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What we're gonna do now is go to cuba so that was kind of a lot of information that you just threw you guys you know, I told him ham for the right I did showcase a lot of my first years work because I want to be as transparent as possible I always felt to a certain extent that when sometimes people just qualify like oh well, she can say that because she's in this it's like I know I could say it because I was with all the same position nobody wakes up and starts shooting ten or fifteen thousand dollars weddings out of nowhere, you work hard at it and the harder you work, the better be commented just how hungry are you for it? So having said that I don't want tio to have too much time for q and a I think canada if you'd like to start absolutely all right so this is a question from ash jeff would you ever suggest to new photographers who want to shoot details to plant the detail bug in their brides minds just wondering since we don't really know what attracted them to us as we're new? I t...

hink to be honest, it's it's difficult but two planes because of brian knows her budget and sure he knows what she's going to do right? So if for instance I always deferred to how I like to be sold and how I like to buy that is how I make all my marketing considerations jd likes to be sold differently and likes to buy differently but because I feel like I know my brides if somebody if I was a bright and somebody had told me oh I hear you're getting married in hawaii well that's wonderful have you thought about these details have you thought about those details I know of a great player I know this I know that there's all this and it would become like whoa whoa, whoa are you trying to plan my wedding for me? I think that by you by this person showcasing as many photos and advance I'm going to talk about getting shoots and working with other photographers and being able to showcase photos the best way to get a bride to want something is to show her what she doesn't know she wants not to tell her because I feel like maybe we'll come from like you should instead of you can by using visual images thank you emily white has a question and the save jasmine I was winning if you submit a questionnaire to your bride to obtain all these details or booklet or to brief your couple on the timeline make sure that you can get all the shots like okay, so do I so do I give my clients a question here in advance to know the details know I don't I try to work with there. I have to understand that if my bride is working with a coordinator, those questions would go to the coordinator and the coordinator, probably if she's well versed, if it's not her first wedding, will know, tio itemize what I need to get and when, but ninety five percent, ninety seven percent of weddings all look the same, you know there are bouquets, and there are centerpieces know the varying differences in the bouquets and centerpieces are visible, but if I know it's going to be a detailed, filled wedding, I'm usually well versed in advance, so I'm like, oh, you have, you know, you have three. There was a bright in november who had three locations to her reception, all within the same venue, but her guest had to walk from one place to another, so I needed a lot more time for that, and but the coordinator, what with me in advance for that, but I knew about that immense, so, no, I'm not getting question here from my clients, and I just want to throw it over to there's any questions from you guys in the audience? Feel free to chime in actually sound really creepy, because it means I have been reading a block a lot, but it's really you don't have three but I feel like you used to actually even the past maybe year so used to showcase more images I feel like on your wedding boggs you were talking about shaving that achieving achieving that is a direct reflection of you speaking about that you're slide show were still there but the absent post themselves yeah actually just call actually called me to the carpet because if I had said one thing and doing another but it was an active decision on my part to start curating my voice I no longer needed I thought for a while particularly in two thousand nine to early two thousand ten I had to defend who I was as a photographer so I felt that my defense was to put out more work and cc guys see see and now it's like I don't give all ripped us like me or you don't like me this is what I'm shooting if you'd like to see more work this is what the side shows for I shoot for my bride's you're not my bride the minute I stopped shooting those weddings for my bright is a minute we need to change if I continue getting hired based on what I am showcasing I'm doing a great job I don't need to defend I don't need to prove I just need to be um as far as choosing those images oh I did parsed back a little bit, which is why we'll get to this and that I was sure he somewhat more detailed photographs, but what I started noticing and hearing this directly from bloggers themselves is the more photographs that I put out online. It gives people the ability to put to re blogging on their own, especially in light of pinterest at any time a certain photo gets really out there on the web. It loses viability to get published on a block because blogged wedding loves want exclusivity, and so the more exclusivity you could provide for a blogger, the higher likelihood it will get to be blocked. So I do post details because that's what I want to attract but I'm no longer posting as many details because I need to save that to make my submissions a little bit more competitive. So two ways awesome, right shit question. I sure do actually it's a question that tons of people in the chat room are wondering about and it's the music for your slide shows. Yes, the music from a slide shows were provided for the music bed dot com I absolutely love them. You know I had an opportunity to meet with them about a year and a half a year and a half ago a year what the heck is wrong with me a year now have a year and a half ago and you know, I other royalty free company, other royalty free music companies were approaching me, and their approach was like the fcc and the fcc, somebody from the government's going to come down about your music because I was using just mainstream music. I love music, and I feel like it added such an appeal to my slide shows, and I couldn't find a company that was offering me a viable option. I then came in contact with with etiquette dot com, and they provide indy style music and that's kind of the style of music that I prefer, and I also a few months later came across the music bed, so I'm working with with etiquette and the music bed, and what you do is you pay to have the rights to use that music, and you could use that music it one or ten of your side shows, so we buy a few of them and then I rotate them throughout the year and I kind of see it. You have to siphon out the music that you like, but I love it, I love it. Thank you. And a question from mary cost key when you were showing some of the slide chose, some of the pictures were in color and some were in black and white, and so do you quickly change those photos shopper, I photo or oh, wait that's it the photographs that are in a slide show for the at the reception, the quick side joe the quick so I don't know what I showed online was not this ledger that I show at the reception I want to make that very clear so what I'm showing at the reception is straight out of camera um sometimes will change them to black and white, but for the most part they're going to be in color just for the brevity and just to get them out just get them in front now the photos that you see online like the slide shows that you see here have been in photo shop so they've been cleaned up are at the time what I perceived to be cleaned up in two thousand and two thousand seven on does have been worked on. So yes, I have taken those photos into photo shop and change them into black and white thank you for making that distinction. Yes, sorry that was michael because they're running slightly behind I think if that's okay, we're going to kind of just I think that was about like ten minute security said ok, way call anybody else here? You guys get priority like the slide show that when you're doing at the reception is it's like do you display your laptop there? Do you bring that connects she's green or okay, in regards to the same days like joe, I have seen of the photographers and bring a screen and then they stopped everybody with what they're doing at the particular moment and then they set up the screen and they put their laptop and they connect it and it becomes a part of the reception and I kind of feel like one, but personality is I don't like that type of attention it I don't want to stop a wedding to be like, and now, my lord, god help me if that ever no, I would never want that to happen. So that's fine. If other people do it, I just leave it on my laptop and usually they're cocktail rounds cocktail tables and when they're not being used, everybody moves into where the cops were. The reception is, and it usually leaves the cocktail tables vacant, but they usually have, like maybe a flower or a candle on them. So then I asked j t to go and get me to snag the cocktail around, and he brings it into the reception to now I feel totally ghetto like and go get the cocktail table, ok, so you get to go to the devil in the foot by the bar, and then he used a little flower on the candle we judge the computer and that's fine

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This three-day event will be packed with how-to and tips for wedding photographers who are ready to shake up their business. In addition to lighting, posing, and technique, Jasmine will photograph a bride and groom, and a gorgeous wedding set up that'll facilitate a live demonstration how to photograph wedding details, elements, and moments with an editorial flair. The course will also address how Jasmine successfully submits her work for national publication and include discussions with editors on how photographers can approach a wedding day to maximize their publication opportunities. If you like taking risks, untraditional posing, and finding dynamic light in any situation, this course is for you. Be prepared for a smashing good time as Jasmine dissects her photography, online marketing, and teaches you how to create a fabulous experience before the first click of the shutter.