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Styled Shoot Q&A

Lesson 25 from: Editorial Wedding Photography

Jasmine Star

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25. Styled Shoot Q&A

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Lesson Info

Styled Shoot Q&A

This is actually an industry consultant her name is lynn stevens with think splendid so the addresses throwing splendid dot com florence slash p ford slash wedding hyphen blawg hyphen dictionary dot ht m l it's on the screen but what it does lists a myriad of bloggers and it is an absolute amazing resource and it's also linked from my blawg in an interview you and an interview that jin campbell that I was able to have with jen campbell from green wedding shoes but here it is in this particular in this particular forum and I think that this is going to be a good thing I'm gonna leave it up for a few more minutes we're going to jump into question and answers because I kind of felt like the last thing I wanted to make the internet field was that they were outside of the circle when I really wanted to make them feel on the inside that was the goal and I think that maybe that's what I was a little bit bummed out about is that I didn't feel like I was able to incorporate everybody and I just...

want to make sure that my priorities were straight so I want to give a time dedicated time to q and a will start it off for the primes and then if you guys have any questions or we could go straight to the internet okay mark like be awesome okay I don't even know how to answer no, there is definitely I what's the question mark, thank you when I don't I don't really feel like awesome at this particular moment, but thank you for that really doesn't know like that's where we were, like standing at the screen like looking at each other like about oh no, no, that one likely just like room in her wait, please create that big house looking a beach off the profits of weakened, putting light room in our camera, it's a big idea, no practicing and again, we're in a controlled setting, but I don't think I'm a bomb. It was I was given a softball. It was lobbed to me, I should be able to consistently shoot it and have my exposure, what it should be, given the circumstances, what were what was the one most important thing that you've learned from doing your very first style shoot to now? Um, is that it's more important to make the team feel that they were just a part of the process because we judge images? As a photographer, judges images, but I have to understand that the florist looks at them very differently, and the makeup artist looks at them very differently. So I need to make sure that I may not have in mind what the forest and a linen person wants with the rental company wants, but if I make them feel as if they're part of the process and if they have ownership in the shoot as much as I did, then it's a better shoot overall as a byproduct. That's the thing I think I've learned the most, john as a guy, I've never had a dress fitting before, and I was noticing him wardrobe when I when the bride hiding cliffs on her back, obviously you're not going to get those in the photos, right? But is that something that how would you go about getting a wedding dress for a model or for a bride? Like you said, a recent one if they're not going to be going through like the three different stages of fittings that a bride goes through before she gets married? Clamps of your best friend, okay, you buy clamps at joins like sewing. Or you can get clamps at home depot, but what I would do is I would wrap a piece of cloth around the clamp because you don't want to ruin either saturn or silk, get a thin piece of cloth and you put them on both sides of the clamp and then climbed the dress. Ok, so that's your responsibility not well, it's it depends who? It depends who's responsible for the dress. If you end up being responsible for the dress, then yes, you are responsible for the clamps, and a bridal store will likely have clamps because that's how they showcase their dresses and they let you borrow their clients because best with that, if that's the case, if you have, if you bought the dress at a, you know, a thrift store t j maxx vintage place that is, you're going to your responsibility to get the clamps cool, whose responsibility as a photographer is it your responsibility to find the models or collaborate? We've all tried to collaborate and reach into our own networks for the models. I try to leave my network for the lab for the last because I don't want to become so invested, and I feel I'm carrying most of the way I want it to all feel like we're all putting in the same amount so that one person does it feel like another person carry more weight I feel like we should all have an equal division of the pie and we talk more about why I feel so ardently about that tomorrow how about we go to the internet? That's ok, that sounds great thank you. So question from seventy is willen editor not publish a style she if you only have a bride and groom and no bridesmaids and group oh, so absolutely if this styled shoot can hold its own weight you don't even need models so don't ever feel pressured if you don't have models, you can't shoot it I happen to think it makes you think it makes it more competitive and if I can get a viral party I will rock the bridal party because I do feel it makes it a lot more competitive in that respect because it makes it truer to forms appear I can look at it and see how it could be replicated on their own day but never to feel like you absolutely need the chute hinges on models now thanks thank you so much, lou girl is what I do find it a lot harder on a wedding date. Most of my groomsmen, you know, might be like like party there a little bit earlier in the day and it's hard to like gather them around I try to work with the groomsmen for twenty minutes max because and I feel like they will have a new level of respect because I'm but this particular time I think in