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Consistency is Key

Lastly, consistency really is key here. Facebook is not the sort of thing that works for you if you post once a week or if you post once a month or if you don't really have a strategy for it, be really consistent with your facebook posts and doing what this I know, I have been in this situation so many times where I sit at facebook in the morning and I think, ok, I know I have to do facebook, but what do I write about this morning? And it takes me half an hour to even come up with something to post for the day where I could have had a plan of action ahead of time and I've showed you this before, but I could have had a plan of action. I know that every morning, every monday morning I'm posting about asking a question, so then I'll just sit down right? Ten question that I'm going to have content for ten different mondays for nine a m so it really helps to take all of the guesswork out of what should I do when I'm on facebook and having this sort of timeline and schedule really helps you ...

with that consistency that I think is key with blogging, sending out your newsletters, launching products, posting on social media and really everything else that you do in your business. Yeah, you have found the week on day. I used to have an app on facebook for the fan of the week, and then I found it didn't work very well. Teo, to use an app for that. I don't use an app. I actually used to do this more with my product based business. I don't necessarily do it now, but I used to ask people to send me a photo of them wearing my t shirts, and then I would post it up there as a fan of the week, so I didn't use an app. I you literally just had them send the photo, and I would be uploaded. Yeah, so what happed to use them? I don't, I don't remember what it was, ok? It was had a big star on it didn't win. Is that where I didn't want? I wanted it to. Okay? Yeah, which which is great to know in that case because you could just get rid of it and try something new that might be more efficient. Your idea? Yeah, it was agreed, and then people would share with their friends, and because my product was so visual where it was a t shirt, so whenever they would share with their friends, like, are just featured on this website and then other their friends would come in to be like, oh, I want that t shirt to one, and they check on my website and so on, so it helps to build the community. It gets people interacting, it helps to spread the word, and it brings more sales my way as well, which only helps me to share my message, which benefits everyone else. So it really is like this domino effect where everyone benefits. Yeah, so are there any more questions from the studio audience or the online audience about setting up your facebook profile or optimizing your post way? Have a few from the online audience that have been coming in and some of them you are going to touch on a little bit later, but we had a couple of different questions about hash tags, and I know that a lot of people are using hash tags on twitter on instagram, but maybe you could just clarify a little bit about using hashtags and some of these facebook post and in different types of content that you would use on facebook. Yeah, so for I know hashtags is not relatively new, but it's it's been it's not been around facebook as long as some of the other platforms like twitter on instagram and I have to say they're not as widely used on facebook as they are on instagram or twitter I know those two platform, they're all about hashtags that's how people get found you have to have hash tags I think with facebook it's a it is a little different because people haven't really been used to it for that long and the feature doesn't really work that well either I know I'll hashtag something and then a week later answer for the hashtag and nothing's there with that hash tag so I wouldn't focus too much on it unless you're trying tio build excitement around maybe a certain event or certain launch or something like that, but it's, I wouldn't say that with the other platforms I think for some of the other platforms they totally should be part of your strategy. I think with facebook it's a little less effective to use the hashtag but by all means if you have something relevant and you have content that you're going to be sharing around the same topic for a while then definitely use hashtags as well. Yes, that actually got an email from pinterest recommending not using hash tags on their systems. So for some reason they don't want the hashtags to be part of what you're doing in a post yeah, I think pinterest has actually gone back and forth they've removed hashtags they brought him back, some people are saying don't use it because it takes people away from your own content eso yeah, just experiment. I think facebook is moving away from hashtag mean, pinterest is moving away from that, too, so I feel like all of these networks, they're experimenting constantly, but I think a lot of the changes that are being made are really good and serving the end user. So I think even though with all of this frustrated facebook stuff, I still feel like my facebook experience now is so much better than it was four years ago or five years ago, so we just have to be flexible and sort of go along with it and adapt yes, you're gonna focus your social media into facebook. Would you recommend setting up like a twitter account that would auto pull the facebook feed and post onto twitter? Or if you're not going to go on there, don't do it at all? Yeah, I would say, with twitter, it's a little different because you only have one hundred forty characters. So if you're posting something on facebook that's maybe a paragraph long if you posted tio automatically posted to twitter it's not going to show up the whole thing and it might not even make sense to people that are reading it, so I don't necessarily recommend linking from facebook, the twitter or even from twitter to facebook. But I know for me I post on twitter way more than I post on facebook like there's some times where I have like forty fifty things that I'm posting on twitter every single day again they're all pre scheduled but I would have won all of those forty to fifty things to show up on my facebook feed too so it depends I feel like if you're on ly posting three to four times a day and you don't want to go across all networks then by all means link it but just be mindful that when you're posting on facebook on lee the first one hundred forty characters will show on twitter if you have them linked way have one more here from online I know that you touched on this a little bit but we had a lot of people who were still curious about it this one was originally posted by sarah bertolacci but we had five other people vote so I think people just need clarification now you showed the slide about having the different schedule doing something from ninety nine thirty, twelve, twelve thirty and sarah just wanted to know and to confirm are you suggesting scheduling these post directly through facebook or is this schedule something that you're setting up in one of the other pieces of software that helps you schedule social media? I would absolutely great question I would absolutely recommend scheduling it directly through facebook and as much as you can do directly through facebook that's really the way to go facebook really tries tio have you stay within their platform as much as you can and I've tested this too if I schedule something through hoot suite or something like that, it doesn't get as much reach as if I scheduled it directly through facebook so stank and facebook is the way to go tracy an opinion about short lengths like using a bit lee or a tiny or l versus like a pretty length that you can set up in wordpress oh so using I see what you're saying I used both actually and whenever I'm sharing content if it's a really long blink I'll do a bit lee or something like that but for example in my podcast because it I still do want my branding and there and I want to tell people for example, for an episode I don't want to tell them to go to launch grow joy dot com my interview with x y z person and it's in that case I'll views ah pretty link which is a plug in for war press to bran the link with my own your own so I do both I think on facebook if you could keep it shorter that's probably better and you can also track it although you contract the pre dealings do but either way I think would work

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Andreea is easy to understand and is so personable. She has a great mastermind group on Facebook too. She really cares about helping us all and has great information that is really relevant.