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Now let's talk about doing your research with facebook so you have to understand a little bit about who your audience is and when they're on facebook so facebook gives you really great statistics we're going to do some screen shots in a second but it shows you who they are it shows you when they're on facebook, what content they interact with and is just such a great way to get all of this information that you don't necessarily know from your email is because when you are having signed someone sign up from their email lists or even when they buy you don't maybe you know if they're male or female because of their name but you don't know how old they are you don't know when they're online you don't know any of that stuff and facebook makes it really easy for you to do that. So this is a screen shot of the insights on facebook so right on your business facebook page and I know we actually didn't even talk about building your your facebook page rather than your profile, but if you're using...

your facebook account three a profile, you definitely should have a business pages well because you don't get insights in your profile you don't get to do ads and you don't get to do a lot of cool stuff that you could do with an actual facebook page yes so I initially started my business page from my personal page, but then I felt kind of weird about that, so I created another personal page that isn't a real person that I heard that facebook's not liking that very much. So should I get rid of that second page and just heat from my personal page? Yeah, I would recommend having your personal page and then having a business page, and I think you could on lee set up a business page if you have a personal account, but you never have to like your personal facebook profile never has to show up in your business page if you unless you actually want that. So I would say there's really no need to have that fake profile on there just creator business, page three of personal pain or be a personal account, and you don't even have to get your personal page involved at all. Ok, that was my concern. Yes, so this is super easy. You go to your facebook page, click on view insights right there, and it gives you a lot of really great insight. So some of the things that you can find our your page likes your post, reach your engagement. How many of you have had a chance to look through your facebook insights yet? Some of them, yes. So if you have india definitely after the course is over or if you're watching at home online, make sure to go to your facebook page and click on the inside. I think you might might be surprised, or maybe not about what is what it is that you'll you'll see on there about your audience. So this is the first thing that you'll see when you go on there and they group it by bye week, so you'll see the latest the last week that you are actually had some engagement on your facebook page. It also lets you know how many net likes you've actually had, so it shows you how many people have liked your page, how many people have unlike did? And that way, if you get a lot of people unlike in your page, then it's time to look at your content and think about why are people on liking this? Maybe my content is not relevant, or maybe I'm posting too often or maybe I'm not posting often enough. So this is a great way to see what's working and what's not working on any time we get a lot of unlike that sort of should be a red flag that something is not working right in your audience just doesn't want to engage with you anymore. Another thing that you can check is when your page likes happened so you can see the actual dates so I know for me it's really interesting whenever I sent people to my facebook page maybe my people on my email this this goes up because obviously I'm asking people to like my facebook page and this is something that I actually recommend everyone do if you have an email list twice a year you don't have to do it often but twice a year email my email list just simply with the one quick message and I'll ask them to like my facebook page because I have something else to share that I'm on lee going to share on facebook so every time I do that my facebook likes go up and people love it again they feel like their exclusive they're getting something that no one else gets to see and again it creates that community and it helps me to grow my facebook page as well you can also see your post reach so this shows the number of people that your post was served so you'll see here it ranges anywhere from I would say maybe one hundred teo thirteen hundred ourselves so this is just for me and you'll see you'll see different spikes and I'm curious if you were to go into your own facebook insights what you might see as well and how it correlates with everything else that you d'oh in your business as well but anytime I send people to facebook I will see this anytime I post the video I will see a really big reach and all you can experiment with this as well you can also see in your facebook insights the likes, comments and shares so these are things that you maybe you post something and people like kid they share their comment on it they love maybe post the common there so this is where you can see that there as well and you can see if this would be zero then that's a problem because again your audience can't really relate to what you're doing and it's time to change things that maybe post something that would be more relevant to them and uh and sort of try and see what's working another thing you can see on facebook are things when whenever someone hides your post and I know I've done that a couple of times with supposed that were not relevant or reports that my spam or unlike supposed then this is a great way to see that and again if you have too much of that for me teo out of almost ten thousand and fans isn't that bad but if I had fifty or one hundred that might be a red flag and I might be thinking ok, something is not right here I'm not making my facebook community happy what did I do on that? A specific day that I have twenty unlike in one day so something worth checking