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Styled Shoot: Wedding Party

Through these are models okay beautiful yea wow you guys look so okay good wow so I want to take this opportunity teo introduce our makeup artist and stylist is that okay? I know you hate me tiffany I know you hate me I know you're thinking oh my god. Okay, so this is thanks thank high ok so you guys know about tiffany already talked about you today I think yeah, I heard that you said some nice things I did I actually really like you okay um so tell us briefly what he did it to make up and why you made those decisions because people at home people at home if they were doing it on their own could they offer maybe their makeup artist an idea like this is what we wanted to do me as a starting point absolutely. I kind of did more of a sheer I took a color so we worked with pink today and I made sure that the chiefs were poppy in the lips or poppy and the eyes had more of a single eyelash just a really heavy eyelash and then went more neutral bronze on the eye lid itself. So since there's k...

ind of a water color theme and everything's most sorry I don't want to get you off kelsey could we undo those because I saw them on the pillow I want to photograph them first on the pillow sorry go on yes, just anything released here. You can take a really intense lipstick tube and you can tap it on your lip and then even do like a clear gloss on top, and it kind of water colors it out, so we just kind of did a really fresh shearwater color look, that which the watercolor staying in theme with what we wanted, tio. Thank you. You're the best seriously think way are working with sharing just stylist. Thank you so much, jerry. Like this is the lady who has put it all together, so she knew that we were working with fashion blogger and way actually got matching bridesmaidsdresses. So how did you come about getting everything for this? You cause a lot of photographers want to know if I wasn't working with a stylist, what could they do on their own? Oh, well, I worked with a couple stores s o we did all the men kind of coordinated with the ladies. So I put the bridesmaids in blue, and I coordinated with the ties for the men and the ivy shirts to kind of go with the every theme and kind of going through with the wedding gown, and I worked with men's warehouse and local credible cheeks, so good to get everything kind of together, and she wasn't blinking on the dress that kind of we were all so that's. Really? I love it. I absolutely, absolutely love into which we what we talked about today working with a local bridal store. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. So, so, so much awesome. Okay, so what we're going to do first is why I had them. Could you pin them back earlier today I walked in or I had seen the putin years. They were laying on the pillow, and I wasn't sure if that was how it was supposed to be that remember earlier today I said I wanted to shoot the boot in years in the way that they were delivered in addition to them being a little pill, if I can accomplish that both times today, that's what I want to do. So I'm just gonna put kelsey under the gun and while she's doing that, I'm actually going to take our gorgeous bride. Thank you. Sorry. Sorry, sorry. So do you want to introduce? I feel so bad you wanna introduce like I'm gonna have everybody just introduced themselves real quick. So I'm bridget shake. This is yes. And bridget shea and this is my husband, dakota shea married in real life, which is great, which is exactly what I wanted because I can have married couples do things that I probably wouldn't want many models they probably because comfortable we're comfortable I think it s o us to make out okay, okay, I'm gonna take bridget right about here when you put her against a wall white background because I can't go wrong with a white background now I have to understand I'm putting bridget under the gun like here's all these people, they're all watching her I'm shooting with the fifty millimeter she's feeling good and she's feeling just but the idea is to warm her up so well, how I'm gonna warm her up is to take the pressure off her personally and yes, tiffany and sherry can hop into the picture any time because as we're doing a stealth shoot, I want the stylist to comment and fix it, so because there are things that they notice that I don't, so I'm going to shoot, I'm going to shoot bridget in a way that makes her comfortable first so bridget, can you drop your bouquet just a tiny bit, actually keep it in both your hands? Can you wiggle your knees for me? Good, good, good so what we just did it was bridget probably underneath her dress was a little nervous she has her knees locked, but all of a sudden it changes the distribution wait your hips when she shakes him out it's going toe he's um up that's what? I hope I secretly transmitted that to you. Okay, good. So what I want to do is I'm not going to change how bridget arms are right now, but I don't necessarily think that that's gonna be best photographically but I'm gonna change it. I don't want to say I don't want to have a starting point of saying that doesn't work because it starts first negatively if it translates to something negative negatively we started it f two I'm gonna go to the upper most focal point I meant what I ate hundreds of a second that seems pretty good again. The reds are a little bit difficult to get cropping bridget out and I'm going to let her know that I'm just gonna get the florals at this particular time. Now bridget, can you just bring the bouquet up? Yeah, and so what all sometimes do see, I just love already that her our elbows air here and we're not having him locked down because it brings in the bosom in a way that we don't really want. So can you shake out your shoulders to me? Good, good just like this big deep breath good dropped the wrist that's good and so a jd worry for judy jd shooting good so as she's laughing, I'm going to be wanting those photos she's not six that we're not necessarily anticipating so he's to be often too in the wings and so I'm gonna be shooting her hands and the bouquet and the necklace so good I'm gonna keep the settings the same good emergency drop your hand just a tiny bit just dropping like this drop of um good now lift up the base and you hold your candidate can you hold your camera can you hold your bouquet like that like up you go good here this little dude can you hold this for me good and yes I hand my camera off to my brights this see that was faster than me trying to coach her through good good beautiful gorgeous vertical horizontal rule of thirds there now we got everything going to keep her here I'm going to get these details but as I'm shooting them I don't want to shoot the edge of the bracelet going to shoot it this way because I want to shoot the face of the bracelet going to adjust her wedding ring because that's what I want it's so pretty too can I have you just drop this for bet good that's slightly shaded so I might have to compensate for that I'm going to drop it down to five hundredth of a second I'm still a two point oh two point I was kind of like my kind of like my jam I love it I'm going to shoot the bouquet I told you this way till to you this way if I shot her this way I would be picking up the darkness tilting her is that I'm shooting in the background still in the same light that way good I'm gonna get out of the light because if I stood here I mean