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Sharing Your Images

One thing that we're going to do really quickly is I don't think that we have time to make it through the entire gallery. We do hope to get the fingers fingers cross to get featured, and once we do that, I feel like it would just be easier that will find a way and I know craig, I shouldn't make promises I can't keep so well, I would want to share more of the images in the future, so hopefully the rest of the gallery was seen at some point somehow, so what I want talk about is how I want my creative team to access the images, so we'll mark this last photo as a favorite, and I'm not going to be a photographer, I'm hypothetically just a creative team member, so it has my information down here and now what I can do is I could view my favorites. This is how my bride choose their images for their albums, and this is how they're friends are starting to display their images on facebook so they can now use all of these images and if, for instance, somebody wants to view that singular picture to...

make sure that that's the picture that they want, it's opened on its own page with its own u r l now if, for instance, I wanted to share just but one photograph or a series of photographs go to share now remember how you asked if somebody wanted to download them all? Well, I don't know if a creative team member wants to download all four hundred images, but she or he might want to download one hundred twenty five of those images once they've gone through. This is the download button, bacon download, all of that, their selection there. Now, as far as the sharing is concerned, what we can do is three options the online team who's created let's just say it's the forest so the floors has created this gallery of her favorites. She's now created her own gallery of favorites with its own unique you're all that she could send to her team and say, these are the these are the these are the images that we now have as part of our portfolio. She can also go to facebook and what she could do it so she can create a slide show of her images within facebook that post to her wall, and she could write, say, like recent shoot in seattle with jasmine, I'm not going to post these defense, but okay, but what happened? To see this little plate icon right down here? It posed to her wall and it's notified within her feet, and people can watch the slide show. As it goes on her ball and there's also a link that's my gallery but what I particularly like about this is that all that particular slide show is links back with photographer credit which is very different within how our clients and create teams have been sharing our imagery because sometimes they upload pictures and they're not associated with the owner of who took that photograph so making sure that your images are protected in that way he's bringing oh michelle britney I was going to ask is there music that goes along with that? Yeah that's friends you're max um no, I feel like music makes well nothing I feel like I would just think even if there was a music option, I probably won't want to do it because it gets really complicated with royalty and rights and and what I really think that this is going to be the most use for is the girl who comes as a guest or a bride's maid yes, my bride uses it but the bridesmaids create like a favorite folder of like fifteen images and it's usually them at cocteau our it's usually a couple of them during prep and usually them on the dance floor like those of fiction pictures that they want to put out now what I'm seeing, I'm not seeing so much of the slide show as much as I'm seeing them create a facebook elbow and they also have that capability so for instance if I wanted to create an album I'm going to not well I'm hypothetically oh I decided they want for pictures but I don't want to create an album of all four I'm just gonna put one photo out so I can create a new folder or I can add it to my pre existing out my photo albums on facebook so it pulls your information from facebook and you can already look ability to summer favorites best friend's weddings whatever you want or create a new album and entitle it whatever you want then I could do this and then I could press upload but I'm gonna cancel it because I don't want that I don't really want that going out right now because what happens which is the beauty of it is that it goes into facebook and it says it's a but photography is by jasmine star with a link perfect there's a link this is photography but doesn't star and it links them back to the past gallery can you tag those the same way yes yes you could tag those images it is new it's a recent update guys let let I mean this is how I want my creative team to use it so what I can do I can create a folder right and I can tag people in that folder if I wanted to but what I really want people to do is to do this them cells I want them to become the owners I went to create online evangelists that's what I want and I firmly believe that there are some photographers who are little trepidations with sharing their images online but I firmly believe it's become a vehicle for people to talk about what I do and how I do it and I'm okay with that and far be I know that my brides were getting their images if I was sending them you know, up to two years ago by sending them a disk they would get the discontent upload the pictures to facebook and sometimes my name would not be attached to those photos and I don't think it's because they didn't want tio I just think that they didn't know that that was the proper poet protocol and I would never follow up with a movie like hey, you need to put my name all that folder no it's done but now I feel like I've given them a way to do it so that it's a win win for us both that's what I like and I want that for my creative team as well because there's nothing worse than getting involved in creating whether six today how many people were on that thank you list like seven I need to go home and get deal with seven e mails seven request seven burning dvds seven shipping of the dvds I'm just like pound my head on the desk, it makes it like a thing I don't want to do now we've empowered them to do it from the when they want it, how they want it from the comfort of their home that's what I want so in that conversation there yes, michelle order prints from, um I've asked, and the response is not yet okay, so I don't think they haven't given me a no but it's not yet. Fleury michelle stole my first question will go to the next one from m if you delete the images from past, will they disappear from facebook? Okay, I I would I don't know, I don't know how, I don't know, I would think not it's like whenever you upload things to facebook, if