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Making Money From YouTube

Lesson 22 from: Making Money with Music

Randy Chertkow, Jason Feehan

Making Money From YouTube

Lesson 22 from: Making Money with Music

Randy Chertkow, Jason Feehan

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Lesson Info

22. Making Money From YouTube

Lesson Info

Making Money From YouTube

We've talked about him off a lot of stuff, but it's time we get to perhaps one of the most exciting changes that's happened lately video was never something that was within reach of regular bands you needed usually made your label support to get anything, and then even if you had it, where would it be shown? And now we live in a world where basically there are no channels, we're basically you can watch whatever you want any time you want. And so one of the things I like and we've been having fun posing questions to the online audience, so we'd like to pose one. Now, can you share the artists that you found over youtube or other video channels? We'd love to hear about it because we've discovered quite a few new ones, and actually if we don't, if you don't mind, have you guys discovered any artist on youtube or anything like that? The biggest one becomes name right aways alan stone, who I saw it's, a live video on youtube, live from his mother's living room songs unaware it's, one of bes...

t videos ever seen, and I think he blew up just from that one video like two million views two means you views this now? Yeah, yeah, that was that was one that I discovered as, well, incredible and also another artist, ori kelly, who I'm really into right now, and she's she's actually touring the nation and becoming pretty big just from youtube and course boyce avenue was a big one as well that you know, they're showing that you can do it just by youtube and connecting with your fans. So so if I could ask for those videos was high production value or is it just single camera single shot just plane is definitely out of high production value, but it's not just that it's ah, you know it's a lot of relatively low budget equipment, you know, a lot of cameras aren't that expensive anymore friend behind the camera doing that hitting and it's just really good music, right? Yeah, and in the case of tori kelly actually know she did everything alive just like almost like a laptop camera feel happy and it was just pure talent well that's so we have a range that we can go from from things that are just single shot, which pretty much everybody has some way to take a video all the way through high production and we've seen all of that too. The great thing about this platform is not on lee is it very good for promoting you? But it actually can be monetized and so we're here about making money with music we're going to talk about that the first question is something that we've mentioned a few times we've kind of given away the answer the answer to this question right now what's the biggest search engine for music in the world is youtube and this is not just people who are tech savvy my parents when they bring up some song will search on it on youtube that's that's where they find it and part of the reason for that is how audio is handled from a copyright standpoint aa lot of the audio sites just couldn't host things because of lawsuits and whatnot youtube was able to establish a platform where this could happen and the way that they were able to do it was to be able tio provide all kinds of options for basically the copyright owners to profit from it and we're going to tell you how to do the same thing because you are now the label you are now the copyright holder. So here are some facts though that you might find fascinating about you to first of all, forty eight hours of video are uploaded every minutes eight years of content uploaded every single day on youtube isn't all good content no is all original content now it might be repeat that I mean there's just an enormous amount of stuff out there more than three billion videos air viewed per day eight hundred million unique visitors we've had more statist sticks check this out the demographic is broad, it goes all the way from eighteen to fifty four year olds is the main one, but it goes beyond that I know because my parents love you too as well, and they watch the kitten videos as well as music and other things that they remember from their childhood twenty thousand partners from twenty two countries and the hundreds of partners they say make more than one hundred thousand dollars a year. So if you do this right, you could make a living off of youtube alone it's possible and one more fact and this is the key fact this is the heart of the whole thing. There is no such thing as viral audio. Have you ever heard that term? I no, I haven't, but everybody talks all the time about viral video viral video why is it via why isn't viral? Well, it's easily shared there's a share button right there it's part of the video and everybody seems to know how to use it. They don't have to explain, so if somebody thinks something is cool, they will click on that and they will share it and they give you the whole role of options course, google plus is first, but it goes down facebook, twitter, even through email and on down the line, all these things air there let's talk about some sharing statistics that at least blew our minds that when we researched it, one hundred million people take a social action on youtube every week a hundred million every minute more than minute more than five hundred tweets go out with youtube links in it shared tweets result in six new youtube sessions share tweets which means if you can get a tweet shared, you can get a bunch of people watching your video and seventeen million people have connected their youtube account to social site so people like carrying video I think that's the only conclusion I can come to unless you guys have a different idea, this is the place to be this is at the heart of pretty much everything you could do to promote yourself and then as we're going to talk about actually to make money from it, the interesting thing is people like sharing videos, especially if it makes them look cool to share it. So what do we mean by that? This is something that we call the nice peter principle, and we call it that based on a person that we know personally