the lights way I'm going to like this direction I'm gonna shoot her bouquet because remember summer likes mckay shots and our floors is gonna want bouquet shots to go two, six forty of the second but beautiful. So what happens is I haven't even got a single shot of bridget yet what I'm noticing is I'm gonna need to push up bridget stress, but I'm not going to be touching bridget because I don't want to really touch my brides in case my fingers are dirty, so I'm going to have her maid of honor her mom or the stylist on the shoot or whomever pick up pick up the dress because I'm seeing lining underneath on we're doing this live on the internet I get ok, ok no, no, no, we will have no wardrobe malfunctions today good, so I'm going to back up just a tiny bit well that's getting adjusted I'm a test the light during the situation to save me time at a later point in time to see what I need to d'oh she I'm shooting white on white, so I need to be careful with that. But I'm also shooting wrong. I'm sorry, guys. And bridget, when she's done going to take one tiny step towards towards tiffany. Good, great, good, beautiful. Can you drop the bouquet down right here like that could. Now, with your other hand, don't worry about that. Just wiggle your fingers. Good, good, good. And then you can kind of touch this at your dress. Take a beautiful from my angle. Why haven't? Because I'm so cool too is why I have her touch her dresses because it looked like she had a dangling appendage when she brings it here. It just tightens her fingers. Which is what I wanted to do. When you give your subject something to do with her hands and makes them more confident. You are looking absolutely phenomenal. Good gieseking falling to the right to say to you that I'm gonna throw it to you right out through over to you. You go to the right of him, people. Great. So we just had a husband and wife moment. Sorry about that. Good bridge. He did it. Exactly what I want to do without you having to do it she looked up to the side but what I need her to do is have jd prepared for that you do not always need a second shooter but since I have when I'm going to use it to take a deep breath for me look here uh good look down your bouquet good now look over at j t you know god I love beautiful good turn your shoulders with me a little bit good swiss your hips suisham next good he's good hey love it does that sound a little contrived? I know that's good yeah exactly and that's good great what just happened right now talked her through the entire process I shot a ton right now probably twenty five frames I needed one I don't have to look through all of them to know that have them know what is the one thing that summer hated was the uh when you tell your client toe laugh you're going to get the fake laugh talk to them behind throw it over there. Did it seem contrived on my ridiculous I don't care what I have to say in order to make them laugh at me what we're going to do now for the stylist since they're here and before I forget we're working with a hair piece that they didn't know was going to be in I'm going to shoot the hair piece so I'm working with the bride first from top to bottom again having her against the white because against a clean background you can't go wrong so when have you look down right here in my hand beautiful so the focal point is on the upper top and a booking on focusing on the center of this on the crystal features the bedazzle portion got beautiful can you put the book in front of you good so what this just did was it put her arm that was seemed waited brought it here gave her arms something to do and change the position of her body can you look down beautiful and I have her looking down because I don't want it to look too contrived good can you look down here me hand here gorgeous god, I love it good so what I just did now with a simple shift of her face turned this way bridget got her hairpiece turning this way brigitte looked down got her makeup now we have the shot for tiffany in case she wants it. What I want you to do is now look down in my hand here beautiful I'm gonna switch my focal point working rule of thirds gorgeous have your eyes down here we'll take a deep breath for me good, good I love it good just relax your shoulders and you look toward the city so are you defined him good good right there she had to find jd I don't care if jd got the shot because she was like a pretty good figure that shot was a sincere photograph of what just happened this's great so now what I'm going to d'oh it is now that I feel like I have the hair photo I have the makeup photo I'm going to want us to shoot the details but I don't want to shoot the details in a way that makes it look like it's a bosom shot I want to make it look like it's a detailed shot so I'm just gonna shoot it turn it this way beautiful I haven't changed my settings what's great can you bring your uh ring hand and I'm sitting next to you and you feel wearing a necklace just kind of touch it give you're not beautiful bring it down when young hand bring it up let me touch it bring your hand down get up looking off that way bring it down when have you do that couple times over having pull that thank you so what I'm doing is I'm giving her an action in a way because if she I had her place her hands here it would look like she's pledging allegiance so we want her just to bring up her hands not yet not yet you can't do the cute stuff unless I'm ready ok could get I shot her laughing. I don't care if it's in focus because I could turn it black and white. It's a little fuzzy and put that next to something else. Well, see, we hope that that is okay. Um there we go. Bring it up. Good. Pretty down. Nice. Bring it up. Good things down and bang on. Bring it up to the side. Now. This this. I want you to bring it up. Here we go. Bring it up. I mean, put it down. I bring it up. Nice. Good, good. What we just incorporating that frame was the necklace, the ring and the bracelet. Great. Good. Okay, so now we're going to do is going to shift to the gentleman dakota? Yes. I'm going to bring in here. I'm gonna take a break for you, bridget. Thank you so much. Giving in bridget and random applause because that is so hard. Oh, my gosh. Saying that was hard. Okay, I'm gonna keep to go to here. Turn around this way. Can I have the perfect? So what we're doing? Thank you guys so much. So I know that was like last minute. Sorry. I should have told you. Yes, the time that I can do her up do for the reception or do you still want to do a couple I still want to do long hair with the group and cool so remember how we talked about how tiffany wants to take her for a hair transformation that's not happening quite yet so with dakota remember how I said I want to do styling of the booty nears outside of vending on the lapels great what I want you to do is I want you to simply hold them like that both sides good perfect my focus is going to be I'm actually gonna have them bring it down that like that great too this way I don't want to get to contrive because if he hasn't filled it out more towards me we just said photographers here if he hasn't tilted slightly up it's as if he's just carrying them in waiting but we know that's not the truth but it doesn't really matter at this particular moment in time and I'm not going to change good I'm at six forty two the second I'm not going to change the way the dakota standing because that's the way he stands and it looks it looks real good