I don't look at this every single time I look at my insights but I do look at it once in a while just to see what's going on and if people are leaving my facebook page another thing that you can see our page and tab visit so these are and we're going to talk about tabs in a second but these are the little aps that you could have along with your facebook page and facebook gives you insight into those as well so if you have a tab with your online store or a tab where people can sign up for your email newsletter you can get those insights and here as well and you can see how effective those are so for me some of them are pretty effective yes elizabeth where do you find this? I've never found that I've never seen thiss is under your facebook insides I think if you scroll either scroll down the page or they have different tabs on top so I think this might be I wish I had taken a screen shot of where you could see it but it might be there's maybe five or six tabs at the top of your insights so check there as well maybe we couldn't look at it in the break too but yeah I think this is all in there yeah you can also see external refer so which external sources are actually sending traffic to your facebook page? So for me, you'll see here have my two websites there. I'm constantly sending traffic to my facebook page. I have creative live as my third source of traffic to my facebook page because we were doing a big promo to get ready for the score so it would make sense that's their google is another one, but sometimes you might see a a website there that you could be surprised with maybe some things you might have never even heard of that site and it's sending traffic to your site, then you know, maybe to reach out or to advertise on their site or just connect them. Learn more about that website. So this is something worth checking into as well. The other thing that you can see our when your fans are online and this is really, really important, because if you're posting stuff when your fans are not there, your post in your reach is going to be even lower than it already is. So, for example, right here at two a m my time and this is always in your local time, so I think that's one of the really great things about the facebook insights is that it's always in your local time, you know, what's working for you. So I know for me if I was to put something at two am or three am, I mean, I never do that anyway, but if I was to do it, a huge part of my audience is not there at that time, and usually most of them are there, I think around two p m and six p m and so on. So as I'm scheduling down my facebook post, I always look at this to see one, people are online, so I composed during that particular time and that's not to say that I never post anything yet. Six a m sometimes I'll post that, for example, like this morning I posted at six a m because I wanted to reach people who wanted to watch the class and twelve noon the class has already started, so there are times when you do wanna post maybe when not off all of your audience is online, but this is really great to keep in mind as you're scheduling your post, and you can also see the days when your facebook audiences online, so you'll see here for me. It looks like sunday most a sunday I still have a time of facebook fans that are online, but that's not when them when the most of them are online. So I think for me, it's tuesday, right tuesday and wednesday so I know if I want to do any sort of big promo or a big outreach or a big engagement with my community tuesday and wednesday problem really between let's say noon and six pm might be the best time one I want to post that, so look at your own insights they might look completely different than this, depending on your audience and when they're engaging with you. This is another stat that I love, and we were talking about video, so facebook also lets you see how many or the post types that you have and how many people are actually being reached with your post, so you'll see for me it was video has my highest reach, and I am sure if you have video on your page, your charge or your statistics are going to look very similar to this one, and I don't post too many videos on facebook at it's part of my strategy moving forward, but as of now, I think I only have maybe two or three videos on there. And my two or three videos that I have have got more engagement than any links that I've posted and I post a ton of links on there so that just goes to show you the power of video on facebook and then after that for me personally photo so whenever I share a photo it's a great way my status updates and that's when you're just posting something without any lengths, any videos or any photos and for me personally when I post a link that my least type of posed a people engage with so this for me this means that if I want to share a link with someone may be doing it through a video might be more effective than just straight out posting the link on facebook yes, we had a question tracy question about video like if you record let's see you do a video and you're giving some value or information to your audience and maybe you do call the action it then you send them you're sending them somewhere right go to this link for more information is it cool to like repost that again or promoted again and like pin it to the top or should you do just like one video one yeah that's a great question and I know and I've actually experimented this as I was getting ready for the class so and I didn't do it with video though I only did it with photos and I posted the same photo more like every single day on dh then I did it with links again my posted the same link with content every single day for a week and the more the week went on the lower my reach, so I think facebook hates and I remember reading that they don't like stop that's been posted before, but I would say if you gave it a week or a couple of weeks, then I think you composed it again is just not day after day after day ok? Yes ok, yeah, you may have said that earlier, but when you're doing the video you doing a direct video to facebook? Are you doing a youtube video you're doing? You