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Sample Marketing Plan to Grow Your List

Now, let's, talk a little bit about ah, facebook like a sample marketing plan to help you grew less so we couldn't really put all of this into action instead of just talking about things that might not make sense without actually seeing things. So here are different the five different steps and we'll go into each one of these in more detail, but the first one is to create your graphic because you are going to need a graphic unless you are just creating text, but I highly recommend having graphics with your ads. You're going to create your landing page, then set up in run your ad and we'll go through each one of these in details, track and tweak and then have a follow up sequence in place, so we'll talk about it each one of these steps now. So to create your ad graphic so you can use a tool I can va I personally love this, too. I know a lot of entrepreneur use it, and they even have a template for facebook ads it's already size to the size that you need you need tio look and see how muc...

h how big should my ad b they have some really awesome tools for you to create your facebook ads. And other graphics you can also just do this and photo shop. You couldn't do it and pick monkey there's just so many tools. But this is really one of my favorites because they make it so easy and then I'm just doing a sample campaign here. So let's say my campaign is all about winning a year's worth of soap, and I want to advertise this on facebook. So this is what my actual graphic for my ad looks like the next it's all about creating your landing page so people have to have a place where they can enter their information in order to win that yearsworth off self. So what? They're used lead pages or you have a page on your website to track your own campaign. You have to have that a place where people can enter their email address. I know heo is another great one, that you can run conta best with there's, different types of tools that you can use to run to set up different types of pages. And for me, this page looks like this. So this is similar to the look of my previous page. Yes, canella. I don't know. I didn't follow if you didn't have lead pages a hail you say you can have another page yeah, I mean you can set this up directly on your website you you don't really need anything, but as long as you set up a place for people to enter their name and email address in order to enter that contest, you could even do it through your email provider. They oftentimes will host the form for you. Okay, so it's just a page where people go after they see the ad, they click on it, they go to this page to enter their name and email address, and for me this page is right here. You and the look is really similar, so once they click on enter now, another little box pops up asked them for their name and email address, and they could enter that and they're so this is how you would track the leaves from people who click on that ad, and if you had your pixel tracking, you would put your pixel once people click on this and some of their name, they're taken to another page that says something like, thanks so much for entering, goodluck will notify you and you in a week on facebook if you win, so you would put your tracking pixel on that particular page, so is this making sense, though it so after you do that and we're going to go into all of the details of setting up your ad in our last session for today, but you have to use the power editor set up your ad and you'll do it as an unpublished pay facebook post. We'll talk about what that means in just the second in our next segment, but for our particular post or for our particular contests here, I didn't necessarily want to publish this to my facebook page. I wanted just to create an ad and signed other people who are not fans of my page to like it, so it made no sense for me in this particular case is to actually posted on my page, so I created what's known as an unpublished facebook post, and then you'll pick your budget, your timing, your target audience, all of these things we're going to talk about and drill down in our next segment, and once you set up here at it looks like this, and this is just one way you can set it up, and if you see here you can click up here and see what it might look like on the different platforms out there, so for me, the way I set up this ad and you'll see that it's a sponsored right under it so people know that it's an ad that's, how facebook let's their audience no, this is an ad I have text I have my graphic that I created when I first got started and I could choose all of this and we'll walk through all of this in more detail during the next segment to and then you can have a call to action I'm telling people to sign up once they click on that they go back to this page right here they can sign up to enter and then um that's how you would set that up and then lastly you're going to track and tweak so after you have started your ads, you've made it life people are actually seeing it and it's being served to your audience you would check in daily hopefully our a few times a day to really see what's working and what's not working and then change your budget around so move stuff from campaigns that are not working and move your budget teo the audiences and the targets that are actually working for you and have the lowest cost per lead and lastly, you have to follow up in our particular case here you don't necessarily have to do this with every single campaign, but especially if you are creating a campaign to get leads there's nothing worse than getting someone on your email list and then they never hear from you again so in our particular case right here pick a winner congratulate them on facebook send them a private email but what you can do is you can even send a follow up email to everyone who didn't win and give him a coupon code so you can say something like thanks so much for entering our win a soap giveaway I'm so sorry you didn't win already picked a winner but as a thank you for entering here is a twenty percent off coupon that you can use on your order if you place it within the next week so you are giving people something to dio some off those people will actually buy your products using that coupon code especially for given the deadline so that coupon codes shouldn't shouldn't be good forever it shouldn't be something where you are saying yep, you can use this for the next year really give him what that line usually a few days or a week is what gets people to take action. Elizabeth yes great idea and I'm wondering if you've ever, uh tried telling people beforehand that if they entered they'll get a coupon or wait till later when one save entered that you're going to tell them that you know you could actually do that too, and that would be even more incentive for them to actually enter self you couldn't do it before you can do it after or both but that's an excellent idea yeah yeah, yeah, giving you ideas here for what you can do with with your facebook ads and now I want to turn it over to you because I know as you're sitting here thinking and seeing my sort of one marketing campaign sample, I know you have ideas in your head, so I'm wondering if any of you want to share if you as you are watching, do you have any campaigns that you