beautiful my focal point is that the upper most corner I'm going to bring it in a little bit closer when should it vertically now no one showed it to the side I'm gonna shift my focal point at the upper most of the other was right I think this might be too dark I need a shift it good to four hundred any questions no okay we're gonna pin the guys and ladies gonna getyou bouquets and bridget so while the guys are getting pinned jd would be shooting the guys getting pinned at this time but it's a styled shoots or not to be concerned about that we have bridget in the girls come over here uh dakota than the guys convey this way I'm asking a question yes please go on the internet from love by serena when using or renting a gown from a bridal store how do you go about keeping it from getting dirty do you worry about this saying that she was outdoors in the grass or with this story usually give you down that they don't really care about I don't get asked earlier about the flowers in the gap too if I was outdoors I would make sure that it was being carried but a lot of times they have to they know that they always ask for we're shooting and if they know it's outdoors they're going to give me a really trashed gown already at the bottom andi if it's indoors they just have to make sure that I'm ok with getting it laundered it doesn't get dirtier than what they anticipated to cool thank you possum okay oh, yes, it's a civil right? Ok, I forgot. I forgot this was a conscious decision. We made a booking. We that comes in. We there wasn't a made for the bride, but it was intentional, not tohave. The bridesmaids have a flowers. So what I need to do now is to pose them without having flowers I get they direct the biggest posing inspiration from j crew. So that's, like they're bridles inspiration and how the girls are standing now is something I already love, so I'm not gonna break it up when I am going to do is because I have what we're working with is that the wall is twenty four feet, so half of twenty four feet is twelve feet minus out this wall, some working without ten, square feet and I don't want to shoot the girl's quite yet against this because I want to maximize the shoot, so I want to have white background and yet I can't reveal where him exactly I'm shooting, so I have to shoot it very, very tight, which is why I'm not gonna be using eighty five in this particular situation. I'm sorry I haven't introduced the girls. Can you guys introduce yourself outside? Of course bridges hagen's hi, I'm monica and are you guys photographers? I am you shouldn't say that so I put it out on facebook and you guys kindly responded so thank you guys and where you from having us I'm from california and and from monterrey thank you okay are you a photographer ok exactly the share it ladies where you from and where and what you should I'm just starting out so I'm kind of just learning getting everything on and I'm from bainbridge island which is actually a ferry ride that way debate about which way it's a very right away okay good well thank you guys for being here and really but she just wanted to make sure awesome I'm sorry why am I giving tiffany the money okay so what I want to do right now is well ok go ahead come in and judge I'm going to turn her this way well tiffany's doing this and I see it and I see that she needs time here can you look here in my hand I'm going to get the photo that he needed of the hair and this is maybe for some of you maybe not force a mission I need to work on the exposure it's going to be eight hundredth of a second good can you look down here in my hand gorgeous gorgeous can you look out towards the back window love it right there looking to hear me uh good I'm shifting the focal point up into the upper most good can you get your hands and come this way good and can you get your hands on that way good just relax shift the weight good just touch it just make the figures here beautiful looking out towards the back window oh, good now what happens? Good, good, good hey, great I'm going to see that they're going to keep it there. Good ladies come in I you guys I have to like crew have to power three now because we are in a strict timeline good. So what I want you to do this it's okay? We're gonna go quickly and do the traditional pose but hey k we're cool friends coming in and you guys have to act like your friends when you lift up the dress but your feet underneath her dress angle your body's in I'm going to switch is to a three five because their primary oh ok yet so cute and anyone intend this happens on a wedding encourage it highlight it make him feel really good that they thought of this amazing idea great. And so while tiffany's doing that it's happening and always feel free to take your time because I wanna be testing the light I go to three twentieth one sixty s o three point five beautiful does these dressed into these dresses have pockets? No, I thought they might have that's ok that's a beautiful you'd fall. My focal point is going to be on bridget and the upper most beautiful good. Great. So what j t is doing for chicken? You know where your duty getting bouquet get the side of okay, and we're going to hear ladies come in this way. Lean in nice and close. This is what I call the fate of. Yeah, good. Brigitte, look towards dady. Good. Well, she's doing that, I'm going to book a straight on, and we get that candid kind of photo. Good. Now, what I want you guys to you is to take a few steps back. We have very, very, very little room. Good. So can you pick up the side of bridges like you guys are just like, lightly. Let me see your shoes. Are we judging the shoes today? Oh, we are judging the shoes. We want to show a bit of that that's. Okay, so, girls, let me see if it'll work. I'm not sure if it will. Actually, we're going to have you pick up the side of address and you can interlock your arms, only that they were on. We're going to make it like the girlfriend's walk like, hey, ok, don't worry about don't worry about you making sure that she's there seeing that's okay, I just wanna make sure bridget doesn't trip here to keep you guys. Can you get your booties back toward the wall as close as possible? Focal point on bridget I'm shooting this entire time because there'll be adjusting now, ladies going take maybe four, five steps towards me looking at each other, looking at each other walk, walk, walk good, walk it good, good, good, beautiful indeed. At one more time I have people do it twice if I make it do it three times and it did feel like I am not confident in what I had done. We're gonna help this. Ok? Cool. You guys can this time walk a little closer to each other, like left when you guys are laughing when you guys are laughing in and don't want to get your laugh because you don't have to left but as you guys were talking or engaging, I want you guys engaging towards each other instead of away from each other. But why I'm telling them I want them to engage instead of away from each other is because they fall out of my frame. Wow, you guys okay, here we go. Ah, focal point I'm going apace with them. So ladies you guys going to be walking and towards each other towards me that we're going we're going hear what's in it in good great perfect what we're gonna do now is ladies can I have you step off this way I'm gonna keep you right about here because I got a head I gotta framed shot of a bridesmaid now I want to get a full body if I can have you stand that way beautiful