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Styled Shoot: Last Minute Details

We were to do this as quick as possible I'm gonna shoot this cake at an f two so we're going to do the pullback shot horizontal vertical up close from the side always said we're going to get me on board for this year ago I can't seem to change oh god I could use what I so one sixty I'm going to go teo one thousandth of a second let's see where we land with that that's much too bright when you're sixteen seven hundred of a second that's where I want it I'm gonna shoot it from far of a distance making sure things are centered and that my body is square to what I want to shoot I'm gonna shoot it to center field a point I'm not gonna shoot it rule of thirds because from me and my in this particular situation I don't think it works as well I want to shoot the cake horizontal on the stand a close leaving room for cropping on the sides and focusing on the roses up top now coming up the table these are the voters they have a preference for now she did it from a distance I mean from the side I'...

d have to lower it because the reds are close aren't reading as well so now my new reading is going to be one thousand of a second one sixty s o want that yeah one to point out I'm gonna shoot focus on the corner the cake now I want to focus on the flower of the cake no one focus just a top scoring my body towards what I want um yeah that's what I wanted for the cake great. Now can we do the imitation suite didn't get everything for the cake we're going on a question about from the internet on easter three's one anywhere would you shoot the rings and this is um I would probably use a macro and slip them in between the twine if possible to incorporate that kind of story traditionalism probably get a flower and put the rings in the flower if I was really good at flower ring photos that's what I would do I could also incorporate them in this and what I'm going to do now is pull this out just a tiny bit I want to pick up a little bit more light and I don't think I can yeah I'm going to style is it? So what? I'm going to dio so every time I stand in front of it it's not I'm walking the light so what I'm going to do is I'm going to stand behind it I'm gonna shoot down over it and it's going to be upside down, but I'm going to flip it as I edit them so that I'm not in this judy canova therapies yeah yeah and um kelsey can I please have all of the paper goods including like a paper card thank you yeah yeah yeah e I just think that way yeah okay, so janey was smart and what we're just doing is we're just simply going to flip the invitations so that the light falls where I wanted to I asked kelsey for the entire I'm just gonna do flowers I think I'm just going to bars yeah thank you for the entire invitation sweet and for the entire paper goods so I didn't shoot it two different ways one for can I get one more flour like little judge here? So as I'm looking at this from looking at may may pay very last night I've noticed there's a lot of balance is going to make sure that all my paper isn't falling in the shadows of put here this is a natural selector this reflects less light this reflects a lot of like I'm gonna push it this way so I am lis I have to make sure that things are is even as possible amongst the paper and as faras styling goes it's just is there another flower? I don't like the plan so not that I in particular anything I don't want to photograph that that's a good one thank you okay great fifty I'm not even sure I'm actually certain are there any questions yes, there are let's find them sorry, I'm telling you that you know it's all right really classy looking and healthy right now I'm just like, you know, I'm telling you I don't do dates in is what I could not e j d I could not do what I do without him like that has got a mystery that is absolutely true ok, so I'm going to use the plastic chair go to three five, two hundred s so I'm going to crop it in such a way so that it doesn't look or feel as if I'm shooting on a table I don't want there to reveal that there's the floor or the edges just a personal preference I don't mind that I'm cutting out flowers not exactly what I wanted you know what I know I know what I know what I know and I know what I need to know did any of the people because what's happening is that light is hitting it this way it's causing shadows I know if I flip it this way the light will hit it that could just I'm turning around in post way. Okay, here you go. All right. Um I'm gonna be focusing on the wording of the main easy gotta fix the exposure, go to two hundred of a second with you are hit with that this's where I want it so the differences between the two photos was gonna get to that post we have one five hundredth of a second of three five it was much too dark but it's fine you could let's that in light room without a problem but I like to shoot it better in the camera which is a controlled setting one two hundredth of a second was where he wanted it slightly slightly slightly overexposed but that's how I prefer because it kind of has a tendency for lighter photos would pull my hair back because sometimes here can get in the frame on I'm gonna try to frame it in camera leaving a little bit of room for cropping but not exposing where we are in relation to the table I went on tries you try t given morgan right ok, so I'm going to take up the menu and the name cars thank you so much I'm gonna readjust thiss and I'm not going to get the flowers the same because I had to counter weight the balance of the flowers um for that shoot mean for that particular photo so gonna take up the mom um I'm sorry. Okay? I'm going to bring this here balance a little bit with this making sure that either level the ravages of the paper lineup okay, here we go oh god oh mercy ok, here we go now we're switching the focal point so that it's not the furthest of here but to the lower one said the aerial shot I'm going to get a little bit of post I'm