should be doing a direct video to facebook and that's why facebook now has changed their platform so you could even and bed videos that are directly in facebook so the more direct stuff you khun d'oh and facebook even scheduling I know there's scheduling programs that you can use, but the more you can do straight from facebook the better. Yes I have when I do a blogger posted on a mackley post that to facebook but should I not shy turn that off and just go and directly post? Yes, I would recommend that you probably will get a bit more reach if you do that that someone else have a question I know I've posted your scheduled like pictures and stuff on facebook you can you schedule videos is long you know I think you can yes yeah I think you can schedule anything on facebook yes good to know so yes video huge on your website on facebook even instagram has video I think everybody just loves video and it's more engaging than anything else you can do online the other thing you can actually see is the stats for your video so you couldn't see how many people watched your video and it also shows you how many people made it past the thirty second mark how many people made it past the sixty second mark so obviously in my video here no one made it past the sixty second mark otherwise I would have a thing that would say sixty second views so this is really great inside because I know from my audience anything longer than a minute they're probably not going to watch so this is a great way when you're wondering well how long should my videos be should they be five minutes should they be three minutes I know for my audience they really love it even less than thirty seconds so the quicker you can do it at least for me the more likely people are to watch it for you it could be totally different guy just pay attention to that and it's great that facebook actually lets you know your video views the other thing that you can see here is your individual posts and their reach, so this is instead of grouping, get by video or link or status update it tells you for each individual post what that reach was how effective it was, how many people were reached, it tells you what kind of posted wass and so on so you'll see for me this one link here on top hat for that week had the most engagement and nine hundred fourteen that's pretty good compared to my average engagement rate, which is one I think it was one point, four percent. So again, I'll know maybe my audience really loves to know about selling two stories or maybe they were just really interested in that that particular week, but for some reason they really loved it. So looking at this once in a while is a great way to really see what your audience is engaging with. Yes, fifteen words secret really popped out to me, and I think that might have something to do with it. Maybe thank you for sharing that. Yes, everyone wants to know a secret, right? So now I'll have to go on test another headline with that word and see what happened, so so yes, it is just such a good way to see what's working and what's not working where you going to say something? Just a comment that this is amazing because on insights have looked insights and I'm kind of, you know, I play with things and look through no idea it was so much behind the inside says just incredible how much yeah, there isn't and I think to facebook has really wanting to work with small businesses so they could invest in ads and obviously grow their business as well, but they make it super easy. There is no other platform how there that gives you so much great detailed insights into what it is that you're doing so yes, it's so much that even I was looking through it and they're always adding new stuff, and it just really helps when you're making your marketing decisions. So yeah, yeah, I love seeing this. Yes, where you going to say, do you have a recommendation for how often we should post on a daily basis? Yeah, it really depends I I've been playing around with this too there's times when I posted twenty times a day times and I posted ones are post that nothing, I would really just look at your audience, I would say post the minimum of two times, maybe two to three or four times and see what happens but it's interesting, because for me personally, when I post a lot of stuff people really seem to love it and when I don't post stuff they're not really that engaged so for me posting more often than three or four times works a lot but that's just might be the nature of my own business so when you go through times were posting a lot is it all by just because right now here I see you have something with mother's day then you have something with business but it's all on the same day yeah so you'll see here there's a all of these and I was this is not a typical week I was doing a lot of research for the scores about all of these are in the same day on april twenty ninth by you'll see the different times I've posted so I'm not posting everything at the same time they're sort of sprinkled throughout the day there but so do strategically kind of mix up having some that's very much business and some that's more personal or yep and we're going to I'm going to show you an example of how you could mix things up in a little bit but yes obviously mixed the more makes the more you could mix things up a little you better not have the same sort of content the better it'll be for free audience and for engagement and I'll give you some really great examples of what you composed and when you should be posting so yes ok, so another great thing you can learn about are your fans so facebook tells you how many of your friends are women how many are men and again this really helps when we talk about facebook ads if you know that most of your audience is women, then you don't have to spend your marketing dollars marketing to men unless you want to unless you want to reach men or like we were talking about the man packs yesterday their facebook and sites are probably going to look completely different probably going to be switched around with mostly men by looking at this really lets you know who you should be focusing focusing your facebook marketing