Investing in Facebook Ads: Does It Make Sense?


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Investing in Facebook Ads: Does It Make Sense?

I know some of your thinking no now I have to spend money on facebook but you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot out of a lot out of your facebook ads so that's what we're going to talk about today so is it worth for you to invest in facebook ads? I think you know the answer but yes, it really makes sense for you to start shifting your thinking a little bit about facebook as being this free platform or I could just push my products to looking at it as this is the most effective and the the least costly way that I could get exactly the right customer for my business and one to shift thinking too that your investment in facebook ads will definitely be worth it so the reason facebook ad makes sense which is why I'm so excited about facebook ads is that you can reach more people with facebook ads that you could ever reach with a tv ad and I don't know if any of you have ever taken out any tv ads I haven't but they cost tens of thousands of dollars for thirty seconds and for that amount...

of money or a lot less even for one hundred dollars or fifty dollars you could get a huge reach and return on your investment if you spend it on facebook ads and facebook ads also offer one of the lowest costs of acquiring a customer when you compare it to any of the other advertising platforms it's less expensive than google ads on dh less expensive than any sort of advertisement you could be doing out there so it makes sense it also makes sense because facebook has grown people are joining facebook every single day which means more of your customers are joining facebook every single day and I know you're thinking well isn't everybody already on facebook? No, not everybody is on facebook already but your customers are definitely there and more of them are coming there every single day and as you've seen in the first segment facebook organic reach is the climbing your posts are not being seen facebook is really making an effort to get you to pay but it's totally okay because when you pay you really do get a return back more than anything else you could with any other advertising platform and targeting on facebook this is what gets me most excited about facebook as if you every than any sort of targeting you'll see how how powerful that could be and I'm curious to know out of the studio audience here how many of you have played around and invested in facebook ads all right so a little more than half of you so you've seen how targeted you can really get with facebook ads it's amazing and we're going to walk through all of that during the second half of the day today and interestingly, this is a study that was done spending just a dollar a day on facebook ads, I can get you in front of more than four thousand people now that's a lot of people again, this is not guaranteed it's not like you put out a dollar and get four thousand views on your company or your ad, but if you targeted effectively, you definitely can reach this number. No, that so, the other reason why facebook ads make sense, especially for crafters and soul entrepreneurs and small businesses, is because not many of us are actually doing it because you're all afraid I think we're all so used to using facebook as a free platform, so your competitors most likely they're not doing this. They're not investing in facebook ads and growing their business if they are that's awesome, but most likely they are not. So you definitely have a competitive advantage over your competitors and companies that are doing similar things because you are putting your money and facebook ads and they're not now. Facebook ads don't always make sense, so one of the times or definitely doesn't make sense is when you are not getting any leads or sales directly from your facebook ads, so in my not make sense, sometimes it does if you're trying to grow your reach or in a couple of different cases by usually I don't recommend investing in facebook ads if you are just sending people tio content necessarily you can still send them to content but as long as you have an opt in form or something else they could do not just to read your block post if you have the budget yes go ahead and do that you'll get more people to your website but that's not you can't really measure the impact of that because people might not by now you want to spend your facebook ads on things that you could measure and the things that you could measure our leads and sales and yes, you could measure traffic too but ultimately we all want more leads and say also that is when facebook ads definitely are worth investing in and the other thing I know a lot of times we talked about boosting a post I think we're going to talk about later why about that's not that's not how I why that's not a good idea but if you're sending people to something on action that they couldn't take that involves them giving you their email address or even better becoming a customer that's even better and I have to say if you are sending people to your list first and then turning them into a customer that's a lot easier than if you're just trying to get them to become a customer right away if they've never heard of you because with facebook targeting you're targeting people that have never heard of you. And remember, we talked about that seven times thing where people need to come across your product or service your brand or your company an average of seven times. Well, chances are if you are sending them directly to our face through a facebook ad to buy something, and they've never heard of you. Chances of them converting are much lower than if they're already a fan if they're already on your list and if they are already familiar with you. So that is the one time where I don't recommend doing facebook ad, so you can get ads to get more likes. Although that's definitely not the strategy that we're going to be talking about today, you could use it to grow your list, and you can also use facebook ads to increase your sales.

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For busy small business owners, the constant updates Facebook makes to its functions and features can be overwhelming. In Market Your Online Store with Facebook, Andreea Ayers will help bring focus to your Facebook marketing strategy and show you a reliable way to connect with and grow your online audience.

Andreea has deep, first-hand experience with marketing a small business online and in this beginner-friendly class she’ll tell you exactly what you need to know to make Facebook work for you. Andreea will teach you how to:

  • Post updates that engage your community and drive them to your site
  • Grow your email list using Facebook advertising and targeting features
  • Strategically run a Facebook contest to build your audience

Market Your Online Store with Facebook will help you feel more confident that time you spend on Facebook is bringing the right people back to your online store.

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Andreea is easy to understand and is so personable. She has a great mastermind group on Facebook too. She really cares about helping us all and has great information that is really relevant.