might think of running and maybe share that with our audience so we can all get ideas and learn from each other? Yes, yeah, I was thinking I was actually thinking about this at lunch, tio I'm selling it a craft for this weekend, and I also want to build my email newsletter that doesn't exist yet, so I was trying to figure out a way of promoting promoting that while I'm in person at the craft fair, but then also somehow connecting it tio a campaign for a broader audience on facebook? Yeah, so that's on excellent idea for a facebook campaign, and I think what you might want to do is target obviously your existing fans who live in that area but then also target you can even create a similar audience or lookalike audience off people who live in that area, maybe your audiences mostly women or something like that I am, I'm not sure but create an ad inviting people to come to your craft fair, but before you do that, you can say into your name and email address and we'll get you could get ten percent off when you come to the fair, just print out this email or something like that, so you're not only promoting the event and getting people there, but you're also getting them to give you their email address and their name and exchange for that ten percent coupon that then they could bring tio the craft fair. And then, even after the fair, you contend out another follow up email to your list and you can say if you were able to make it awesome, even if you're if you aren't able to make it, we now have our online store. You could still use the ten percent off in our online store, too, so you can build your list while you're getting people there and raising awareness of your event. Now, if you didn't want to build your list of that, you can obviously just send people, create an event or have even hosted on your page, and then create a campaign that would get people to view that particular page of your web site, but then you would kind of be losing out on building your list, so into is the pens on what your goals are. With that particular campaign, but I think for this specific one you can really do those two steps and build your list and get people there yeah, yeah, yeah I'm teaching an intuition place up at the omega institute, which is just north of new york quickly people come from all over the world they're andi I just thought I could create a campaign for people to come to my place up into lie, but would I how would I do that? Would I, um, focus on maybe the area of the institute? Or would I try to get people unto my newsletter or what? I tried to get them to the event? Or do I do all of those things and see which is better? Yeah, I think you couldn't have two separate ad on dh see what happens if you get people tio go to your email list and then maybe I don't know if you have something special that you can offer them during the event that maybe other people don't get if you want to grow your list. But if your main goal is to get people to the actual event, then you can even promote you could have different audiences that you're targeting with that particular ad you can target your list, you can target people who are visiting your website because they're very familiar with you and chances are they are going to want to come to a workshop with you, and that doesn't have to be specific to that geographic area where the institute is located, because you're saying people travel from all over the world. You can also target people who like the omega institute page because obviously they're interested and events that are happening there and a lot of them probably have gone to uneven there already, and they might want to come back to your event. Hopefully you can even target on dh these are all the same ad campaign, and your goal with that ad campaign is to get people to your event by your targeting could be really different. You could I know there's other institutes there that are similar to what omega does so you can target their pages to and get people to your event, because the thinking here is that if someone is going to another institute to take this type of work shop there, probably interested in years as well so you can target them and then you can just target let's say, if you are most of the women or people must something it's most the women but women who come to your workshop, let's, say you could even do a local targeting of women who are between thirty five and fifty five if that's who usually comes to your workshops, who love yoga, who have this sort of interest and who live within the zip code, and then you could target your ad to people in that area, too, who have interest that are similar to your audience, who already comes to this workshop. So there's a lot of different things you can target with that same ad and it's all the same ad campaign, but you're just serving it to different audiences. Uh, right, yeah, you don't set up different ads, it's all that same one you're paying the same, I think it's all part of the same campaign, you can definitely serve the same add to all of these audiences, but I would recommend, and this is why we're going to get into more details into the next session about creating your campaign, then your ad sets and then your ads, so all of this targeting would be set up at the ad, said level so you can say you can have the same ad for all of them, but he really want to see who's responding, so and I think it might make more sense when I show you the actual example, but you can say, ok, I have fifty dollars, budget for this whole campaign and I want to target people who like the omega page people that are on my list people that have visited my website, women who live within ten miles of this area and maybe people who read certain books I don't know so all of that would be set at your at set and these are all different audiences that you would be setting up but all of them can be served the same exact ad, so you want to set up the different audiences because you want to track and see which audiences more responsive also it tracks the audience yes, yeah so we'll talk about that I'll show you an actual example of that on what that means and I walk you through through it for the next in our last session but yeah, you have a lot of different things you can target there and even if you know like let's say maybe there's a yoga instructor that your audience whenever they come to a workshop almost all of them say, oh, I followed this guy or I go over this guy goes, maybe you can target his page or her page tio made then it could be people who are all over the country who like that page or people who like that page who live in the new york tri state area or whatever so you could get really creative you're not giving an example of something that I did with one of my business is to really think outside the box and expand my reach and target all sorts of people that I never would be able to target otherwise so that would be another great reason for you to run or another great event tio promote with facebook ads yeah, thank you yeah yes I'm really liking this section right now because I'm getting so many different ideas and I just kind of wanna pass one to you so as an amazon seller one issue I have having my shop there is that we do not have access to advertise to our clients or customers and so I'm thinking about starting a facebook fan page within you know, a certain