and interviewed for the book he's, the creator of epic rap battles of history and a musician have you guys heard of the epic rap battles of history? Ok, no one? Yes, it's always interesting even these massive things were a lot of his videos have fifty sixty million views eighty million views and you haven't run into it which is just shows you what the media is like nowadays but just to give you an idea when he releases a new video in his siri's epic rap battles of history, he gets a million views within twenty four hours and across this that and just keeps going very, very fast so he's really doing it right? We asked him we interviewed him for the book what's your secret how do you do this he's like well I don't know if I want to share then he told us what it wass and then we said, we'll be telling you, we're going to put that in the book of course we're going to put it in the book they were like, no, you've got the secret sites, your version of it and other people it's a slide back and what he said was people like sharing stuff that makes him look cool so if you think about that I mean what what is it that you share and you too that you watch it's something that obviously that connects with you and then you like I share that with so and so they're going to love it and I want to look cool because I discovered it and that's kind of that's kind of his secret sauce that's how he looks the world I want to go back to a theme that's not in any of the slides but it's something we've talked about repeatedly here which is always to get in ahead of whoever you're trying to influence from a marketing standpoint right if you're trying to influence a booker you solve their problems you give them a night of entertainment that's the booking cartel idea you want to influence somebody to do sharing actions will get into their head what is it that they would do to share it well if you can make them look cool to share it then you've done it it's another level of thinking about it goes beyond just making something that's good if you're interested in watching the types of things that share very well check out the website up worthy if you have not up worthy dot com they have things on all kinds of topics things that are interesting things that are heartwarming kitty videos when you know all those types of things you can watch the types of things that catch people and perhaps while you're doing the artistic thing that you do in order to put together your music video you can make something that will make your fans be more likely to share it considering that the question then becomes even if you make a great video how do you make money from youtube? How can you monetize this? Well quite a few ways royalties and advertising share with content I'd partner ad revenue share music sales merchandise and going direct to sponsors don't worry we're going to dig into each one of these five things there's so big that they're well worth our time to go into especially number one so let's skip to the next one content idee busy slide but this is a rather dense area here what content I d came out it was a number of lawsuits is that you two were hit with where people complain wait how do we know where our videos are so we know whether we can take them down in the first place youtube in the court was like well, we have a dmc a you can take us take down any video there like what about private videos where people don't share it? We can't even find it in the search so they finally came up with the technology that allows you to upload the audio and upload the video take a fingerprint of that digital fingerprint of that and say wait a minute I recognize that that's over here I recognize this a bit of video that's over here in the audio all these different parts of it it's definitely had some two tractors to it in the technology sometimes picks things up that aren't there are you can contested if you get a take down notice if you've heard of these things happening let's talk about content idea not from the point of view of other content owners that might try to take your stuff down but you as a content owner because you now have copyright considering that you could make money off use you could block uses limit uses tracks statistics get advertising income all these things are available to you now one of the things that will happen if you make a very popular video is that someone else will think it's so cool they will think it's cool to download it and uploaded to their channel this happens a lot and why did they do this well wanted my because they just like it and they like you another thing is because they want it to basically pump the number of views on their own channel it's a way for them to borrow popularity and say hey check out my channel and they may have a lot of other stuff that might not be worth watching but they've got your video up there now do you care that they do that you might you might uh certainly labels were contractually obligated to do take downs of this kind of thing they're kind of in their hands are tied there not supposed to allow it to happen well, you have a choice you can actually have a share of the advertising incumbents generated by it and even if their channel is not generating any advertising income you can actually turn that on their channel and say, no, I want if you're going to have my video, you're going to give me some income for for having it up there. You could also have it taken down or block it for certain countries, or just tracks statistics on it. If you want to know how often it's played, why would you want to track stats? Well, of course, that's useful, but just tio to say, if you're at the label level or higher, you may have a contractual obligation to track all the plays of the video and might have to pay your artist because of this there's a lot involved in this that can get deeper in the music industry. Let's just keep things, though at a level that we can take care of yourself signing up is very, very easy for this. You register for a content idea count. You must only exclusive rights to the underlying material, of course. I mean, this is not something you can't just upload somebody else's stuff and say, hey, this is mine it's not gonna work out too well, but once it's accepted you upload your audio and video content it's very easy to dio it takes just a few minutes, here's