and we're gonna keep you right about here awesome can you just stand like this now that's exactly what I want it's the italian term is contra pasta they use this a lot in renaissance painting with the weight was distributed in one hip or the other when you have your knees locked it's not complimentary because what she just did she gave herself a waste and she came in this way she cinched it that's exactly what I want so at this point in time I'm going to be shooting her hair and that shot may or may not be used for submission but it's going to be used for tiffany because tiffany donated her time and I want to make sure that all of that good stuff is taking care of she's blonde versus being a rich red head so I might have to be shooting this at a hundred or a thousand I'm gonna keep your hands I mean if you can look down beautiful good awesome good I'm gonna switch it this way you can stay down here like having your hand here lovely good you look here chin down just a tiny bit looking down here beautiful awesome can you see? Okay for one thumb shut sorry. So now what I'm doing is just giving the blogger the option to use the photo against a blue background if the story line decides to turn to that drop the bouquet a tiny bit beautiful can you tap your heels this way forget the hill good we'll bring you back good I'm trying to talk her feet into the back of her shoes because the shoe looks like it's a little too big for her that's just a personal thing that I noticed that I don't want to reveal that beautiful that good to get good please contra posso waited waited shift the weight of the way a girl and they were cute cute turned this way turn this way I have the key down like that way head down good way get profiled davy's in the ground that's why good good looking many perhaps at the at the second chair good giving people a specific point to look at as always helpful do you look back at me good get hang out there good lift appear right heel on the toe big nice getting you can hang out uh relax that foot I haven't changed my settings because the minute I found what I wanted I'm going to keep it here for a little tiny bit ok now we're with the guys what we're going to do is we're going to have everybody seated um I would like the bride and groom to be seated next to each other in good light this is going to be the best light I'm going keep their here um yes here I mean have you guys sit thank you guys for adjusting the candles so that was one thing that I noticed was that kelsey adjust to the candles they had they had melted so she was kind enough to notice that so as we shoot it we want to make it look like the dinner has just started so the light is good here this's great so I'm going to take a bridesmaid with blue on this chair that's wonderful and gentlemen I'm going to have one german here one german here I'm gonna keep you here for a specific reason can I give her a glass yes can I stagger you vote so what we're going to dio because we don't have food it doesn't make sense to have them seated in front of plates without anything on them so what we're going to make it appear as if they had just as if they were just seated for dinner and I'm giving you the very hard job of making a toast ok, ok. Ok. So we're gonna keep this a secret. I'm going to be shooting this with fifty. I'm going to be shooting this with the eighty five j d and I will be switching lenses till we go. We got it. Okay, so, um I'm going to need a gless. I'm gonna perfectly take the wine. Great. Why am I doing this? Is I need to give the bugger a reason not to say no to it. So I'm gonna have you hold the wine in your left hand? Yes, you can tell me if the cords are in your way. You're in its scoot in. You could feel free to drink this's then gets funnier than the more you drink. I'll tell you. Okay, I'm going to shoot this just because I want to give really depth a rich type of field. I'm going to get a one point two. I'm gonna change it so that the light is reflected. I'm gonna goto sixteen hundred to test we're going talk you guys through. Don't worry about this. We'll get where god I know. Okay, really to twelve. Fifty we're okay. I'm testing like this is where I want it. Great, so at one point, two, twelve, fifty second and one sixteen or sixty s so and so we're just going to start shooting and as things progress I'm talking to the group and going to giving them directions but they're going to be completely casual as I'm talking to them behind the camera they're completely at ease the minute I stopped talking, they think oh, now, it's official so I extend that for as long as possible. Genie, could you make sure that that curtain is closed and guys you could feel free to undo your jackets? The idea is to sit as much as comfortable as as possible. Yes, you do totally. You totally get to see your speech. Jd, could you back up just for one? Yeah, just for one second. No, no, no that's totally fine. Uh, j t I need you back up and, uh, great. Could you could you say something to your husband? Yes, your husband that's why? I got the shot. We're good. We're good. I don't need no, I don't need, you know she's like, you know, what I was doing was I used her frame here, just her elbow I used adding here at him right here and my focal point at a one point two was right back here. What was your name? Jeremy's. We have jeremy adam, dakota boom okay, so I had adam as at a one point two and you don't need to give the speech because I felt pretty good about it now j d you could stand where you want uh did you want tio I'm gonna stand right here and we're going to hold up on the speech just for one second that we're totally fine and we're gonna be talking and hang on one second I'm gonna go to a sixteen hundred on I'm shooting and framing it so that could you come in just a tiny bit love here great I know right now you know we're totally fine I'm going to leave a little bit of room for crapping around the edges and I'm just talking right now including such a good job my models air so freaking phenomenal thank you guys know this is great. Okay, great. Ok, judy I know said no I want to do you have a shot you know, gooding toast yeah, you know, so we just really flipping okay great. Okay, so what I'm going to do now is we're going to have a ten just so jenny just yell at me if I am in your way I'm going to be hitting I'm gonna be getting toaster you get writing room and they will flip okay great, so uh great at sixteen one, sixteen hundred just go that's ok, you're doing a great job you can feel free to end it in about ten seconds you're doing such a oh no slowly raise your glasses that such agree toes can you guys bridget dakota can you guys lightly kid full jude can use lightly kiss lightly kiss yeah oh oh and you know what? I'm sitting j peg that's okay, right? I had had programmed to the camera to be shooting raw when I was shooting with the five d mark three and then with the switch to the five d mark to I'm shooting j peg that's okay, I got it like that no, I mean, there are certain things like whatever it is what it is and now we're just gonna roll with it. We're going to do another toast former time to give to you the opportunities you have to go do you don't have to go through the whole thing again but just, uh way great, good, good kenji goto and bridget candidate emerges it's lately kiss good good that's cute thing because their burger each other kids beautiful I'm like dying right now you guys are doing such a good job