonna get this and I absolutely will submit this photo and I will absolutely have to do this and photoshopped so going into the clone stamp tool, you can actually make your tool bigger or smaller using this square brackets so I'm going to make it smaller I'm gonna bring out my press option key everything my little bull's eye and I'm just gonna go over it one by one wow. And this is when I realized you are flipping it's you should've just turned you could grab because this is when I get so mad at myself and this is when I teach myself those big lessons like turned when I was shooting the invitations milk turn the table around when I was looking to turn that around like I should know this stuff I was looking at the cake and I was like, oh, absolutely we have cake, that guy and then I was like you, tommy it was delicious you eat it waited like on tuesday way really like of course okay, so this is like a little ad hoc job that I just did right now but it's to simply show that I'm just grabbing and pulling other pieces that one of the pre existing kind of area to kind of act as if he had cut in to the white cake and I would do it much needed at a later point in time when I'm not on a track pad but what we just did and ashley I wish would have had my back yesterday, man I was like nobody told me I was a queer with kelsey was my translator okay, so, uh that's what we started with that we ended with on all softened it out later so you know, mistake not disaster yes, john nuclear oh, sorry, I just saw you actually makes them feel better about all your photos and I'm like, oh, oh no, I couldn't I couldn't do that and then I'm like, hot yes, e I picked you to wear it's a it's ten twenty five um I'm going to maybe one or two questions from the internet and then when we come back, I'm going to show you how I want the my vendor, my creative team to access the gallery, to use the gallery, to share the gallery and to be able to have access to their art so can it or laredo however yeah I have a question for him and me do you ever shoot images to leave room for text no, I wish I did especially when it come to create of live in aides lights put together a presentation um no I don't I shoot it the way that I wanted to be seen and then a question from mercer photo ten would you ever include kids animals parents of the couple in a stylized shoot kids animals yes parents probably not it's hard to tell that story because yeah it's just harder in my mind it's harder to tell that story that kids I always think it's so cute I would have is like semi creepy idea I think it's kind of sort of creepy but I don't know you could just keep it real what if I did oh style shoot that had kids as the bride and groom is that creepy? Is that kind of a j he's like yes e o cute have we was there playing dress up seeing as we're still trying to figure out because I can't have her I mean I can't but it might be like so cute that missile global that these ringlets and then I would put this little like crown like so it would kind of be like tea party meets wedding meets the this girl I think that cute because I have little girls and my oldest she's four would die yes they should just look here's the problem you're not my target market s o s I need to figure out ok and his tangent tangent I'm still working on that idea let's see if I see that the way someone is like look at this great idea okay question from brooke anderson and it's a follow up question just thinking your cameras how do you deal with file names being duplicates between your j v cameras um well now that I'm shooting with you can actually go into the camera it's in the manual and you can actually change the first I believe three letters to a file to file name so now that I'm shooting with the five d mark three of the first letters that come up are m I a and then the digital london the rest of the numeric ce but I always keep jade's images in a separate folder so even if we had duplicates because we work we both were shooting with five d's and we were running into duplicates I was keeping his images in the separate folder entirely so it was never they were never it never became an issue and this was something that we talked about yesterday but uh ronnie mills and marta gabs or come on the roof do you ask for releases from each of the person each of these people that are in the guests that you do but yesterday creative live did it for me so that was great. It goes the less yes the last two years and go oh, that was just going to say the sweet side is in the chat room right now and she wants to let us know that the cake was made friday night. I just want to get michelle hard time, okay? I love michelle. So if I love her I mean her it's really depended no. And if you say that he was getting it looks really good in smells really good and care if you're around in the area, please feel free you could drop us, buy a cake? Well, the official taste testers just saying, just saying ok, final question before break what grade did j d get yesterday? Oh, I I never get away from this grading system, ok? Because if people for online and they don't understand the greeting system, okay, so after everyone, I mean embarrassed, I feel like such a hag when I do this after every wedding j d and I will sit through his images and um now the cameras on him and he's off in the corner way I puts baby in the corner booth after every wedding we sit down with his images and me cole his images together and we talked about ways that that he can improve both as a photographer and both as a new assistant photographer because I think that those are two different things and after every wedding I give him a grade and the people as like what's the ice great had given him and I said like a b plus and people were like up in arms about they're like how do you even be plus like he's amazing I was like uh you guys have upset with his images I'm just being really ok like how is it that he's just never got above a b plus and in jd gotten came I was like, well, I don't really care he's like I like b pluses I've only ever aspired tio which bothers me because I want tio incentivize him or like be like don't you want a and he's like I like he's like totally fine with him yesterday god, he like just he did phenomenally and beyond all else I feel like hey came along and helped in different ways that I don't have a second shooter what it would not have like he just got me and I could uh I could circumvent my sentences you get uh yeah, a grunt I was like a woman who I mean they got it off the table so yes, for the first time in jazz mr history judy got an a minus a

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This three-day event will be packed with how-to and tips for wedding photographers who are ready to shake up their business. In addition to lighting, posing, and technique, Jasmine will photograph a bride and groom, and a gorgeous wedding set up that'll facilitate a live demonstration how to photograph wedding details, elements, and moments with an editorial flair. The course will also address how Jasmine successfully submits her work for national publication and include discussions with editors on how photographers can approach a wedding day to maximize their publication opportunities. If you like taking risks, untraditional posing, and finding dynamic light in any situation, this course is for you. Be prepared for a smashing good time as Jasmine dissects her photography, online marketing, and teaches you how to create a fabulous experience before the first click of the shutter.