you delete them off your computer, they don't go away from facebook, you know, writing that kind of like a so anything like facebook hosts yes, kind of on the road get uh oh, so I can simply tv photographer says this this may be annoyingly redundant, but folks again are asking about do you put your logo on those in the galleries that your logo is on facebook two and then what keeps anyone from downloading all of your photo? How does this all of your photos? How does this effect your overall let me do something this is what I'm going to do this is I'm going to do because I don't want to share those specific images I'm gonna go into a different event so we'll talk about how it works okay why don't we go to thirty one gets and then I'll come down here and find the web address and this is the this is their gallery we do this with two photos okay, so you'll see here okay this's a good this is a good thing to show this was their entire gallery and then what I did is after jesse simon's in the girl I worked with picked her favorites through the starring system I went there when I edited all of those no you look I mean, clearly it was for if the bright if the model had dark circles under her eyes if those flyways those blemishes if there was wrinkles and address things of that nature fixing that so we're going into submission photos because these are ones had all been edited so I'm going to share some online at least another clean so we'll pick this one go here let's just start that one. Oh great so apparently I was playing around it and I have five favorites from a different point in time, so at least it remembers what my spirits were so as I'm going to go do and view them I am going tio remove the ones I don't want and now I'm ready to share these two on facebook and what I want to do is I want to keep him in a facebook album and it's uh loading my elements and I'm going to create a new folder on need name it creative find out his bill has be aesthetically pleasing can I just say thank you for spelling creative live one word with a little creative having to had to fix it right all uppercase because that's kind of the biggest mistake that so many people including anna had ten on to detail I think I'll just give you a desiccant I'm a just kidding did you hear my italian this come out right now okay so it's adding the images to facebook so this is the experience that I want my clients to have and this is within my own unique branded gallery this is what I want so it doesn't really size to the facebook dimensions so it doesn't look distorted I know that's a work I'll see this right now if it's so what we just came in and saw were it was a new was a new album created so we want to come here and we're getting all personal my facebook page great what came into my page was a preview now what I can do is now go back to my photos and I'm gonna bring up the album so what happened someone coming to done it already? Okay, look that way to me oh god I had a moment oh they had one of those annoying moments okay, so what we can do is we pulled the picture and what I particularly like I don't have to copyright photo because photos by jasmine stock photography here is my website for them to go and find it and here's that particular event for them to go back and see more images. This works particularly well for weddings because if a bride metes brides meat is sharing those images I want her to go back and have her friends that didn't know that gallery existed to find photos of them there's nothing worse jane and I have gone to very few weddings of friends and we're out on the dance floor and you know you're going to get judged up and you're not a you're not a vendor that day you have heels on you could go to cocktail hour and it was like I want to get a photo and then never see those photos of us. It would be really cool for me to have the accessibility to go to that photographer site tagged at one foot of us on the dance floor and then put it on my facebook profile your turn around for this facebook album two and a half weeks absolutely so elise gould good school great perfect so we'll find a way, which is why I'm actually holding off from sharing the entire gallery, because I do share so much accessibility. So we want to make sure that the creative team has been taking their actually miko. Can we get it back to the kino on your end? Do you pay her wedding or per month with past passes per event? So they have been giving away so creative life has bean graciously giving away four hundred fifty dollars, so that's fifteen events. So each event, I believe his twenty nine, twenty nine dollars twenty nine dollars per vent, but it's for a year and you can't. Or you have the option to make it for a year or five years. And then, you know, when the year comes around my I have the option to renew it for my clients or my clients have the option to renew it themselves. And is that through pass? Is that is that the only way that they received their images? Or do you also give them something else? This is how they receive their images. Yes, yes, I know that this could be a way. Can you make one event and say get colder and colder? Let me show you what the answer is yes, and the wedding day and the wedding day. So what I have photographers and do as I tell them so I go in to pass and I told you that I had it old my engagement photos correct so I upload engagement folder to pass so what is existing by the time the wedding comes out is that one engagement folder on past then I tell photographers and in the notes please divide up the wedding day to bride prep groom prep ceremony reception family formals they do they do that for me then they upload those folders and what the past event is broken into is um engagement session favorites bride prep groom prep ceremony so the day's broken into folders and so a client can just be those folders wanted to time so it's not they're not looking at a thousand got images they're looking at two hundred fifty images at a time roughly cold great how we doing on the internet? Great thank you guys for your patients that was the part that was kind of ho I was I'm not a techy person I'm just like I was just scared and everyone I was like please don't ask me technical so this is where we ended but don't be remiss if I didn't let everybody know who's watching o o saying ok, I added a slide and I didn't I didn't update it would it be possible to show my slight on the screen and have a camera capture sam right where home is now, okay oh yeah wow okay, great. So everybody who's watching created blind will get one free pass event to try if you'd like it that you could find and download your free pass event you can upload in a bit to see if it's your style and it doesn't have to be if you want to access