this is so, so great perfect sort of happy days do as I mean have you sit down chelsea don't want the name cards geiser seats that girl's name I'm sure primarily people, but thank you. So kelsey had said that the names weren't so guys were sitting it girl seats are there isn't is there an internet question? Oh, no, there doesn't have to be I thought there was I'm sorry, uh, right now he should be the eighty five so he's getting that voyeuristic picture, which is what I think works much better editorially, and we're just kind of kind of move from there. I'm can't really shoot this side of the time table as much as I would want to, because we have a lot of stuff going on in the background, so I want to try to angle my body to get photos of this side of the bridal party with the pipe and draping background and not revealed too much of the break in the floor and j d will hopefully not be so much, maybe we shooting, we'll see what we're shooting, so this point in time can you just interlock your your arms? No, no, I'm sorry I with each other with each other, as if you're just like at dinner and you're sharing a private moment. Did you just gave the best speech, so sometimes I give my clients, but you really did judy ok, so, um, so, uh, give him stories that's the point of everything I want to say now that the shooting backlit, I'm going to try not to reveal what's going on in the background on dh great, I talk fast, I shoot fast and you know what? I kind of feel like it's, perhaps better that I shot in j peg, because if I was sitting in raw, I probably wouldn't be able tio okay, good girl, god, I love good. We're having a time fan, we're loving it. Good, good, great, great, great get great jdc there what I would love for you guys to do is I'm going to give you an action of something to do, and if it works, it works, and if it doesn't, it doesn't. So if I would be able to have you guys get your trip, drink classes, just this particular couple, so you guys going to talking amongst each each other? And what? Because what happens is I had to separate, I don't want all the girls on one side, so then I would have to separate a couple, but I want to still make sure that you guys are interconnected, so I'm going to try to do is shoot you guys at an angle, and what just happened is hey said something really nice to you and you guys are married and he says baby, I want to be with you for the next thirty years and this was a private moment just between the two of you guys I don't even know if he calls you baby sorry if that wasn't it whatever he calls you know your secret little love language or whatever god good and you guys can just klink your glasses and say we're gonna be together forever for the wind good I know what I'm saying good base and drop your glasses that's totally fine good that was yeah look at you go ok, well I just got make sure I got a shot of both the couple's individually do I think it's going to be made four's mission I don't know but it was the action and now what we can do is because we're on the time crunch is we're going to be moving the people yes I'll do that so what we brought is we don't have to shoot the day in order so what we brought was a cave a slicing cake so we'll be shooting to take after but the action is going to be the bride and groom bridget and dakota who loved to kiss we're gonna have them stand up and we're going to dio kelsey can I just get one oh is that what you're doing? Just one uh one slice perfect and then uh okay, we're gonna have you guys right over here. I'm actually take that cake speak uh well, let me see um, project I mean, have you here actually could I get another slice? Sorry. So I'm gonna have them stand next to each other and they're both to be holding this life because I don't ever really get cakes that have a pink and purple or pink or blue, so I think that that's adorable, so I want to make sure that I get that detail so I'm gonna get it once for my own and then once style together. Wait, I'm sitting at one point I'm going to have to adjust because, uh, we're gonna be a two thousand ten you train your body a little more turns muted it good great and if you look to square your body's towards me holding up the cake you guys wanted peace it's actually funded I don't even know how good that would taste, but so the reason why I'm not going to give him here because it betrays the floor I'm going to shoot it from here because I would rather betray the table if that's even the right word well that's okay, so I don't want to betray I don't want to betray the floor, but I want to portray the table there you go great good okay so now what we're going to do is we're going to pretend that they are can I have a third slice and take the idea is j d heyman um I mean to be shooting from this way you're also going to be shooting it from here here you're there and they're actually holding their cake slices as if they had just cut their kid to be handing it to their guests so dakota's here courage it's here let me see how this is gonna work I don't want to make it look like you're juggling too many places but I want to make it look like you guys are so what a great so can you say something nice about adam as you pass him the as you pass in the cage shoot I missed it we're going to do that again I was a little over there was a little under let's do this at sixteen hundred and I need to make sure that I'm cropping that that madness okay I wantto sixteenth of six hundred and I want to crop up the background which is what I was kind of bummed out great so you're going to say something so nice to hear about things that's a good friend cute cute and dakota can you pass the cake to somebody at the table actually came right he bringing the cake here towards my direction because it won't let you fall into the shadow and actually use your left hand's not that in particular, but again, if he were to use, I'm sorry if you was used his left hand, he falls into the shadow of the hanging thing. If uses his right hand, he falls outside of the shadow of the hanging thing. Beautiful all that was a nice smile to go toe to say you're a pleasant server get, get, get I'm making jokes because it makes them laugh I mean, I work hard at these young but good. So I'm a have you guys do it? Just maybe one more time actually pass that last plate. Tio bridget jd where you are going to get inside? Can I get the side plates inside perspective? Ok, hang on one sec don't want you doing anything to you quite yet. I think I think that's really hard I get he get can you pass the plate on over? Beautiful. I know I missed it too because the angles, the angles. Not exactly what one okay, great. So we did the cake passing. Now we're going to a bridal party photo and then we will be done with models that will do the details. Cool bridal party photo can you move the table let's, do it back there wow, guys, I hope okay, so as going to do a question yes, absolutely. I wanted to kill some chairs. I would do one of the last ones. Thank you. Yes, sorry. Am I going too fast? I just feel like I had to like power through I'm sorry, it's great deal with the most the child room is asking of you is just wondering how much time you actually spent a real wedding and how much of this is similar to a real wedding situation not very similar because I don't I'm completely out of control on a what I'm out of control I'm not in control on the wedding day I don't I have no saying over when the toast happening when