going to have to say about anything I don't want change shutter speed two, five hundred and we'll see where that puts us I'm gonna go six forty just a tiny bit of flowers and how are the questions coming? Questions are coming uh question from lucy hannah photography when photographing and name card with the paper goods would you use any of the guests name or the bride and groom? Bride and groom is preferred great and a photography by jo jo do you ever prop the cards instead of lying them flat on the surface? Uh sometimes sometimes sometimes problems sometimes cards don't photograph of his well because I can't bend them in a certain way so sometimes I've been known to put up with them in a window or in some sort of frame yeah real wedding dress from your perspective they normally learn that out or uh no, I usually those people aren't using their own address of using like a guest address that's a good question excited over that about it any other questions where is essential paper pieces for I guess an indication suite for stylish um I don't think there's a right or wrong the more the merrier um but um invitation uh rcp is always a good a good one and envelope directions that's good those of the good ones question from babe photography do you ever use flash uh not if I don't have it and if I don't have to melissa silver is wondering how you mentally keep track of the shots that you've taken having done so many weddings that just in your in your mind and your mental checklist or do you actually have printed what I used to have a printed one now it's a mental one and jd is this is the second the second tier checks and balances I'm going to be shooting the details and buying some time before our brides maids get stress this is the interactive station I'm going to be shooting what the interactivity is and I'm going to be shooting the details and then I'm going to be bringing out somebody actually doing the action of whatever whatever the station is and what decision is our how would you call this a well wishes station like the guest book but it's kind of alternate on alternative guest book so it's a canvas faced with water colors to carry through the theme I'm going to be shooting in a way that doesn't reveal this uh my settings they're going to be two point oh six forty is the second uh I'm not shooting rings because it's not a wedding sure I totally would absolutely absolutely oh my gosh thank you so much did you totally rally you totally rallied you did you totally did so I shot it at an angle now I'm going to try to shoot it straight ahead great. So what chelsea did was wrapped the pen in twine if it wasn't wrapped in twine I would remove it good. So now we're gonna have we're gonna room um move this ok, can I have you but I'm gonna actually have you on this side why I'm having on this site is because I kept getting the gap here I can shoot her here and I'm gonna have to pick up a placard or canvas excuse me and she's going to be signing the campus study if you could shoot it straight on we should be from the angle and I'm gonna have to be shooting it from this area up can you write a real message or is it too late for that? Ok hee, I'll be photographing the real message to making appropriate okay good e could get good you don't really, really created I'm gonna go over her shoulder and shoot words good can you turn forty keep it yes turned step this way turn it up towards me did you get a manicure? Looks good no it looks really good I noticed those things good yeah, it was perfect it says you're good great perfect holy war that different shots what you're doing right there okay, what I was doing was as she was holding him straight on vertical straight on horizontal showdown with a slight dip and up close to give it more of like a surreal effect because from that's going to be less editorial but more details that I think for the creative team that say the creative team will want as opposed to an editor cool grand the internet also wants to make sure you don't forget but you wanted to shoot the wallpaper thank you guys I thought they did and it has you but I want to crawl the internet and make out with everybody okay I'm goodman thank you so thank you okay I'm gonna get one more shot of thes beautiful thank you seriously thank you rallied girlfriend you rallied okay six fortieth of a second two point oh we're going to be getting the paintbrushes I'm gonna be removing I'm going to try to be scaling out that just a tiny bit I don't like the cost of it good, good. We're gonna move this I'm going to get the recess while I'm going to get the paper and we'll call it a freaking day okay, good. Um I'm gonna get a side shot of the recess wall this is primarily simply going to be for posterity sake the focal point you centerfold focal point I'm two point, oh, two thousand of a second two hundred s. So I'm gonna go down to one sixty, because now my camera's working, horizontal, vertical, standing straight on. Great, great, very good. Please, god, please, please be good way. No, I wasn't looking for that, okay?

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This three-day event will be packed with how-to and tips for wedding photographers who are ready to shake up their business. In addition to lighting, posing, and technique, Jasmine will photograph a bride and groom, and a gorgeous wedding set up that'll facilitate a live demonstration how to photograph wedding details, elements, and moments with an editorial flair. The course will also address how Jasmine successfully submits her work for national publication and include discussions with editors on how photographers can approach a wedding day to maximize their publication opportunities. If you like taking risks, untraditional posing, and finding dynamic light in any situation, this course is for you. Be prepared for a smashing good time as Jasmine dissects her photography, online marketing, and teaches you how to create a fabulous experience before the first click of the shutter.