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Optimize Your Status Updates

So now let's talk about optimizing your status updates because there is so much stuff goldman on facebook as you saw organic reaches declining, but there are still a ton of brands and a ton of people who are still getting a lot out of facebook. So what kind of things we talked about? You composed video photos status updates on links, but facebook loves video so you can create a short video uploaded on facebook and check your stats. Are people watching the first thirty seconds? Are they watching? Sixty seconds? Are they watching past that? And if so, adjust your video length. I know for me just from that one video, I got enough insight to know that a lot of people are only watching under thirty seconds, so I'll know for my next video like the one I posted this morning. It was, I think maybe eighteen seconds, so chances that everyone is going to watch that video entirely are pretty high because it's really short and my audience has shown me that that's what they want from me. So experime...

nt with your own videos and see what your audience like says, well, brand things, so do you think again? Do you have to, in this case, produce really high quality can you kind of, yeah. Great question so I think for your status updates they don't have to be professional looking videos maybe if you want to invest in a good quality of video for your featured video that's one thing but I don't think anyone expected you two have professional looking videos and to spend thousands of dollars on video with your facebook status updates I think people are sort of trained tio I know that a lot of a lot of us you know we'll just take a video with our with our iphone or something like that so I think people expect that as of now, so these do not have to be high quality videos but obviously the better your video is, the more likely you are to have better results with it people want to be able to hear it if it's too dark and they can barely see you they may not watch it, so I'm not saying to put out horrible videos because people expected but just know that the better your video, the more likely people are going to watch the whole thing and engage with it and it also does reflect your branding still all right so the photos is another kind of status update and I've seen this a lot with quote of right how many of you published quotes on a regular basis via like an image or elizabeth right? I do that too and my audience loves the people click on it, people share it and also your own photos are more for some reason, people on facebook love those more than extremely professional looking photo, so I think this is food babe, she could have just had a screen shot of her book, but you'll see she has a photo that she took herself and does god aa lot of engagement, people of it, they just love content that is more riel, and I think this could go back to the videos as well. Now your status updates if you this is actually one of my most interesting posts for some reason, so now I've been posting this for about a year every single month, I have it scheduled out because a year ago, the first time I posted this, it got more engagement than anything else that I had posted on there, and this is relevant to my business. It might not be relevant to your business, but if you're trying to figure out where your customers are hanging out, this might be a good one. And I was surprised I didn't put all of the answers in there, but a ton of people for my things and that they hang out on instagram, so if my audience, which are small business owners, are hanging out on instagram, I know I probably should be focusing a little bit more of my attention on instagram as well. So this is something that you can ask us. Well, but the reason I wanted to post it up here is because I'm asking them a question, but I'm not saying click below to leave a comment or leave a comment below. They know that I'm asking them a question, so a lot of people will just answer so that's one of those ways where you can't get them to engage without flat out saying, engage with me, it was about you that I think a comment on that as well, that I find exactly the same thing that I asked a question and that even though there's no image with it, yeah, it seems to get a lot of a lot of interaction. Yeah, yeah, great point and what I would be curious to, I want to I did an experiment with this particular post, but I did put create an image of the same exact question with a different post, and then I posted a two and a my results were mixed because sometimes my image got a lot more interaction sometimes my just my text got interaction, so I didn't get any clear result to that, but I would be curious few on experiment asked the same question in an image and see what your audience response to the most for me for my audience the fact that it was kind of the same sort of response regardless of that maybe that might be an indication that my audience prefers both from your audience might be different so experiment with that as well um and then the last sort of status update is a link so these are a link shirt so you'll see that there's no link up on top in the description but it's still clickable when you click on the image and facebook has set it up you can actually still have a link on top by facebook some for some reason prefers when you remove the link from top and just have the image clickable as well so experiment that that see what's working for you and it's really about getting to know your fans so check your insight see when they're online see what they're engaging with and then go ahead and post mostly when they're actually online so this is again the same exact graphic from the previous presentation but when I am posting my status updates I'm always looking at this to see ok that's my audience like video do they like photos that they like status today like clings for some reason this particular week my audience just did not like link so I know maybe for the next few weeks I shouldn't focus on like so much and maybe did more video and again look here and see when they're online and post mostly when they are online and if you hover over all of those different times it actually tells you the actual number so you sort of don't have to guess where that chart or graph goes up to it. Facebook really does tell you that now if you don't have fans, what do you do? I know not all of us have fans some of us are thinking of going back on facebook and we don't have fans but experiment with different status updates and see what works what starts working for you for you the fans that are already there and look at them and see whether prefer from you now if you're still trying to get and you want a lot of engagement video is really the way to the oh there's no question about it you don't have to experiment to see video works it really does work. So if you wondering what should I post on facebook that my fans will engage with video is definitely the way to go yes, just to pay you back that I'm wondering if it might be smart to do sort of like a timeline of what's happened since I've been gone and then tio like hearing now absolutely yes I think your fans would love seeing that and hearing about it and you're taking them along your journey with your company and people always love that so absolutely. If you want to share that and sort of go back on facebook and start off with that and the story of maybe why you left, why you decided to be back, why you're excited to be on facebook again, I think you're hopefully, he will be excited to go back again. I think your fans will really appreciate that, and they'll feel like they're part or they're going along on your journey with you, and it'll create that community. It'll build that trust, get them engaged, and hopefully that'll turn into customers as well.

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For busy small business owners, the constant updates Facebook makes to its functions and features can be overwhelming. In Market Your Online Store with Facebook, Andreea Ayers will help bring focus to your Facebook marketing strategy and show you a reliable way to connect with and grow your online audience.

Andreea has deep, first-hand experience with marketing a small business online and in this beginner-friendly class she’ll tell you exactly what you need to know to make Facebook work for you. Andreea will teach you how to:

  • Post updates that engage your community and drive them to your site
  • Grow your email list using Facebook advertising and targeting features
  • Strategically run a Facebook contest to build your audience

Market Your Online Store with Facebook will help you feel more confident that time you spend on Facebook is bringing the right people back to your online store.

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Andreea is easy to understand and is so personable. She has a great mastermind group on Facebook too. She really cares about helping us all and has great information that is really relevant.