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So now let's talk about the third part of your facebook marketing plan which is creating your content because you do have to create a content I feel like as small business owners sometimes they create more content than we do anything else in our business and facebook is no exception to that but the facebook algorithm love's post I get a lot of interaction there all about increasing interaction and getting people to like and comment and share and all of that stuff where someone is actually interacting with your post they also love organic content so content that is your own content that gets posted directly to facebook and not a share from something else they really loved that too and they also love pages that have a fully completed profile and we're going to talk about how to complete your profile in the next session but there are a lot of things that you should be paying attention to you when it comes to your facebook profile and they also love video absolutely love video you saw it f...

rom my statistics elizabeth there saying your video gets a lot of use a lot of engagement it's true facebook really loves video and video works yes so can you elaborate on what organic content yeah so are getting kinda and your own content that you posed directly on facebook so it's not necessarily a link that you get from somewhere else it's opposed you right a video that you upload something that you create directly through facebook yes all right so video really works and facebook loves it so more than fifty percent of people who come to facebook every day in the u s watch at least one video daily this is huge especially considering the most of the content that you're seeing on facebook is probably not videos yet so to know that at least half of the people in the u s who go on facebook walker watch a video I would say that's pretty pretty significant and then seventy six percent of people in the u s who use facebook send they say they tend to discover the videos they watch on facebook so people are watching videos they're watching videos on facebook and facebook algorithm just loves videos now the a facebook algorithm also really hates some things and they hate post that have been uploaded before so tracy we were talking about should you pose the same thing again? I've tested it every time I posed the same exact content it gets seen by fewer and fewer people every single time they also hate post with clickbait and what I mean by that are posed that say click here tio watch a video on this but it's actually not a video at all or it's not what they say it was going to be so don't be misleading if you have a link that is about a certain thing just say what it is and don't don't be sensational about it don't say something that it's not facebook is really cracking down on that they have their algorithm look out for those links all the time and I think they even hate the word click here or like this or comment I know there used to be a time when we would teach facebook marketing or you would hear and people would say ask people to take action tell them to like it tell them to click on it and now facebook is sort of cracking down on that and they hate when you do that, but there are other ways to get people to click without actually saying click here so we're gonna give you a few examples of that in a minute here and they also hate posed that are overly promotional, so if you're saying we're having a fifty percent off sale and it expires on monday and click here to buy this and go to this link here's your coupon code that is way too promotional facebook will not show that to as many people you can still posted, but most people will probably not see it. So if you're running a sale if you have something promotional make it more like a conversation rather than on advertisement so now let's talk about your content so your content should definitely be relevant to your audience, I know there's a ton of cat videos on facebook people will click on those yes if it's relevant to your audience, sometimes you just want to make your audience laugh that's totally relevant to your audience and go ahead and posted if it's funny and it's going to be relevant to them, they also love content that are terrible, likable, commendable and clickable so they just want people to engage with facebook so if you're asking your audience questions if you're telling them something and if you're getting them to really engage and share and like facebook loves that and the more people who did that with your post, the more people facebook is going to show your content to and you're content should also be aligned with your brand name. If it's not in line with your branding, just don't do it I think your audience is going to be confused, they're going to think this doesn't make sense coming from this brand facebook is going to hate it and just no one went there now let's talk about the kind of content you should do, so I'm definitely a big fan of planning ahead and variety is key here often times people ask me, well, how much of my content should be promotional? How much of it should it be about me? And I used to say follow the eighty twenty rule but I recently switched and now I say follow the ninety ten rules so ninety percent of it should be inspirational relevant to your audience and ten percent of it can actually be promotional so maybe for every ten post you write one of them could be sending people back to your web site to actually buy something or sign up for your neat newsletter list everything else should really be content that is inspirational and that is relevant to your audience and also create a content calendar so you're going to know so you know what you're going to post instead of just sitting up your facebook turning on your computer and being like ok, what am I going to post about today? So I want to give you an example of your content count so this is let's say you are posting you've decided that you're going to post three times a day on facebook and some time between nine and on thirty twelve and twelve thirty and five and five thirty so if you have a little calendar with the type of content that you're going to post it just take it takes all of the guesswork out of your facebook efforts so you'll see here I don't have too many things like I have asked a question sure oppo shirt quote and you'll know exactly what you need to write and I'm a huge fan of planning this once a week sitting down writing everything, I literally do this. On monday morning, I will sit down, schedule my post, and when I didn't have an assistant, I would just schedule it all directly on facebook. Now, I just send it to her. She'll posted a great way if you have a va or an assistant for them to help you out with this. But as long as you plan it out, this makes it so much easier, and it takes all of the guesswork out of what should I write on facebook today?

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For busy small business owners, the constant updates Facebook makes to its functions and features can be overwhelming. In Market Your Online Store with Facebook, Andreea Ayers will help bring focus to your Facebook marketing strategy and show you a reliable way to connect with and grow your online audience.

Andreea has deep, first-hand experience with marketing a small business online and in this beginner-friendly class she’ll tell you exactly what you need to know to make Facebook work for you. Andreea will teach you how to:

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  • Grow your email list using Facebook advertising and targeting features
  • Strategically run a Facebook contest to build your audience

Market Your Online Store with Facebook will help you feel more confident that time you spend on Facebook is bringing the right people back to your online store.

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Andreea is easy to understand and is so personable. She has a great mastermind group on Facebook too. She really cares about helping us all and has great information that is really relevant.