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How to Increase Engagement

The more your fans engage with you, the more likely facebook is to show your posts in other people's feed and the more likely they are to have a higher reach for your post. So how do you increase that engagement on facebook? So before we even go there, let's talk about what engagement so engagement is when someone likes your post, leaves a comment, shares it or clicks on a link. So these are four ways that you can engage with your audience on facebook, and there are a lot of things that you can actually do to increase that engagement, so the first one is to educate them and what I mean by that is not to educate him about your topic, but to educate them that if they click on so after they like your page, if they select your get notifications or following, they're actually going to see your post or they're more likely to see her post in their feet. Now, I don't know if this is going to be a feature that's still going to be available on facebook, it was still there. I think they might hav...

e taken it away for a while and maybe it's back now, I don't know, but we do have that option, so I was saying before with elizabeth's page. I never used to see any of her post, and as I was putting this class together, I knew you had a lot of great content, so I thought, ok, let me see I want to see more of what elizabeth says doing so I want on here I clicked the like I liked your page, but I had like that before, and I still wasn't seeing your stuff, and then I clicked on good notifications and following, and then when you click on settings, you could even decide if you want to get notifications of all of the posts or on lee, the post that are most engaged with so I selected that I wanted to see all of her post, and then I swear, every time I would lock into facebook after that are my personal page. I would see your videos and the content that you posted, and I wasn't seeing any of that before. So what I would recommend with that and educating your customers maybe at the bottom of your email newsletters or maybe in your facebook feed, once in a while, or maybe sending out a newsletter to your customers, I'm actually going to do this with my own customers and people that are my list that I'm going to tell them how to get more of their fans to see their content and share them. We'll share with them how to do this, so hopefully my goal be that they'll do this with my page but though that they'll do this with their pages well, so figure out a place where you can put this on your own website are in your own blogger or somewhere on your facebook page to let people know that if they select get notifications and following, they will see a lot more of your posts than if they didn't actually do that. The second way to increase engagement is to post really valuable content that is really relevant. This is a great salon in denver, and what they're doing here is they're doing a tutorial video tutorial on how to do of a luminous low ponytail. Now this is absolutely relevant to their audience because their audience goes to them to get their hair done and to learn really awesome tips and techniques on how to look their best with their hair. So they're making a video here on how to do that, and for you, it could be how to get how to give, maybe get a facial at home, using your products, or howto clean your jewelry or something like that. But think about what your audience loves, and this goes back again to really knowing your audience, because if you know who they are, you could communicate with them across facebook. And across all of the other platforms as well, so provide content that's relevant to them that's valuable? If I like this page, I mean, I do like this page and I saw this I immediately clicked on it and watch the video because I was curious to see how they do it and it obviously relevant to me because I like this page. So think about what your audience loves to get information from you and post videos it doesn't have to be a video, it could be an image, it could be a text, but again, video gets a lot more engagement next, ask a question, so we talked a lot about asking questions, but when you ask your audience to engage, you're saying, for example, duff here saying, what would you choose? So someone could either click on the video and watch and see what they would choose? But I'm curious when I see that they're not necessarily telling this video is about this click to watch, but when they're saying what would you choose? I'm automatically curious, and I'm thinking, I wonder what that video is about. Let me click on it and see let me click on those links and see what they're asking me to choose from, so this is a great way to engage your audience, asking them a question and really getting them involved too. Sure, and I didn't post all of the comments that people had left by. There are plenty of comments in this video, with people saying what they would choose. Yes, this facebook always show you how many years yes, uh, it shows you how many views your video had right here, and it also, if he was a regular post, it would show you how many people have reached, but I'm saying, if you're looking at somebody else's business, so no, oh, actually, yes, for video, it does show you how many people the video, how many people watched the video yet? I don't think it does that for links or post, just for video. Yes, all right, so the fourth step, and when it comes to increasing your engagement, is being visual. We talked about images being more powerful than words, even the words are important, but if you could be really visual and have great graphics that show your branding, this is from a juicing bar in san, in the san diego area, and I just love all of their branding. All of their social media posts reflected their website reflects this it's absolutely one of my favorite pages to watch, because they do such a great job of sharing their brand visually, and they're not saying, buy this right simply by looking at this and seeing this image like I want to drink that right now you know and I want to click on that and they're not saying we just have this juice now are this movie come and get it, but simply by watching it you're thinking I want that too and it makes you it sort of makes me crave that even seeing it now, michael, I should go during lunch and get something like that because it looks awesome. So think about your own products, your own brand, the sort of things that you can dio to have this visual appeal for your audience. Now we also talked about how often to post so there are some studies, although all of these studies I think you sort of thie answers change all the time. But this study by some all dot com day decided, and I only put the facebook one day also at twitter and pinterest and instagram and a whole bunch of other platforms on there so you can find the study if you go to their