dollars on and it also gives you insights and not to say that your facebook likes are the same exact people that are on your email list but this really reflects my email list as well. So if you don't quite know your email us you can look at your facebook inside and get an idea of who those people are as well it tells you their age so I know for me thirty percent are between thirty five and forty four so maybe I might have content specific to that maybe not, but it's just really good to know so you know howto market your business is going forward and as you're targeting your ads maybe we're going to talk about how to narrow your target audience but if I'm looking at this and maybe my target audience is reaching a million people and that's too much, I can on ly target women between thirty five and forty four with my ads, because I know a huge chunk of, um are already my facebook fans and that's who I tend to attract anyway. So really good stuff to look at so you could really know your audience now, let's, look at where your fans are located so you can also see where your fans which countries they're located and saucy for me, it's, the u, s, canada and australia. So maybe when I'm launching a new product or when I'm launching a new program, maybe because a good amount of my fans, not the majority but a good amount of them are in canada. Maybe I could target my programs to u s and canada, but again for you, maybe if you see a lot of international reach, maybe you could offer international ship shipping to your audience. So that's one way you can use this to really get to know what's working for you and who the people are, who are actually visiting you. So this is people reach, so this is very similar to the your fans, the first one that you saw was here in your fans. This are the people that actually were reached with your facebook post and the reaches the number of people who your post is being served teo and then you can also see the people who engage so for me, the people who are my audience, the post that there reached with and the people who engage is pretty much the same audience now for you maybe you saw that women that are between twenty five and thirty four are more likely to engage then with your post and women who are between thirty five and forty four so again, you could use that when you're planning your advertising campaign to really target the right audience that's more likely to engage with us so I know for me men you know, I have really, really low engagement here, so maybe mark servicing or serving my ads to men might not make sense for you in my life. So keep in mind this as you're doing your ad campaign, which we're going to talk about later you khun pay all pay attention to all of this and keep this in mind as well. The other great thing about facebook is that you can really get to know your competitors and spy a little bit now I'm never a fan of copying your competitors or doing exactly what they're doing, but facebook makes it really easy for you to do that if you wanted to sell facebook allows you to watch your competitors or anyone else's facebook page, and by watching you, you couldn't see their post that are being more effective the post that their audience engages with and it sometimes it is really interesting to watch and see what other people are doing, and you can see what's working and what's not working for them. You can see their most effective posed their least effective post you can see when they get a huge engagement. I know sometimes when I watch a facebook page, it'll show in my profile as I'm on facebook, it will say a page you watch is getting a lot of engagement click here to see what that is so often times I don't know have you ever seen that in your and your facebook? Maybe I so if you click on that, it takes you to the post that the page we're watching is getting a lot of engagement with. So if I say it, how one of my competitors maybe is launching a video or ask the specific questions that maybe I haven't thought about, I can think ok, this is working for them. Maybe I should try something similar to again not copying them, but just be inspired by what's working for everyone else out there too yes, elizabeth, I have a question about that when you see that on your on your feet, are you seeing that from your profile feed? Are you seeing that from your page feed, where you've got the yeah, I think I'm trying to remember I think I see it from my personal profile, not from my facebook page and that's, because my facebook page and personal profile are linked, so I think that's, where I'm seeing it, yes, if anyone else has a different opinion, let me know. But if I remember correctly, it's for my personal page, like what I'm checking my friends feed and things like that, all right? So as I mentioned, don't copy, but be inspired, we all love to know what our competitors are doing, and if you're just copying them that's not really the way to run your business, so look at them, see what they're doing, be inspired and see what's working for them, so maybe you could do something similar as well. So this is what that looks like in your facebook page, and this is right at the bottom of the first page on your insights, it says add five pages to get started, so this was just my first page there, but then I went and added, they give me recommendations, so these are the a couple of pages that they recommend for me personally based on my audience that they know and based on what else is out there, and I think, tracy, your page came up teo and there, yeah, but it was a little bit down on that list, but but you and I mean, some of these are really right, like entrepreneur and fashion brain academy, susan harrow, like all of these are people that have actually partnered with in my business to either do coal promotions or they're doing similar things, but not exactly the same thing that that I'm actually doing so it's a great way to just keep an eye on it and on dsi what someone else is doing tio so you could they give you suggestions? You can also search for pages to watch and watch pages that they actually don't recommend. So for pages on facebook, you pretty much can