a gotcha. We have run into a number of services that claim that they can give you royalty and licensing income for your videos and all they do is register your stuff and take a cut of what would come out that you can get all yourself by doing what we just talked about on this slide right here so we're just gonna warn you out here do this yourself it's not hard there's no reason to have somebody else do it. We have not seen a compelling reason to use others necessarily unless you have a awful large catalog and you want to use a service to do broader than youtube and they have bigger services they exist out there and there's actually ones with very broad sets of licensing and royalty options so that there but for the most part you're getting started out no reason you can't do this yourself so any questions about that? Because that is a key point if you do nothing else if you do nothing else, you should just do content I d and now you're all a sudden making money off of youtube how is the income decided for the video? You just get a percentage or like a pennies per video played or what I think that's exactly what it is I think that we have looking back on that slide there's like um that all this stuff is on youtube so you can go and research it on youtube as randy said, you should do it yourself yet don't have some other company try to say we can get you signed up for this thing it's for feet now okay, so when you look at this kind of thing, you have to ask yourself basically, how do you know where does the money come from? Where's this pile of money coming from it becomes very easy to track when you're selling your album they're spending nine ninety nine itunes to buy your album itunes takes thirty percent and then there's like some six bucks left. And then if you remember we talked I don't know if you remember from the very first day we talked about okay then there's another model there's a subscription model where you pay them a certain amount but you get that whole six sixty seven or whatever it is or you they may take a percentage of that there's another fifteen percent taken out of that and then you get the rest of that so we can track all that stuff right? So what's the initial income stream when it comes to this well there's advertising rates that are paid by various people to do different types of ads there's a type of ad that's, a pre roll video there's another that's just a text based banner type of thing there's another type, and you've probably seen these there's a longer type of video that lets you cancel it after five seconds, right? All these have different rates that youtube charges and it's going to change over time. They give you a certain percentage of this, which calls so change over time. The key thing to remember, I think that they actually usually track this by the amount of money you'll generally get out of every thousand views and that changes over time. I would search on it rather than say anything else just search on how many out of a thousand and they'll give you an estimate so you can get an idea about what you would get now you can't exactly control how many you know, you could only make it viral and hope that it really blows up, which is the interesting thing. But then again, all you have to do is upload your stuff. Now one of the keys of content idea that we haven't mentioned here that we really need to talk about is the fact that it's not just your videos, that you should dio and keep in mind they have you upload the video and the audio as two separate things it's every bit of audio that you have. We have being eternal songs that people decide to make a video out of it, they didn't ask us, and they just decide to do it, and we thought that it was really cool that they did this was well before there was any, uh, any content idea, yeah, I believe, yeah, there was no content eighty, and they just made a video out of her son was a very cool video. We thought it was cool, but it's not something that we've ever made a video out of, and nevertheless, we really should upload that, and then we can start getting the income from it. So you need to do this for pretty much all the music because it doesn't post it to youtube to be publicly viewable or listenable ok, does that makes sense? Yeah, so like taking that going with that idea. So if you're interacting with your fans and your collaborating with your fancy, you're trying to get them to do make videos, or maybe they are making videos like in our case, um, that is why you would want to do that. You've got to think beyond what you have on youtube that you've created. You want to get all your songs up there, um, do that ahead of time before you get your fans toe. To make these videos yeah let's say like a ton of artists just cover songs on youtube but that doesn't apply with content idea right? Because if you don't own the copyright if a ton of artists do what now like they you know, make interpretations of cover songs to get his concert eighty may or may not pick that up depends on how their algorithm works if it does you they've all the options available that we talked about becoming a place so you can ask him to take it down or and if you're on the other side of that if you do a cover if that's what you're asking I'm going to cover some other artist song what you're technically supposed to do from a legal standpoint is get a sink license to be able to do something like that is it's video you want clear that clear the road you want to get a license to do a cover song but there is a culture of musicians who just and their bathroom where they're living room or whatever just doing a cover. I am highly doubt that content idea is going to catch the cover of the song because it's a different wave form right? And I think there it's all based on the algorithms on that kind of stuff um yeah so I don't know so can you generate the revenue from their covers than what I wanted? Video well, through content, I d yeah, no, I don't think it would catch it now. It's probably wouldn't know that said, if you are concerned about this, you're the content owner or flipping it if you do something and you do a cover song, a label khun still issue would take down using the d m c a in the digital millennium copyright act and say we own the song and we're going to issue a takedown and then you can contest it if you have