website but forced facebook they recommended that you should post two times per day before comments and likes begin to drop off so again experiment with your own business see what's working for you there were times last week I literal posted sixty times for the whole week and I got a ton of new likes but sometimes what happens is let sam experimenting and I'm not posting anything for some reason there's a lot of likes that come up right after that as well, so I don't know facebook is trying to get me to come back because there's they're saying well you're likes are increasing come back your audience wants wants to interact with you but test it out and see what works for me for me, I know that I like to post an average of four times a day at least and sure different content because I have a lot of stuff to share with my audience and block pose that I've written two years ago that I think are still relevant now that I want my audience too to benefit from but it depends on your content if you don't have a lot of block post to share if you're not launching a lot of products may be posting four times a day might not make sense for you but aims for two and experiment with other things and see what happens after that. So do you pre schedule all of those posts? I do I pre schedule most of them thie only time when I don't I still go in my facebook account a few times a day and interact and share or leave comments to the people that are interacting with that comment but pretty much all of my posts are scheduled a week ahead on dh I still go in there to interact with that one today and if let's say I'll find something, I'll come across a really great article that I thought my audience would be interested in I have usually don't schedule that I'll just go ahead and posted right that on facebook so I do a little bit of both but most of my stuff is scheduled ahead of time yes oh so quick question if you have like let's say you do a lot of video for your block or whatever would you post and I meant to ask you this earlier but I thought this is a good time would you post that actual video straight to facebook to or would you keep it just on the block and do separate video? Yeah, I would upload that video directly to facebook to in addition to having get on your block and then having a link and a description going back to your blogged ok, yes, yes you have a picture that's associated with your blocks my block as a lot of pictures and it should I upload the picture and just comment on the blog's sending people are shite go through actually linking the blogged without the you're around like they said yeah if you link the block post, some of your pictures will automatically come up right and you can see which one you want to choose from so you could definitely conduct that way or you compose the picture directly, but I would just experiment and see what your audience likes with the most for some reason with me, my facebook audience interact least with me when I posed directly and facebook chooses an image rather than when I upload an image and have a link below that so that could be the case for you two I'm not sure this experiment and then look at your insights and see what's working I'm so out of control that in her case how do you control which language images so if she was gonna do a link to her blawg when you post way post a link, any link from your side or somebody else's it will let you scroll through the photos that are available on that page oh, you can pick which one you want? Yeah, and the other thing that I didn't mention here but something that I deal with every single one of my block posts and I've done this I have oh my think almost three hundred block posted that I've written now so I've gone back and created an image with my block post title and a relevant picture and my branding for every single one of my block posts and I don't know if all of you have time to go back and do that depending on how many block boasts you have but even if you haven't done that yet, any time you create a new block post, make sure to have an image that goes along with that bloc post that is part of your blogged part of the actual post. So that way, when someone shares that there is an image that's relevant and associated with that bloc, post trace hold that aren't like super brandon, would you go back and just like switching switch it up and I did it? Yeah, I did. I decided to take a hole, we can do it, but that's because I really wanted everything to be optimized for facebook and pinterest and instagram, but you don't have to do that. It it really took me off to do that, but it was worth it for me to do it. But even if you don't do that, just start with where you are. Yes, but when you do that but your logo on and you put some text on there as well, yes, I put my text my logo instead, I was oh, trying to decide if I should put my logo or my you are oh five, you couldn't do either one or you can do both, but definitely have the title of your block post and there too, because imagine let's say someone is going through facebook and all this season image they usually go to the image before they even read a text, so if your image has the title of your block post, they're more likely to read at first and especially on something like pinterest if someone sees an image let's, say for one of my block post was about how to get into trade shows, and if I only had an image of a trade show, maybe like the floor of a trade show. No one has any idea of what that block post is about, but if there's text on top of that image, says how to get your product or how you have a successful trade show, people automatically know that that's what they're going to get when they click on that link. So yes percentage isn't there for how much text you can have enough? Yes, there is if you are, this is for ads, though, so if you're doing a facebook ad, you can on ly have twenty percent of your entire ad image be text. So yes, but for your regular post, you know you could opposing all of those. Yes, tracy that's exactly what I was gonna actually so that's only for ads, and I've had some of my ads rejected because it was more than twenty percent and facebook has a little tool that you can check you can upload your image and it'll tell if it's more than twenty percent before you actually submit your ad so yeah six thing that you can d'oh to get your engagement to increase on facebook I stood really post when your audience is there there's nothing like posting when your facebook page is a ghost town so check your stats, your insight and post one mostly your audience is on there another really fun thing which I don't think a lot of people are experimenting with is targeting their post so you could turn on this feature under your your profile set up by you can target your post two on ly select some of your fans that meet that criteria so this is only targeting your fans it's not targeting anyone else outside