the cake cutting happens that's all the bride and the wedding coordinator so it's not like you say oh I miss that let's get that again it's being prepared for that but I have the luxury a controlled setting which is why I have less worried about shooting j peg because I said I missed it let's do it again on a wedding day I don't have that luxury which is why I prefer to shoot for example ladies about sorry to me can we do to hear change let's see that now yes, yes for example do you approach the table when they're toasting to get that close to rio I kind of get us close as you can you say about eighty five I should get eighty five and probably stand about super instance, if this was the sweetheart table on a wedding reception, I would be shooting with the eighty five, probably at the first table, standing adjacent to the first team of closest to them. I tried, especially during toast during the first dance with a little bit more difficult because I sometimes we'll get closer to the bride and groom and then step back. But during toast, I try not to be in the way of the circle around the perimeter of the sweetheart table, so if the first table to sweetheart table with from here, which seems probable distance, this is where I would stand adjacent to it with the eighty five, which still allows me to get close. And then in the pairing of all the portrait of the wedding party, are those similar parents that you do in a real wedding, you mean with the great he needs yet the bridesmaids and the groom and the bride individual and together, yes, I haven't been photos of the bride and groom yet, so I needed to give tiffany the opportunity to do our hair transformation so that you can get a little bit more time if you want I don't want to rush you really? I mean honest to god this is really what a salad shoot looks like oh, you gotta do this over again to this I'm not worried about falling if only any chronological order like work cutting the cake but we haven't even shot the cake. I don't feel compulsion to follow any such order it's going to be a time and I want to be respectful to the timeline that we have into our models because we're having hair transformation and these models came for from a distance for us I'm actually just shoot a quick couple photos of each couple just because I can and I'm gonna buy some time with it and it's just gonna be away for them tio have it. So I mean, for the for them to have their photos. So I'm gonna have to get you guys this way I'm gonna start you guys right about here would do quickly. Quick, a quick photo session, but no, no, no. Okay, you guys get this way and let's just try it let's. Just try this. Have you sit the way that you would sit? Wow, jd he has given you a run for the way you okay? Okay, I'm gonna have you sit the way that you would courtside to a basketball game um, yes, I'm sorry, yes, jeremy yeah well ok I was like uh jimmy great this is great but have you come up this way and I'm not gonna position her body maybe necessarily touch her I'm gonna take you back up just a tiny bit I'm gonna leaning against a chair and I kind of want you to do this that's what I want you to do is go to a three five because the reason why I'm gonna shoot the set of three five I'm going to shoot it to four o is because they're not on the same focal plane there on two entirely different focal planes if she was standing on top of her shoulders I could theoretically shooting at a one point two right because they're on the same plane if she was seated on a chair next to him and similar position I could theoretically shooting at a one point two nothing necessarily suggested but this particular situation two entirely different local plane's gonna goto ever before going back it up this is tiny bit good so I think it's worked for a submission no I don't what who knows we could try it out you know go to two hundred s so I'm gonna go to two hundred of a second going to be focusing on jeremy and I'm going to be that's pretty much what I wanted uh jd good can you make sure you get her to look at you and getting nice of course, he's a shit jd shooting with the eighty five I'm shooting with a fifty were using two entirely different lenses to get different looks. Jeremy, look here. Beautiful, beautiful. Can I have you guys both? Look here. Nice. Good. Now can I have you take one steps this way. Hold your hands here. That girl, jimmy, you could sit up in the cnn sharing what, however, is most comfortable to you. I know that's how I wanted to initially great. Good. Get sit. However, if you want to under your jacket, you can under your jacket. Whatever you want to do for this particular photo so that it feels a little bit more like you guys is exactly what I want. Great. Good, good, beautiful. Can you guys stand up with this shirt coming? Miss me? Jenny doesn't know what happened here. Okay? Actually, I'm going to get her on this because I don't want her in the way of the booty near many have you come over here and I want you to stay nice, nice, nice and close. Um, perfect. You too. I'm gonna go to a one point two j d so I there standing in a traditional polls, but I don't want to shoot it like it's a tradition suppose I already got both of them if they wanted to do a traditional pose they can get this from their friends and appoint you shoot I'm gonna send jd I'm going to send your me t j d and I'm gonna be shooting from entirely different perspective can have you guys walk over this way I'm pulling him over this way because I don't want to showcase the wall turn that way people anybody in well she's doing this I'm going to test the light so that I don't have to waste any time well when we're way we're gonna go down to one t I'm going to go down too sinks sixteen hundreds of a second there we go I'm gonna go down to one thousandth of a second you shouldn't jerk I called you chair like we're homeys I cut everybody's name in half so I'm in turn your body in like this now what does happen is I turned her body from here which expanded her chest the minute I turner in I gave her a waste not gave her I highlighted her waist and synched your arms beautiful relaxes smile beautiful good now look towards jd good good now look towards me yeah I'm sorry I just heard you know just no that's good no it was really good beautiful no turning this way towards him just a tiny bit uh relax looking down at my hand and then bring your eyes back up don't you know I love what you were doing I fell silent I just love it good uh love okay were you guys I didn't no no just each couple tiffany how do you do that like in five minutes like for thirty seconds and I can't get beautiful so what I'm gonna have you do first is I'm going to find a way to incorporate at the booty near as well as you go what kind of stuff have you come in this way and what I want you to do is to excuse me your face this way you get your arm tuck it in my husband is right there so I'm not trying to swoop in on your man okay yes you didn't write the ice so that killer pickup line is that how you won you over okay so you are going can you can you okay great so your bottom button is unbuttoned can you stick your hand in your left pocket but can you bring your hand in and tuck it into your using just like that just like that sort of on a bit of the tie a bit of the blue I want you to come in here I want you to lean in nice and close great jeanie get him and I'm going to be looking at j d for this particular photo you're gonna come in nice