niche of one of my products and maybe doing some facebook ads where I promote maybe a coupon code to amazon on dh then in exchange for their their email and then I mean, I have all sorts of other ideas after that starting doing block content marketing in that stuff but what do you recommend in this kind of case? I'm just if you're a full time amazon celo like myself yeah, I definitely would recommend working on building your list and that's I think that's a really great idea where you advertise that there's a ten percent coupon or twenty percent coupon but they have to give you their email address in order to get access to the coupon, so once they give you their email address, you email them that coupon with along with the coupon code and then a link to your amazon sore, and they could buy from there. So, yeah, you can totally build your list that way to that's what I would recommend rather than sending people directly to amazon, although if your goal because if you're asking people to give you their email address first and then they can go shopping, not as many people might take action, so you might want to try out different campaigns. And steve, what if I send people directly to my amazon store with this coupon codes so you might have more sales, but you're not gonna have une email is that you're building, so you have to think about is the more important to to sell as much as you can through your store? Or is it more important to you as you thinking of sort of not going off amazon, but starting your online store as well is your priority right now? More to build that list, and you could do both of those with those ads. You just have to figure out if you want to take people or ask people to give you there. Um their email address in exchange for the coupon code but you couldn't really do both and try out both and see what happens yeah yeah yeah yeah cool yeah I'm launch I'm about to launch about six new products and so I've never actually done a whole buildup campaign to get disability or so how would you recommend I feel like it's both kind of like you were saying before he wanted not maybe direct sale you want to get them on the list first? Is that how you would go about that? Yeah I would it depends because if you already have let's say you already have a business which you d'oh and you already have a bit of an existing list and you have a web site as well so you can use that campaign to launch a new product but let your list know about it and let your website visitors know about it so even let's say you're a month away from launch you really can build anticipation and that's something that works really well where you have been launched something get by you're telling people somewhere about to launch this or about to launch that product and you can build that anticipation and use facebook ads to market to your own list and that might seem really strange because let's say you have an email list of five thousand people you we all know that when we send out our email marketing messages not all of those five thousand people are actually opening your email your open rate can be twenty percent could be thirty percent and people might not even open your email. But what if you were to target them through facebook at so when they're on facebook, they know they're on your email list and they'll see on ad that something new is coming from you, they might be more likely to click on it and again, it's that seven times of getting someone to take action. I know we keep on coming back to this this whole seven time concept, but if someone's on your list and they've ready a block and they've been on your website, they've already been exposed to you. They see another ad for something that's coming soon on your website that's, another point that you've touched them with and where they can see ok, so this is maybe the fourth time that they've come in contact with me and maybe going to launch you'll send them another email, so it's all about getting people to see you across different platforms and having that that community of people who really are passionate about what you do. So I think for you it's going to be really important to promote their new launch to your already existing email list and also to people who visit your website so you can try that, but then if you want to gain awareness of your launches, well, then think a little bit outside the box and have you conserve the same exact ad to maybe people that might not know about you, but maybe they like pages of your competitors or maybe it's women who do yoga, if that's your audience so you could do all of those different things with within the same campaign just target different audiences. So for instance, I've gotten some really good press, but the people who visit my website or not converting, so would it then be idea a good idea to target those people who was a little bit so that's what you mean by this setting, the website so and it's interesting too, because if facebook ads you khun target people who visited your website but didn't make a purchase and you could exclude people who've already made a purchase or purchased a particular product. So that's something I mean that's the way advanced, and I would say, don't even think about that yet just tried the basics first, and then have that as a goal. Tio teo, I guess something that you can do in the future, but yeah, you can target people who came to a specific page. People who came to your shop age and never checked out you can't exclude people that have actually bought from you you can exclude people that are already on your email list, you can do all sorts of things with these really cool audiences that you can set up on facebook. Yeah, so does anyone else want to share maybe an idea for a campaign that you had while you were listening to everyone else? Yes, tracy idea, but I just want to ask you a question, you know how much time should do budget to set these up because to me it seems like it would take a lot of time. Yes, it might take a little bit of time, especially to create the ads, to put it, to put the landing page together to come up with the audiences, but one thing that I've done that I found works really well is that I have spreadsheet and I spent about a day getting this brushy together, where I have a list of all of the different audiences that aiken target on facebook and and you I'll show you in the next segment to where you can actually save those audiences and your facebook ad so it might take you maybe an hour to set up your first ad, but when you do that campaign, you've already have that audience built into your customer groups that you've saved so the second ad, you might, d'oh, it's, probably not going to take as long, because that's already all saved in there. But that's, something I do, where I do a lot of reese search and I think about okay, what kind of audiences can I target with my ads? And I'll give you some examples of that in the next segment. But the first time you do it is always going to take longer. Then the second, the third and the fourth time, you do it. So in terms of time, it really depends. I would say, set aside a few hours at first to do your first campaign and do it right, and really focus on what you're doing. And then any other campaign you do after that probably will not take us long.

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