a way to contest it or reason contestant it's all listed there, we're not going to get into the details of that from the flipside of somebody covers your song and you don't particularly like the fact that they're doing it for whatever reason, you could do the same thing, do a dmca and if she would take them that's all possible campaign yeah, yeah, basically answers that also mention in general, you would want people to cover your music. Yeah, they're talking about promoting you and it's ah, flattering thing if they do it, they don't credit you on, they claim rights than go get him e I wouldn't, I wouldn't let them do that. All right, so, yeah, you have your own channel, you would like to get a revenue share out of all the videos that you're doing well you can sign up to be a partner is very easy to dio you make money off ads played on your video you have to qualify may need to determine that you're eligible that if you are basically you get the chance to start doing the same advertising options do you want a pre roll video do you want a banner do you wantto advertising at all? You can choose these things that as long as it doesn't trigger content I d which automatically turns him on your choices hold you get extra benefits out of being a partner though if they decide that your channel meets their requirements meets their eligibility you get additional ways to sell your music and additional channel designs that allow you to customize your channel so what does this mean means that on your channel page you can actually have links to your store to your merchandise to your music right there on your youtube channel so it's a very powerful thing in all of you that have any youtube presence should be applying to be a partner you can't have any takedowns issued against you in order to get it you can't have any anything that gets close to their eligibility problems you want to read it and if you have a problem on a channel you might want to start a new ones so that you can start fresh because you really want a situation where they'll agree to it you but to be fair like they don't choose everybody so there are these requirements that they they have and that's like certain a number of views and all that kind of stuff so you want to be promoting your channel so that you can actually hit these requirements so that they're more likely to get, uh chosen when you apply for it? So we should be very clear on that chat room sure can fuchsia said that they've seen a ted talk on an interview on how the internet is now becoming more selective per viewer so if you type in hip hop music for example um I might get something different than you would based on my tastes and interests and websites have previously visited was little so they're asking, how do you cut through the fog of that that's not something you can control guys it's a very good question and it does happen it's part of google's algorithm and what they do is they watch what you're doing and then you know you you will notice over time depending on if you use google news, whatever you click on, he'll start leaning one political direction or another I mean, it catches this types of things there's no way to cut through and get to your fans for say, except to be the right kind of video for your fans to use the right kind of text amongst your stuff that your fans would be interested in that meet your fans interests. So a big part of it is, what does google have to work with? Well, just text and viewer habits, so I guess you could have a name that doesn't really match a death metal thing. It could be called teddy bear song, and it could be a death metal song, and that makes it a little harder for them to do it. But then, you know, by people's viewing habits, it will eventually get the idea what's going on. But if you match everything together, you'll be in a much better position to succeed that way. That's your best thing, you could do a great right, so ad revenue share additional ways to sell your music and do things like that. You can also do custom branding, and now you can start getting your brand in front of people. You could do water marking analytics, other features. This stuff is all very useful, but you have to stay in good standing in order to keep collecting ad revenue. If you get a take down and you have an established channel, don't panic, especially if you have a good defense against it, you need to contest things if they happen, you should be very respectful as musicians, all of us because we're all trying to play in a nice space and now you're a copyright owner, you should respect other copyright owner stuff you should do it the right way if you're not sure about the complicated world a world of copyright which comes up repeatedly in pretty much every session we have we've done our best in the indie van, sir, but we can't cover it here, but we've done our best in the end even survival guide to step you through every kind of right and not just how to make money off of it and establish it but how to clear your rights so that you're doing the right thing and you're doing it if you do that and you keep stuff in mind, you shouldn't run afoul of any of this stuff you won't have any problems for the most part it's a good idea to really be using your own music for the most part, but then again, I'm thinking of certain artists that we know that do very well by doing covers. Yes, well, I was just going to add to your good standing point, I think part of it is also how you control your channel, the comments that you make and all that kind of stuff is very keen on making it a clean place too post comments uh and I think that's part of the good standing stuff again all of this stuff is on youtube site, so you can read it yourself. Um, so, you know, no problem. So that's about ad revenue share now we're going to go to number three on the list, which is merchandise and other sales you need to include links on where you sell your merchandise in the video description so people know where to buy it. That's the whole point of doing this sister actually let people see this, but you can also use video annotations to do this this air very, very handy tools that people do not use nearly enough in order to do stuff with it, but in particular it's about music sales, that's what you really should be pushing it's very hard to get anybody to pay any