and close get your body yeah you're looking here for good beautiful good I know what I want to do so what I've noticed now that they're sending go ahead judy sorry no no no no I want you to finish what I've noticed now can I can I have that chair what I noticed now if they're their height is a sin stangel difference and in this particular photo I'm just gonna want to get them on a similar a similar plane maybe guys booth dominus which is up three five good that's great can you unbutton your jacket good so what I want you to come forward cleaning that that's right you get a what did we just get a whistle right now okay great uh we're goingto three five um no that's too dark to hundreds of a second one sixty s o and I am including a bit of the wall because I think it's the door bs ok so good relax a smile just a tiny bit relax that right hand bring it all the way down bring it all way down like that beautiful sometimes I snap and that could be totally rude I want you to bring up your hand again bring up the hands gored adam looking down on her is good adam looking at is a good and that adam bring your face here both of you looking here dead beautiful now when we do jenny thirty five I'm gonna bring you guys in nice and close beautiful thank you I'm gonna go to a one two or one four with this particular lens right I'm I I might I'm gonna try to position my body so that I'm not sending the way the light adam can you drop the legs beautiful he wasn't coming close each other turn your face towards adam beautiful I'm going to adjust your hair just ever slightly to bring more light to your face but your to turn this way beautiful come on this side of adams knows gorge you got the gorge boo okay great so what we're going to teo core I mean sorry I don't want to see it again you know I'm embarrassed ok good we're going to drop this two six forty two the second beautiful so what I want to do is when shooting down on the subject I'm gonna have him sit I'm going and I'm gonna be the one standing beautiful you look good now can you get your hand your ring hand and bring it up to adams you uh next year chin chin jin jin good good now bring your face here down looking down I cut and then adam you come down into hurt her cheekbone her cheap bash love like kiss like kiss following my face here at this hand I'm sorry not you at him not you kissing because of seo good I'm shooting while they're laughing because it's a different photo due entirely good stop the kiss bring the kiss in bring because in that great beautiful now we're going to do writing bridal party so we're gonna leave these chairs here I'm gonna sketch them up just a tiny bit I needed put six people in a ten by ten wall I don't know if this is possible that we'll see if it works ladies, I have both of you here sharing a seat with bombs like this one group has been here maybe it's right over here sharing a sharing nature beautiful young girls are sharing a chart with your legs pointed outwards so this way towards me towards of these needs towards me there you go good I'm gonna have you on that side at him I'm gonna have you write about here well I might have to switch I know I'm so sorry I might have to switch easter's over just a bit it's going come in this way like that oh actually I don't want you at the end decoding you're going to be outside you're going to write a here bridget I might have to switch these chairs over just a tiny bit but uh because we'll see come in this beautiful and we're gonna put this behind that way and then uh just for the sake of room devoted I want you pressed against bridget as much as possible I'm shooting with the thirty five millimeter at this point ok lord have mercy um great so we have a new type of shape adam can you scoot over this way just to show something come over this way now it looks like adams a little bit of a gofer we've waited I like it he said tio what happened is that we created you type formacion but the minute that we moved adam just one step over he looked like we created a pyramid with and it's not as aesthetically pleasing and when you come back to where you were now we have a nice open space okay I'm gonna shoot this at a four five I'm gonna go teo I said two hundred to go down to fifty second I'm gonna have to shoot this vertically because when I shoot horizontally I uh get too much too much madness in the background okay so I am should eat two hundredth of a second two hundred s o for oh good because they're all just kind of relaxing enemy drop for change tiny bit beautiful nice good good jd stepping closer can get eighty five you get so what I just told you he was tio uh shoot candids of the couples and or bridget and dakota as they're looking at me step in boom really quick are just kidding sorry I am link so stressed I want to get everything done but I'm just going to take a deep breath okay. How over are we right now? Are we really over I think we have five more five more minutes, toe original break time. Okay, okay. Everybody looking here? Nice, good. Get beautiful. So now I'm just gonna have you I stand up, I'm gonna get the bouquet. I'm have the ladies on the right side of rigid and the german on the left side of dakota. A very traditional pose. There we go and you wanna angle ease, turn in this way. Everybody angle in towards her and get a nice and tight she shouldn't candids judy shooting candid supplee I agree. So, uh, can have fifty. So at this particular moment in time, I am not shooting a wedding, so I don't feel compelled to get a traditional portrait. The group of the bridal party. Adam, can you come in at the end so I don't need to feel like I need to get it all. All right, that's good guys, if I can have your left hands over your right hands so turn and you're going to get your left hand around dakota. Well, that's okay, I'll take it to it. Okay, thank you. Perfect. So come in nice and tight. Come in nice and tight and as I'm shooting this, I'm going to go down to a one to one to drop my eyes at a one sixty I don't feel compelled to get the traditional bridal party shot ladies bring it on bring it on. Okay, so what I want you to do yeah, brigitte that was adorable looking up looking at that you're cute husband I'm gonna go to eight hundredth of a second and the girls in the back corner just so happy and laffy and light you know look out towards the window bridget uh great this is the light that I want beautiful relax it lower job bridge like I wanted idea I just shorten your name again sorry I can't get so what I'm gonna do now is beautiful nice possum predicted looking jenny where you at again? What are you shooting? I'm sick of you and because because I know the shot that jamie is getting I'm going to be getting the shot that he traditionally get, which is that of the boot in years and pushing it a one point two, eight hundred of a second two hundred s o I'm shooting not the first, but the second putin here great every kind of like lean in I would just low shoe company with fifty ok every we're going to drop to a two hundred of a second two hundred three point five I'm just kind of like lean in throw your arms around that kind of lean lean lean good every look at j d good every look back here walk towards me walk slowly look at each other love it love it mean it okay, good thank you jesus ok, we're done with the bridal party I'm gonna move into bride and groom really quick because I still have to shoot the cake and the heart of escort guards and the interactive