of facebook but maybe if I have a question for moms right? This is obviously just the question for moms and I'm saying if your mom what are you doing to celebrate mother's day? It doesn't make sense for me to serve that to my male audience even though it's a really small male audience they're going to find out if relevant they're not going to engage with it and then facebook is going to think that my post is not relevant because people are not engaging with it, so if I'm on ly choosing gender and specifically showing that post two women who like my page it's going to be a lot more relevant to them and the more relevant to them the higher my engagement and then the higher my engagement, the more facebook is going to like it and show to even more people. So if I'm seeing a lot of a lot of your heads nodding but this works through this post got me more engagement, then anyone else? Yes, you can do this without boosting it. Yes, you can target to show your organic posts which are the non paid post? Yes, yeah, not boosting your posts in the second half. I know a lot of you have questions about that, but yes, you could totally do that without paying for it and them it's just more relevant and the more relevant content you conserve to your audience, the more likely there to engage with it, right? Another great way to engage with your audience is to do a survey, so ask them a question and you'll see here this is a clothing company and they are designing their new line, I think, and they're asking their audience this is such a great way to get your community engaged, to get them involved in what it is that you're doing to get them to participate and most importantly, tio provide you feedback for your collection that's like free market research because you're speaking directly to your audience, people who have liked your page and we all want to be as relevant to our audience as you can, and this is the perfect way to do that another great way to really get your audience engage, and I think this goes across any sort of business that you have, whether you have skin care, home decor or food, people want to be inspired and there's so much content on facebook that is inspiring that actually gets shared. I know when whenever I share an inspirational quote, whether it's a graphic or an image or or just text, people really love that and they engage with it. So think about in your business what you want to inspire people with. I know for me, I often like to inspire them with quotes about being an entrepreneur or taking chances or fear or things like that for you. Maybe it might be quotes that are that have other topics that you could inspire your audience with. So knowing your audience really helps with the kind of content that you can create and lastly, crowd sourcing content, this is a really great thing that you could do on facebook that you might not necessarily be able to do on sites like pinterest. Or even twitter or some of the other social media sites but this is something when I was about to interview marie and I thought not only will I let my audience know what's coming up on my podcast next week because this is such a great way to let them know what's coming that they look forward to but I also wanted to get engaged with my content and I wanted to really for feel make them feel like they're part of my podcast interview sort of like they're sitting there with me so I posted this and I said I'm about to interview marie what kind of questions would you like me to ask her again? This is relevant to my audience might not be relevant to yours, but a time of people waiting and some people said, oh my god, I can't believe you're about to interview marie and other people said, oh, I'd love to know this from her and some of those questions I did ask marie and then my audience really loved that. So if you have the type of business and I think we all do where you can crowd source your content and asked people what is it that you want to read on our block next week or I'm thinking about launching this type of thing? Do you preferred this or that or is there anything else what I need help to name my court can you help me name it? It really go such a long way and you want to use facebook? Tio have a two way conversation and this is such an amazing way to have that to a conversation I had to come and I had the same thing because I do a telescope video yeah on dh so I asked people on saturdays when I'm making the telescope for sunday's, which colors would you like me to use on? That has an enormous interaction on there? I get about one hundred people sodomy, which colors that's amazing, and I bet people also watch the video for tomorrow because they're wondering, I wonder if she picked my color because I'm really interested in that so it really you can gets so much value out of asking that question. Yes so thank you for sharing that. Yeah, all right, so let's share a few more tips now that I've showed you how to set up your profile, how to optimize it, how tio get create post that are most engaging, here's here's a couple more things that I think we all should do. So whenever someone comments on your facebook page engage with them there's, nothing worse than people taking time out of their busy day to interact with you and they don't get a response even if you just click like to acknowledge the fact that they I took the time to do that and oftentimes they might ask you a question you can really start having that to a conversation and it's such a great way to really engage with your community so don't feel like you've done your job by posting, you're done, people can do their thing and you're going to post again something tomorrow just have that conversation he put going and your audience will really love it and keep testing to see what's working if something is working do more of it if it's not working, tweaking until it works or stop doing it but looking at your insights and which is why one of the reasons why I still of facebook is because you still could get so much inside you can get this in google plus when you're posting something there's so much stuff you don't know on instagram, you don't really get this pinterest has started doing some insights but faced look really gives you a lot of awesome stuff that you could learn from and just do more of what's working and also think of your organic facebook post as a way to interact with your community and I think this is something that goes across all of your social media platform instead of looking at it as an advertising platform which I think so many of us are used to looking at social media asked as it's been this free tool that we could just push our content out to. Some people will click and they'll buy. And they'll sign up and all of that stuff. Just look at it as a way to build your community and have a two way or multi way conversation with your audience.

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