attention, tow any new music from a musician that they've never heard of. And yet the interesting thing about video is people are more willing to hit a video that they've never heard of. I don't know why that is like, hey, look at what this cat did, and then people will click on it. They don't know what it is like a check out my new song and you just include audio people like I don't want to see if the sun but if you have a video and there's anything compelling about it. Any image that's there that might pick him up there actually much more likely to pick it up you're going to try really hard to do this considering this, your video invitations should have by links but the very first comment this is the thing that will make you the most money. It's the most plain simple point that we can make to you is that the very first part of the music description should be buy it on itunes, linc and I mean, if there's nothing else you walk away from I already said if there's anything else you walk away from, you should do content idea. So there's two things you walk away from this learning it's that you should be doing this for all the songs that you have for sale, right? So instead of a long winded with this video description, what this video is all about just go right to the bite here. Bye, dear, by the song here by tonight you should say by nineteen's so that they know they're going to fight it and then maybe under that you can have other places you'd sell it. Do you think I itunes as a marketplace for music is dying out and you think it's still alive, it's doing fine? I don't see it dying at all well, I mean, this is like a spotify the subscription model versus uh uh purchase question isn't is it not? Yeah? Is that your veil questions e I don't know I don't know uh people are still buying songs yeah, and they're adding to the library and every artist that we know every artist that does these videos you know they go right toe itunes by here um and they sell a lot of some of them are making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of itunes sales off of these videos that air getting millions of hits so I don't think it's that's why I'm like I can't now like it's I could see if people like oh, I could just get it off spotify so why should I buy it? That certainly would curtail your sails a bit. Yeah, it just seems like people are downloading music for free no days instead of going diet isn't buying it well, they're doing I mean that's the theme of the beginning of this course and everything we've talked about how do you get people to buy something? The easiest way is to catch their impulse buy I love that song I want it with me on my player as I'm driving to work not just when I'm on the net and on spotify yeah that's really where you're aiming at are you going to convince everybody to do it? No but if all you do is content idea or partner share revenue, and then you put your video up and you're not doing the itunes sale, you're missing a whole nother partial part of your income that you could get okay, so I don't know what else you would impart part of what I'm trying to say here is that you've gone through are the hard work to try and get them to listen to your music, and we've mentioned this before, but people pay you in two ways money and their attention and it's very hard to get their attention. There's a lot fighting for that scrap of attention that you can get if you can even get them to listen to your song, you've won it's a huge victory. Now the question from there is, what can I do with the marketing standpoint? I've got their attention now if you've got them to really like the song and they think it's great, what is it that you would like him to do at that point? The most likely thing is by the song, unless there's something else that you want them to dio I have seen some artists put actually, ah, a download. Download this song and I don't know why because the reason why you have people download the song is to get them to check it out so that they'll buy other of your music. But then you've already done the hard work of getting him to listen in the first place. If there's something else you want to do there that's ok, but that very first line of the description is the time where you can catch of the most interesting sales going on. Yes, I guess there's no point in giving away a free song because the video itself has the free song right? So switch the thinking go right to the sale make it is easy as possible put it on the first line, right key thing to remember is annotations. Just work for desktop users of the moment and there's a very powerful technique as it relates to selling your music. It is not just about having that download link. What you have to keep in mind is that there are websites on the internet where all you have to do is pop in the girl for that little guy for the for the youtube video and what will pop out of the other side. What will pop out of the other side of that is the song and mp three format so your fan can get an mp three of any video that you upload well, if that's the case, then well, how were you gonna win? Because they're going to get it now it's a crappy format it's very low quality compared to what you would get on itunes or anywhere else that you would normally sell or buy it well, considering that the key thing here is, how do you keep people from doing this? And the answer is make the audio that you're selling different than the audio that you're playing on the video. What that means is that when the song is over, put some extra stuff at the end, say, hey, you can buy the song and I it is talk about how you made the song do something you may think that that sounds cheesy until you start checking out artists like pompom mousse, which there another artist's where they put stuff up and they get millions of views, and at the end of every song that they do, they have this extra stuff just chatter or the gregory brothers, you know, these are the guys who did the double rainbow song and things like that, and they always just take a look. You'll you'll look at the internet and youtube a very different way when you do this, view your favorite videos and check out where they put the by links, how they handle this kind of stuff whether they put extra stuff either the beginning or the end of their videos and a lot of the ones that are really