it it's pass promo dot com forward slash star hyphen c l and also the gracious people at photographers at it I have given a promo code if you want to try photographers at it for your first job it's a twenty percent discount often order if you use a code j star two thousand twelve so I'll leave it at a fantastic yeah I know I'm excited I'm very, very very excited because I was waiting for something like this and then when it came around if people and it here's big, it might not be for everybody and it doesn't have to be, but at least the option is there what's the question guys for your s o the picture that you're trying cancel looks like it posted no, it did yeah ok that's ok one picture you know well, can you go to the gallery from the because it had the lake? Yeah, I'm going to go into lead around thank you mark let's see um and you know I'm not going to starts out about it right now so we're ok but actually I didn't see it in my photos because we were just checked it excuse me just yes is there an expiration date for those discounts oh thank you. I think people were keeping me on track yes there is a discount I mean there is a discount and there is an expiration date photographers at it you can use that discount for the remainder of the year and for uh and for pass they were hoping that everybody would be able tio access it by wednesday making sure that everybody has time to go through and through the re watch two excellent thank you very much. I can't find that particular there it it was like hold on guys uh how do I delete it ok um you know the whole album yeah yeah go back I was just getting checks out and that its album I know you got this I told you guys that time ok, I see no problem. Great. So live well, this is like oh okay all right, but in general you know oh yeah you live you live a bit but this is a lot of this is eleven so I'm gonna leave it up for one quick second doing any of the questions let's take a look sara shake shake home sorry if I did not I pronounce that right, but she says are is asking, do you read all of your comments on facebook? I do have hundreds, I do, and I try to respond to all of them. And I read all my blood comments and he read only twitter comments. I consider that part of my job wonderful ideo let's see, um I don't want to pressure you weaken with into the next section to you. And now I'm just trying to see if there's anything that's. Okay? Relevant. I've been cruise ridden and me go if I can get it back. Tio keynote running off your computer would be great. Hey, quick question. Yeah, well, read from rachel called. Um is hello from virginia. Is there a limit to the number of photos that can be added to a pass gallery? All right. Okay, well, um we're gonna be pulling up me. Go. If I can have you run this, um, the keynote from your computer. Now, if that's okay, can I have you guys run the keynote from your computer? Bring it back up to the shoes where I went. Outline the cooling process. Just one quick question for km robinson photography. If your clients can download the images, do not sell prince and products. Um, well, early and that's a wonderful question. Thank you for asking, I think it's so time appropriate. Early on, I established that I was choosing to become a service based photographer, so I'm going to charge for my services and not necessarily for the products I provide. If they would like to have a product, I will be able to service them in a way that they find most beneficial. I use white house custom color for print fulfillment, but to a large extent my clients were specifically asking for the ability to download their images, print them at a place that they found the easiest and the most inexpensive or and or share them in a way that was easy for them, and I felt like past does those three things, and I'm not so concerned when I started doing the numeric ce as where my business was now, as a high end photographer, what I was producing with prince when I was providing it within it was roughly two hundred to two hundred fifty dollars a month, but it was very laborious in processing those things. And so I just realized that it may just be easier for me and for my clients, tio give them the options and how they would like it to be. Produced so I tell my clients that they have this thing taken down with their images and then I send them a link to a professional print lab if they would like to upload their pictures on their own and have them delivered instead of going to costco or wal greens so I'm not afraid so much now to turn away what could possibly be one hundred dollars in prince when it frees me up not to do packaging that burning not to do when I get a new order for three four by six is enough to put him in a sleeve and wrapping a bow and mail it just became something I didn't want to do in my business for me that doesn't have to be for everybody else but I just felt like for the lifestyle that I want and for the mobility that I tracked in my clients they wanted the same thing yes but you still do albums don't do it so I still do albums absolutely absolutely and I love canvas prints and I love prince and I will do them for my clients if they want them and if past brings in the option to have prince I'll turn it on is long as it makes it easy for my client's that's what I want I want a system that would be able tio of course because I talked about this in my first two courses I'm a huge proponent of outsourcing because it became a photographer to become a photographer, I didn't become a photographer to sit down and rap bows in a box and stand in line at the usps and that's. What I found myself doing, I found myself. What don't. I'd like to do in my business. And what can I do to outsource that? In a way, that's, efficacious and is reflected in my brain, and I felt like right now, this is what I want.

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This three-day event will be packed with how-to and tips for wedding photographers who are ready to shake up their business. In addition to lighting, posing, and technique, Jasmine will photograph a bride and groom, and a gorgeous wedding set up that'll facilitate a live demonstration how to photograph wedding details, elements, and moments with an editorial flair. The course will also address how Jasmine successfully submits her work for national publication and include discussions with editors on how photographers can approach a wedding day to maximize their publication opportunities. If you like taking risks, untraditional posing, and finding dynamic light in any situation, this course is for you. Be prepared for a smashing good time as Jasmine dissects her photography, online marketing, and teaches you how to create a fabulous experience before the first click of the shutter.