actually watch it as well, and then it tells you the performance of the pages that you are watching, so you'll see here, for example, female entrepreneur association. I know karen off any of the kerry, if any of you know carrie, but she's really great, she has an awesome facebook community. Two hundred and eleven thousand fans she really uses facebook a lot and you see that just this week alone she posted forty seven different things she had a lot of engagement daniella port woman owned business association they posted two hundred and forty eight post that week, so some of these pages are super super active and some are in brilliant business moms who is another company so I absolutely love they only posted safe six things, but you'll see their engagement went up on dh they do have ah good reach with their facebook pages well, but again, you can see that if you look at the woman owned business they posted two hundred forty eight and they have three hundred thirty four engagements and then you'll does he carry from female entrepreneur association she posted forty seven times and she had over thirty one thousand people engaging now you know, she's doing something right on facebook so maybe you can like her page in addition to watching get subscribed to her newsletter, see what she's doing see what's working for her again don't copy but just be inspired and it's always good to know what other people are actually doing on facebook that's working for them the other thing that I wanted to show you here is let's say you are wanting to follow different pages by you're just not you don't know who your competitors are one way to do that is to look at other pages that your audience likes, and this is you have to use the search far from within your personal facebook profile page, but a few type and pages like by people who like and then your own page name for me, its launch grow joy by let's say, if you type in pages like by people who like elizabeth harper sealed with love, you'll see all of the pages that your fans like, and it might be competitors or pages that you never even knew existed and there's opportunity in that, too. So this is what they recommended for me. Now, I know all of these women, and I've done weapon ours with them and had them on my podcast, but there were other pages that if I scroll down the list I was surprised and I had never heard of, so this is a great way to not only see who your competitors are about to see who else is out there that maybe could be a potential marketing partner for you and whose pages you can target with your facebook ads, which we're going to talk about in the second segment of this video, yes, a certain amount of lights that you need to have in order to be able to see this kind of statistic er I don't think so I think everyone should have it in their insights, I guess I mean, I haven't just started facebook page, so I'm not sure if it's there, but I think this is available to everyone if I remember so if any of you don't have a lot of facebook's likes just me being the breaking go check and see if you see this, but as far as I know, I think everyone has this availability through their facebook sites, and sometimes facebook will roll things out maybe to a part of the audience first, maybe the u s market and then another different market, so some of these features might not be available right away to everyone if it's something new, but this has been around for a while, so I think everyone should have it. Yeah, this is a great way to do a little bit of research, see what other pages you should target or follow and maybe possibly partner with I'm a huge fan of partnering with your competitors maybe not your direct competitors by people that are doing traces nodding her head that are doing I think it was down lower on the page did not want to look like I like all this yes, yeah, yeah, yeah and these are actually on pages. These are not individual people. These are other business pages, similar tears but if you wanted to take it even further and look, maybe you know, about all of those pages on facebook and you want to do a little bit of research on google to see what other pages you should follow, you can type in google related colon and then your own you earl. Now, I have to say a lot of thes I never heard about, so hello society, I think I was familiar with, but it was never on my radar and scaleable social media, so these are some pages that maybe I should pay attention to and see what they're doing to so just another way that you can see who's out there doing similar things that you're doing. The other thing that you can do here is you. I was mentioning before you can check and see what other posts are top post from pages you watch. So this is not for my own personal page. I think I got this from social media examiner, for some reason, my in my insides, this was just not not come up, but you can again see these are the pages that they're following, and you couldn't see what posts are really working for them, and they can see if it's something that maybe they want to do or something that you want to do as well. But there are a few things that I would love for you to keep in mind as you are doing this. So looking at other pages that your audience likes is really, really important because you don't know everything you're not familiar with all of your competitors are every website out there by your audience, it might be and it's just such a great way to see what what other people are doing as well, and then also watch the big brands. I know we often as sole preneurs and small business owners we can identify with a big jewelry brand or target or wal mart, but oftentimes they do really awesome things that are working really, really well. So I think it's worth checking in, following a couple of the larger players and seeing what they're doing so you can get some ideas and inspiration from there as well. So I know that was a lot, but you really can get a lot of stuff in your facebook insights to sort of give you that advantage and the knowledge that you really need to have a really awesome facebook marketing plan.

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