popular will do this and so we're just trying to give you the same techniques that any of them would use to make it more likely so that if they download the song and the fan at the end of the song keeps hearing a by this on items like the sterile now they could edit this out simple, but we're musicians we know how to edit these things out the average person who knows how to put a u r o and then pop out an mp three doesn't necessarily know this. Yes, this is more of a statement than a question I just want your opinion this seems to me like a good opportunity to offer free download and ask for a donation and return. What do you guys think about that it's? One thing that you can dio but I think that the reason why you owe ask for a donation in return it would seem to me at that point that the obvious thing that they're going to get for the donation is the song anyway, yes, we'll push a song so okay, we would I mean, I would just recommend that you can do whatever you want it's a it's, the prime real estate marketing opportunity right underneath the video go check it out. I mean, you'll see that the first line is it depending on how they have it because they keep changing the format. Yeah, lately, but sometimes they get rid of all of the description. But most the time, they just have one line in the description and that's that like that's where you put it, this is actually really important point. This very one. The next one, though, is you can actually go direct to sponsors to actually make some more money off of youtube. Now, what does this mean? You basically they want product placement. They want to get in front of the huge audience that you've generated. So if you start getting a lot of plays, you might catch their notice and you could reach out to them or they may reach out to you. Markazi scott had that great pumped up, kids pumped up kicks dance video. He later did some work with audio technica and he did an audio technica commercial and this came straight out of it. And he's actually had their headphones on while he's playing just to get some product placement for them. And why would he care if he's making a video and he's got something like that going? I mean, it can really work out for you in a very natural way. Again, don't do anything that you wouldn't want to d'oh that looks cheesy for you or that you feel would impact your artistic sense of being basically genuine. Anything along the lines of your authenticity, basically, there's no way other way I can describe this is very much available to you is a source of income, and if your primary way your primary interest in your primary fan days is on youtube, this is a huge audience that a lot of companies are looking to reach, and you should take advantage of it. Yes, you may cover this in the next live, but how would you go to sponsors with a negotiator? Maybe just with yourself would be the best way to do that. We don't cover that the next slide, and what would we say for that? Well, first of all, you have to have an audience of quality. You've gotta have that drug probably youtube partner by that point. Um, and then the way I think sometimes they come to you and I think that's probably what happened with markets got I'm not sure, um, so they'll come knocking on your doors. If you have a big audience, they can only see what your audiences they understand channel views, and they can see the views you'll get sucked up into the popular if you really viral you get up into that uh that top ten list or whatever they have youtube, the youtube popular popular channel and then three other thing is then you can always go contacting places so we do know artists who did sponsorship deals with guitar uh manufacturers microphone manufacturers this isn't just video related they just actually went and approached him on just a hey look, I toured this much much and I wantto plug you and blood the website male, that kind of stuff of course if you've got an audience at this stage and its youtube and sent us international stage um you know, you're you calling them or whatever uh we'll break down the doors a bit, but I mean there's no, uh there's no real recipe exactly per se is asking if you should have an agent and I mean, if you're dealing with a significant amount of money and all yes, because then I'll be in agent interested because they're getting a cut and they're worth it. Every agent I've ever worked with has been actually awesome, you know that I don't know some people complain about them, but they're fighting for you because they're fighting for themselves to some extent so your interests are usually pretty aligned and they do a good job and plus they could be and this is another part of the agents strategy that we talked about earlier they could be they could be as hard as they want during negotiations, and it doesn't reflect on you, I guess it's the best way to say it, they're like no he's he's not going to do this there's no way, you know, and whatever he could be like this there's no way they'd work with somebody like you. If you're gonna do this, you may even walk away, you know, you could just do these techniques absolutely it's fair, but by that point you'll have attracted enough interest. That's one of the first things I saw after he blew up is that you could say, contact my agent here, book me, I'm like, yeah, that's, right, you could put that in the video description, and he did and did for every video. I mean, it started to really work is those video descriptions are for the people who are the one looking to do business with you. They're not just gonna look at the first line and buy the album or by the song they're learning, they're going there to check he out, what's going on and have interest you can use it.

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Absolutely fantastic course from start to finish. I thought i knew most of the tools, methods and ideas of the modern musician - but i was wrong. This course filled me with food-for-thought and instantly inspired me to do more and try harder. Well worth it. Thanks guys!

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One of the best classes I have ever taken as far as how to make money in music. I highly recommend this for anyone who works in the music field as an artist - manager or independent label.

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