station holy mother of god we're going to come in this way gorgeous dropped the booth how are the questions going on the internet? How are we doing their way are doing great everyone is loving watching you and do you want? I mean, I know we're going fast, which is not why we're not interjecting away in question yes, you can ask me questions I don't want to feel like the internet stuck here with us though, so so I didn't have a question about because we're not shooting an actual wedding day. Do you find that the emotions kind of are different when you're what's happening right now? Is I'm a firm believer and I know this makes me some creepy my firm believer in energy, the energy that I'm giving my clients right now is hang on for the frickin ride that's not the energy that I try to do on a shoot energies like were happening fun enjoy the moment right now I'm just like go, which is why I feel that the emotion probably isn't the same which is not their fault but my own but is it the same as a wedding date no it's probably enhanced if done right also okay good. So dakota wrap your arms around bridget beautiful thank god you're just going to look at each other no bridget what I want you to do is to hold your bouquet right about here beautiful so what I having her do is have them okay facing outward like a two s always and dakota wrap your arm around her waist good. I'm shooting this at a one point two with my focal point on bridget beautiful bring your foreheads let me just make sure I'm so what happens is this is a beast of a lens and it takes forever to go ahead of me takes forever to focus very now we're gonna be doing ok I'm using shanda center focal point and re composing because that upper focal point just never really works for me I'm actually gonna do not the uppermost but the upper left hand corner guys looking at each other good shifting every composing bring our foreheads in nice and close gorgeous good now bridge can you turn your face towards the floor a little bit more a little more beautiful and dakota calm down in the lightly kiss wherever your face lands wherever your piece lands good jd shooting tight good, good, good, good good good. See, but what? Good it one more time to get what? Lightly kiss there were ever a good bridge look backwards, look backwards and come in for the kids to go to come in left. Good. So, um okay, um, why I don't want them kissing is because their faces get smushed and then she falls into his shadow. So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to relax this bouquet. I'm gonna bring you right about here coming that way. Beautiful to go to come in this way you're gonna be your chest is going to be in her arms like that turned the slightly that way. Beautiful journey going chair judy, get. I'm gonna shoot this in an f two. Good. Brigitte. Right here. Good. Both you guys here. Nice. Good. Yeah. Dakota, can you look towards the window or towards you had that was nice towards bridget, too. Looking down here, buddy, can you close your eyes? Take a deep breath, turn and look slightly towards to goto. Oh, no. I'm not sitting in this church. You need a plastic one or one from the studio. Can you turn towards each other? Thank you. So yes, I did not stand on that chair because it's one kelsey's chair and to not a chair that you stand on but I was given this year because I can't stand on this church beautiful uh good. So yeah that's good and for this particular photo judy come in you're gonna be shooting bridget this'll dakota can I have you here just like that? And bridget raise your hand to be on that stain on his jacket on the upper right hand corner official there rode out there nice and relaxed fingers bringing down just a tiny tiny bit tentative good I'm having her covered that stain because it complements our body is well is saving me time in photo shop later dakota can you turn and look towards me good freddy can't good that's where I want your fees bringing good yeah, both of you guys looking at j d both of you guys looking at j d would be great. Um is there a question? Because I feel like I got to quiet sorry that's really fine um one thing that I didn't get j d if you can get teo please a picture of bridget terror from behind because that's the new up do right here bridge I just called you bridge again why am I doing that good looking up at goto beautiful training looking up to him with your chin turned hundreds beautiful no bring your face back towards me all the way all the way towards me beautiful now just looking up a dakota jasmine dear normally on the style I shoots do no losers have a couple hours scheduled for them or is in an all day process for shooting I usually like three hours okay but yeah good now we're gonna have you do is stand in just like that come this way you can have fifty in typical creative live fashion everyone would like to know what kind of bag it is that j d's just have a bad love it's like this is like having a holding your hands people to go just having your hand just down like that would be great nice sorry guys um I just it's sorry I'm going to three five I'm gonna go up tio twelve fiftieth of a second I'm going to see where I land exposure wise whoa wow am I off let's go to five hundred that was that off their ego closer go three twenty I went around right there you go can you square shoulders a little bit more towards me there we go bridge to bridge it bring your shoulders towards me there we go there you go get bridget come up this way towards me a little bit but can you guys do but it can I get you on this side bridget a missile right there with you got it here great for you come on this way beautiful pick up the dress instead of taking it from behind can you pick it up from the side okay we're gonna end this session right about now so I can make sure that I get everything done good so can you switch your hips the way that you did last time suisham were good good jenny where you at? Uh nice to quicken u k jd so what happened was I um bridget got a little step my fault not hers so so ships for tickety breath to get a nice beautiful getting ever ok I could see him probably todo tiny did a cropping later stood as did it did it perfect put the book down so clearly you're a line that was ariel I'm sorry I good take it decided address I have a thing with bride doing this now because it's just like the safety pose this so I want you to pick up the city address I kind of feel actually it was really cute that was really cute looking down looking down at this idea just good pick it up you know what I wanted to do is to spend all the way around spent all the way around it's been it's been I'm not going to the clamps that okay we'll have you face me again what was way off with my exposure we're going with thousands of a second that's, where I want you. Good. Now we're gonna have you spins, been spent all the way around, looking back toward the q woman, have you take two steps this way. They're going to take two steps this way, the head that wall in the background that was showing stuff to do it more and more time. So, brigitte, I want you to spend since then away. You think I'm going to spend with having the bouquet down. Cute, cute, one more time spent in said, zach, you okay? We're gonna have to end it there, because I need to get to the other details to the models, to the group, by god, thank you, guys, so, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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