my career the groomsmen have been two other weddings so they dread that moment of being with the photographer so what I try to do is I try to keep the groomsmen photos to twenty minutes and I always start the session I think guys my goal is to get you to cocktail hour as soon as possible my goal is to get you to the bar scene is most often they're like wait what was I guess the sooner and quicker you work with me I can get you there and I was like, ok like ok, you said you're using here using here boom boom boom boom great individual shots of writing group I mean, with the groom and each groomsman then we do one kind of edgy photo when they're done twenty minutes and all this other like, ok, and then they move on from there. So a question from a lady li li jia sorry question is I noticed tiffany coming up to the bride and and adjusting her hair a little for the shot when shooting a real wedding and the hairstylist makeup artist isn't nearby how do you address to the bride that prepared used to be adjusted if you can't go and touch her hair yourself, sometimes I touch me right here like if it needs, so if her bangs air in her face, like over her, I am like out, replicate what I need to do. So if her bangs were here like, can you please get your bangs and moving this way? And she still doesn't get it? Can you get your bangs? And we like that good a live it more here, and I'm mirroring what she needs to do. So that's what I'll do, or if I feel like there's, a piece of hair that she can't possibly be seen without me, I asked for permission. Can I fix a little bit of her hair? One hundred percent of time is, yeah, I want you to fix my hair, so adjust it in a way that I need to adjust it and then walk away from there. But it usually ask permission before get into her personal sees thank you, vivian hyphen photo eyes wondering what was the most challenging thing about the shoot you just did for us? I can't, I can't even process with the most difficult thing was, I think the I this is the first time he doing a salad shoot where the goals were inverted, the gold wasn't tio get input from a piece of the goal wasn't to get permission the goal was to teach and I feel like if that was my goal today accomplish the goal and I don't know if I did quite yet, so I think that was going to be is the recalibration of goals and whether or not I hit the target I wanted to and a question from me is what was your favorite moment shoot out their my favorite moment, my favorite moment wass when we had a bridesmaid rally to come back and get that shot that we needed for the details, like when you have a team was on your side and it's just like I will get and do whatever I need tio complete issue that made you feel so good because I kind of felt like I'm drowning, I'm drowning and then there's that one person you like throws your bone and you're like, ok, ok, we can get through for me that was just like kind of like a highlight so questions that were coming up earlier about your from duke, about j d and the lenses without caps and I know people were really intrigued by that in your first wedding how how you're shooting without the caps on we're switching? Yeah, yeah, so, you know, when I switch my lenses like because I only shoot with one body one hundred percent of the time because I really feel like it streams line my way it streamlines my work flow, I shoot with a usually shoot with a camera bag off to my side the way that j d two had today, but I didn't necessarily need it because he was within walking or walking distance of myself stepping this sense of myself. So our bags are clean and I don't want to unscrew my cap and then open my body and then have to screw on a cap and put it back in for ease of what we do. I have yet to have a problem with my sensor getting it done when we put them back into the bag, so we have a shoots out alongside of us and then we think we have a think back, I think tank, large backpack and went before they go back into the backpack, we put on all the caps and we travel with them with the caps, but as we're in transport as we're walking around, they go capitalists question from priscilla long, sure, how often would you recommend a photographer try to have a stylized shoot that are done strictly for trying to get published, experienced portfolio or all of it? That is, ah, broad questions very difficult to answer because some photographers grow very different pieces and might it took it took me a two to two and a half years before I had a shoot, so it could take it for talking. For one year. It could take it for talking for six months. It's entirely. Whatever the prerogative and the growth of that particular photographer.

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Cathy Worsley

Thank you so much Jasmine! You are such an inspiration. I so appreciate that you showed us everything, not just the perfect edited version! I love that you are real and can show that you get flustered and make mistakes and lack confidence sometimes... I can so relate to you but still be inspired to push myself further! You are so amazing and determined and I admire you so greatly! Do not EVER change... you are perfect the way you are! You have given me so much to work through... my mind is buzzing. (:

Kelly Lemmons

Thank you Jasmine. We really enjoyed watching your course for the last 3 days. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and years of experience shooting Weddings. We also really appreciate that you don't spend 3 days trying to sell us your products... and it's great that you share the services you do use without any plugs for yourself. Thank you so much... Keep being you and keep shooting beautiful Weddings.

a Creativelive Student

Fantastic presentation. Awesome information for those wishing they knew how to get their images out there on the wedding sites and mag's. Jasmine is a phenomenal teacher. Well worth it! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!

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